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Happy New Year, fellow DIY’ers!  I’m anticipating 2011 to be the best creative DIY year here at the DIY Show Off.  That’s my goal.  🙂

 The DIY Show Off

With the holidays, I don’t have anything to show off myself this week (the break was nice!) although I’m painting cabinets part 956 today…soon I’ll have something to share but for now, here are our goals for 2011:

  • Finish the kitchen remodel – we’ve been living without cabinet doors for over a month, blue laminate countertops and linoleum floors for 3 years – time to have our dream kitchen!
  • Move craft room to upstairs – I can’t stand the clutter anymore!  Organized wall to wall shelves and a table for projects.  Although a dressing room is also a temptation.  I’m still going back and forth. 
  • Move guest bedroom down stairs (this will still be my office) – pretty room should be the one guests see, not the cluttered craft room. We have a BIG bed in a little room upstairs now that no one sees.  Moving it downstairs will be awesome – I might even be my own guest once in a while. 😉 
  • Laundry Room – a walk through closet when we moved in.  It’s now our laundry room but there aren’t any doors and it’s a disorganized mess.  Sometimes clothes don’t even make it upstairs.  Time for a change!
  • Lots of DIY decorating, thrifty finds and re-purposing. So excited to see yours too!
  • 2011 is also the year I will face an empty nest.  I’m not sure how I feel about that quite yet.  I’m not thinking that far ahead.  I became a mother at young age and never really had just me to think about.  I know one thing, I want to experience more.  I look forward to the opportunities 2011 brings my way! 
How about you? Big, small, little, lots of 2011 DIY goals?
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 The DIY Show Off
If you have a DIY project to share – please show off!  I love seeing your creativity linked up.  🙂

The DIY Show Off
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