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We have some exciting news from the DIY Club inc.!
I know you recognize both of these companies and we are so excited to be connected with both!
A couple of months ago Gorilla Glue showed an interest in featuring the DIY Club inc in their booth at the Country Living Magazine FAIR. We couldn’t say “YES!” fast enough!  What an honor!  If you have received your Country Living Magazine this month, you may have noticed the articles (check out page 27)! 
The events are September 24, 25, 26 in Columbus, Ohio (Ohio Village) and October 22, 23, 24 in Atlanta, Georgia (Stone Mountain Park).  I plan to attend the Country Living Fair in Ohio – if you’re thinking of attending, let me know!  Sue Whitney of Junk Market Style will be in the booth at the Ohio location. Wouldn’t it be cool for us to meet her together?  Fun time – let’s go!
We are also excited to be working on the Gorilla Glue party event in September, in addition to the regular monthly DIY party event that starts this Thursday night.  If you’re not familiar with the monthly  DIY Club party, you’ll want to check it out.  You could already have a DIY project that qualifies for the contest and enter to win the huge monthly prize!   We will also be unveiling a big secret over at the DIY Club this week…so stay tuned!

And if that isn’t enough excitement for yoube sure to stop back here Thursday when I have another announcement you won’t want to miss!

Toddler to Big Boy Room full of DIY details!

Ive been blessed with girls so when it comes to decorating or anything related to boys, I’m clueless but that doesn’t stop me from loving a great boy’s room before and after makeover. I love this one from Hi SugarplumEspecially when it involves creative ideas, repurposing and DIY.  Here are some of her photos but be sure to head over to check out the full reveal and all of the details here


It seems like only yesterday I was decorating my son’s nursery, but now he’s 9 and it was time to kiss the ‘sweetness’ good-bye. So while he was visiting his grandparents for two weeks, we surprised him with a room makeover suitable for a big guy. And the best part is, by using items from our house, updating his existing stuff, and shopping smart….the total bill for the room came to under $300!



Pale lime walls, puppy dog patchwork bedding, pictures he made as a toddler, Crystal Light carpet stains

jack bed before

before 2

And the awesome afters:

The bed was spray painted high-gloss white. The small Ikea sisal rug was borrowed from the laundry room and adds some warmer tones as well as texture. The over sized wall clock is from Marshalls.


Love the stripes!

DIY – cover a corkboard with burlap to add texture.



DIY – soup can pencils holders


Organized study area…


Gallery wall with room to grow and DIY prints from the zoo.


DIY cork map (A project on my list too – just waiting for the map to arrive.  Great minds DIY alike!)A


Awesome job, Cassie (proven by his happy reaction at the reveal)!  Loved that!  Thanks so much for sharing your hard work.  You created a fun big boy room – so creative with your budget.  Great job!

Decorative Spheres

One of my favorite inspiration sources has zinc orbs and spheres. My version isn’t an exact replica but for a few dollars, they’re the same idea and I love how they look on our coffee table…

Here is the real version…

Sale price $135-175
and these:
Sale price ranges $71 – 119
The prices are a little steep for me.  I’d love to see the day where that is do-able on my budget but we’re not there yet.  So, what’s a DIY-thinkin’ girl to do?  Yep.  Get creative and DIY!

I used a different technique to construct each.  One orb is made with drywall mud and the other with decoupage and newspaper. Below are the instructions for making each. (The drywall mud technique was easier.)

Materials for drywall compound orb:
Gorilla Glue
Spray primer (leftover from another project) in “Rust”
Candlestick (thrift shop)
Styrofoam ball (craft store)
Finial (Rockler)
Sanding Bug (Rockler)
Assorted acrylic/metallic paints (Deco Art) I used Slate Gray,
Drywall compound (basement)

Materials for paper mache type orb:

Same as above but I used a larger Styrofoam ball (craft store), decoupage medium, newspaper and a wooden wheel and different finial (both found at Rockler).  I also used pins as mentioned below to help with construction.

Tutorial for drywall compound orb:

1. Using my Norton Sanding Bug, I sanded a candlestick to scuff up the smooth surface. Clean.

2. Using the candlestick as a pedestal, I applied drywall mud  by “frosting” it with a butter knife. Smooth as much as possible, which is nearly impossible!  Let dry (but see step 3 first). 

3. Before the plaster dries, poke the finial through the wet drywall mud into the Styrofoam on the top to poke a hole. Remove and clean the finial. I used the Birch Turned Finial on the left.  (Rockler).  You can also attempt to lightly sand the drywall – just be careful, it might crack!
4. Apply Gorilla Glue to the candlestick and stick on the Styrofoam ball.  Let dry.  My glue expanded a little but I just cut off the extra with an xacto knife.

5. Squeeze a small amount of Gorilla Glue into the hole in the top and insert the finial and allow to dry.

6. Outside, I sprayed the entire thing with the rust colored primer.

7. Next, I used a mixture
of Deco Art Americana acrylic paints and antiquing medium to come up with a few gray shades and Dazzling Metallics for silver shades.  I applied the darkest paint first, allowing some of the rust to show through.
8. Then I took turns applying the lighter shades (and darker if needed) with a brush.  I applied the last coats which had more white and silver paints last using a rag to apply and wipe off and let it dry.

It’s finished!  (I do plan to apply a matte clear coat though.)

Tutorial for paper-mache type orb:

Using my Norton Sanding Bug, I sanded a candlestick to scuff up the smooth surface. Clean. (Same as step 1 shown above).
I cut out newspaper leaf shapes (a lot of them, more than needed but better to have too many than not enough when fingers are covered in decoupage medium). 
Pour the decoupage medium onto a piece of cardboard.  Now it gets messy.  Using my fingers, I applied the decoupage glue to both side of the newspaper, making a crease in the middle.  I don’t have pictures of this step however…both hands were sticky!  I applied the sticky newspaper to the Styrofoam ball and kept repeating this until I had the entire ball covered.  I used pins along the way to help keep the newspaper in place.  When the entire ball was covered in newspaper leaves, I smoothed on more of the decoupage medium.  Let dry. (Move pins around as it dries, as needed.)
With regular Gorilla Glue, glue the newspaper covered orb to the candlestick and let dry.
Using Gorilla Glue Wood Glue, stick the wooden finial to a the wooden wheel (Rockler toy wood wheel).  Let dry. (Shown on right.)

Using regular Gorilla Glue on the bottom of the wooden wheel, stick to the top of the newspaper-covered Styrofoam ball.  Let dry. 

Spray the entire orb, pedestal and finial with rust col
ored primer.

Follow the steps 7 and 8 as listed above.

 All done!

So, what do you think?  Not a perfect copy obviously but it gives a similar unique look for much less!

The DIY Show Off


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Faux Barnwood Frame

Loving the look of barnwood, I decided to give a black plastic picture frame a new look.

Black frame
Deco Art Weathered Wood Medium
Americana Bittersweet Chocolate acrylic paint
Americana Traditional Burnt Umber acrylic paint
Americana Eggshell acrylic paint

Here is how I did it.  It’s super easy!

I chose a black frame so I could see a little of the black in the technique.

After taking off the backing and taking out the glass, I used my Rockler paint pyramids to keep it elevated.

I painted the frame with the darker of the two browns, Burnt Umber, letting some of the black show through a little.

After that dried, I applied a coat of the Weathered Wood Medium.

Once that was dry, I mixed the a little Eggshell with Bittersweet Chocolate.  That sounds like a terrible recipe but we’re not eating it!  It creates a pretty lighter shade of brown.

I finished it off with a spray of Deft Clear Wood Finish in semi-gloss.

My frame is going on the wall, so I took off the “standing” thing that is used for propping it on a tabletop.  The little tiny hanging wire was a huge pain to get on a nail, so I wet the back of the smallest Dischanger and stuck it to the center of the back frame (it overhangs a little) but after drying overnight, it’s strong and so much easier to hang.
I printed out “menu” and the definition/synonyms in MS Word, using a text box and selected a linen background.  Here it is all done…perfect for our chalkboard wall and I love the barnwood look which is perfectly our style for this old farmhouse.
What do you think?

Kitchen Table or not?

While we’re currently doing a mini makeover in the kitchen, I’ve been tossing around the idea of making it ‘eat-in’.  We rarely use the dining room  to eat.  I use it all of the time when I’m working on projects and in fact, I can’t even see the dining room table right now.  It’s certainly big enough for my favorite choices of kitchen tables

So, I set about looking for some eat-in kitchen inspiration.  Here is what I came up with: 

Phoebe Howard

Phoebe & Jim Howard

What do you think?  Do you have an eat-in kitchen?  Would you? And after looking at these…I’m thinking my big kitchen all of a sudden looks much smaller!  Maybe an island is a better choice. But I still would love an eat-in area in the kitchen or at least a spot to sit and talk to the cook, Mr. DIY, while he’s whipping up a delicious meal. 

Burlap leaf garland and easy faux pumpkins

Inspired by the cooler temps, I got the itch decorate a little fall vignette.  I’m not ready for summer to end, but I’m hoping that by seeing this…I’ll accept it.  🙂

Here is how I made the garland:


Burlap scraps
Jute twine
Gorilla Glue
Deco Art Dazzling Metallics

Cut a desired garland length from the twine, allowing for some scrolling and circles.

Trace a few leaves gathered from the yard onto some burlap scraps.

Cut out. Laying everything out on a piece of cardboard works best for when gluing.  It’s the same color as the burlap, so pulling it up after drying doesn’t affect the look on the back. 
Using a small dab of Gorilla Glue (it doesn’t take much), glue the burlap leaves to the twine and the circles to hold their shape.

Add weight to the glued areas.  I use glass.  It didn’t seem to glue to the project.

While it’s drying, I began the next step by painting a border on the leaves around the weights and then touching up the other areas after the glue was dry.   I used Decor Art Dazzling Metallics that I had left over from last year.  Pretty handy to use the leaf as a palette.  🙂
Note:  If the glue expands, it’s okay.  Just paint over it, it adds color and interest! 🙂
I love how it turned out.  Getting me in the autumn spirit!
For the pumpkins, I spray painted my faux pumpkins white and let dry.
Then, I used the paint from the leaf borders to “paint” my pins.  Just dip and swirl.  Let dry.
Next, cut a piece of twine and swirl and curl it, pinning along the way. Or create a monogram or other design.
I pulled off the stem and gave my pumpkin a “mop top”.  I could get pictures because it involves both hands but here is what I did.  Wrap twine around one hand 10-12 times (keeping ends at left or right edge of hand).  Pull off, keeping a thick twine circle intact.  Pinch in the middle and tie with another piece of twine, knotting in the center.  Fluff.  It’s a pom pom! 
Apply Gorilla Glue (I used the white here in case I used too much).
Find the middle of an end of the twine pom pom, not the middle where the knot is but the underside of that and push down onto the glue.  Add weight and let dry.
What do you think?
The DIY Show Off

It’s that time of year again!  I loved all of the Fall related DIY projects last year.  If you’re looking for inspiration, click HERE to get some ideas and more HERE from last year.
And if you’re an early bird and have a Fall DIY project already done, feel free to link up!  I know it’s early.  Still August!  But I need a little fall cheer to help me welcome the cooler temps.  I love fall. It’s the season after that – don’t say it!  I’ll stress, start biting my nails and go into hibernation. 
The DIY Show Off Fall Festival will start today and run every Friday until the snow flies or it’s time to think about something else.  We’ll play it by ear and see how it goes.
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  • Enjoy and be inspired!

Dressing up a Mirror

The mirror in my daughter’s room is in a great spot (between 2 closets) but it’s so boring!  It has tiny plastic holders and it sits low/close to the duct work/register.  So…I decided to frame it inside the plastic holders and dress it up.  A frameless dressing mirror in a princess room just looks out of place.  Now it looks like this:

I love the little message.  Who can’t use a little boost in self esteem once in a while? I may even have to get dressed in there.  Here’s how I did it.
Using a dry erase marker, I measured and drew a line where I wanted the decorative trim to be placed.  I measured that area so I knew where to make the miter cuts.

Then I psyched myself up to use the miter saw which is up there on my list of fears.  Right beside spiders and sitting in traffic on a bridge.  That scared! But I DID IT!  And it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought. Truthfully, I made Mr. DIY do the cuts so I could watch and get brave again.  Then, I noticed that the frame was too big. I sort of didn’t want to tell Mr. DIY and I was ready  to be a big girl, so I re-measured and stood up to the big mighty miter saw.  
Here I am in my cool pink safety glasses…safety first!

Next, I painted the four pieces of trim.  Since I’m applying the trim directly to the mirror, I painted near the edge on the back as well (so it would reflect white when glued to the mirror itself). 

I love this pretty white from Mythic.  It’s the same interior semi-gloss that I used on the trim in my daughter’s room.  It’s Mythic Sweet Silence.  I didn’t see a disclaimer that it’d bring “sweet silence” from your teenager’s room but it is non-toxic and low VOC. 

Once it was dry, I applied the White Gorilla Glue to the mitered edges to form a frame.  I don’t have clamps for this purpose so I taped the edges and used paint cans to weight the glued areas.  I did this on an unfinished concrete floor so if there were a few places where I used too much glue, I was able to pry it up.  I let it dry for a few hours. 

Next, I took the frame upstairs and flipped it so the back side was facing up.  I added White Gorilla Glue to the back of the entire frame.
With my daughter’s help, we placed the frame onto the mirror (I did erase the dry erase marker lines before this).   We held the frame tight against the mirror and taped it to hold until the Gorilla Glue dried.

If some of the glue drips, let it dry.  It’s easy to scrape off of the mirror with a razor blade.

All done.  Much better!  There isn’t enough room to frame the outside border of the mirror due to closets on both sides and the heat/air conditioning vent below so this was the best way to add some detail.
But…not quite girly enough for my princess.  The solution?  The easiest way to decorate a mirror – vinyl!  This pretty vinyl art from Design Divas is perfect.  It comes in so many colors.  There are lots of other designs to choose from too!

Just peel of the paper backing.

Using a level, we placed the vinyl decal where we wanted it.

Rub with a credit card.

Peel the wax paper back

and…tada!  Now it’s perfect!

 The DIY Show Off


A DIY Pond – Blue Loom

I got a letter and photos from Kinga and Joe from Blue Loom and I turned green with envy (although I checked my thumb, and it’s still black…no luck with plants darn it!). They put a beautiful serene pond in their backyard.  Not only is it gorgeous, they make it look so easy. 
I want this in my backyard.
(Excuse me a moment.  Attention:  HGTV’s Landscapers’ Challenge, if you’re reading, “HELP ROESHEL”!)

Here is their letter:

“- our biggest landscaping project completed in 2007. It was our design and we did it ourselves with a big help from Joe’s dad who came to visit that summer from Europe. We used all natural stones and river rocks. We love to sit outside and enjoy the sound of water. It’s like having a little cottage in our own backyard. Our pond attracts many birds. They love to have a bath on top of the waterfall.
Here are their pictures:
  A hole for the pond…
 The liner…
Fill ‘er up and landscape with pretty plants and rocks.
All done

Their own personal park!  The birds seem to enjoy it!  Peaceful oasis.  The waterfall is so cool!  And that water sprout…fun!

 Even a Prince Charming…
Bird bath!  ” Hey Dilly, Is my backside clean yet?”

I‘d love to hang out back there all.the.time!  Know what I’d be dreaming about?

Beautiful job Kinga & Joe!  Hold on tight to summer (it’s not over yet) and enjoy that pond!  Thank so much for sharing your hard work!

A little DIY project inspires a big change…Part 1

Thanks to True Value, we’ve added giving our 1980’s kitchen a much needed makeover to our DIY list, or at least up a few notches from where it was (near the bottom). SO exciting! Our dream kitchen knocks out walls/etc. so we haven’t done much in there since moving in three years ago but I’m ready to make a change.  Because the dirty-looking-even-when-clean 20 yr old white linoleum floor (duct taped in places by previous owners) and blue laminate countertops are my biggest embarrassment.  Our kitchen is functional but it’s butt ugly!  We’re still saving for the dream kitchen but in the meantime, a tight budget mini makeover is just what it needs.  Our first trip to True Value = “wow!  Where do we start?”  We came home with a few things to get us started and this

and our plans evolved from there.

Here’s the wall before (new kitchen paint color coming soon)!  It’s the skinny wall between the two doorways.

Nothing useful going on there. (you get a peak into the dining room – another  mini makeover in progress) There was a Pottery Barn phone hanging on this wall, however we don’t have a phone line to the house any longer and there isn’t one even there behind the phone.  Probably the reason it never rang, huh? Purely decorative and now it resides in the basement junk pile awaiting an ebay debut or yard sale.  Oh man.  More work!

I filled the nail hole and lightly sanded the wall.

Then using a paintbrush and chalkboard paint, I cut in around all of the trim and used a foam roller on the larger middle section. 
AH!  Hide your eyes!  You can see a peek of linoleum that I NEVER show!  Dingy white and country blue flowers!  Look Away!  I line my paint tray with foil.  Easy to cover between coats and keeps paint/roller/brush fresh!  Paint clean up is one of my least favorite tasks so I keep it to a minimum!
I let it dry for about 5 hours then added another coat and let that dry.  It felt a little rough to me so I lightly sanded again and put on a third coat.  Then life got busy and crazy so I let the paint cure for a few days.
Love the sanding attachment for my Dremel Multi Max.
Sanding with the Dremel Multi Max makes the job easy and quick!  It fits perfectly in my hand too. I love that it’s not awkward.  More on that guy in another post.

With the side of a piece of chalk, I rubbed all over the chalkboard area then erased with a chalkboard eraser. I’ve skipped this step in the past and the writing was difficult to completely erase.  This works!

Love how it turned out.  Perfect place for writing down the day’s events, shopping list or even the menu du jour when Mr. DIY cooks. 

It’s little projects like this that get my DIY mojo refueled, spark my creativity and motivate me to want to move forward with the kitchen, tiny budget and all.  I love the little chalkboard wall but it looks out of place with it’s surroundings.   Every time I walk in there, I feel my big 80s poof growing back!  Plans to do something about that!  Stay tuned!  Oh –  I conquered my fear of the miter saw monster so there’s no stopping me now!

I was one of the bloggers selected by True Value to work on the DIY Squad. I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program as well as my writing about my experience. I have also been compensated for the materials needed for my DIY project. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.

Ship Shape Big Boy Room

I love this blog and her header just makes me smile.  
Because I imagine with 3 boys, I’d have a hard time making “home” my style…girly.  lol  But she has an amazing style and I love her DIY projects.  The latest ‘love’ is her son’s room, which makes me wish I had a boy, especially during the teenage girl drama stage. 

Check out what she did, including the awesome light fixture and clever headboard and all of those darling nautical details!  She has an amazing way of stretching the budget and gets a big bang for her buck.


The “Big Boy” room is complete (for now)! I can not tell you how much I’ve enjoyed working on this space for my oldest son!
As you know, the inspiration for this room came from Serena and Lily’s Ronan Collection.  Of course I didn’t want to copy the space, but there were a few key elements that had to be brought in from the ispiration. Here is my version of the Serena and Lily room!

The shipping palettes were a must in the design of the space! I think that is what made the Serena and Lily room so unique! I got such a kick out of my husbands response when I called him outside to help me unload them from the truck:-)

This light fixture turned out really nice, if I may say so myself! It’s the Melodi pendant light from Ikea. I have a tutorial coming up later this week on how I “hacked it”!

Here is the fixture with the light off (above). I think it ties in nicely with the nautical themed room!

Do you notice the closet?! You can’t have a nautical themed room without stripes! Taking note from the inspiration room again, I knew that I had to bring in the stripes. But, the price tag of the duvet didn’t work with the amount I had to spend on one;-) So with $20 and a little sweat, I think that the look was acheived and you can’t tell this was my first attempt at painting stripes (can you?)!

I haven’t decided if I want the storage cubes to remain in the closet or on this wall below

(I need a chair for that corner!)

By taking the toy storage out of the closet, he can use the closet as a little ‘nook’ to read or to play with his Legos

Seriously, what sailor doesn’t need a place to read “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish”?!

Here are a few close ups

Mrs. Limestones photography is the best!

Isn’t this the cutest hermit crab?!

Great room, isn’t it?  It’s like waking up to vacation every day!

She has a post  listing her sources too.
And I love that she shares her DIY disaster but doesn’t give up.  Happens to us all, right?  
You’ll have to visit her to see what I mean along the cutest little desk makeover.

And her entire blog full of inspiring DIY projects.

Thanks for sharing your amazing style and genius DIY ideas, Lakeitha!

DIY Project Parade

How was your weekend?  Productive?  Definitely here…so productive in fact that I’m ready for Monday to be Saturday so I can have a weekend!  Anyone reading have magical powers to make that happen?  No?  Doesn’t hurt to ask or dream.  But here is one of the things I checked off my DIY To-Do list this weekend:
My Decorative Plate Wall…
I put up some decorative plates although I’ll be taking them back down to re-paint the dining room walls  (dining room makeover in the works!) but sometimes I can’t wait to see how something looks…do you get that way?  We’ll call it eager.  Not impatient.  🙂
The plates I made are strictly decorative.   I printed my images onto Avery 8 1/2 x 11 inch clear mailing labels.

I found a bowl that was the right shape of the flat part of the plate.  I traced the image on the clear mailing label (centering around the image) and cut it out.

Peel off the paper backing and place onto the center of the plate.
Easy, right? 
Rub out the bubbles.
If there is a stubborn bubble, use an xacto knife to make a small slit and rub again…bubble gone!
I‘m sure by now you’ve heard of dischangers to hang plates.  They make it so easy. I love that you can’t see a brassy plate hanger.  They’re reasonably priced and easy to use too!

Disc Hangers from $1.00
Using a finger, wet the back to activate the glue.  Place on the back of the plate (if you have a design on the front, make sure that it’s place appropriately).  Let dry over night.
To hang my plates, I laid out a pattern that I liked on the back of a sheet of wrapping paper.  I traced them and labeled them so I’d know where each plate goes (to use as a guide after the nails are in the wall).
My wall is plaster.  I used a pen to mark onto the wall through the wrapping paper where the nail would go.  Then I mark a dot on a piece of tape and line it up with the hole on the wall then hammer into the tape. Using tape with a very sharp tiny black nail (I think it’s actually an upholstery tack), ensures that chunks of my plaster wall don’t crumble.  Remove the tape once the nail is in place.
And finally – my wall of plates!
Tip:  If you note that your dischanger is crooked with the design on the front of your plate, use a small piece of poster-tacky-stuff on the back to straighten it on the wall.  I may be speaking from experience.  I’m sure you noted that with my technical term “poster-tacky-stuff”…maybe.
What do you think?  I love this look.  Is it original?  Nope.  But it IS original to my friends and family and that’s who sees it.  🙂 

As I mentioned, my plates are purely decorative and this would work for plates that can’t be heated  and only dusted with a dry cloth but Jenn from Rook No. 17 discovered an amazing product for using transfer images on ceramic dishes.  Check out her post here.  Speaking of Jenn, chose this as the winner of the Gorilla Glue Giveaway:

Congratulations Jenn! It’s your lucky day!  🙂


So…care to share your DIY project?  I’d love to see it! 

SHOW IT OFF!  What did you DIY lately?
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    Misc. DIY Projects

    Woo hoo!  Friday!  Friday!  Friday dance!  Friday is the perfect day to share some creative ideas to inspire weekend projects because there is a DIY linky party on Monday as usual and you’re invited! I want to see you there!  Any DIY projects planned?  How about a thrift shop or estate sale adventure? Yessssss!  That’s my plan.  Along with ignoring my fear of the power tool monster.  Time to get over that.  I’m a big girl.  Time to see the wizard for some courage because I can’t take NOT attacking some projects full force. 
    I went through some of the amazing DIY projects sitting in my inbox. It’s like a treasure chest of creative ideas in there but I really need a week to organize that area.  Maybe a future tutorial which would probably only benefit me but if your inbox looks like mine, you understand. 

    Here are some fabulous ideas and transformations from the deep dark recesses of my inbox (sorry my friends, I haven’t forgotten you!).  I hang my head in shame for some of these.  I meant to share them with you a lot (A.LOT) sooner but again, the inbox disaster.  🙁 

    Junkin Junky‘s kitchen is so cute!  She has so many other great projects too.  Check it out!

     Beautiful window seat from TellerAllAboutIt!

    The tale of how we dismantled and demoed our window seat!
    The tale of planning how to clean up the mess!
    The tale of how we created the door!
    …and lastly, the tale of how we finished it all off!
    A princess reading nook at That’s Beeutiful:

    Dress up a window pane.  I love this idea from Pressed Petals!
    Sweet nursery details at Girl In Air:
    Kitchen Cabinet Redo from Shay:
    To this…
    new kitchen.jpg
    Beadboard (natural) Home Depot = $60
    Paint Behr sage with an umber glaze for texture effect – $50
    Knobs & pulls – EBAY – the entire set (19 knobs, 10 pulls) $60 
    Awesome DIY wall art from samples and dollar store canvas at AKA Design:
    Leather by Heather at Decor4Poor (lots of great projects):
    This window….
    and this leather jacket….
    make a unique window cornice:
    Fab furniture makeover at House of Thrifty Decor:
    Dresser Before:
    Ahhh…beautiful!  Dresser After:
    Love love love this table transformation too from Crafty in the Concrete Jungle!
    Lovely After:

    This china cabinet at Living on a Dime:
    Became this pretty entertainment center!
    So jealous of this closet makeover from Janet at Cul-de-sac Chic!

    Closet Makeover 2
    Closet Makeover 3

     Awesome cork wreath at Garden Patch!
    Fun weekend project!  Homemade play-dough at Spearmint Baby!  Who says you need kids? 
    Spiff up a door like Cassie at Hi Sugarplum!
    final 6
    Amazing foyer redo and gorgeous coat rack at Dignified Rubbish Blog:
    A creative ‘spin’ on family portrait art from Brandy:

    A simple and pretty weekend project from Scrapbook of My World
    She shares a great way to display them too (here) as well as hugs from Romania!  Thanks, Mona!

    Pretty tile necklace tutorial at Adventures in Creating:
    Great tutorial at Pretty DIY Crafts – the name says it all. I love this doily clock!
    Inspiration for me!  A mini kitchen redo from Robin.  Drool!
    Beautiful front door makeover at the Rodden Family:
    I love to sew.  Isn’t this a brilliant idea and so cute!  Towel kimono tutorial at The project Corner:
    More sewing.  SEW pretty!  Dishcloth to Apron at My French Country Home:
    One more sewing project!  A precious triple ruffle pillow case dress!  Darling!  Tutorial by the Crafty Clique.
    Before and after built-in cabinet painting at Impatiently Praying for Patience:
    Dark before:

    Fresh, bright, pretty after:

    Tutorials for super cute handmade anime and video game dolls from Nikki:

    300 Sackboy video:
    Sackboy Tutorial video:
    L Sackboy:

    Make beautiful table cloth + drop cloth curtains (so creative!) like Burlap and Blue:


    Easy silhouette art at La-T-Da….
    Just a little DIY overload to get you through the weekend.  If you still don’t have the DIy-bug, then hope to see you at Monday’s DIY Project Parade where you’ll see more amazing projects and if you’re working on something crafty or DIY … hope to see your link Monday too!

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    Decorating Obsessed – Man Cave

    Ashley from Decorating Obsessed is so DIY skilled.
    They did an awesome job on their “man cave” but it’s so cool, I’d call it a co-ed cave.  After all – girls get thirsty too! 
    Look at this bar her husband made.  All DIY.  I love the molding detail on the front, don’t you?  Gorgeous!


    They gave the old wet bar a new look to match:

    The wet bar project is almost done

    Remember the ugly wet bar we had in the basement?

    Well, it definitely got a facelift.

    The most important task was replacing that dated green countertop with the matching countertop we got for the bar.

    Unfortunately, pre-made countertops are one of the few things hardware stores will not cut (because of possible splintering), so this was a project Brent got to freehand. Yes, freehand.

    So, he set up a cutting station using my other Craigslist dresser and a trash can, and went to work:

    Brent did 3 practice cuts on the extra material before starting on the cut. To help prevent splintering, he placed masking tape down the center of the cut.



    I think it turned out great. And the best part? We only spent $60 on this update – and that was for the countertop. The mirror is one I bought on clearance at TJ Maxx 4 years ago, and could never find a home for, and I already had the black paint.

    We still have to get a mini fridge for underneath, since the former one was sacrificed for the kegorator. We have some Best Buy gift cards left over from the holidays, so hopefully we’ll find something we like there.

    Now, my absolute favorite part?  Take a look for yourself.  
    (That’s ALOT of wine, Ashley…had I known, I’d have pitched in on that DIY step!)

    My wine cork dresser

    Remember this guy I scored on Craigslist for $20 several weeks ago?

    Well, it found a new home behind the bar as a buffet.

    I’m not positive for many wine corks I used, but I would say it’s in the 800+ range.

    At first I started out using a hot glue gun, but I was having issues with all of the corks properly sticking – so at Brent’s suggestion I switched to liquid nails and those suckers aren’t going anywhere now. Once the glue was done, I did 2 coats of poly over everything. 

    Super job Ashely & Brent!

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    A Multi-tasking, DIY'ing Super Grandma

    As usual, I’m so impressed with your DIY projects.  Sometimes I wonder if YOU all should be writing my blog.  I received this note in my inbox.  It made me smile. It made my day.  Notes like this get me every time.  
    I just love your blog and it inspires me. I have done several posts of things I have done and I would like to share. Please take a look at my blog and see if there is anything you like. Thanks, Janis
    Of course I clicked the link and

    HOLY COW!  DIY heaven!
    So, what did I do?  I did what any curious DIY’er would do.  I took a gander at her blog , went through the whole she-bang (back to the beginning of ’09 anyway) and I’m showing off a few of my favorite projects for “Grams”.  Click the links for more details. Oh – and her writing will make you “lol”.  I loved reading about her family and adorable grandchildren.


    Beautiful After:




    Amazing After:


    How fun is this swing?  Brings back childhood memories although the one I rode was just a plain ole’ tire.


    And speaking of tires, check out these tire planters!  
    She’s also SEW talented!  

    And I love her red and white kitchen:
    Spoon Bracelets!

    2009-08-14 13.25.47

    She makes these awesome gifts and more too!



    Well?  What do you think?  Pretty amazing stuff, huh?
    Thanks for sharing your creativity and stories, Janis!  🙂

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