Adorable Nursery with the Cutest Details

Whether we need them or not, we all love seeing sweet nursery makeovers, right? Check out this adorable transformation from Aubree at
The Weathered Cottage.
Here is her post:

The room is complete!

It’s finally (almost) complete. You will see a few missing knobs, etc. but don’t worry, we’ve come a looooong way. I hesitated putting these up because for some reason I feel so vulnerable sharing this special room with you. I (we) put a lot of work into it, it’s our first “nursery” (he’s almost 2!), and it’s just so ME. What I mean is that it’s something I have been envisioning for awhile, and it came out so amazing…but it’s part of me and my ideas. Which can be a scary thing to put out there!
I promise my pictures do not even do it justice one bit. But for now….here goes!

The bedding is PB teen actually picked up at Down East. It is too big for the crib, but we are building THIS BED on Tuesday! Along with THIS BOOKCASE for storage in the closet (which I won’t bother showing you…it’s too embarrassing!) So until then, my little guy is enjoying his last few nights in his crib…riiiight.

I made the curtains. They were the inspiration really for the room.

Favorite most comfortable small mommy chair! I’m only 5’0″ ya know!

Not quite finished Clip Art rails!

My aunt made these cute blocks for my baby shower, and bought Eli this cute Buster Brown box from an antique store for “his” birthday. hehe.

My old dresser, you can read about it’s transformation HERE.
And my $3 thrift store lamp and $3 Target shade, updated with some fabric and hot glue gun 😉 It makes me happy when I get to cuddle up with my guy next to this cute little thing in our FAVORITE CHAIR.

And that’s pretty much it! The doggy silouhette pillow I made just today (my guy loves dogs). The SeeSaw pic is from TJ Maxx, the curtains are handmade, and the light is from IKEA (as is the curtain rod). The vinyl I won from Joys of Home hosted for Belvedere Design. So grateful for that, it really makes the room!

This room definitely did not cost an arm and a leg, even though I like to think it looks as though it did. All of the furniture besides the crib (which was a gift) is second hand, as well as most of the accessories. The only things we bought especially for the room was the paint (used maybe $25 worth), the TJ Maxx pic ($8), the curtains and rod ($80 including blackout liners), bedding ($85), and the light ($30). (Wow! That’s more than I thought I’d spent!)
Everything else we already had and just changed some things to fit this room.

I am one lucky girl. Or else my son is one lucky boy. But really I get to enjoy this beautiful room with my beautiful boy and hubby, so really I think I am the lucky one.

P.S. I’m thinking the wall with the SeeSaw pic is needing something else. Any ideas?

Until next time my friends!


P.S.S. Here is the before in case you haven’t seen it!

To me, it’s all about the details – and Aubree really adds a lot of charm and character to this cute little room. Thanks for sharing, Aubree!

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