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What a fun time with the scavenger hunt! It’s going on for the next week so if you’re interested in seeing what the buzz is all about, here’s the link:

Now, back to showing off! Katie has some pretty great DIY projects and hosts a Trash to Treasure party on Saturdays AND she has a giveaway going on! Whew. She keeps busy!

Here are some projects from her blog. Visit her to check out more at

And here is her post about her beautiful dining room table transformation:

I DID IT!!! I finally finished my table. BAD news, it only took me two months : GOOD news I DONT CARE, IT’S DONE!! Josh and I ate our first meal [of course Sushi] on it the other night. We were so giddy & happy the whole time we were eating:) Okay ENOUGH blabber, on to the REDO:

I’m a dork & forgot to snap a pic of the my table before, this table is almost EXACTLY like the one I have :

The Sanded Chair [I have FIVE] :

The Primed Chair :

The Primed Table :

The first coat on the table :

I wanted to do something a little different on the legs & chairs. I took black paint and scrubbed it down on the legs… Here’s the Before :

The After : [with flash]
[how it really looks]

Next, I wanted to be even more drastic & different so I started nailing upholstery nails around the table….yep all 150+ of them, BY HAND!

SO, Here’s the big FINALE :

I’m ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with my table! BIG THANKS to my husband for his AWESOME support.

Great job Katie! Your table looks gorgeous and your dining room is so pretty! I love it!

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