Copper Penny Jar Candles

Today = rainy. Perfect. Here are my pennies I was saving for a rainy day!
I constructed some decorative candles for our patio.
Our back patio will have copper/dark brown light fixtures (still a work in progress) and accessories. The grape arbor is also mostly an aged bronze color. I wanted to coordinate some romantic lighting and accessories. I love candles in canning and jelly jars and these are perfect. I love them!Look! A money tree! 🙂
Tucked in amongst the herbs:
Use as a vase too!
Pretty and inexpensive. Total cost for 12 candles = $20. I bought new jelly jars, but if you found recycled ones…it’d be even cheaper.


Materials &  Tools:
12 Small Canning or Jelly Jars (approx. $7 for 12 pack)
12 pack of votive candles in jars ($7.99
Raffia Ribbon (or any decorative ribbon) (mine was $2.49)
Wire ($2.99)
Wire Cutters
Tape Measure

1.) Cut wire into about 21 inch pieces (x 12 for 12 candles)
2.) Wrap wire around lip of jar and one end twist to secure.
3.) Loop wire to the other side, slide under wire on lip and twist to secure.
Now you have a handle!
4.) Cut raffia ribbon about 30 inches.
5.) Tie around the jar. I doubled up for a fuller look and placed it lower on the jar. Snip ends to even up.
6.) Place votive inside and slide pennies between the glass votive and glass jar.
Ta-da: Pretty hanging copper penny lantern.
I also saved the box from the jars for easy storage. And you can skip the wire if you don’t need to hang them.

Oh…also, do you remember this 5th grade chemical reaction science project for cleaning pennies? It still works!

Add vinegar to a plastic or glass bowl with 2 tsp. of salt. Add dirty pennies. Stir. Rinse. Shiny new pennies!


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