Adorable Kids' Bathroom Makeover by Loving Your Space

Elyse from 

just shared her most recent makeover and it’s ADORABLE!  Take a look:


Everything in this bathroom was builder standard. 
The bathroom itself was is great shape, but it definitely needed some pick me up.
And the after…
Aww, much better!
This bathroom was done on an amazing budget. The big cost was the beadboard and paint but everything else was pretty inexpensive. She shows how she framed the mirror here which only cost $10!
She’s still on the hunt for the perfect light fixture. 
She created the prints in photoshop and the Ikea frames totaled $6.
The shower curtain and rug came from target.
On the opposite wall is a “boats” sign that she got from Tai Pan. It was all the wrong colors, but she loved it so much that she painted over it with diluted white paint and navy blue craft paint then lightly sanded over it to give it a bit of a distressed look.
She made the hooded towels following this tutorial. 
My favorite project in her room are the towel hooks. Arent’ they cute?  
The faucet handles came from Ace hardware for $2.50 a piece. They were red but she spray painted them orange. I think they are so fun and add a lot of character to a kids space!
and lastly she used up the extra orange spray paint for the kids step stool to match.
I love it, Elyse!  See more DIY projects at

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