Holiday Highlights #3

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I decorated my Christmas tree tonight! In yesterday’s post (here), I shared how I gave my tree some height and covered the ugly tree stand. Today, I swapped out the tablecloth for a burlap cover (using the round tablecloth as a pattern and sewing 2 half circles together). I love it! Here it is with the burlap “root ball” look that I was going for.

This is our main Christmas tree in the livingroom which is a little more formal at the moment. I love the glow and could sit and enjoy a Christmas tree for hours, listening to Christmas music. (Pictures make the ornaments and decorations look pink, but they’re actually pretty shades of gold.)

More Pretty Projects

Look at these spool ornaments! I love them – so unique and so pretty!

DIY instructions at Make Mine Beautiful!
Thanks for sharing your creativity, Polly!

I love this ornament tree that Courtney made!
More details at her blog, RedHeads Craft More Fun.

Isn’t it pretty? I love the different sizes and pretty blues.
Beautiful job, Courtney!


You know how much I love mercury glass. Using the technique I shared on my pumpkins, Jodi made these pretty vases and ornaments. Great job, Jodi! I’m definitely going to do some too!

HERE are the painting instructions. But, for the ornaments, Jodi put on a rubber glove, removed the hanging neck piece, held it by the neck and sprayed. Then she put a screwdriver in the hole used clamps to hold the screwdriver.

aily reminder. Shop the vendor links for awesome gift ideas and


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Christmas Tree Stand Cover

managed to put up the tree today. It’s not decorated yet. I do prefer a real tree (love the smell) but with the hardwood floors and potential water damage and the fact that Mr. DIY prefers not to search for and transport a real one, we have a really nice artificial tree. It’s older, before the time of pre-lit but we do have another pre-lit one for the family room. Anyway…back to why I’m writing. I wanted to share this incase you’re putting your artificial tree up this weekend and like this look. Oh – and if you ever need to know where your artificial tree needs ‘fluffed’…take some pictures. All of the “holes” between branches really shows up!

This may not work for everyone’s taste and style, but I don’t like the look of the artificial tree stand and don’t want to argue with the dog over the tree skirt. So this year, I decided to attempt something different. A ‘faux root-ball look’. Mr. DIY thinks I’ve created more of a ‘cupcake look’ but I really love how it turned out. It also gives the tree more height. Luckily we have 9′ ceilings.

This is all from things I had around the house. I love when a new look is free!

Edit: I swapped out the table cloth for a burlap cover by using sewing 2 half circles together (using the table cloth as a pattern). Now it looks less like a cupcake.

Materials: Round table cloth, 2 pieces of twine, beverage tub and a few twist ties.

First I laid out the table cloth. I may pick up some burlap this week and sew a big enough circle to swap out for the table cloth.
Then I set the beverage tub in the middle and put the tree stand on top.
I secured two of the tree stand “legs” to the beverage tub handles with twist ties (I twisted around the handle first, then up through the hole on the “leg”).
Next, I gathered the table cloth up and Mr. DIY held it while I tied a piece of twine around it, just below the “eye screws” for tightening/straightening the tree ‘trunk’.

Then I put in the bottom of the tree and the other pieces and straightened out the branches. Once I could tell that the tree was straight (after some adjusting of the ‘eye screws’ in the bottom), I used another piece of string to tie above the ‘eye screws’. Fluff the excess table cloth around.< img alt="" border="0" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5409312549635374434" src="" style="cursor: pointer; display: block; height: 267px; margin: 0px auto 10px; text-align: center; width: 400px;" />I added some burlap ribbon to finish it off.

You could also use any fabric or decorative round table cloth. I really love the burlap:

What do you think? Here is my tree decorated:

Beatiful Kitchen Backsplash Makeover

First, THANK YOU for saving the day! The number of votes was amazing and definitely eased my True Value DIY Drama panic attack. Please keep them coming. Just click the badge above, vote and come right back. Easy! You can vote once daily until 12/4 which is when the winner will be announced and it’s coming up fast! Your help is SO appreciated and I hope you’ll continue to click the badge above and vote everyday!

If you’re shopping online this weekend and want to get some cash back, click HERE to use my referral and check it out. I use nearly every time I shop online and I’ve earned $187 back from my purchases!

I love detail and when I saw what Kristalyn from The Gathering Place Design did in her kitchen, it was no exception. I think it’ s a beautiful addition to her already awesome kitchen. Here is her blog post:

Kitchen Backsplash Makeover

I love my kitchen, but it did not have a back splash. That is something I always wanted to change. I really like tin tiles and I had looked into a couple different places to purchase them and they were kind of pricey and I would have to hire someone to install them. I found these faux tin tiles at Lowe’s and they are awesome! At $18 per panel, you can’t beat it! I bought them seriously about 9 months ago and they have been sitting ever since. (Gotta love it!) Well, I said I was now ready to do some updating, so here you go. Oh, and this won’t be the last of it!



These were way easy to work with. The hardest part was the measuring and making sure the lines matched up. (I will say, measure twice, cut once 😉 ) They come in 18″x 24″ sheets and I just used utility scissors to cut them. You could use a utility knife as well. They really look so much like real tin! Everyone who I have shown can’t believe they aren’t.

I used liquid nails to attach them to the wall. It didn’t take much because the tension between the cabinets and the granite helps to hold them in place. Easy breezy! 🙂

The color and design adds so much warmth and character to our kitchen. I am sooooo excited with how it turned out! And even more that I did it all by myself…woo hoo 🙂 Also, don’t be afraid to mix finishes and types of wood. You might feel like everything needs to be the same. I’m not a huge fan of matchy matchy. In our kitchen, I have two different stains on my cabinets along with black painted pieces. As well as stainless steel and oil rubbed bronze finishes. Mixing different finishes just adds interest and gives your home it’s own unique feel. Do want feels good to you!

I had some scraps left over so the bread box could not escape my embellishing! Don’t you worry there will be more projects to come with the other trimmings. 😉 I hope this ispires ya’ll to get going with things you have always wanted to change or update in your home. I’m not gonna lie, I was intimidated to take on this project, but the end result is worth it for

Kristalyn – it’s beautiful and adds so much warmth to your gorgeous kitchen. Fantastic job! I’m about to embark on a scary project too, so thank you for the encouragement!


Speaking of tin! Have you entered the DIY Show Off Appreciation giveaway?

One special friend and sponsor, Christy, from Embellished Bayou has some beautiful hand painted/hand made tin tiles in her etsy shop. She has generously donated an antique 6″x6″ tin ceiling tile that will be handpainted in your choice of color and finished off with coordinating rhinestones, bow and beaded wire hanger. Choose to personalize with your initial, monogram, name or short phrase.

Here are some of the tiles she has in her shop:

Visit Embellished Bayou to check out all of her pretty items…perfect and affordable gift ideas! What’s your favorite?

She’s also offering a December special! Become an Embellished Bayou fan on Facebook or follow on Twitter for updated infomation on special sales and discounts. Here are the links:

The DIY Show Off

Have a great weekend everyone! I’ll see you Sunday evening when I post for the next DIY Show Off Holiday Highlights. Now that holiday decorating and gift ideas are on the priority list, I’d love to see your projects, decoration and ideas!

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Hi Everyone!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I am in desperate need of blog-friend power like never before!

My site meter shows my # of blog visitors. HI! I’m pleading with each of you for a vote.

I‘m kicking into serious big time begging mode. Please bear with me. I just happened upon another finalist’s # of votes and it’s close (I’m not in the lead). If you’re stopping by…PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, pullllllease – click my True Value DIY Drama below to vote! There isn’t registration. It’s just a quick click and a quick vote. If you’re a DIY Show Off friend, reader, follower, one-time visitor or here by accident – my hands are clasped and I’m on my knees, begging for your daily vote for our DIY Drama!

As most of you know, I entered the True Value DIY Drama contest because we have a lot of DIY drama in our home and so many projects to complete. The prize is a $5000 True Value shopping spree and a 2 hour in-home consultation by the True Value Master of All Things Hardwarian! (Professional guidance = a lesson in making things right!) My video is embarrassing. You know I love to show off DIY home improvement projects WHEN they’re done and beautiful. So, showing something ugly and a source of DIY gone wrong in our home wasn’t easy. Being chosen as a finalist is so exciting! It’s also nerve-wracking! So close! A 1-in-10 chance! But I really, really, really need your help!

I‘d love to show you the DIY process and what $5000 at True Value in the hands of a DIY’er can do with a pitiful master bathroom suite. I’m in shameless pleading, swallowing my pride mode.

I‘m so thankful for your votes! If you’re voting…please leave me a comment. I’d love to hear from you and acknowlege your help (your gift to me). Everytime I see another vote, I feel like someone has given me a cookie! You know how that feels. It makes your day! So warm and fuzzy and happy and so relieved and so excited! Help me to ‘smoke’ the competition! DIY blog-friend power to the rescue!

I appreciate your pleas for help too!
Thanks for sharing with your readers and community forums!

Happy Thanksgiving from Roeshel

I’m late but I’m joining the Gratitude Party at Making Lemonade. Head over and check it out. 🙂

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It’s my way of saying “thanks” to you.
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I‘m thankful to God for

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my family
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and Blogger – for introducing me to you!


(photos courtesy of BHG)

Under the Table and Dreaming

Stephanie at Under the Table and Dreaming is a DIY blogger full of creative ideas. I was only going to share her kitchen, but I can’t help showing off more. She deserves to show it all off. I love her style and these 3 before/afters are beautiful. My favorite projects include a beautiful Thanksgiving table, an amazing bathroom transformation and a gorgeous kitchen makeover that has me so jealous. Here you go:

Dining room before with seller’s furniture…

Dining room after…with some beautiful holiday inspiration!

She made this beautiful table runner! I LOVE it.

and these Pottery Barn inspired centerpieces! Aren’t these beautiful too?

Everyone Said Don’t Do It, But I Painted Wallpaper Anyway ~ Our Powder Room
(Click the link above to get all of the details! Her bravery paid off!)
I love the subtle gray stripes and it’s motivation to get busy on finishing my bathroom this long holiday weekend! (Thanks Stephanie!)

Powder room before:

Powder room after – wow!

We used the same shade for both stripes, one in a flat finish and the other in satin. The color is called Gentle Rain.

Dollar Store wall art….{tutorial here}

The heart of Stephanie’s home, her kitchen:

Since I won’t be enjoying a kitchen makeover any time too soon, I’ll just live my dream under Stephanie’s table.
ere are some pictures taken during one of walk-throughs prior to buying the house…


Just a few side by sides…

Stephanie has other amazing transformations and a lot of great DIY projects that she shares on her blog, Under the Table and Dreaming. You can also read full detailed posts about the projects above.

hanks so much for allowing me to Show Off your DIY projects, Stephanie! And thank you for the motivation! Fantastic job!

Single Stone Studios

Shelley from Single Stone Studios has so much inspiration in her blog. (She created my beautiful blog header and buttons. She featured a photo of my birdcage wall decals back in July 2008 too!) She’s a very talented artist, she’s creative and she’s a DIY’er too! Here are some of her amazing projects (Shelley, I don’t know where you find the time, but I need a dose of your energy!):

She’s working on these chairs but you can tell from the before and in-progress that they will be gorgeous when she’s done!

This apothecary chest from plain jane…

to beautiful…

Kitchen cabinets before:

Kitchen cabinets after:

You can see her pretty studio HERE. Then visit her BLOG HERE and her SHOP HERE – the photos are so beautiful. These are just a few. I’d copy/paste her entire blog if I could…but I bet she’d rather you drop in for a peek. Aren’t these gorgeous?

I want this chair, wall and vinyl art in my office….

and this one is in my dream dressing room… This one in my craft room:

She also has a pretty exciting announcement. Pop over and tell her Congratulations!

And best of all – you have a chance to win a Single Stone Studios $35 gift certificate by entering the drawing daily!

The DIY Show Off
Still watching the votes. It’s so exciting! Thank you all so much for voting once a day every day! I’d LOVE to share the transformation with you if we win! Maybe even introduce you to Mr. DIY as he fixes the DIY drama. ?

Oh – and a tiny little show off for me! Our friend, PK from Room Remix, was browsing through BHG 100 decorating ideas for under $100 and saw my alphabet chair there! It’s not a cover story and just a little ‘honorable mention’ but I’m excited to see it! Shelley saw it too and sent me a picture…I’m just a little bit proud. 😉

Holiday Highlights #2


First, I just want to say thank you to these special friends: Layla, Tricia, Heidi, PK, Karen and Cheri. And thank you to all of my friends for your votes. Never underestimate the power of internet friends and friends and family in real life. I treasure each one. Speaking of being thankful, I wanted to include some Thanksgiving in this weeks’ DIY Holiday Highlights.

I personally don’t have much Thanksgiving to share since we have a lot going on and we’re not hosting this year, but I‘ve been working on a garland so I love this one from Remodelaholic. So festive and perfect for Thanksgiving, isn’t it? There is also a week long Thanksgiving series in progress. Check it out!

Click HERE for the tutorial.

Even though I’m traveling to my brother’s, I couldn’t resist working on my own centerpiece

after being inspired by:


am working on some things for Christmas (none of which are finished because I’m still dealing with painting a floor that can’t seem to make it to the top of the priority list). Patience is not one of my strengths. It’s not in the budget to change all of my holiday decor just yet, but I’m loving natural elements like pine/grapevine/moss/pinecones/natural fibers mixed with white and silver/bronze/gold metallics.

Daily begging, I mean reminder – for daily votes. Thank you! 🙂

nd another daily reminder. Shop the vendor links for awesome gift ideas and


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DIY Transitional Projects

Sometimes it takes making a temporary change until the permanent change is in the budget to keep me from going insane. It’s the reason that I’m painting the plywood floor in the bathroom I’m working on. Rather than leave it bare ugly stained plywood until it’s time for marble tile, a fresh new painted floor is an inexpensive temporary fix. I love the look of painted floors and I can’t wait to see it myself. I’m hoping I have the chance to work on it over the next Justify Fullfew days.
Here is the before (currently)…yikes!

And here is just a little hint about part of what I have in mind, a little practice with primer. I’m hoping it works out the way I’m picturing it in my head.

So, when I saw Karli’s temporary countertop fix at RockyBella, it confirmed that temporary inexpensive fixes are worth it. Her countertops were ugly before (sorry Karli!) but now – they’re beautiful. Don’t you think?

Here is her post:

My kitchen counter tops are in a transitional stage. I plan to replace them one day soon with some tile or maybe even granite. I would like to tile the kitchen floor before we get to that project though. So to hold me over, I’ve taken on a little “ghetto fabulous” kitchen counter re-do. I shared with you how I did a test run with my little section of counter, in this post. I decided it was high time to get the rest of it finished. When I went back to the store where I originally bought the gray colored “stone” spray paint, I sadly found out the color had been discountinued. Whoops, what am I going to do now? One side of my kitchen is already done and “enviro teched” (clear shiney hard coat) over. I hunted around and around town for the same paint color, but I didn’t have any luck finding it. I picked out the closest thing to it. Once I got them next to reach other I realized it was definitely not close enough, I will have to re-do the first section I did. Oh Well.

Here is my step by step on how I painted my “stone” counter-tops.

*Note: If you saw my first post on painting my counter tops you may be have noticed they are not as shiny as my first run at it. I have not completed the “glass shine” step yet. I will get to that explanation soon…

I taped off my sink and protected it with some plastic bags, as well as covering the cabinets in plastic. You will want to protect anything close because you are using spray paint inside….eeek. The cabinets above were not close enough to the spray so they were not covered, and they still stayed paint-less during the process.

I used Glidden’s Gripper primer in gray to coat the entire laminate counter top.

I popped the cap off the “stone” flecked spray paint, and gave it about three to four even coats. Since its spray paint I had to be very careful to keep the can at an equal distance from the counter the entire time. It is easy to get uneven circles that will make it obvious that you used a spray paint. Doing at least three coats will help to ensure that the application is even. I stayed about 8 inches away from the surface of the counter top.

I let it sit overnight to thoroughly dry. Then I got out a fine paint brush and some clear gloss polyurethane that I had left over from when I refinished our hardwood floors. This is the step where I COULD have used Envirotex to get a glassy look like I did on the other side of my kitchen. It would have been about $100 to do this step so I held off for another day. I will do that step very soon in the near future.
Envirotex was used on this section (above) to get a high gloss look. It is also much more protected and durable after using Envirotex.
This is how it looks with ONLY high gloss polyurethane, not Envirotex:

I did about 3 coats of the polyurethane, and let each coat dry for at least 4 hours before starting the next. I left the back-splash alone, just primed it. I plan to do a bead board back-splash soon.

So there you have it, my cheap little counter top re-do. Although its still not finished.

Thanks Karli! Your counter looks amazing! I wouldn’t be in a hurry to change it!

The holidays are getting closer! I won’t even tell you how many days.
Have you seen the cute little skirt in the giveaway?
Guess what! Someone it going to win it!

Amanda & Katie from
Crafting in Laymon’s Terms

have generously donated this prize!

Adorable Lazy Day Skirt. It is made using the pattern by Oliver & S. The skirt is a 2T (11″ long) and made with Heather Bailey Pop Garden fabric. The skirt’s hem is made with bright green, satin ribbon and it has an elastic waist.

They have an etsy shop too!!
Check out the the link above for the CUTEST skirts, tutus, onesies – perfect gifts!

The DIY Show Off

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THANK YOU x 100! I watch the # of votes every day!
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See you Monday for the DIY Holiday Highlights!

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I‘ll leave it open for a few days…feel free to join the party if you haven’t already and mingle with the others! I‘ll be socializing this weekend. Hope to see you at your place!

DIY Show & Tell – Your Blog

Show & Tell – “your blog”!
The DIY Show Off

You all have been so supportive (thanks for your comments, votes and boost in confidence).

Your blog, my blog, her blog and his blog are certainly DIY projects in a different sense that each of us invests time in on a nearly daily basis. DIY in my opinion. Blogging is what brings us together, inspires us, allows us to vent, get opinions, teaches, shares, creates new friendships and of course gives us the chance to “show off“.

So…here are the rules if you’d like to join in:
(only one link per person)
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I’m going to make a button and link to this post on my side bar…it’ll be so much easier to visit you!

Time to SHOW OFF!
This is one party everyone visiting can participate in.
Grab your mouse and start mingling!

Meet my friends:

Design Gal, her Handyman and a Furniture Transformation

Another brilliant furniture makeover! This one is from Shannon at Design Gal and Her Handyman. Isn’t it a cute blog name? What about that beautiful header? Well – you’re going to want to take a look around. Check out the Before & Afters and Interior Design & Thrifting Tips.

Here is one of her furniture makeover posts. I love the transformation and she makes me laugh too. 🙂


This little dresser used to be white, white little flowers painted on the front of the drawers. It began as a piece of furniture from my childhood bedroom set. When I was 18, I decided I was so over the white, flowery motif, so I painted the set black. Being the furniture re-do rookie that I was at the time, I didn’t sand or prime, I just painted. I started from the bottom and worked my way up, and when I began painting the glossy, laminate top, I realized the paint wasn’t sticking, so I wiped it off and left it glossy white. And it’s stayed that way for years, usually with a table runner covering the not so lovely laminate.

When we moved into our new home, I wasn’t sure where to put the dresser. It just didn’t seem to fit anywhere I wanted it. The depth was what really bothered me, as it jutted out in spaces I thought it would look cute. So, to solve the problem, I did what any handy gal would do.

I cut it in half.

My tool of choice was a circular saw, naturally. If you’ve never used one before, it’s time to get your tool on (...i know, but don’t say it…this is a PG rated blog folks), because they’re awesome! After taking out the drawers, I just measured the depth I wanted to saw off and went from there.

After it was sawed in half, I took the wood that was in the back of the dresser and reattached it to the slimmed down dresser, so I could make some shelves.

We used 1/4″ mdf for the shelves and cut them with a jigsaw. I also attached some molding to the front to hide the plain wood slats.

Finally after a fresh, new coat of paint (yes, I sanded the heck out of the laminate top & used a no sand primer to help it stick), and some new baskets from Ikea, the new dresser looks fabulous!

Can you believe it?! I’m afraid of power tools but this makeover is therapy! What a beautiful inspiring transformation. Thank you so much for sharing, Shannon! It’s amazing. That shelf was that dresser? Magic!

Please help makeover my master bathroom!


Don’t forget to enter the giveaway too!

The DIY Show Off
Need a stocking stuffer or gift for a teacher?
Head to Mimi’s Corner!!!

Lisa from Mimi’s Corner has generously donated

Set of 6 decorated clothes pins. They are decorated on both sides with quality paper the
n sanded and mod podged.

If you’re like me you have regular clothes pins or those store bought plastic ones on your chip and cereal bags. These would look much cuter!

Use them to hang cards or banners.
Hang pictures.
Keep papers together.

Clips measure approx. 3 inches long and ¼ inch in width.

DIY Show Off readers receive free shipping on all products! Just convo Lisa, letting her know you came from The DIY Show Off. How generous is that!!!

The DIY Show Off

Saving the lives of furniture…Tea Rose Home

Sachiko at Tea Rose Home is a furniture super hero, saving the lives of furniture doomed to the dumpster. Check them out by clicking the links for more details!

(not too bad but could use a little enhancement)


Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she beautiful?
The hutch transplant was a success!

e interrupt this blog post for a very important message from Hudson Goods!

In the spirit of gift giving, DIY viewers receive 20% off all products using promotion code 540 at checkout on their total order! That’s you! Remember my wish list? I know you have one too – now is the time to shop! My motto: 1 for gift giving, 1 for me, 1 for gift, 1 for me!


Back to the regularly scheduled blog post and another AMAZING furniture rescue from Tea Rose Home, otherwise known as Furniture General Hospital. You won’t believe it!

To this beautiful chair with so much charm. I love the toille!

Dr. Sachiko! You’re an awesome furniture surgeon! I LOVE these! Thank you so much for sharing!!! What do you all think? Visit Tea Rose Home for so many more crafts and tutorials! Tell her the showoffs love her!


Don’t forget to enter the giveaway today!
The DIY Show Off

Another one of my favorite things! I have this garland for spring:

Don’t you LOVE it? I want the Wish garland. Chic Sparkle is another one of my favorite etsy sellers and she has generously donated a GIFT! It’s glittery and it’s perfect for the holidays! She has garlands for all seasons and the Fall and Dream garland can be customized!

The DIY Show Off

Have you visited all of the DIY holiday links? I’m slowly getting through them. If I haven’t stopped to see you yet – I will! I’m just running fashionably late, as usual!

DIY Headboard Coat Rack

I was writing up a post to share Jennifer’s DIY headboard coat rack at Livin’ the Simple Life and came across so many great ideas! You must pop over and visit her Furniture Rescue link and Projects Link and the Painting link too. Good stuff!

Here is her DIY headboard coat rack post:

Okay, so we’ve all seen the headboard turned coatrack, bench, etc. all over blogland. I loved the idea, so I was on the prowl for an interesting headboard. While visiting my favorite thrift store, I found an UH-mazing headboard. Not only was it awesome and $8.00, but it was 50% off that day! So allow me to introduce you to my $4.00 headboard, soon to be coatrack.

projects 045

I chopped off the posts, and scraped off the gum stuck to the back. Ewwwww!

projects 046

Sorry, but the gross factor wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t show you a picture of the sticky offender. Anyway, I spray painted the headboard black to match my entryway bench and added some garment hooks from Lowe’s. I could have stopped there, but it was just a little too plain.

Here’s where the fun began! I sponged a little metallic bronze acrylic paint into the grooves, then wiped it away to give it some dimension and depth. Then I added nailhead trim, following the curves of the grooves. Here it is in the beginning, when my hands were already hurting and I was beginning to question my judgement. Was this a little too “out there”?

projects 049

projects 048

I kept going, and ended up loving the result. Looooooove.

projects 055

projects 050

projects 051

Thanks Stephanie for sharing your creativity! Your new coat rack is gorgeous! Great job!

I’m still visiting the DIY Holiday Hightlights. Thanks to everyone who participated! I love having a source of DIY holiday inspiration in one spot…it’s so helpful! Thanks for showing off your creativity!
Reminder! I‘d love it if you’d take a second to click the badge below and vote!
I‘ll even beg! Now the embarrassment has faded a little…I can’t believe I have a 1 in 10 chance of winning a $5000 DIY makeover and in home consultation from a Master of All Things Hardwarian!

With your help, I can win the True Value DIY Drama!
Thanks to everyone voting! Your kindness and taking the time to click and vote means the world to me! Winning would be the best Christmas gift!

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway too!
The DIY Show Off

Check out these frames from Just Simply Southern:

The quality is excellent – so chunky and sturdy. So pretty too!
I have one. I LOVE it! It’s a really fun way to display a special photo. I’m using it for my nephew in my office and it’s so easy to swap out for the next milestone. She even created a custom one to match my black/white office.

Wouldn’t you love to win one of these?
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DIY Drama – Excitement & Embarrassment

Dear DIY Show Off friends,

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Ever wonder what a blog friend looks or sound like? You’re about to find out.
::increasing heart rate::

I am about to reveal something I never thought I’d actually get the chance to (so many great entries). Wait. Does that mean it’s a real true DIY drama to be one of the 10 finalists? Should I celebrate or hang my head in shame?! Of course, I have to explain because I’m SO embarrassed but when it comes to winning $5000 and as well as an in-home consultation with their local Master of All Things Hardwarian, I’ll swallow my pride. You with me? I’ll beg on my blog. I’ll put myself out there.

I entered the True Value DIY Drama. True Value is having an awesome contest! A DIY’ers dream come true! Our old farmhouse is full of projects but I went with our master bathroom because it’s d-r-a-m-a. A room that has been neglected. A project that’s still waiting. The place I thought would be the best ‘gift’ I could give Mr. DIY.

We’re lucky to have a master bath (if you can call it that). And it’s a nightmare. When we bought our home in 2007, we worked non stop for 2 months to make it something we could actually move in to. That doesn’t mean something pretty or completed within two months. Mr. DIY and I worked full time and would spend evenings and weekends cleaning things up. When it came to the master bath shower – it needed replaced. We tore it all out and Mr. DIY, who has awesome tiling skills (you’ve seen the slate tile and beautiful tile floor in the powder room), began his first vertical tiling job. He really did do a great job with it. Mostly. He was rushed and exhausted and tired. There is “drama” on the lack of finishing touches along with some other DIY oopsies. My video points it out (sorry honey) and the other disasters we live with every day. Hey, it gets us clean. That’s all that matters, right? NO! Not when you’re a DIY show off! It just won’t do! It belongs on my alter-ego blog, The DIY Nightmare. (Oh and that toilet seat issue…I’m guessing it was installed and used before I had a chance to run to the store for an exchange. Things were that rushed and that exhausting!)

Once you see the video (ignoring me), you’ll see what I mean. I was the 2nd video submitted. I wish I would have waited or watched some tutorials or homemade videos to spice it up a little. It’s not really dramatic in terms of quality. I didn’t have time for acting lessons either or a stunt double (great suggestion Tricia!). 🙁

You’d do what you could to win $5000 and professional advice too, right? Please agree with me…because we’re friends and I’ll feel better. 🙂

Remember – first time ever videography. So lingering on the shampoo while I get behind the camera isn’t intentional. The video is actually Take 12 or 100 or 500. I lost count. And I finally just gave up…despite the shampoo shot and my term “do-it-yourselfing”.

I was so nervous. I wish I could have been funny or cute. Looking back, I wish I could have been perky! lol AND the bathroom that I’m pointing out? I’d NEVER show it off!

So…I’m desperate for your vote. There are some great DIY dramas listed, but I’m putting out my shameless plea – please vote for me. You’d love to see the after, right? You’d love for me to have a master bath that I can show off. You KNOW that $5000 budget and professional guidance in the hands of a DIY’er can mean ugly scary space to beautiful master bath oasis.

Without further hesitation, um…here goes. This is me. This is not only my DIY home improvement drama, but my DIY video disaster. Never before seen video footage of a room that I would NEVER in a million years show off but will shamelessly plug for a chance at $5k.

Please click the badge below and vote by clicking the red button at the bottom of the video. Thanks everyone! Your votes can make me a winner!

Here’s the link if that doesn’t work: or even

Are we still friends? Can you believe that DIY drama exists in my house? Help me make it better!

I would really, really appreciate your votes once a day every day now until December 4th. I’ll put the Finalist Badge on my side bar.

Thanks everyone! What do you think? Be honest! I’ll reject the bad comments. JUST KIDDING!
::runs off to hide::

If you take the minute to click over and vote every day…I think I’d have a chance. I’ll be forever grateful. Winning would be amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and support.

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