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~”An Interior designer, Lauren shares her philosophy that we can all live simply, happily & beautifully. Her budget-friendly design tips, ideas & inspiration make decorating fun.”

Beautiful kitchen makeovers are so inspiring to me since I have one in need of some serious DIY attention. Lauren’s kitchen is full of charm with touches of glam in the breakfast nook. Just my style. Here is her post:

And here’s what it looks like now:

Below are a couple of other views of the kitchen ‘before’:

Here’s our little breakfast nook before:
Lauren..I love (I use that word a lot too) your kitchen. I love that it’s both old and new. It’s that kind of character that I love and hope to have in my kitchen next year. TheI think you made the right choice with the chandelier – it’s awesome! (and Eddie & Jaithan?!! Your heros!) Your appliances – more proof that paint can fix disasters too – something I’m amazed by each time I see it. Thank you for sharing your inspirational, beautiful kitchen story!

Head over to Pure Style Home…she has more projects worth seeing. Check it out!


I‘ve seen the comments in the giveaway and I know some of you are addicted to pretty fabric as much as I am. I’ve ordered fabric from esty seller, Fabric Supplies, and I was thrilled to discover the grand opening of their new shop full of beautiful designer fabric.

Charlie and Lindsey have generously donated prize #3!

Half Yard Bundle of fabric from Franchelle Conteras for Henry Glass Fabrics,
called “South Hampton” (a total of 4 yards!).

South Hampton in Fuchsia and Robin's Egg Blue
Franchelle Conteras

Manufacturer: Henry Glass
Designer: Franchelle Conteras
Collection: South Hampton
Bundle Name: South Hampton in Fuchsia and Robin’s Egg Blue

I always love seeing a peek of the people behind the scenes, don’t you? Here is a really interesting article to tell you more about the ‘two love birds who love fabric’.
Here is the link to all of the fabric bundles.
Which one is your favorite?

CLICK HERE to ENTER the Giveaway!
The DIY Show Off
I’ve never made a quilt but I love to sew and today…I think this is my favorite:
Nature-ology in Brown


Speaking of Giveaways!

Check out Completely Coastal’s tabletop giveaway where you can win a product of your choice!

Nautical Tabletop


Houston area readers!
Courtesy of Rae:
My husband’s company has a huge warehouse full of used furniture, just waiting to be transformed! There are so many projects waiting to happen! They need to clear the warehouse, and are practically giving the furniture away.

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