Master Bedroom Before and After

Amanda from Casa Brasi has done it again!  She recently made over her master bedroom and the result is stunning!

Here is her before:

Here it is now:

Visit Casa Brasi for the details!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful bedroom makeover, Amanda.  What a gorgeous place to fall asleep every night.  I’d never want to leave!  It’s very classic – I love it!  Magazine worthy and inspired by my favorite RH style. 

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For those of you asking about Niski, thank you for your thoughts and prayers!  She is hanging in there.  No change as of yet but we’re at least adjusting to the new routines.  She is adjusting well.  I am taking a bit longer to get accustomed to caring for a special needs dog but so far, so good!
Every time I read a thoughtful comment or get an caring note from you, I feel like I’ve been hugged and believe me when I say – I needed it.  Timing is always perfect.  Thank you!
Have a Happy 4th of July! 

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