Coffee Table to Bench

I know you love seeing furniture makeover as much as I do.  Check this one out at 
Great blog name, isn’t it?  

I would have passed by this coffee table.  I don’t think I would have had the vision that lovepalmy had.  Here is her post:

We needed a bench for the bedroom where Mister can relax while getting dressed – his words not mine. I could not find benches under $200 (my budget) so I opted for the $25 option. Yes this was only $25 excluding paint, sweat and tears. There were no tears really just lots of excitement.
I got fabric at $3.99 a yard from Home Fabrics. This store is amazing!!! There is one by me so I get to actually dig through the back of the store. The front store fabrics are between $12.99 – $ 6.99 which is a much better deal than Hobby Lobby or Joanns.
Now the project!
Two inch foam, batting and fabric on plywood:
Isn’t it pretty!?  I love the black finish and that beautiful upholstered cushion.   I’d love this in my entryway.  Perfect for organizing some shoes or baskets and a comfy seat too but I had to laugh at her husband wanting a place to relax while getting dressed!  In our bedroom, it’d be more like a place for dirty clothes to relax until I picked them up for wash day!  
GREAT job, lovepalmy!  
Thanks for sharing your creativity and vision and amazing transformation! 

Pop over and get more details on how she rescued this chair and her other DIY projects!  HERE

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