DIY Easy Wall Art (and Niski update)

First, I want to thank you all SO much!  Your comments, support, love and prayers give us comfort and strength to get through this with Niski.  We’ve chosen conservative treatment at this time with meds and 8 weeks of bed rest.  I think we’ve established a routine.  My mom also had a cart (for flea market shopping) which Niski fits into.  She has enough room to lie down and be immobile (bed rest) but can be in the same room with us.  Here she is hanging out with me in the living room today:

She isn’t in any pain and still has bladder control and wags her tail. She still has an appetite and has resigned to taking the meds without too much of a fight. So, please keep the prayers coming.  It’s going to be a long summer without being able to chase birds and chipmunks but if she’s back to herself after that or even paralyzed but able to have a happy pain-free life, then it’s worth every minute.
Now to the topic of DIY!  Brooke from Sweet Mint Studios has the cutest DIY wall art project going for a nursery. She is also the sister of Britt, one of the most creative DIY’ers I know!  Here is her post and precious wall art:

Decorating :: Easy Wall Art, Part I

My sister, Britt has been sharing a series titled “Easy Peasy Wall Art” on her blog A Penny Saved. She has some really creative ideas. Take a minute to hop on over there and check them out! This week, she has asked me to guest-blog for her, so I’m sharing some of my own DIY art, and of course I wanted to share it with my readers as well! So, here it is:

Let’s start in our girls’ room. When I was 8 months pregnant with Clara, our first child, I waddled into Hobby Lobby and stumbled on an incredible sale. They had marked tons of frames 90% off. If you’ve ever been in a situation like that, you KNOW that their buggies are way too small! I fit as many frames as I could in my buggy, and then I was faced with a dilemma. Should I walk away from the other frames that I wanted in order to grab another buggy and hope that they would still be there when I got back? No way! I grabbed all of the frames I wanted, and threw them over my shoulder… and then my other shoulder. Then I carefully, precariously made my way to the check-out counter. By the time I got all of my treasures home that day, I was pretty proud of my accomplishment. I showed my hubby all of my deals and he wanted to know what in the world I was going to do with so many frames??? So, I then had a mission to fill them. I’ve used several, but secretively, I have many, many more hiding under the guest bed! So, without further ado, here is our little girls’ room.

With so many frames to fill, my goal was to get creative because art, mats, and glass can add up quickly. Here’s how I created the wall art above:
1. I hung the frames and then using light pencil marks, traced the inside dimensions of the frames onto the wall. Then I took down the frames and got to work.
2. Painted the entire outline white. So there were four white rectangles on the wall.
3. I cut a scallop stencil out of a piece of cardboard and used it to trace the scallop outline on top of the white rectangles. Then I filled them with pink paint.
4. I brushed some light green details on the edge of the scallops.
5. My hubby hung the glass knobs for me.
6. We put the frames back up where we had initially hung them, but this time, there was art inside the frames.

There are so many different things you could hang from the glass knobs. In the pictures above, the baby dresses that are hanging are dresses I wore when I was a baby. It’s sweetly sentimental. Right now the girls are still little (they just turned two and one). As they get older, I’ll take down the baby dresses, and frame something else. It’ll be such a quick, easy change that will really allow the frames to grow with my girls!
Click HERE to see Part II of her DIY Wall Art series.  Here is a sneak peek:
Thanks for sharing your creativity Brooke!  Beautiful job!  Sentimental, pretty and easy!  LoVe!

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