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Since Instagram has become a convenient way to share what’s going on with day to day life, I thought I’d start a regular weekly post/slideshow to share what real life often looks like here at DIYShowOff.

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Sometimes there’s more to life than DIY. What?! Did I really admit to that? Why yes, DIY friends…it is DIY most of the time so you can catch a sneak peek of what we’re working on that hasn’t evolved into a blog post yet as well as things non-DIY in my every day life. I always enjoy seeing a bit of real life behind the blogger and thought you might too. Although be forewarned, we’re not dramatic reality tv material. Meaning you might find us a bit boring but you will find us happy!   

Roeshel & Rosie

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TGIF! Have a great weekend! 

Hellooo, Farm Kings! #farmkings

Uh, hello? Where have I been? Have you heard of the tv, the docu-reality show called Farm Kings on GAC? A show about an amazing mom, her 10 kids and their farming? I hadn’t. And they are nearly geographically right under my nose. 

Farm Kings

farm kings family


Well, the day that you realize that family is seriously practically your neighbors (as in less than 10 mi. away), that Freedom Farms sells pasture raised, antibiotic/hormone free chicken, beef and pork, non GMO foods, AND fresh flowers for all of those room makeover props and that they have their own tv show is the day you’re completely star struck. And your usually controlled crazy gets loose like the time I learned that Brett Michaels is from my hometown too. Craaaazy! The Kings are hard working good people and they live local! So in a small effort to support local business along with my shopping, I felt they deserved a bit of a “show off” in a DIY Show Off post. 

And so even though I’ve eaten their pies and carved their pumpkins, Bri and I still couldn’t resist the temptation to make a point to stop by the Freedom Farms just down the road on the day their new season starts. I did have to pry myself away from the Farm Kings marathon leading up to the season premier. Okay, no need to whisper that I’m being borderline stalker crazy. I’m well aware. But it just seems so cool and now that I’ve had a chance to see a little behind the scenes to “tv-meet” the fam, I’m a fan.  

Roeshel and Bri

Me and Bri at Freedom Farms 

Oh and I have to mention it – these are four of the brothers.  No further comment needed. If you’re not familiar with who I’m referring to, here you go: 

farm kings


You’re welcome!

I’ve never been able to get on board with reality tv but this show and family has won over my heart. Since I raised two girls on my own for a very long stretch of time, I have to tell you that if I ever have the chance to meet Lisa, I’m giving her a big high five. Smart, strong and funny. And well, I did have the chance to meet her today but since I’m shy, I was too chicken to approach her. How do you do that anyway without being so awkward? So I purchased some fresh green beans and leaf lettuce, the Freedom Farms magazine then couldn’t resist a bouquet of beautiful fragrant flowers from Lisa’s Garden…

Flowers from Lisa's Garden

I’m pretty excited to have a very local place to shop for hard to find NON GMO food! I’ve been asking Bri to get started on a blog to share her wealth of non GMO knowledge (will keep you posted). A major obstacle to changing our diet has been the inconvenience and difficulty finding non genetically modified foods. So this is BIG! 

So…who’s seen this? Who’s looking forward to the new season? Who’s watching today and tonight? And why didn’t you tell me? 

New to you too? Meet the King family tonight (July 11th) at 9/8c on GAC. Check out more info here. You know where I’ll be on Thursdays.

Farm Kings Show

 Shop for Farm Kings Things here.

ps. This is not a sponsored post. 😛

Odds and Ends – Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day, US friends! The 4th of July is probably my second most favorite holiday (right behind Christmas). I love my country! 

Our day will be filled with work. But we’ll be celebrating the 4th on the 6th. With the exception of seeing fireworks tonight. How about you? 


We’re celebrating by prepping for a BBQ this weekend. 

DIYShowOff Summer Home Tour

I had just cleaned for the summer home tour but it didn’t last. How does it happen so quickly?

At least he’s in charge of the food!

His menu includes:

summer bbq menu recipes

If you’re still looking for some great patriotic DIY ideas, check out the DIY Show Off Patriotic DIY Pinterest board. I think my favorite this minute is Beckie’s Pledge of Allegiance subway art. 

patriotic diy pinboard

Oh, there’s still time to link up to this week’s DIY party to share your creativity:

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I’ve updated my house number flower pots so guests can easily spot our driveway…

house number flower pots

I have never had so many planters as I do this year. More planter ideas: chandelier flower planter, pallet herb garden and tire flower planter.

chandelier-planter-feature free-standing-vertical-pallet-herb-garden tire flower planter tutorial at DIYShowOff

And a Happy 3rd Birthday to our ragdoll girl, Lalka, who was born on the 4th of July in the USA. Don’t let that sweet innocent face fool you. She definitely lived every minute of her terrible two’s to the fullest by climbing on shelves, tearing through the house, finding her favorite crinkly ball only at nights right under the bed, bullying her new sister-dog Rosie by stealthily sneaking up behind her or popping out from dark rooms. 


Have a happy fourth of July, friends!

Friday Funny…

Life a DIY blogger:  I had big plans to be productive on Wed. I really did. I was working on three DIY projects at once like I usually am. I had every intention of tackling the laundry as well. I stopped to eat my lunch around 1 p.m. and check some emails which lead to Facebook and G+ and a little online shopping/browsing/blog visiting. And for some background noise, I turned on HGTV. Uh…not a smart move. I should have known better. Those Property Brothers get me every time. Shopping for fixer uppers and amazing renovations…sign me up! <—–drooling

Before I knew it, Russ walked in the door, home an hour early from work. What?! Uh oh…how did it get to be 5 p.m. so fast?!  It was only a lunch break! Oops! So much for productivity. Happen to you too? <—–busted

The funny: Well, throughout the evening, HGTV played. We watched. Have you seen the tv show Renovation Raiders? I haven’t had the opportunity to catch it yet, but all throughout the day I caught glimpses of a commercial for it where Amy Matthews would surprise couples who’d go out to dinner and return to an amazing magic room makeover. It’s as if these home owners have won a home improvement/decorating lottery! <—–dreaming

I said to Russ: “How fun! I’d love to leave and come back to a surprise room makeover.”

His reply: “I do every day.”

hahahahaha! So true. Right?

And yes…Jonathan and Drew (Property Brothers) did inspire re-arranging the living room on my “lunch hour” this same day. I wasn’t a complete couch potato (in my defense it was raining so I wouldn’t have accomplished much with working on some outdoor projects anyway). <—– rationalizing

If you plan to dive into some DIY this weekend…leave HGTV out of it. 😉

—–>Enjoy the weekend!<—–

DIY Show Off Holiday Home Tour 2012

Well, Merry Christmas, friends! I can’t believe it’s here! I love Christmastime. Today and tomorrow you’ll find us surrounded by family {in-laws today, my family tomorrow}. Since we won’t be having the entertaining and get togethers at our home this year, I wanted to invite you to see all of our holiday decorating in one post {although I know you’ve seen bits and pieces the past couple of weeks}.

C’mon in and make yourself at home. 🙂

The family room isn’t completely “done” in the way of remodeling, but I really enjoyed decorating the mantel and white Christmas tree this year. And if you’ve been following along, no I never did get the curtain panels finished. There’s always the new year!

colorful eclectic Christmas

The living room is all classic and traditional. I couldn’t get great pictures of the mantel or built in bookcases or garland on the stairway. All I have to share is a picture of the tree, our main tree. It’s the one Santa targets for stashing gifts…

And my favorite space is our dining room and sitting room…

Christmas dining room

Christmas dining room

DIYShowOff Christmas dining room

Christmas dish display

Christmas mirror

sitting room

DIY scrapwood Christmas card {photo} display

DIY Christmas Card Holder

a little DIY tomato cage Christmas treeDIY Tomato Cage Christmas tree

Wishing you a blessed Christmas celebration, dear friends.

DIY Christmas Card Tree {card display/holder}

Christmas cards have been arriving in the mail! It’s the best time of the year for checking the mail. Walking to the mailbox in cold temps, anticipating ‘good tidings’ and walking back into the house with a warm heart. Thoughtfulness and “Merry Christmas” delivered to our mail box. It’s just one more part of Christmas giving that makes my days merry and bright! We have two ways for displaying Christmas wishes. One is something I put together using scrap wood and trim pieces: 

DIY Christmas Card Tree

How I made it:

I gathered the scraps of moulding we had lying around, a 1×3.5 and a 4×4 scrap block. My 1×3.5 is about 21 inches long, the 4×4 is about 6 inches long. Adjust measurements for what fits your scrap wood.

DIY Christmas Card Holder

I placed pieces on my 1×3.5 to get an idea of where things would go. I often use FrogTape as a measuring tool and in this case, I used it to evenly space my trim pieces by using them as a guide between trim pieces. I used the 1.88 in. width. I also left a small space above the “top” trim piece to allow room for gluing on a star.

DIY Christmas Card Holder

I measured my trim to fit the 1×3.5 piece for the top of my “tree”.

DIY Christmas Card Holder

I cut my pieces at a 45 degree angle.

DIY Christmas Card Holder

And lined up each piece for cutting…

DIY Christmas Card Holder

and cut each piece at a 45 degree angle.

All pieces are glued using Gorilla Wood Glue and clamped as well as screwed into place.

DIY Christmas Card Holder

The 4×4 was glued and clamped  to the bottom {back} and serves to make the Christmas card display free standing.

DIY Christmas Card Holder

Everything got a coat of milk paint (General Finishes “basil”) and glaze with a dry brush with a spritz of Krylon Glitter Blast. {front and back} FrogTape was used to keep the 4×4 block of wood from being painted (I considered staining the wood block but see instructions below for my change in plans).

I spray painted small clothes pins and a wooden star.

Next I hot glued the clothes pins into place, staggering so cards won’t overlap by too much when displayed {FrogTape containers are great for storing glue sticks and keeping craft supplies organized}…

DIY Christmas Card Holder

and the star on top.

DIY Christmas Card Holder

My plan was to wrap the base using jute twine. But I’ve misplaced it, so I used a pretty wool yarn I had on hand, securing with hot glue.

DIY Christmas Card Holder

It’s such a cute way to display Christmas cards and pictures of my nieces and nephew:

DIY Christmas Card Display

a little Christmas card vignette display…

DIY Christmas Card Holder

Doubles as a candle holder: When I don’t have anything to display, I can flip it to the back side, add a votive holder and candle…

DIY Christmas Card Holder

Quick and Easy DIY Christmas card/photo display: Our other Christmas card/photo display is a tension rod. I simply sewed a sleeve, added curtain rings with clips. It’s been displayed in our window frame, on a small book case and in a (non working) fireplace opening. Here’s a picture from last year:

DIY Christmas Card Holder

I love this idea from Family Fun too – a tomato cage Christmas card holder…

tomato cage Christmas card holder

for more creative ideas, see my HomeTalk Christmas Card Display clipboard

HomeTalk christmas card photo display clipboard

Which do you prefer? How do you display your Christmas cards? If you have a do-it-yourself Christmas card holder, feel free to leave a link in the comments {and I’ll add you to my HomeTalk clipboard}. 🙂

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Painted Upholstered Chair Tutorial {before and after}

Painted upholstered chairs – story of an unplanned DIY.

Does your DIY ever go like this: I started my day with big plans to finally sew the curtains in the family room. In order to do so, I needed to clean off the dining room table which was piled with boxes filled with ornaments and holiday decor and other junk from the shuffling around, rearranging and decorating {because of course the table in my craft room is piled high with an unorganized cluttered mess that also needs cleaned}.

DIY painted upholstered chair tutorial

Of course clearing the dining room table meant decorating for Christmas which lead me to the room right off the dining room that we’re currently calling the “sitting room”. So, in order to sew curtains for the family room, I had to clean the dining room which meant decorating the sitting room and in there were these chairs.

These $6 thrift store chairs. I loved the color and pattern. But I have had a difficult time with orange, fuchsia and olive green colors. Love them. But they don’t work in our home. I gave them a chance, but not even in our eclectic home. I considered slipcovers but I am decorating this room right now. No materials or time for slipcovers.


chair before

And I had the brilliant idea to paint them. Right then. That minute.

I had seen the upholstery painting tutorial at Hyphen Interiors in 2011. Loved it. Left an impression. Very inspiring.

I also knew I had most materials on hand. Paint! Everything except the fabric medium. I’ve looked at the bottles for sale at Michael’s in the past {for painted curtains} and knew they weren’t cheap. I was also still in my pajamas and on a mission. Sewing curtains, remember?! But these multi-colored chairs were an obstacle.

DIY girls thoughts: No fabric medium. No budget. No desire to run to the store. Lots of leftover latex paint. The only one who really sits in these chairs is the cat. So for now…if painting doesn’t go right, I can still slip cover them at a later date. GO FOR IT!

I found a left over can of Ralph Lauren paint that I hated working with as it was super watery. Perfect! I watered it down even further with water. I didn’t measure, just created a consistency that was still able to hold to the paint brush but watery enough to be absorbed into the textured fabric of the chairs. I used a 2.5 inchPurdy brush.

I gave the chairs a good cleaning, getting up all of the cat hair (FrogTape works great as a cat fur remover).

And I just started painting. My mixture of latex and water had amazing coverage.

I also taped off the legs using FrogTape.

painting upholstered chair

Sometimes I had to swirl the brush for coverage, then followed up with a straight brush stroke.

painting upholstery

And worked my way along the bottom edges, up the side, around the back, in the creases of the attached cushions and finished by painting the seat back and cushion.

painting an upholstered chair

I took a few breaks and a bigger one between the painting the two chairs. The Paintbrush Cover was perfect for keeping my paintbrush from drying out. It creates an airtight seal during usage. Simply place the brush in the cover and close the lid. After my break, I simply opened the cover, removed my brush. It was like I never stopped painting! {Thanks to Salvatore of the Paintbrush Cover for the gift…definitely something that’s going to get a lot of use around here. If you paint a lot…visit the link above to purchase a few for yourself. Definitely useful and convenient! 2 must have DIY paint tools to have on hand: FrogTape and the Paintbrush Cover.}

The Paintbrush Cover

One coat. It dried fairly fast. I removed the FrogTape which perfectly protected the wooden legs. Who even noticed those pretty legs with that crazy printed fabric before? Discovery: She has legs with beautiful carved detail!

removing FrogTape

The texture which was lost in the busy pattern…


upholstery before

now shows the quilted pattern with a solid color…


painted upholstery after


And before you ask, yes…without the fabric medium, my chairs are rough. They have a vinyl look and feel. Since the paint is watered down…it’s not going to crack or chip or anything. The paint is absorbed into the fabric. I would recommend NOT skipping the fabric medium and to use the recipe shared by Hyphen Interiors. However…if you find yourself in a DIY emergency like me and aren’t particular about a sort of vinyl look/feel. And you have to do something or your entire Christmas decorating is going to be a big fail and you’ll never move on to the project that you planned to complete in the first place…I must tell you, I love these chairs now. Forget the slipcovers.

I knew I wanted to do more than just have a set of solid light grey chairs. My inspiration:

Serena & Lily Bark Miramar Racing Stripe Chair

Serena and Lily Bark Miramar Racing Stripe Chair

Of course I know that my chairs aren’t the same shape. They’re slender girls with long legs. But that stripe. I love that stripe. Not quite a knock off or copy cat project, but it’s what inspired my next steps…

I found the center of the chair and using FrogTape, created a stripe down the middle. I was sure to burnish the edges where the tape would meet paint. And using  leftover {watered down} brown latex paint, I painted in my stripes from bottom of the front of the chair, over the cushion, up seat back and down the back of the chair.

FrogTape stripe

I removed the FrogTape while the paint was still wet, pulling away from the wet paint. I did take a wet paper towel to carefully wipe away wet paint where a tiny bit seeped under the tape due to the texture of the fabric. See – it’s a good thing I have that vinyl-ish finish!

Removing FrogTape Stripe

Amazing transformation, right? Love it!

striped painted upholstery

Now I’m happy with my $6 chairs.And I was able to decorate the sitting room for Christmas.

See more Painted Upholstery Chair pictures in the sitting room mini makeover. 

painted upholstered chair tutorial

His & Hers painted pillow covers

painted pillow cover


His and Hers Pillow Covers tutorial

I was able to get the dining room table cleared off and decorated and the clutter put away. (okay…for real, some of that was shifted to the craft room table which is dangerously close to an avalanche. Shhhh!)

I still haven’t sewn 6 of the 8 family room curtain panels. {Remember the no sew ruffled ombre tree skirt and the sewing machine being at the repair shop? One of these days I’ll get those curtains done. You don’t remember that I’ve had the fabric since June, do you?}

Perhaps another day, I’ll have a DIY plan that will go according to plan.

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DIY Project Parade

Hello DIY friends! Another busy week of DIY! Here’s a DIY recap from DIY Show Off last week. I was all about coffee tables!

Junked trunk to coffee table ~perfect budget friendly furnishing/storage solution for a small apartment. Just some spray paint and FrogTape.

Tiffany & Co. spray painted steamer trunk

and a DIY upholstered tufted coffee table turned ottoman for the family room…

DIY upholstered tufted ottoman

Wow. WOW! Last week’s party was so much fun and everything linked up was amazing! There was so much inspiration, I’m speechless. Not ‘wordless’ because I have to type something up but you.are.DIY.stars, my friends! You can see all of last week’s linked DIY here and I had the best of intentions of including some highlights but you guys, it’s so pretty here this weekend (unheard of for November…in the 70s today!) And we have a lot of this to clean up…

fall leaves

So I will share some awesome highlights this coming week instead of today.

Now, let’s get this party started! Show off your latest DIY project! DIY Show Off

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Junked trunk to coffee table {apartment storage}

Remember this past summer when I scored a lot of a LOT of steamer trunks?

painted trunk


steamer trunk before

With furnishing the small apartment on a SUPER tight budget, we decided that one of these trunks would make a great coffee table since it would also provide a storage solution for the tiny apartment space.

We started out by cleaning up the trunk. It’s not in mint condition, but my daughter appreciates imperfection and character too or well, the fact that it was a “free” solution helped.

cleaning trunk

We gave it a basecoat of white spray paint and let it dry…

white basecoat on old trunk

We used two strips of FrogTape to preserve stripes of the white spray paint underneath two coats of aqua spray paint. Be sure to press down the edges of FrogTape before spraying!

FrogTape steamer trunk

More spray paint…

spray painted steamer trunk

Then peel off the FrogTape while it is still wet {yes, you will get paint on your hands}. I don’t remember the first aqua-color we tried, but it was too swimming pool blue. DIY is sometimes a trial and error. So, we used the yellow FrogTape Delicate surface for the second try and Rustoleum Painter’s Touch Ultra x2 in Satin Lagoon. Much better…

spray painted steamer trunk

And I always get so excited and want to keep embellishing and stenciling when it’s so easy and fun to do, but Ali liked the simple “Tiffany & Co.” look of white stripes on lagoon blue and who am I to argue with that because I have to agree…it’s pretty darn cute.

Tiffany & Co. spray painted steamer trunk

Painted steamer trunk cost:Great price for dual purpose, first apartment furniture. And the pop of color? Love it!

See all things related to the apartment renovation here!

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DIY upholstered tufted ottoman tutorial {Wayfair DIY Challenge}

Remember, oh I don’t know, 10 years ago (Just kidding. It feels that way!) when I started our family room makeover? Then we got sidetracked with an apartment renovation but since we’re wrapping up the last minute details there, the family room makeover is back on my DIY schedule. Of course that means a lot of DIY projects, decorating and furnishing and on that list was a DIY upholstered tufted ottoman. 

DIY upholstered tufted ottoman

Challenge: Have you heard of It’s the largest online retailer of home furnishings and decor, with millions of products for the home that fit any style and budget. They believe that getting crafty with your decor is one of the best ways to add a unique personal touch to your home. That’s why they created the DIY Blogger Challenge. I was invited to participate and had the option to choose from a coffee table, book case or pendant light. All fun products but I took one look at the coffee table and knew I wanted to create an upholstered tufted ottoman.

pinterest challenge logo

And as I found many tutorials and inspiration on Pinterest, I’m joining the Fall Pinterest Challenge as well. I have built an ottoman in the past {see my tips for building an ottoman} but tufting is a new experience to me and one I’ve been wanting to try for a while now. My ottoman upholstery/tufting experience: 

DIY upholstered tufted ottoman tutorial

Here’s what I did: 

  • Furinno Espresso Coffee Table
  • 4″ foam (This can be pricey. Use coupons or try foam from an egg crate twin bed cushion.) 
  • batting
  • fabric (I purchased 1 1/2 yards. 1 yard for the project, scrap for button covers)
  • spray adhesive
  • tools: scissors, Sharpie, yard stick, drill, electric knife, felt tip pen, screwdriver

I started by laying the coffee table top on my foam and measuring just a little bit bigger (about 1/2 inch).

DIY tufted ottoman - marking foam

Using an electric knife, I cut out my piece of foam.

DIY Ottoman Tutorial - cutting foam

With a yard stick and measuring in halves, I made a grid on the foam with a Sharpie. Then decided where I wanted my button tufts to be located. I did 3 rows totaling 11 buttons (4 buttons, 3 buttons then 4 buttons). 

DIY ottoman tutorial - grid on foam

I poked a hole where I wanted my button tufts using a screw driver. Then flipped my foam and poked through that side as well.

DIY ottoman tutorial - poking holes in foam

The screwdriver pushed out the foam, creating a small hole all the way through the foam. 

DIY ottoman tutorial - poking holes in foam

I flipped my coffee table top back side up, laid the foam on top and using a felt tip pen pushed into the holes, I made a mark on the table top where I’d want to drill holes for tufting. 

DIY ottoman tutorial - marking drill holes

I drilled the marks, then flipped the table top over and cleaned up that side of the drilled holes by drilling through them again. 

DIY ottoman tutorial - drill holes

Next I used a spray adhesive to attach the foam to the table top. 

DIY ottoman tutorial - spray adhesive for foam to wood

Then covered the foam with batting (cut just a half inch longer than the edges of the foam and table top).

DIY ottoman tutorial - cover foam with batting

I covered the batting with my fabric. Again, measuring and cutting just enough to pull onto the underneath for stapling. 

DIY ottoman tutorial - cover with fabric


  • fabric scrap and button kit (or buttons for tufting)
  • upholstery needles
  • wax covered button thread DIY ottoman - tufting materials
  • anchor buttons
  • staples
  • tools: stapler, scissors

I put together the fabric covered buttons I wanted to use on the top of my ottoman for tufting. 

DIY ottoman tutorial - fabric covered buttons

Then, I threaded the largest upholstery needle with the waxed button thread. (I had no idea what this was for when starting but learned through use that the wax helps hold the tufted button when the waxed thread is pulled tight.) I attached the fabric covered button to my threaded needle and started at the center of my upholstered table top. Locating the hole is tricky (I did lift my batting to help guide my needle). Find the tufting hole and poke the needle through the fabric, batting, foam hole and into the hole in the wooden table top, pulling the needle out the bottom of the table top.

Thread an anchor button onto the needle. Thread the needle back through a second hole in the anchor button and back up through another hole one more time.  Push the button down towards the hole in the wooden table top. Pull tight.

While thread is pulled tight and anchor button is secure against the wooden table top, staple thread onto the wooden table top a few times using a zig zag pattern.

Leaving enough thread to tie a knot, cut the thread and put the needle aside. Tie a knot in the thread.

DIY ottoman tutorial - tufting tutorial

Repeat. I worked from the middle out. Note: I used random anchor buttons I already had on hand.

The front will look like this:

DIY ottoman tutorial - button tufting

Move completed tufted table top to an area where it can lie flat. Pull the fabric tight around the sides of the foam to the under side of the tabletop and staple into place. Start in the middle of each side and smooth batting and fabric as you go. 

DIY ottoman tutorial - stapling fabric

Then work on the corners. Wrap them like a present. There is no wrong way, just try to create a smooth corner. Staple into place on the bottom of the table top. Be sure to stay clear of the pre-drilled holes for attaching the legs to the table top!

All done! For added security, I covered my buttons and thread with duct tape (not shown). Flip and admire your upholstered tufted ottoman cushion!

DIY ottoman tutorial - upholstered tufted bench

Assemble the rest of the coffee table as per instructions. Attach newly upholstered tufted top just as you would the regular top according to the directions. Assembly was extremely easy.

DIY ottoman - assemble coffee table

  • tools: screwdriver, rubber mallet 

Accessorize: What I loved about this coffee table is that it has two bottom shelves and comes with bins! I gave the bins a little makeover using FrogTape and fabric paint and added chalkboard labels that I had on hand. 

DIY ottoman - painting bins

Now I have an upholstered tufted ottoman for the family room!

DIY upholstered tufted ottoman

DIY upholstered tufted ottoman

DIY upholstered tufted ottoman

DIY upholstered tufted ottoman

DIY upholstered tufted ottoman

DIY upholstered tufted ottoman

DIY upholstered tufted ottoman

What do you think? Pretty easy and affordable. Visit wayfair on facebook here or on pinterest here.


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DIY Ceiling Mount Drum Shade Light Fixture Cover

In the apartment: Staying within a very tight budget inspires creativity. The main floor of the rental had a boring light fixture and we wanted to do something a little more fun. A thrift store drum shade was a great solution and worked with existing ceiling mounted light fixture base. {peek of the thrifty gallery wall}

DIY Drum Shade Ceiling Mount Light Fixture Tutorial

I originally purchased a steel nipple {are you giggling?! who decided that was a good name for hardware?} for a lamp kit, but it was too big in diameter to fit through the hole in the existing light fixture base. Lucky for us, True Value Hardware is within walking distance of the rental. So convenient. Great for finding last minute things and a huge selection of everything plumbing (and lamp kits too). I found that a ‘toilet’ plumbing piece {a rod threaded on both ends} was a perfect fit. We simply unscrewed the existing base, added a nut near the hole in the center of the existing base and screwed in the threaded rod and re-attached the base of the light fixture.

Next, Just center of the drum shade over the threaded rod and the finial holds it all into place.

threaded rod in DIY drum shade light

 But the ugliness is visible from underneath…

DIY drum shade light fixture

Solution: Measuring the diameter of the interior of the drum shade, I made a pattern/stencil from cardboard (tracing the interior of the shade).

cardboard template

We used the cardboard circle as a template for cutting plexiglass (2 circles). We found cutting plexiglass to be a challenge and cut a larger circle, wrapped the edges in FrogTape to help minimize cracking and chipping then used our Dremel Trio to cut the circle border on the FrogTape. Note: this project is NOT for perfectionists. Amateurs (like us) achieved a jagged circle but we’re okay with that. 

plexiglass with FrogTape

Remove FrogTape and transparent protective cover from plexiglass. We didn’t get a smooth cut, but it’s not extra noticeable when placed into the drum shade and hot glue and ribbon or beads can cover the jagged edge.

We also drilled a hole in the center of each piece of plexiglass for the threaded rod.

I ironed my doily and cut out the center circle…

ironing doily

and put the plexiglass into the drum shade {plexiglass, doily, plexiglass}, resting it on the lamp shade supports (drum shade will be installed ‘upside down’). Note: You may want to use a spray adhesive on one side of the doily to keep it from sliding as you’re layering plexiglass, doily, plexiglass. I also used hot glue to attach a string of beads to hide our jagged cuts.

plexiglass doily drum shade

So pretty DIY ceiling mount light {a little off center, hence the suggestion for spray adhesive as noted above}:

doily drum shade light

Then just put the drum shade into place, secured by the finial…

DIY drum shade light lit

We love how it turned out – but note: plexiglass is more expensive than we anticipated. So while it still worked out to be a less expensive option than a pretty drum shade ceiling fixture and prettier than a boob light, it wasn’t super cheap like I had planned. Approximate cost breakdown: plexiglass $25, drum shade $5, doily $10 + finial and threaded rod.

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We were chosen by True Value to be one of the members of the 2012 DIY Squad. I have been compensated for the materials needed for my DIY projects. However, the thoughts and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own. I have not been paid to publish positive comments and no one has twisted my arm to participate.  

This is a sponsored post brought to you by FrogTape. The opinions are completely my own based on my own experience and project results may vary.

 FrogTape Blog Squad

Tips for painting a herringbone patterned accent wall

Apartment progress!

Herringbone Accent {on textured} Wall

I’ve shown sneak peeks of the apartment renovation progress and you’ve likely seen the herringbone-like accent wall in the kitchen area…

painted accent wall

Base paint color: True Value Easy Care – Baby Elephant (soft neutral gray) & Accent color: True Value Easy Care – Sweet Honey

Since we own this rental space, I was able to get a little creative in adding a fun accent wall as a backdrop behind some open shelving. Before paint…

apartment walls before

Yes…I have ‘plans’ for a DIY radiator cover but I must confess that I feel it’s a LOT ambitious and I’m scared. Working up the courage to give it a try sometime this month. Anyway, after paint {including painting kitchen cabinets and Rustoleum Countertop Transformations}:

find center of wall

The open wall space above the wainscoting was the perfect spot to display open shelving as a solution for more storage/organization in this tiny apartment. True Value’s Easy Care Platinum and FrogTape were all I needed to add some interest to a flat textured wall. The pattern also helps disguise the un-hidden pipes. I put together a quick tutorial video using my iphone {pardon the portrait orientation, poor quality…amateur videographer but working hard on getting better!} explaining how I achieved the herringbone pattern:

The wall was finished and I was so happy to be able to move forward on the renovation! Shelves are budget friendly Ekby shelving and brackets from IKEA… IKEA Ekby

{installation was super easy using the Master Mechanic Swift Driver!}

Woo hoo! painted accent wall And just when I felt super good about a little DIY success, something went wrong upstairs with the plumbing. The joys of DIY… upstairs plumbing leak I was just too exhausted and heartbroken to deal with it. My Mr. DIY fixed the plumbing issue in the bathroom above and Bri’s boyfriend, Steve, saved the day by patching the ceiling below. patching ceiling textured ceiling and I set about touching up the paint… touching up paint Now, all done for real… herringbone accent wall If you missed it yesterday, I shared the hardwood floors before/after refinishing:

staining hardwood floors

More apartment renovation, decorating and furnishing coming soon!

We were chosen by True Value to be one of the members of the 2012 DIY Squad. I have been compensated for the materials needed for my DIY projects. However, the thoughts and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own. I have not been paid to publish positive comments and no one has twisted my arm to participate.  This is a sponsored post brought to you by FrogTape. The opinions are completely my own based on my own experience.  FrogTape Blog Squad

Refinishing Hardwood Floors {apartment progress}

How I refinished the apartment hardwood floors…

When we started the apartment renovation, I knew the hardwood floors would need to be refinished. Previous tenants had some sort of mishap and the finish was ruined…{I try not to think long and hard about the details of the mishap. ::shudder::}

condition of hardwood floors before:

hardwood floors before

We started by sanding the floors (well, by “we” I really mean, I supervised while my nephew controlled the beast known as the orbital sander). Once the steps to strip the old finish was completed and floors and sawdust were cleaned up, we were ready to refinish the original hardwood for a new look.

All sanded!

sanding hardwood floor

I headed to True Value for the materials I needed {and a few other things too but more coming on that soon}:

  • Minwax Wood Finish, stirred not shaken {Color is “Dark Walnut”}. Minwax has great informational guide too.
  • Minwax High Build Polyurethane (clear satin), stirred not shaken (martini is optional)
  • FrogTape
  • angled 3.5″ Purdy paintbrushes – “White Bristle” {recommended for stain}
  • angled 3 ” Purdy brush – “Black China Bristle” for polyurethane
  • old clean rags {I actually had these on hand but you CAN buy them at True Value too!}
  • Optional: latex gloves {I lived with brown stained nails for a day or two…oops.}
  • Suggestion: pillow for knees and definitely old clothes {not sold at True Value}
  • 220 grit sandpaper
  • Mineral spirits and clean rags

Staining Hardwood Floors

The process is a fairly simple DIY. The task is just time consuming (and a little labor intensive because of my position on ‘old knees’). Since I was working with two small rooms, I opted to use a brush and work on my hands and knees vs. a roller.

I started in a far corner of the room, working with the wood grain, with the direction of the wood planks, working my way out of the room – don’t work yourself into a corner – no fun being trapped!

For extra protection, tape off baseboards/shoe molding using FrogTape.

I dipped my Purdy brush into the can of Minwax stain, tapped off the extra and applied the stain in a corner, working along the baseboard along the length of the wood plank. When I noticed that some of the stain wasn’t absorbing, I let it sit for a few minutes then wiped away the excess with an old rag.

staining hardwood floors

I worked in 2-4 foot sections in length as I went along right to left in my room, working my way towards the door. Sometimes I did a larger number of planks as well, just find a rhythm that works for you.

refinishing hardwood floors

Bedroom done. I worked my way out into the hallway…

staining hardwood floors

down the stairs and around the bend…

staining stair treads

and started the main floor in a corner, working my way out the door.

staining hardwood floors

Sounds like I ended up at Grandmother’s place (over the river and through the woods) and a lot quicker than it actually took. ! 

TIPS: Since I’m working my way actually out of the apartment, I had to make sure to grab things I needed like purse, keys, cell phone, etc. Turn off things that you don’t want to leave on during the drying period. The radio blasted during our drying time. Oops!

Note: Two coats can be applied (see Minwax for further instructions). I loved the color one coat achieved so I skipped this step. Sealing the floor will also darken the color a bit. One coat of stain:

dark walnut hardwood floors

I let my floors dry a few days but we were working in an unoccupied space. I applied the stain on a Friday and returned the following week to resume refinishing by sealing the floors. Sealing the floors is NOT optional, it’s required. It’s necessary. Stain does not protect the wood, only colors/enhances the beauty.

Sealing the floors…

sealing hardwood floors

I used the same process as above to seal the floors. Starting in the far corner of the room, I repeated the same steps of dipping my paint brush into the polyurethane, tapping, applying in the corner, brushing right to left (the direction I was personally working), along the baseboards and working my way out the door.

It really enhances the rich beautiful color:

minwax high build polyurethane

I let the first coat of polyurethane dry 48 hours.

My most UN-favorite part: once the first coat is dry, lightly sand the entire floor with a 220 grit sandpaper. Clean floors of dust with mineral spirits and let dry. Then apply a second coat of polyurethane using the same steps. Repetitive. Time consuming. But so rewarding!

Allow to dry for 12 hours to resume “light use” (however – test the floor first!). Remove FrogTape.

Stand back, remember the before (try not to gag):

hardwood floors before

Admire the gorgeous after: 

apartment sneak peek alert!

dark walnut stained hardwood floors

Pinterest tip: Did you know that if you rub a wood scratch (floors and furniture) with a walnut (circular motions, filling in the scratch), the walnut oils will fill in the scratch and heal the wood wound? Great snack, too!

Estimated total cost of DIY refinishing 2 small rooms of hardwood (approx. 250 sq. feet) = $250.00 and a few days of recovery…but nothing that would keep you out of your True Value hardware store to prepare for your next DIY. 😉

Joining Sarah’s party today:

TDC Before and After

We were chosen by True Value to be one of the members of the 2012 DIY Squad. I have been compensated for the materials needed for my DIY projects. However, the thoughts and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own. I have not been paid to publish positive comments and no one has twisted my arm to participate. 

This is a sponsored post brought to you by FrogTape. The opinions are completely my own based on my own experience. 

FrogTape Blog Squad

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Joss & Main Curator’s Collection is LIVE!

Joss & Main recently invited me to curate a collection (dream-come-true!). You’ve likely seen several blogger’s collections this year…it’s such a fun sales event!

Joss & Main

I worked hard to create a collection of items I have in my own home or that reflect my style, even items on my wish list. {dear Santa….}

DIY Show Off Joss & Main Curator's Collection

On occasion I’m asked where I found a certain item. Today, I share some of my favorite decorative items in my Eclectic farmhouse Elegance collection.

DIY Show Off Joss & Main Curator's Collection

If you’re not familiar with Joss & Main, they’re a member’s only online shopping site offering top brand and designer merchandise for your home well below retail prices.  Up to 70% off! Membership is FREE and you can join Joss & Main here.

I look at the collections and sales and find something I love nearly every day. It’s a great source for inspiration for decorating too! And every time you refer a friend who makes a purchase, you earn credit for shopping! I know! That’s awesome, right?

DIY Show Off Joss & Main Curator's Collection

For a limited time at Joss & Main, I’m sharing some great decorative accents and furnishings {some that you’ll actually see in our home!}. To achieve a similar look, my eclectic farmhouse style, you’ll find items like our dining room chairs and a lot more…


See if you can spot some of the accents I’m going to be using in the apartment reveal that’s coming up too! Yep, they have some amazing prices and irresistible deals.

You’re invited! Head over and take advantage of the FREE membership so you can shop for some amazing discounted home decor for your next room makeover and I’d love for you to take a look at the DIY Show Off Joss & Main Curator’s Collection for a limited time. Thanks, friends!
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I’m in the {HomeTalk} Bloglight today!

Hello friends! I am SUPER excited! Guess what? I’m in the HomeTalk Bloglight today! If you’re new to DIY Show Off, welcome! {I’m Roeshel, blog author of DIY Show Off. It’s nice to e-meet you!} You may want to visit the DIY Show Off home page to catch up on all of the awesome things going on this week. I don’t usually talk much about myself and in person, I’m usually at a loss for words but warning – writing comes A LOT easier for me so this is a long one {see * below}! You can usually find me wearing paint covered cloths, no make up and working on a DIY project…

DIY clothing

and if  we’re already friends…thanks for sharing my excitement today {and all week}! You’ve already seen me at my worst and you’re still here! Blogging = true friendships, I tell ya.

I’ve actually been a long time member at HomeTalk (since May 2011) and love the community that supports everything “home” related. If you’re not familiar, HomeTalk is a site dedicated to DIY, home improvement, home repair, home maintenance, gardening, decorating – with so many ideas, inspiration and a place to ask for advice, collect inspiration and pretty much just talk about home {“Home+Talk”}! Oh and a place to share and ‘show off’ – my kind of hangout! You can find DIY Show Off on HomeTalk.

HomeTalk Bloglight feature

I had the pleasure of meeting this super sweet woman from HomeTalk at the Haven Conference this past summer. Miriam is such a supportive and encouraging friend to many HomeTalk members and DIY/home bloggers. {Thanks, Miriam!}

Roeshel and Miriam

Being in the Bloglight means I get a virtual trophy, cash prize and tiara, I think. Just kidding! It means I get to share a few things about my blogging experience. I always feel shy about doing so. I’m not an expert, but here’s my story:

About me…

How did you first get into blogging? While I still feel like a new blogger a lot of the time, I wrote my first blog post in 2007. Yep, five years ago. I’m still loving every minute of it. {Well, minus crashed blog pages, html coding or those types of things…enough to drive a technically challenged blogger mad!}. My blog was actually a diary, a journal of what was going on in our lives. No introduction, no “hello world”, no grand launch – I didn’t really think anyone would actually read it. Back before the days of social media, it took NEARLY 1 YEAR before I had a real comment that wasn’t spam. And yes, I read and commented on other blogs too. It just took a while for things to warm up. Can you imagine waiting that long? I didn’t really think much about it at the time because I didn’t expect that anyone was reading. Things have changed since then. It’s been a long journey of ups and downs. Don’t give up! In 2007, we purchased this old neglected farmhouse and as you can guess, a lot of my blog posts discussed our projects, our before and after transformation, our DIY.


After a couple of years of writing my personal blog, I found that others online shared my passion for DIY, home improvement and decorating and DIY Show Off was born. I’ve been writing about DIY for over five years. I’m often asked what I will write about when our home is complete. Um, I think we have projects to last us 20 years and during that time frame and to infinity and beyond I’ll be starting over, changing my mind, rearranging my home. It’s something I’ve always loved to do.

How did you decide on the name for your blog? There are books filled with baby names and dog names and cat names. I think I’m going to write a book filled with blog names. It’s HARD to choose a blog name! After blogging for a couple of years and discovering that the topic I enjoyed writing about most was DIY, I decided to create a new blog dedicated to do-it-yourself. I started focusing on sharing our home projects and giving others (bloggers and non bloggers) a place to share {SHOW OFF} their DIY home improvements and decorating, with links back to their blogs. I love recognizing a DIY job well done and helping other blogs grow too!

It’s a place to Show Off DIY. So…”DIY Show Off” it became after a sleepless night when I couldn’t stop thinking about a name. Some of you might remember my first look and my tag line…

DIY Show Off header

Which project has brought you the most traffic to date? It’s a toss up between my painted foam playmat (which I now use as outdoor wall art because it turned out too cute to step all over)…

How to, DIY, painted foam play mat

and my last minute idea to for a “using what we have” stair landing makeover with FrogTape…

DIY Show Off Home Tour - stairwell landing makeover

By far, our home tour has been the most popular page and is my favorite post to update. Because if I’m editing that home tour page, it means we have progress, baby!

farmhouse home tour

Since I’ve been a member of HomeTalk for quite a while, most of my posts are before the HUGE growth HomeTalk experienced this year. I invite you to check out my HomeTalk post. To date, my most popular HomeTalk post was my super easy DIY yarn pumpkins {yarn+pinecones}. Shared 1.6k times! Woo hoo! And yes, that traffic trickles down. Blogging can sometimes feel lonely. HomeTalk is a place where you can meet new friends who share your DIY and decorating interests, a great tool to help grow your blog too. If you’re not a member of HomeTalk, it’s free to sign up!

Do your friends and family read your blog? Yes! My daughters read my blog. Bri reads it regularly and Ali has been reading more, especially since her apartment reveal is coming up! And Mr. DIY? He catches up on posts regularly. He loves reading comments. His favorite DIY blogger comment was that our marble subway tiled backsplash is “to die for”.

marble tiled backsplash

Hearing words of praise and approval are so encouraging! We’re like blog dogs. The more “good job” comments we get, the more we want to do it again!

I know my mom and sisters check in on occasion and I have at least one friend who tries to read every day. And if I get excited about something and share on my personal Facebook page, all of my family and friends are very supportive. Outside of that, I’m lucky if someone knows what a blog is which is so hard to believe. Stuns me every time I’m asked. I probably say the word “blog” 100 x a day and some people don’t know what it is?! It’s an everyday part of my life.

How has keeping a blog changed you? The changes I’ve experienced through blogging have all been positive. Home projects are more fun when I can share. I’m still amazed that what I do inspires and helps readers. Knowing I’m helping and encouraging others to create a home they love encourages me. It’s also a huge help at keeping me focused and seeing projects through to completion. It’s helped me stay focused. Blogging sometimes makes me more confident, then turns around and makes me more humble too. Discouraging days happen and hanging in there during those takes makes me stronger. And the best part by far has been the friendships and relationships I’m making. Connecting with other DIY lovers has changed my social life!

How I blog…

*Do you stick to a strict posting schedule? How do you keep track of when and how often to post? I prefer to keep things low pressure. My blog linky parties are the only strict scheduled posts at DIY Show Off. The DIY Project Parade is creeping up on it’s 150th post!

DIY Show Off

Other than that, I post when I have something to share and when a feature by another blogger or reader is submitted that is a good fit with the topic of DIY. DIY Show Off is 99% DIY related but I’m trying to incorporate a little more personal and lifestyle posts. I enjoy blogging. My posts aren’t always planned, my schedule isn’t super strict. * I find that if I put too much planning and scheduling into my blogging, I change the post 20 times and add enough details to compete with the longest novels {ahem…this blog post is the perfect example of a planned in advance blog post. I rest my case!}. The most I’ve worked ahead is by one week and although it does feel good and like I’m all organized, I then get lazy and start back over with writing the day before I post or the same day. Besides, when I finish a project, I want to share ASAP, not store it in draft for weeks. 

What are your favorite types of posts to read/write? Well, let’s see. I think you know the answer to this one! I love posts related to DIY, decorating, thrifting, repurposing. But I also enjoy posts about fashion, crafting, blogging, photography and lifestyle.


What advice would you give to other bloggers that you wish you had known when you started blogging? I wish someone had told me that even though I would approach blogging with a casual attitude, that there is the potential for it to become a HUGE important part of my life. {It’s contagious and addictive!} That even though I love blogging, even though I’m passionate about my topic and excited and all motivated, there will be times of doubt, lack of confidence and discouragement. There are highs and lows. There are smiles and tears. It happens to everyone. Blogging looks easy and positive enough and it is! But it also portrays an organized, beautiful, mostly always happy life where everything is perfect, going well and positive. Most times, Blog life isn’t true reality, it’s an edited airbrushed version of reality. We never know what’s going on behind the scenes. We see what others want us to see. If you’re a new blogger or just a blog reader, I’m grabbing your hand, looking you in the eye and stressing…

life of a blogger quote

Blogging is time consuming and a lot of work and in most cases, something else {less important} is being put on hold or neglected. If you find you love blogging but feel discouraged or overwhelmed, don’t give up. Step away from the computer. You’re a blogger! You make your own schedule! Real life and good feelings are the priority. The worldwideweb won’t explode if you don’t post or take time off. Find a balance that works for your real life and realize that growing a blog takes a lot of nurturing, hard work, learning and dedication…but real life comes first. 

I’m doing something I’m completely in love with…making our house a home. If I allow it, weeks can go by tied up in projects, taking and editing pictures, writing tutorials, proofreading, hitting “publish” and starting again. A lot of hours go into just one project for one blog post. Add blog maintenance, fun opportunities {some even paid}, blog friendships {there are so many inspiring friends/blogs that keep me on the computer for hours before realizing I missed lunch!} and social media to the mix and you have time to eat and sleep. 😉 It’s important to set time aside for real life. When blogging becomes a full time career, it means the potential to work double time. And while it’s a lot of work, I love it and it’s a good fit for my life. Growing a blog takes time, patience and work but your content is out there. Someone, somewhere, sometime is going to be reading what you’ve written and be inspired.


Making new friends is so much fun! Thanks to HomeTalk for the awesome feature and letting me share a little about myself today! Thanks for stopping by! I’d love for you to stay in touch by following DIY Show Off…

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Thanks for enduring 4 blogs posts within a 48 hour time frame! There’s just been so much good to share this week with the 3 HUGE giveaways, DIY Fall Festival linky party, today’s fun HomeTalk Bloglight feature and my Joss & Main Curated Collection later today! And I promise that after today, you won’t hear a peep from me until Sunday…where I’ll be hosting the regularly scheduled DIY Project Parade from a warm and sunny vacation US destination. I.cannot.wait!

Painted Striped Curtains {apartment sneak peek}

Painting Horizontal Stripes on Fabric Curtain Panels

Renovating, furnishing and decorating an apartment = very tight budget. With the main floor needing six panels, Ikea’s Vivan panels were a perfect choice. A set of two panels for $9.99 – what a deal! And they’re huge! 52″ wide x 98″ long. I love all white curtain panels but for the main living space, I wanted to add a little texture, neutral accent and simple pattern. I love horizontal striped curtains. We decided to go with three large neutral stripes, starting from the bottom.

Not according to plan: My plan was to do an ombre design from black, dark charcoal to light gray. I ended up with something a little different. Here’s how I did it, my suggestions on what I would have done differently and why my stripes aren’t ombre.

What I did: 


  • Ikea Vivian curtain panels
  • Paint (fabric paint or latex paint)
  • Sponge rollers (recommend trying foam rollers)
  • FrogTape
  • Tools used: yard stick, iron, sewing machine for hemming if needed

I started by pre-washing and ironing out wrinkles, then spread them out (one at a time) on the dining room table. I used a vinyl table cloth as a “drop cloth” for underneath the panel.

Ikea Vivian curtain panels

Using my yard stick, I started from the bottom and measured 12 inches, then drew a pencil line.

DIY horizontal striped curtains

I used my FrogTape on the outside of my 12″ line to create a crisp border. For the next stripe, I measured 12″ from the edge of the FrogTape. Note: My straight tape lines extended past the panel to secure the edges of the fabric to the vinyl tablecloth to help prevent shifting.

FrogTape for painting striped curtains

I purchased 3 large bottles of fabric paint in black. My plan was to add white to lighten each stripe. However even three bottles of fabric paint does not go a long way with six curtain panels. I ended up using the black fabric paint for the bottom stripe of each panel.

painting striped curtains

painting stripes on curtains

Dip in paint, roll on cardboard/paper towels then roll onto fabric. My cheap rollers meant I had to go over it a few times but once the roller was saturated with paint, it went quicker. 

painted horizontal striped Ikea curtains

Then…since we are on a budget, I used latex wall paint – which is the reason I ended up with a black stripe, gray stripe and greige stripe…not white ombre, but neutral! Tip: {figured this out after the fact}, water down latex wall paint for better absorption.

DIY painted striped curtain panels

I used a sponge roller from the dollar store for each stripe. Tip: DO not use cheap dollar store sponge rollers. Invest a couple dollars in a better quality foam roller. My cheap sponge roller is part of the reason for a “suede” look…which we were okay with and ended up liking the look, but I also would have liked a more solid result. The faded look is pretty too and when time is an issue, it looks even better. 😉

I painted each stripe, let it dry a little, then hung each panel to dry more thoroughly.  So, with six curtain panels, it did take me a couple of days.

drying painted curtain

I wiped the vinyl tablecloth in between laying out each panel. (Pleasant time saving surprise: The paint on my vinyl drop cloth could be seen through the white curtain panels, meaning after the first one, I didn’t have to measure/mark each panel – I just lined it up on the vinyl drop cloth and taped where the previous curtains’ FrogTape lines showed through.)

how to paint striped curtain panels

I immediately removed my FrogTape once painting was complete.

removing FrogTape from painted curtains

Once all of my panels were dry, I measure the length and cut from the top, adding 3 inches to create a rod pocket (cutting from the top or bottom means one of those needs hemmed and I found painting from the bottom up easier). I love using curtain rings, but again, 6 sets of curtain rings adds up, and this is a budget friendly makeover.

measuring and cutting curtain panels

cutting and measuring…

creating rod pocket

sewing a rod pocket

I creased the extra 3 inches with an iron,

ironing rod pocket

then folded about an inch under and ironed that.

creating and ironing rod pocket hem

I sewed a straight line near the bottom of the ironed fold to create a rod pocket.

sewing rod pocket

***I’ll share what I did with the “top” piece of the curtain panels soon – cutting from the top left me with 6 valances, just needing a hem.

I gave each panel another quick iron over and now they’re hanging!

Before apartment makeover:

door before

Just a peek of the apartment windows before:

chartreuse door

Door paint color is Valspar Gilded Pesto (beautiful chartreuse!).

Sneak peek windows after:

DIY painted horizontal striped curtains

Side note: Since the tiny apartment doesn’t have an entry way or closet, I attached some coat hooks (Hobby Lobby) to a board and screwed it to the door – instant cute coat rack. DIY Show Off bag is from Nest of Posies.

painted curtain after

Whatdoyathink? It might make more sense when you see the rest of the apartment, eh? Patience, my friends. I know – not one of my strengths either. 😉

Note: I haven’t washed the curtains after painting, but I’m assuming all will be well – after all, the paint doesn’t wash out of my paint splattered DIY attire.

Update: More apartment details! We are still working on some finishing touches and last minute issues that have come up {the joys of DIY!}, so the reveal has been pushed back. However, there are a TON of DIY details and I’ll be sharing those over the next week or two {and while we’re on vacation}. We think it’s awesome and can’t wait to hear what you think! Little by little…we’ll work up to the reveal!

This is a sponsored post brought to you by FrogTape. The opinions are completely my own based on my own experience. 

FrogTape Blog Squad

Fall Home Tour

Wow! It’s been a week of fall here at DIY Show Off. Today, the October’fest of fun starts as a grand finale of home tours hosted by Debbie-doos!

If you’re a frequent DIY Show Off reader, I know you’ve seen these as I’ve posted them, but here is my fall recap to-date all in one place…

Autumn warmth – fall mantel 

red and teal fall mantle

Fall vignette with DIY yarn pumpkins

yarn pumpkins

Dining Room

farmhouse fall dining room

Halloween vignette – DIY nevermore tree and black lace candle holders

DIY Halloween Nevermore Tree

And I recently updated our regular home tour page too! You’re welcome to stop by anytime. Speaking of home tours!

back porch fall decor

TIME TO GET EXCITED! We’ve been renovating an apartment since July and next week is the BIG HUGE AMAZING reveal! I can’t believe it’s the same little place. Neither will you!

Pop over to see MORE fall home tours, Debbie’s beautiful home and to link up yours…

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All Hallow’s Eve Nevermore Craft

Once upon a mid-day dreary, a Halloween “Nevermore” tree served as a lonely focal point in a spooky Victorian vignette but nevermore thanks to the rare and radiant craft maiden, Martha Stewart Crafts!

DIY Halloween Nevermore Tree

Now, there’s an eerie glow with the addition of candlelight.

painted glass

It felt more like Christmas than Halloween when a stash of Martha Stewart Crafts supplies arrived at my door…

martha stewart crafts

This is my kind of trick or treat goodies!

I chose to accessorize glass candle holders with an Edgar Allan Poe/Victorian Halloween vibe with black lace accents {love Halloween that’s not so “Halloween-y” and can be re-used all year round}

DIY nevermore black lace candle votives


  • glass candle holders, jars, vases (with a smooth surface)
  • squeegee
  • Martha Stewart adhesive silkscreens (lace doilies)
  • Martha Stewart metallic glass paint (black nickel)
  • Martha Stewart adhesive stencils (small holiday collection)

1. Prep: Cut apart adhesive silkscreens. Peel away the backing of your adhesive silkscreen. Clean glass with rubbing alcohol.2. Place adhesive silkscreen onto glass and smooth into place with a squeegee. They are re-position-able so if it looks crooked, just peel it away and replace. You may also want to tape the side to further secure into place but I didn’t find it necessary until after several washings.
>3. Apply a small amount of glass paint to the outer edge. Using the squeegee, pull the paint vertically, then horizontally, filling in the pattern. Up and down, left to right, down and up and right to left…the silkscreen dance.  painting glass craft
4. Carefully peel away the adhesive silkscreen. painting glass
5. Immediately wash the adhesive silkscreen with water (I just ran mine under the faucet and used my fingers to help clean away the wet paint). washing adhesive silkscreen Set aside to dry (and replace on original backing to store).< 6. Let glass dry. Glass paint air cures in 21 days or you can speed up the curing process in the oven (follow instructions). I love the metallic shimmer of the Black Nickel glass paint... Martha Stewart lace doily silkscreen

So pretty and the perfect accent to complete a Victorian Halloween vignette, don’t you think?
style=”text-align: center;”> The Raven "Nevermore" Halloween craft decor
style=”text-align: center;”>
style=”text-align: center;”>{DIY Halloween Nevermore Tree tutorial}
style=”text-align: center;”>
I also used the adhesive stencils (the crow) for a smaller glass votive holder…
style=”text-align: center;”> crow candle votive

And now the Raven tree is accessorized all the more.
The adhesive silkscreens and adhesive stencils are so fun … you’ll want to go crazy with them! I can’t wait to try it on fabric. Bri tested the adhesive stencils on painted/distressed wood scraps. So cute!

wood scrap fall letters

See more Martha Stewart Halloween craft ideas…


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October’fest of Fun! {Theme: Fall Crafts}

Welcome, DIY friends! In lieu of the regularly scheduled DIY Fall Festival this week, I’m super excited to be kicking off and hosting the October’fest of Fun with some of my blog friends! Today’s theme is “crafts”. All fall crafts, including spooky!
I decorate one area for Halloween every year, one small fun Halloween vignette. This year, I’m bringing back my “nevermore” tree that I made a few years ago. I swapped out the container, added a few more crows. Here are some tips on how I made mine for making your own:
  • Vase, container, urn. I used glass this time but any container for holding small branches works. A few years ago, I used an old thrift store vase and spray painted it black…

DIY Halloween decor

  • Small branch (desired size that fits your container). Choose one that has several branch-offs to look more like a tree.
  • Black spray paint
  • Styrofoam cone
  • Handful of dry moss. Other options: shredded newspaper, crinkled paper
  • Dollar Store accessories: faux crows, plastic spiders, cotton spider webbing, ribbon
  • Optional: low temp hot glue
Tutorial: DIY nevermore tree tutorial
1. I started by spraying my branch black and adding a touch of black to my dried moss and let them dry.
2. Because I used a glass container, I lined it with a scrap piece of dropcloth.
3. Paper, newspaper, moss would also work.
4. Using the bottom of my tree branch, I poked a hole into the circular side of my cone. Insert the Styrofoam cone into container with the circular side/hole facing up. You can secure your foam to the container. I didn’t.
5. Insert the branch into the Styrofoam hole. Secure with hot glue if needed.
6. Cover styrofoam with dried moss, crinkled paper or shredded paper. Glue into place if desired.
7.  8.  9. ACCESSORIZE: I strung more dried moss and spider webs to my branches (drag the spider webbing). Attach crows. I used black twist ties to attach some of my crows, others are just propped on branches. I did use hot glue to attach a few plastic spiders and added a couple of snips of sheer ribbon here and there for a little added whimsy.
Stand back and admire!
Do you decorate for Halloween? Any fun fall crafts to share?
  • Note: Today’s theme is “crafts” – Fall or Halloween crafts only please {ALL FALL DIY FALL FESTIVAL resumes next Wed.}
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DIY Showoff
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Countdown to Fall Party!!!

There’s no way to deny that summer is officially over any longer. With shorter days, crisp mornings and cooler evenings, I’ve been wearing sweaters, boots and snuggling under fuzzy throws. We’re still trying to hold off on setting the thermostat to “heat”…it feels too early! But, I’m warming up to the idea of lighting spiced candles and making home more cozy. Once I unburied the dining room this week, I started a little autumn decorating {it’s the only room I really decorate for fall}

autumn mantle

I am so excited to be hosting the Countdown to Fall linky party today! It’s my turn! I’m having so much fun joining my friends from Domestically SpeakingSand & Sisal and It’s So Very Cheri as we celebrate all things fall! {See their projects at the bottom of this post.} And I took a little break from apartment renovating and decorating. I even cleaned up my dining room for your visit today. Welcome! Well, at least what shows in the pictures. Shhh – Don’t tell. 

Countdown to Fall linky party

I was ready to add some rich color to our dining room for the autumn season. So I started with painting a fall leaf onto an old cork board. It still has the pin marks and scars from previous hanging. Anyone else find imperfection charming? Now it’s dark teal, rich red with coppers and golds…”warmth”.

red and teal fall mantle

Obviously I’m not an artist. DIY skills and creativity do not = artistic talent for me. Mr. DIY loves the “lion fish” I painted. What?! Okay, I have to agree that as a leaf, it’s a little sad and after a Google image inquiry, it does sort of resemble a lion fish.

my leaf painting…

teal red fall mantle

lion fish…

red lion fish

But, you know what? We embrace imperfection around here and I love the colors. Besides…it’s art. Unique. One of a kind. It’s precious, right? {you can lie if you feel you need to answer that. lol!} I guarantee no one else has a painting of a leaf from a lion fish tree…I like being different. 🙂 

red teal fall mantle

I’m still playing with it all and next week, you can bet it will all look different but the colors, the theme and that lion fish leaf painting are staying. I do love to rearrange though.

red teal fall decorating

Don’t these colors look amazing together?

red teal orange fall mantel

Materials: “etc.” was a clearance Target find earlier this year, the red and aqua vases are from JoAnns, the orange silk Chinese lanterns in the aqua vase were from Michael’s a few years ago, the silver dollar branches in the red vase are from our yard, the old turquoise insulator turned votive holder is a thrifted treasure, the mini chalkboard is a Shaw Floors/HGTV Home design challenge souvenir, the metallic faux pumpkins are from my long time fall collection. 

Still loving my pallet insert for our faux fireplace too…

red turquoise fall mantle

If you’d like to see more, I shared some more of my fall decorating earlier this week at the DIY Fall Festival…

decorating for fall

Fall Party


We all would love for you to join the fun, if you haven’t already. We want to see your fall décor, fall crafts, delish fall recipes, fall traditions… anything that is fall related ! There are currently over 200 fall goodies to inspire you!

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MaryAnn from Domestically Speakingfollow shared her fun fall craft when she kicked off the Countdown to Fall party a few weeks ago.

DIY apple art

A special thanks to MaryAnn who organized this fun fall event and for inviting me to participate! The second week, hosted by Kim from Sand & Sisal welcomed us with a festive fall front door…

Fall Front Porch by Sand & Sisal Thumbnail

And last week, Cheri from It’s So Very Cheri baked a delicious autumn recipe for the Countdown to Fall get-together. Delicious!

pumpkin brownies

Home Tour

Hi DIY friends! Today, I invite you over to our house. I’ve made some changes to our home tour page and would love for you to visit. Come as you are. Super casual attire acceptable.

I recently added a button to the side bar (it’s an ever changing home tour with frequent updates) and there’s a tab on the navigation bar above.

Welcome to our home ~ a DIY work in progress:


shabby chic dining room


DIY half bathroom makeover, Benjamin Moore Smoke

guest bedroom makeover, painted floor

living room makeover  

DIY bathroom makeover, painted floor

stairwell landing makeover, stenciled wall

DIY Show Off vintage inspired craft room

dressing room makeover, closet organization

sitting room ideas

home library

DIY Show Off farmhouse kitchen makeover


barn patio makeover

grape arbor gazebo

concrete patio makeover

Pinned Image
I’ll be sharing my fall mantel tomorrow and I have been working hard on some fun DIY decorative accents for the apartment…that reveal is right around the corner! This week I managed to get a vehicle full of furnishings and home decor moved in! I’ve been painting curtains and finished up 2 DIY light fixtures. I can’t wait to share that home tour with you. 
Thanks for stopping by!

DIY Fall Festival – sharing festival fall ideas

DIY Fall Festival

Welcome back to the week DIY Fall Festival! You’re invited to share your fall craftiness and autumn decorating or browse the links to visit our festive blog friends already all decked out for fall! There were so many great links in last week’s Fall Festival! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful inspiring fall decorating!

fall decorating

This week, I took a little break from apartment renovation part 1249 to start to decorate for fall. I only decorate the dining room for fall. My DIY yarn pumpkins look so pretty on these candle pedestals. I love mixing a little aqua/teal with traditional autumn colors of golds, oranges, reds, browns…

yarn pumpkins

I’m still working on a fall centerpiece, but these accents I already had on hand {vintage tin, dried flowers, candles, oval wooden tray} do the trick for now…

autumn centerpiece

I’m not a fan of our current dining room light fixture, so you’ll often find me disguising it with wreaths, garland and candles. So festive and so pretty…

up close:

decorated chandelier

from a distance:

fall dining room

Come back Friday when I share my fall mantel. Here’s a sneak peek:

fall chandelier

Sharing my fall decorating/vignette with Kate this week:

I’ll be hosting the Countdown to fall party on Friday! Woo hoo! Hope to see you there….um, “here”! 🙂

Countdown to Fall linky party

Got something AUTUMN related to share? Time to show off!

DIY Show Off Fall Festival Party

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Next week the DIY Fall Festival will be replaced with a special October party you won’t want to miss. I’m excited to be kicking off the event and joining these sweet blog friends…

DIY Showoff Get ready to celebrate everything fall!