Earthy Essentials Party…twine/decoupaged eggs

I’m posting a tutorial today at the DIY Club using these materials:

Deco Art Decoupage (comes in gloss or matte)
Paper (book pages or scrapbook paper)
foam brushes (found at Rockler)
Cute cardboard tag from
Krylon satin white
Gorilla Glue
to create these cuties…

 Display in apothecary jars or in nests.

See my full Decoupage Eggs tutorial at 
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DIY using burlap, canvas, linen, twine, jute and dropcloths with a chance to win!
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Earthy Essentials Party Time!

It’s time for the 
Here at The DIY Show Off, I am hosting the Earthy Essentials linky party as a part of the DIY Club Anniversary Celebration! That means all things canvas, burlap, linen, twine, rope and jute related!  I’ve seen some amazing projects out there using these materials! 
I‘ll be sharing and featuring some Earthy Essential DIY tutorials linked below as well as a few of my own DIY projects using earthy elements over the next two weeks.  Taking a look back, here are a few I’ve shared…
One lucky Earthy Essentials party participant at The DIY Show Off will win a fabulous prize pack from the generous folks at Canvas Corp. – so many fun products to spark creativity and a blog full of TONS of crafty inspiration. 
Psst. Guess what! There’s a Canvas Corp. Burlap Party going on as well!
Here are the items in the Canvas Corp. Earthy Essentials Prize Package valued at $95! Imagine adding this awesome selection to your craft stash:

Stretched Canvas 2″x2″ {2}
Stretched Canvas 4″x4″ {2}
Stretched Canvas 12″x12″ {1}
Stretched Burlap 2″x2″ {2}
Stretched Burlap 6″x6″ {1}
Mini Canvas Triangles {3}
Mini Canvas Tags {3}
Mini Canvas Heart {3}
Mini Canvas Round {3}
Mini Canvas Diamond {3}
Mini Canvas Star {3}
Canvas Round {5}
Canvas Rectangle {3}
Burlap Triangle {3}
Burlap Tag {2}
Mini Burlap Square {3}
Mini Burlap Round {3}
Mini Burlap Heart {3}
Mini Burlap Star {3}
Mini Burlap tag {3}
Mini Burlap Triangle {3}
Mini Clothespins black {1pk}
Mini Clothespins red {1pk}
Clothespins white {1pk}
Jute Rope
Jute Rope Light Natural

The DIY Show Off

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ELIGIBILITY TO WIN OR BE FEATURED:  Be a follower and include the Earthy Essentials party button in each linked post. 

PRIZE: 1 randomly drawn winner will be selected from the eligible posts to receive the Canvas Corp. prize package (shown above).

***This linky is for projects using ONLY the following materials:  CANVAS, BURLAP, LINEN, TWINE, JUTE.  See you Sunday for the DIY Project Parade – open to all DIY projects. If you notice your link has been deleted – check to be sure you’re linking to the correct party. This linky is for Earthy Essentials ONLY.  🙂 Link DIY projects not related to Earthy Essentials to the DIY Project Parade.  


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My Very First Room Makeover Reveal!

I‘m honored to have a guest blogger today!  I’ve featured Miranda’s creativity before (here) but I am so excited that today she is sharing her bedroom reveal HERE!  Never-before-seen! From boring to full of cottage character, I think you’re going to enjoy it as much as I do.  Miranda is the blog author at Just Drink a Coke. She’s a stay-at-home mom and wife and loves to craft and a thoughtful sweet blog friend.  She’s had some awesome DIY craftiness that you’ll want to check out. Miranda’s mantra?  “Use what you have!”
Here she is:  

Hi, I’m Miranda from Just Drink a Coke., and I’m so excited to reveal something that I’ve been working on for a while now.  The suspense has been killing me.  So, here it goes!

Drum roll, please!
Here is a look at my very first room makeover.  Woo-hoo!  I’ve been saving it for Roeshel here at the DIY Showoff because she is the queen of before-and-after makeovers.  So, thank you so much Roeshel for giving me this opportunity.  Now get ready.  Fasten your seatbelts.  It’s going to be a fun ride!
Here we go:
Here is our master bedroom before with two different gray colors on the wall.  We just couldn’t decide what color to pick.  I think that picking the perfect gray is very tricky.  We wanted a gray that had a hint of blue in it.  So, we went with the color on the right.  It’s called Steel, and it’s by Valspar. You’ll see it in a minute.
 More blah.
That’s right.  We actually did not even have a headboard.  I thought that the euro pillows gave the illusion of a headboard.  However, looking at these pictures, that is clearly not the case.  Whoops.
Bam!  Now this is what I’m talking about.
I had envisioned a clean, simple, vintage look for our bedroom, and I think I just might have achieved it.  I put clean white linens on the bed, an old white quilt at the foot with it’s euro shams at the top, and pillows made from my husband’s shirts.  For the headboard, I told my husband that I wanted him to go get some barnwood from his dad.  Of course, he was like, “What?”  So, I told him that he would just have to trust me because I had a vision in my head.  Scary, right?
Here it is from the backside before we brought it up to the bedroom.  All we did was take some barnwood that was from his grandpa’s old barn and nail it to two 2x4s.  If a board was too long, we just broke it.  Too easy!  Don’t you just love how it’s jagged and uneven?
 This little antique needed a makeover, too.  I ripped off the old fabric which was off-white and replaced it with white fabric.  I actually cut up one of my tablecloths that I never use for this project.  That’s actually one of my mantras:  Use what you have.
 As you can see, I stapled the fabric to the wood with a staple gun in a pleated fashion.  It really gives the look a three-dimensional texture.
 I also replaced the old white handle with a glass handle to make it a little fancier.
 I put those same glass handles on this armoire.
 They did look like this… very blah.
 Ahh.  Much better.
 Now this old rocker has a little story behind it.  I got it at a yard sale when I was pregnant with my baby girl, and the man gave me a deal because I, and I quote, “was in the family way.”  Too funny!  When we got it home, I started taking off the old fabric so that I could recover it.  Man, oh man, I had no idea how old it was.  After taking off several layers of dingy fabric, I realized it was stuffed with horse hair!  Holy moly!  What a find, right?  Anyhow, my aunt and I did recover it with this beautiful paisley fabric and olive trim.  It is one great rocking chair now!  It has a Boyd’s Bear Easter bunny sitting in it that I received when I was a kid.
 For my nightstand, I used another old piece of furniture turned sideways.
 I sat a beautiful crystal-like lamp from Target on top of a Pottery Barn Bedrooms book (how apropos, right?) to give a little extra height.
 Our other sidetable is yet another old piece of furniture (it seems like that’s an ongoing theme here- old stuff, but I’m calling it vintage to make it sound better…lol).  It sits under a collage of vintage pictures, two of which are my mother-in-law and my grandmother-in-law when they were babies.
 I’m sure you’re now like, “What the heck is that old ironing board for?”  Well, let me tell you.  My father-in-law gave it to me last week, and I immediately thought, “Desk!”
Oh my goodness, when I started taking off ALL of the layers of fabric from underneath that old ironing board cover, the dirt started to fly.  It was capital G, Gross!
 It was worth it, though, it makes the perfect little desk when it’s on the lowest level.  Oh, and let’s not forget the new white curtains.  They were only $15 a panel at Bed Bath & Beyond.  Now that’s a deal!
 There’s room to write or use my laptop on this little ironing board.  Now I just need to find the perfect little stool to tuck under it at this summer’s yard sales!  I’ll keep you updated 🙂
 I used an old Pottery Barn flower pot for my pencil holder.  Don’t you just love it?
Well, that’s all I’ve got for you…I’m pooped!  Time for a Coke!I’d love it if you’d stop by sometime on your next Coke break.  We always have a lot of fun!


Isn’t it beautiful?  I love it.  The new ‘old’ headboard. Barnwood is one of my favorite things right now. How about the throw pillows made from her husband’s old shirts? So cute!  The old furniture is perfect – the old ironing board as a desk? Clever and just the right size.  I also love the personal old pictures.  

Miranda, I think it’s a dream bedroom.  You did an amazing job at creating a comfortable retreat full of vintage charm!  I look forward to the next DIY on your list! 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your transformation!

Transform My Home

Meet:  Dave from Transform My Home (update:  links have been removed.  Dave is no longer blogger due to more important priorities). He is new to the blogging world but loves to fix up his home.  A self taught DIYer and novice (he’s a little humble) furniture maker, he enjoys sharing his project to teach and inspire others.  I’m honored to ‘show off’ a few of his DIY accomplishments:
The kitchen before was so dark…
Now, it’s a beautiful bright farmhouse kitchen.  I love the details! .
The dining room before…
has so much farmhouse charm now!  Check it out… 
Fabulous furniture – DIY! Wow.   He claims he’s not a master furniture maker but…well, I’ll let you judge for yourself:
Farmhouse Table using reclaimed wood
Pie Safe Shoe Storage!
Wood Top Kitchen Island
Awesome Pantry
WOW!  Dave, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home and amazing furniture!  I’ve enjoyed looking through your blog and seeing your creativity and hard work!  Thanks for sharing! 🙂

Four Corners Design – DIY Silverware Lamp

four corners design
I‘ve seen some clever silverware DIY ideas (sunburst clocks, wall hooks, garden markers) and adorable teacup lamps but this is the first time I’ve seen this cute lamp created by Amy at Four Corners Design.
Thrift Store Lamp
Thrift Store Silverware and Lampshade Skeleton
Amy drilled holes in the ends of the silverware…
and gave the lamp and lampshade skeleton a coat of spray paint then went to work stringing the silverware using wire.
See her full detailed silverware lamp tutorial Part I and Part II.
This is the beautiful, creative result:
Isn’t it cute?  
Amy – it’s darling! I love unique DIY like this!  Thank you so much for sharing your creativity. I think this is about the cutest accent lamp I’ve ever seen.  🙂
See more of Amy’s awesome craftiness, DIY talent and some beautiful decorating inspiration at Four Corners Design.

DIY by Maple Leaves & Sycamore Trees

Maple Leaves & Sycamore Trees
Meet:  Kat from Maple Leaves & Sycamore Trees. In her search for the perfect ottoman, she REALLY applies thinking outside of the box.  I love her genius solution.  She took this table…

Cut the legs…
Worked some spray paint magic…
Recycled some foam…
Upholstered the top, added nail head trim and tufting…
TA-DA…all of their creativity and hard work paid off. Wow!
See the the full HOW-TO tutorial at Completed Ottoman.
And more of Kat’s creativity at 
Thank you Kat (and Mitch) for sharing your amazing transformation! So clever and GORGEOUS! (Thanks too for the recent post with MORE pantry eye candy including some I haven’t seen before. Just the motivation we need to add to our “pantry files”!) I also can’t wait to see the progression of your garage turned master suite! LOVE the doors!  🙂

I Like It, I Love It!

Meet:  Meg from

I first ‘met’ Meg when she submitted her living room. Beautiful, colorful and full of energy. I was “lovin’ I Like It, I Love It” and couldn’t wait to see more.  A home tour that had me at “I like it”. 
Here are some pictures and the links for you to meet Meg too and see more of her beautiful home:
I love the bright fun colors and beautiful arches.
So pretty, so peaceful. I love the color selection and beautiful details.
What a beautiful, dreamy space.
Special room for a special little girl.
With a pantry in the works during our kitchen makeover in our own home, 
Meg’s pantry is truly an inspiration…
Organization Heaven!
If you’d like to see more or just make a new blog friend who shares your interest in creating a beautiful home (along with milk and chocolate chip cookies, margaritas, magazines and fashion on a budget – we’re all going to be good friends!), head over to Meg’s blog. She scored a fabulous blue ghost chair and I know I’m looking forward to seeing her upcoming office makeover!  Meg, thank you so much for sharing your design talent and beautiful home!

DIY Project Parade

I‘m enjoying the 80 degrees here today – in April! It’s the first gorgeous day probably since last summer so I’m taking full advantage. That means no picture editing/resizing or sharing my DIY from this week but let’s see what you’ve been up to!  Thanks for stopping by to link up or to browse the fun DIY projects linked below.  

Do you have a DIY project to show off this week?  I’d LOVE to see it!  Or please visit the links to get inspired!

The DIY Show Off

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365 Days to Simplicity

365 Days to Simplicity

Meet:  Angela – She’s a talented DIY’er, wife and mother of 4 children.  Their home was built in 1860.  I don’t know how she does it but I love her creativity and smile at her writing.  Here are just a few of examples of her DIY talent

We all have these free materials:

Did you ever consider making something beautiful like Angela has? Gorgeous!

See how she did it at her original post, Toilet Paper Rolls on the Wall!
Or learn how to make beautiful Japanese Cherry Blossom Wall Art
Another brilliant idea!  What to do with leftover tiles?
She’s also a very talented artist!  Head over to 365 Days to Simplicity to check out her work and more amazing DIY projects!
Thanks so much for sharing your creativity, Angela!  I don’t know where you find the time but I sure am inspired!  🙂

Camelot Art Creations – RH Knock Off Clock

Attempting to get through the DIY Project Parade links (you guys are AWESOME!), I saw the little thumbnail from Desiree at Camelot Creations. I LOVE Restoration Hardware for inspiration and like Desiree, I loved this clock…

The price makes my jaw drop. $1495.00!  Unless you’re the winner a multi-million dollar lottery, I don’t know anyone who would spend that on a replication of a Paris clock – purely decorative. It doesn’t function as a clock, just looks like one. Do you?

Desiree decided she must have it. And she DOES have it. A DIY version. Cost?  An unbelievable $3.78! Her DIY pallet version is gorgeous…

See her RH Inspired Clock tutorial at

Camelot Art Creations
Super job, great tutorial, Desiree!  Thank you so much for sharing your creativity!


Breaking from DIY

We took a day off…

for a date night that did not include Lowe’s or Home Depot. 


Weather was pleasant enough to walk around, hold hands, rest, talk, be silly…

We dined on steak, asparagus with hollindaise and dessert (creme brulee for me, warm apple crisp with vanilla for Mr.) and the best (very potent) cocktail called “thin mint”. 

We caught half of a Broadway show.

Fresh air is good for renewing energy. 

We love our reno-ventures but we temporarily forgot about the chaos in the kitchen, the torn up flooring, the next DIY project on the list, the messy house. Just for a day. But we’re rested and ready to jump right back into this, this weekend:
Sometimes it’s good to step away.
DIY resumes this weekend. 🙂

Piecemeal Projects – Headboard to Hall Table

Amy from Piecemeal Projects is a new blogger and she has me cracking up – not because of her creativity and DIY ingenuity, but because of her technical “wallet measuring method” which did not work.  In the past month, I, myself, have leaned to carry a tape measure in my purse (darn, my purse is HEAVY but it comes in handy). 

Back to Amy’s awesome project. She looked high and low for a thrift shop piece that would work with little luck. She hunted for a real hall table – no DIY involved with no results. Determined, she scoured thrift shops again and found a twin-sized headboard and her DIY light bulb went off. 

Original Post:  Hall Table

This is what she started with:

And here is the result…

Meet Amy:  “I’m a newbie blogger from Australia. I’ve just bought my first home and am always on the lookout for ways to update and improve the daggy little canvas I have to work with 🙂 “

Visit her at:  Piecemeal Projects 

Welcome to blogging, Amy!  I love your creative and clever hall table!  I look forward to seeing more of your DIY projects and tutorials!

An Amazing DIY'er – the Dilletante Proprietor

Lisa from the Dilletante Proprietor is one amazing DIY diva. I am amazed by her projects!

I bought a house and half an acre for 600.00 dollars at a tax sale and have set out to remodel and redecorate it for little or no money…using repurposed, reused, recycled items. I believe in organic gardening, growing your own food and living the original American Dream contrary to America’s current value system that more more more is the key to happiness!”

Lisa’s house was built in 1919 and has a history of little work and big chaos but Lisa is patient. She knows what she wants and achieves it with a small budget.  

Her kitchen before was a nightmare to put it mildly. You can read the horrors and HARD work for yourself at My Free,  Repurposed, Reused Kitchen.

She kept true to the 1919 style but with modern conveniences. The result is an adorable old-fashioned kitchen full of original charm. I just LOVE this…

There are more kitchen changes in progress and I can’t wait to see the results!

She also re-upholsters!  (I swear I would have taken a year off from DIY after the blood, sweat, tears and pure joy at finishing the kitchen).  Take a look at this thrift store chair before (love the plank walls and original hardwood floor too)…

And the beautiful chair after… (chair transformation post):


Another thing you’ll love about Lisa?  She dug a candle-stick lamp out of the garbage and created this:

What a beautiful lamp rescue, Lisa!

Here’s a peak of
some other pretty vintage finds from The Dilletante Proprietor.  Head over, say hello. I promise you’ll love her stories. 🙂

One more favorite:  Cottage Art
This picture
Becomes this art

Lisa – I love the simple life you’ve settled into, growing your own food, decorating and home renovations on a nearly non-existent budget and creating a lovely comfortable home.  You are an inspiration and I love your DIY projects. I can’t wait to see more now that I’ve gone through nearly every post and had a sneak peek of the stairs and the plank-walled bedroom and iron bed!  🙂