Burlap leaf garland and easy faux pumpkins

Inspired by the cooler temps, I got the itch decorate a little fall vignette.  I’m not ready for summer to end, but I’m hoping that by seeing this…I’ll accept it.  🙂

Here is how I made the garland:


Burlap scraps
Jute twine
Gorilla Glue
Deco Art Dazzling Metallics

Cut a desired garland length from the twine, allowing for some scrolling and circles.

Trace a few leaves gathered from the yard onto some burlap scraps.

Cut out. Laying everything out on a piece of cardboard works best for when gluing.  It’s the same color as the burlap, so pulling it up after drying doesn’t affect the look on the back. 
Using a small dab of Gorilla Glue (it doesn’t take much), glue the burlap leaves to the twine and the circles to hold their shape.

Add weight to the glued areas.  I use glass.  It didn’t seem to glue to the project.

While it’s drying, I began the next step by painting a border on the leaves around the weights and then touching up the other areas after the glue was dry.   I used Decor Art Dazzling Metallics that I had left over from last year.  Pretty handy to use the leaf as a palette.  🙂
Note:  If the glue expands, it’s okay.  Just paint over it, it adds color and interest! 🙂
I love how it turned out.  Getting me in the autumn spirit!
For the pumpkins, I spray painted my faux pumpkins white and let dry.
Then, I used the paint from the leaf borders to “paint” my pins.  Just dip and swirl.  Let dry.
Next, cut a piece of twine and swirl and curl it, pinning along the way. Or create a monogram or other design.
I pulled off the stem and gave my pumpkin a “mop top”.  I could get pictures because it involves both hands but here is what I did.  Wrap twine around one hand 10-12 times (keeping ends at left or right edge of hand).  Pull off, keeping a thick twine circle intact.  Pinch in the middle and tie with another piece of twine, knotting in the center.  Fluff.  It’s a pom pom! 
Apply Gorilla Glue (I used the white here in case I used too much).
Find the middle of an end of the twine pom pom, not the middle where the knot is but the underside of that and push down onto the glue.  Add weight and let dry.
What do you think?
The DIY Show Off


It’s that time of year again!  I loved all of the Fall related DIY projects last year.  If you’re looking for inspiration, click HERE to get some ideas and more HERE from last year.
And if you’re an early bird and have a Fall DIY project already done, feel free to link up!  I know it’s early.  Still August!  But I need a little fall cheer to help me welcome the cooler temps.  I love fall. It’s the season after that – don’t say it!  I’ll stress, start biting my nails and go into hibernation. 
The DIY Show Off Fall Festival will start today and run every Friday until the snow flies or it’s time to think about something else.  We’ll play it by ear and see how it goes.
  • Create a blog post about an Autumn/Fall project that you’ve done
  • Add your blog name and project to Mcklinky (example: The DIY Show off – House # Pumpkins)
  • Type in the permalink address, not your basic blog address. A permalink is the address that links directly to your specific post. (example: http://thediyshowoff.blogspot.com/2009/08/house-number-pumpkins)
  • You must use The DIY Show Off Fall Festival button and link back to The DIY Show Off Fall Festival post so that everyone gets to join in the fun. Here is the button:
  • Although a tutorial is helpful, it’s not required. Anything DIY – autumn related is permitted.
  • Please follow all steps above or your link will be deleted.  If you notice that you’re link disappeared, please make the correction according to the rules above and re-link!
  • Enjoy and be inspired!

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