Master Closet Dream Makeover

Meet:  Abbie from

Five days...5 ways
She’s the girl behind this gorgeous dreamy closet makeover you’re about to see but here’s a little more about her as well:
“We are incurable DIYers and built 95% of our house ourselves (framing, siding, floors, windows, paint, plumbing, electical…EVERYTHING; air-conditioning and kitchen cabinetry were about the only things we didn’t do, and that’s because we bartered services for them : )), and the closet is no exception with lots of fun details like a built-in shoe shelf, custom cubbies and a built-in laundry chute (yes, my hubby’s amazing!). “
Now, onto the closet.  Warning:  You’re going to be green with envy.  
(Confession:  My closet looks worse than Abbie’s before and it’s a built-in 1927 size. Waaahh.)
First step, empty!
After lots of DIY, now it’s…
Reminder:  Close your mouth. 
Another glance at the details, definitely framed mosaic worthy:
This was the $5 chandelier before:
Now it has so much charm. Unbelievably the same one!
I think if my closet was this organized, I’d remember everything I own (share that problem?). Organized accessories, shoes, jewelry, clothes. 
I know there’s a napkin in here somewhere for the “drool”…
And that’s only a sneak peek.  You have to see all of the details, DIY and great thrifty finds that went into this beautiful before and after.  Check it out at ABBIE’S CLOSET MAKEOVER BEFORE AND AFTER.
Abbie…this is such an inspiration and so amazing!  I don’t have a closet this size, but I do have an extra room right now.  Seriously inspired to turn it into a dressing room.  You’ve done an outstanding job!  Thank you so much for “showing off”!  I.Love.Every.Detail!
What do you guys think? Envious?  Inspired?  Does your closet look this dreamy?  
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