Paint in My Hair – Family Room Makeover and Crown Molding Trick

Paint in my hair! Don’t you love that for a DIY blog name? Lisa from Paint in my Hair blog has two great projects to share.  Both involving paint and both are awesome.  

See original post at  Beefing Up Crown Molding

Crown molding before:

After adding more pieces…but you have to see the original post to learn her genius trick for making crown molding more luscious! Seriously – it’s something I plan on doing. Super cool and she makes it look so easy!

Love it! What a huge difference!  Definitely a great idea and I love the results!

Lisa also had an entire real wood paneled room.  It’s beautiful.  And Lisa hesitated to paint it.  She even lived with it thinking it’d grow on her.  She added light colors to try to brighten it up but it just wasn’t working.

I know how that feels.  It’s hard to make the commitment to paint wood. (One of our family members is going to cry when they see our painted oak cabinets.)  It’s taboo when it’s “nice” wood.  No one advises it.  I have to admit, it’s a hard decision but I’d do the same thing.  I love painted wood paneling so much better.  I share Lisa’s opinion. It’s so much more comfortable, cozy and fresh.  I love it. 

See more details and pictures at Family Room Before and After

Lisa – I love both transformations – you did a fantastic job.  THANK YOU so much for sharing your DIY!

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