Framed 3 Dimensional DIY Pumpkin Wall Art

Helloooo, DIY lovers! I’m still hanging on to summer but there’s no mistaking that fall is in the air! My first official challenge for Michaels’ Makers is a DIY Pumpkin Challenge. Fun!

DIY craft pumpkin challenge @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers

It’s nearly that time of year! Shorter days, chilly evenings. I love faux pumpkins or ‘funkins’ for fall DIY crafts and decor! This year Michaels has “half craft pumpkins”! The tutorial tag I saw in the store showed 3 vertically on ribbon with the letters “B – O – O”. How cute is that? But I decided some framed 3D wall art was in order! I always think floral arrangements in pumpkins are so pretty…works of art. So why not add a frame and make it 3D wall art?

3D framed DIY pumpkin wall art tutorial @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers

Materials I used: (some affiliate links included)

3D framed DIY pumpkin wall art tutorial @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers

Tools: wire cutters, hot glue gun, knife or box cutter

Project Time: Less than 1 hour. 

What I did:

1. With the box cutter, I cut the top off of my half craft pumpkin similar to the way I would cut the top of a whole pumpkin. 

3D framed DIY pumpkin wall art tutorial @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers

2. Cut down the foam brick to fit inside of the craft pumpkin and secure with hot glue . This step may not be necessary but I think it makes the flower arranging easier and keeps the arrangement in place. Flowers can be swapped out for a different look.

3D framed DIY pumpkin wall art tutorial @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers

3. Secure the half craft pumpkin to the the message board, centered inside of the frame with hot glue. I really think it’d work to attach it to a picture frame with backing (with glass or without) using hot glue too! If you give that option a try, let me know. I’d love to see it! Well, if you try this project at all, do share your creativity! I want to see! 

3D framed DIY pumpkin wall art tutorial @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers

4. Using wire cutters, remove stems from floral bunches and arrange flowers inside of the half craft pumpkin, poking stems into the foam brick to secure. 

3D framed DIY pumpkin wall art tutorial @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers

5. Embellish pumpkin if you wish. I just added the push pins that came with my message board. Stuff in some Spanish moss, if you’re inclined to do so. It adds some texture.

3D framed DIY pumpkin wall art tutorial @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers


6. Hang to display! 

3D framed DIY pumpkin wall art tutorial @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers


Isn’t it pretty?

3D framed DIY pumpkin wall art tutorial @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers

The other accessories are from Michaels too! I really love the combination of blues, plums, creams and green for a fresh fall vignette but I think traditional colors with touches of metallic gold would be gorgeous too! 

3D framed DIY pumpkin wall art tutorial @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers

See more Michaels Makers DIY Pumpkin Crafts from these talented blog friends (starting today at 10 a.m. CST):

DIY craft pumpkin challenge @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers

·         To kick off fall in your own home, visit and check out the variety of craft pumpkins available – there is every color, shape and size you could ever want!

·         There are tons of ways to DIY your own craft pumpkin for your home, a party or even as a gift.

·         If you’re looking for something a little bit different, Michaels recently started selling these fun half pumpkins, perfect for fall décor wall mounts and fun signs.  

·         If you’re in need of more fall décor inspiration be sure to look at the 49 other DIY pumpkin projects from the rest of the Michaels Makers – they are fabulous!

*I received a Michaels’ gift card to complete this challenge. All opinions are my own. 

DIY Pumpkin Stencils

DIY Pumpkin Stencil Tutorial 

DIY pumpkin stencils at



  • Pumpkins
  • FrogTape® Multi-Surface
  • Wax paper
  • Spray Paint

DIY pumpkin stencils materials

1. Adhere pieces of FrogTape to wax paper.

2. Using a pattern (I made mine from a piece of paper), freehand or by tracing shapes; create stickers. 

3. Cut out stencils. I folded a few of mine to create more.

FrogTape pumpkin stencil tutorial @diyshowoff DIY FrogTape stencils DIY pumpkin stencils with FrogTape at diyshowoff

4. Remove wax paper backing and apply your DIY FrogTape stencils to the clean, dry surface of a pumpkin.

FrogTape pumpkin stencil tutorial @diyshowoff

5. Use your thumbnail to burnish the edges of the tape and to smooth out creases.

FrogTape pumpkin stencil tutorial @diyshowoff

6. Tape off stem if desired. Spray paint pumpkin.

FrogTape pumpkin stencil tutorial @diyshowoff

7. Paint dried really fast for me since I just did a light coat with some of the pumpkin showing through in most places. After just a few minutes, remove stickers/stencils. 

FrogTape pumpkin stencil tutorial @diyshowoff


FrogTape pumpkin stencil tutorial @diyshowoff FrogTape pumpkin stencil tutorial @diyshowoff FrogTape pumpkin stencil tutorial @diyshowoff FrogTape pumpkin stencil tutorial @diyshowoff

FrogTape Blog Squad

Disclaimer: I received compensation to complete this project for using FrogTape® products. All opinions, projects and ideas are based on my own experience.

{Healthy} Fall Scents

Do you know what’s better than delicious fall aromas from fall scented candles filled with harmful chemicals? Well, probably baking a pumpkin pie, to be honest. Right?! And also – Young Living essential oils with healthy benefits and amazing fall aromas diffused into the air.

Fall Scents for your home with Essential Oils @diyshowoff

Here is a list of my favorite Young Living essential oil aromatherapy for the fall season (along with some benefits).

Thieves – I diffuse straight Thieves essential oil blend for its cleansing abilities and for supporting a healthy immune system which is in high demand this time of year! It fills my home with the scents of fall. Ingredients include: clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus radiate and rosemary. Recipe: fill diffuser with distilled water and add 5-8 drops of Thieves. 

Pomander Ball – 

pomander ball aromatherapy recipe @diyshowoff

Orange essential oil has a rich fruity scent that lifts spirits and provides a calming influence, peace and happiness. Orange essential oil is also rich in the powerful antioxidant d-limonene and aids in maintaining normal cellular regeneration. Clove essential oil has a sweet, spicy stimulating and revitalizing fragrance with immune-enhancing properties. Recipe: fill diffuser with distilled water. Add 5 drops of clove and 3-5 drops of orange essential oil. Don’t have clove essential oil on hand? Try using Thieves with orange essential oil instead.

Autumn Spice – Cinnamon bark essential oil is valued for its ability to support normal cardiovascular and immune functions with a warm, spicy aroma. Nutmeg also has a sweet, warm, spicy scent that I find comforting and energy boosting. Recipe: Fill diffuser with distilled water. Add 3 drops of cinnamon bark essential oil + 5 drops of nutmeg essential oil. 

Warm cinnamon bun – Aromatic Recipe: Add 5 drops of Cinnamon Bark and 2 drops of Lemon essential oil to diffuser filled with distilled water. Warning: family may be disappointed there aren’t cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven! 

Fall Pot Luck – Get creative! Whip up your own special recipe. Fill diffuser with distilled water and add your own combination. Thieves, Orange, Cinnamon Bark, Nutmeg, Clove, Rosemary, Raven are all perfect for filling your home with the scents of the fall season.

*Like a stronger or weaker scent? Adjust drops to suit your preference accordingly.

Fall Scents for your home with Essential Oils @diyshowoff

What ARE essential oils any way?

Young Living at



Fall Home Tour {Blogger Stylin’ Home Tours: Fall 2014 Edition}

DIYShowoff Fall Home Tour

Hello friends! It’s time for LOTS of gorgeous fall inspired home tours organized by the creative Lindsay from White Buffalo Styling Company. Woo!

white buffalo styling company

Found your way here from Ashley’s stunning fall decorating at The Handmade Home? Welcome! It’s lovely to meet you and I’m so glad you’re here!

the handmade home

Okay…I really had planned on more fall decorating than I’ve actually completed but with a big 5-0 birthday celebration in Cancun with my love (ahhh…summer ALL the time there!) and a last minute overnight class trip this week, it’s not the grand fall festival reveal I had planned. I know. Boo. I’m running behind schedule. It will evolve as it unfolds over the next couple of weeks in preparation for the rustic woodland themed {October} baby shower planning in the works. (Stay tuned!) But let’s get this show on the road…

BSHT - fall home tour Fall is in the

A bit of rustic glam fall dining room for entertaining guests/a few autumn themed dinner parties this season…

Monogrammed Mini Pumpkins tutorial @diyshowoff fall centerpiece @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers fall centerpiece @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers fall centerpiece @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers Monogrammed Mini Pumpkins tutorial @diyshowoff fall table decor fall centerpiece tutorial at Monogrammed Mini Pumpkins tutorial @diyshowoff fall arrangement

 And some sneak peeks from outside…

outdoor fall decor   fall flowers

DIY fall ideas from DIYShowOff

DIY fall ideas @diyshowoff

Next stop on the Blogger Stylin’ Home Tours {Fall Edition} is Summer’s beautiful home at Simple Stylings

Simple Stylings

Happy fall! Thanks for stopping by! 

Decorative Fall Centerpiece

Roeshel #MichaelsMakers

The season is changing. Cooler mornings, shorter days and soon pretty leaves. As a part of the Michaels Makers’ team challenge, I’m decorating the dining room table for fall entertaining. 

fall centerpiece tutorial at

Fall Centerpiece


fall centerpiece materials #michaelsmakers


{all materials purchased from Michaels}

  • birdcage
  • fall floral and wheat picks
  • feathers
  • styrofoam disk
  • small plastic pumpkin
  • ceramic owl
  • pinecones
  • burlap ribbon
  • decorative fall ribbon
  • hot glue

What I did: 

Simply place the styrofoam disk into the bottom of the bird cage.

fall centerpiece materials #michaelsmakers

Layer fall floral pieces (deconstruct using wire cutters if needed) and feathers. Secure with hot glue.

fall centerpiece materials #michaelsmakers  

Weave burlap ribbon between bird cage bars.

fall centerpiece materials #michaelsmakers

Tuck in pieces of ribbon and pinecones. Secure with hot glue.

fall centerpiece materials #michaelsmakers

Add ceramic owl and plastic pumpkin to the inside of the cage. 

fall centerpiece #michaelsmakers

Add height by displaying on a cake plate and/or wood disks. 

fall centerpiece @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers

I layered a little bling (sparkly mesh runner) with a little rustic (burlap runner) down the center of my tablecloth. 

fall centerpiece @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers

Add wood disks, colorful fall leaves, candles. I topped a pair of gold candlesticks with faux pumpkins for balance and height. 

fall centerpiece @diyshowoff #michaelsmakers

Looking for more inspiration? Check out these crafty blog friends: 

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More Fall ideas from Michaels: 

  • Looking for autumn inspiration? Check out Michaels’ Fall Market lookbook.
  • If it’s not table décor that you’re looking for, Michaels has you covered from pumpkin decorating to wreath making, wall art and more. There are all sorts of easy fall and holiday themed projects for your whole house on Michaels’ Fall Project Page.
  • It’s time to start pinning for the fall! Browse Michaels’ Fall Ideas Pinterest board to get started.

As a member of the Michaels’ Makers team, I receive a gift card to complete and share fun craft challenges. Your 24-hour Arts & Crafts Store

DIY Fall Door/Wall Decor Craft

Fall is in the air! The upcoming baby shower theme will be “woodland”. Perfect for the fall season, don’t you think? So I made up a few of these twig leaf door or wall decor crafts for prizes. And just in time to participate in the Autumn Abound Fall Blog Hop (more on that below)!

autum DIY decor -


  • Twig/stick leaf form from the craft store (you could even make your own) or grapevine wreathes, etc. 
  • Fall floral pics including faux acorns, wheat, leaves, feathers 
  • Hot glue 
  • Burlap ribbon
  • Twine 
  • Twist tie or floral wire

Tools: wire cutters, scissors, hot glue gun

Time: approx. 10 minutes

What I did:

Simply assemble in layers and secure each embellishment with hot glue.  DIY Fall Decor Craft at

Cut a 36″ piece of burlap. Fold and snip the ends. Lay flat and overlap ends. Tie a knot/bow using twine to gather and finish the burlap bow. Secure to arrangement using hot glue. 

DIY Fall Decor Craft at

Use a twist tie to assist with hanging. 

I think that was the easiest tutorial ever! If I can do it, so can you! 

DIY Fall Decor Craft at


They’d look great used as a centerpiece too. Or hang the opposite direction…

DIY Fall Decor Craft at

More on a woodland themed baby shower coming soon!

  Autumn Abounds

But today you’re going to want to follow the Autumn Abounds blog hop for more fall inspiration!

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Then stop back tomorrow to link up your own fall related blog posts and to enter to win an awesome cash prize!

Fall Linky Party

That DIY Party – 15 Fall Highlights

Since I’m not hosting the DIY Show Off Fall Festival for the first time in five years, I decided to feature some gorgeous and inspiring fall DIY from the weekly That DIY Party. Visit these awesome projects…there are so many beautiful ideas!

15 Fall DIY Highlights

Autumn decorating at Number Fifty Three

autumn decorating at Number Fifty Three  

Glittered Acorn Wreath tutorial – That’s My Letter

glittered acorn wreath - That's My Letter blog  

DIY animal print fall wreath at Setting for Four

animal print fall wreath - Setting for Four

Paper Book Pumpkin tutorial at Upcycled Treasures


Rustic Fall Centerpiece at Fresh Idea Studio

DIY-rustic-Fall-leaves-centerpiece-fresh idea studio

Traditional Fall Wreath at Confessions of a Serial DIYer

traditional fall wreath at Confessions of a Serial DIYer

DIY Fall Harvest Wreath at the Happy Housie


Fall mantel at Zu Haus at Home

Fall-Mantel at ZuhausatHome

Fall front porch at Liz Marie Blog

fall front porch at Liz Marie blog

Fun painted pumpkins at Daisy Mae Belle

painted-pumpkins at Daisy Mae Belle

Scrappy fall pumpkin decor at The Turquoise Home

diy-fall-decor-on-the-cheap at The Turquoise Home

Fall mason jar gifts at Shaken Together

Fall mantel at The Kim Six Fix…

fall mantle at the kim six fix

Concrete pumpkins at the Wood Grain Cottage

concrete pumpkins at The Wood Grain Cottage  

Burlap and pumpkin mantel at Dream and Differ

burlap and pumpkin mantel at Dream and Differ

A huge thanks to these talented ladies for sharing their awesome and inspiring fall projects and decor! What a fun collection! Remember to pin from the original source. See more DIY highlights at THAT DIY PARTY pinboard.


And see you at THAT DIY PARTY tomorrow! Enjoy the weekend! 

Falling for Vintage – Fall Home Tour

It may not feel like fall in your neck of the woods but the shorter days, chilly mornings, garden harvests, cooler evenings all point to autumn’s arrival here in western PA which means preparation for the countdown to my hibernation. I’m all set to warm things up with some fall decorating.  Fall is such a blessed time of year and I love being all cozy and comfy and more than any other time of year. Fall decorating helps me with the transition of summer fun to Christmas celebration. 


Ready for a little touch of vintage in my fall home tour? Let’s take a look around! It is early in the season so I have to tell you things will definitely be tweaked and moved around before I’m completely satisfied with it just in time to pack it all away. 

Vintage Fall Home Tour at DIYShowOff

Last week, I kicked off the fall decorating season by adding some new accents atop my vintage chicken coop. 

Fall vignette

and a faux wheat stack with my old globe vignette…

autumn vignette

The kitchen is all ready for fall on the top shelf of our open pantry. This pumpkin weighs in at a little over 16 lbs. according to the vintage scale. And a faux fall bouquet in a vintage tin adds more balance.  

vintage fall pantry

Our kitchen island consists of an old vintage dresser and the centerpiece is a basket filled with mums, purple cabbages, heather and squash. I added a vintage vice for a rustic touch. 

Vintage Fall Decorating/Fall Home Tour at DIYShowOff  

On our dining room table, vintage bottles display dried cotton sticks and feathers. The table runner is simply wrapping paper. 

vintage rustic fall centerpiece

More vintage bottles and a cloche update with decoupaged botanical birds. {Decoupage on Glass Tutorial.}

Vintage Fall Home Tour at DIYShowOff

The mantel in our family room is a bit of a challenge with the colorful curtains but gold, red and aqua including a vintage tea tin and blue mason jar paired with coordinating vases create a fun autumn theme. 

colorful fall mantel


“Fall in Love” chevron DIY tutorial

Even the guest room whispers “welcome fall”…

fall guest room vignette

And because the days are still nice enough to enjoy fresh fall air, I spruced up the patio daybed with new pillows and some pretty mums…displayed in a vintage something or other I confiscated from the barn.

fall patio at diyshowoff

Not only do I love the warmth that accompanies fall decorating, it’s fall scents that set the scene for a warm and cozy home, isn’t it? Pumpkins, cinnamon, wood burning, home cooking.

Fall Home Tour at DIYShowOff

Sharing at the Fall Nesting Party.

Have the desire to see more inspiring fall home tours? Visit each of these Falling for Vintage blog friends:

2IMG_3410 At Home on the Bay - Falling for Vintage
Fall-Vintage-Mantel-GraphicsFairy-250 Vintage-Fall-Home-at-Eclectically-Vintage
Vintage-Inspired-Display Vintage Fall Home Tour at DIYShowOff

Fall Decorating with Chippmunk

Let the fall decorating commence!

5. fall-vignette

5. fall-vignette
Picture 1 of 6

Doesn't the black and white frame add a touch of fun to the overall traditional harvest theme? I simply framed a faux leaf for a pop of red.

I know that blog post title sounds like I’m decorating with chipmunks for Fall, doesn’t it? That’d be kinda cute if not bizarre but anyway, that’s not the case. It’s something even better. It’s about saving money with online shopping at Who doesn’t love that? 

Fall decorating collage

Did you see these fall accents via Pier 1 Imports in my fall decorating? 

Pier 1 Fall Decor via Chippmunk

The spice cake scents…oh my, “hello, fall!“. So cozy!

Chippmunk is a site where you can compare stores you love to find the best deals. Coupons that work from the stores you love based on your budget.  I found that not only did I score great savings but I found the site extremely user friendly. Free. Easy. Instant savings. 

Online shopping with Chippmunk

The nearest Pier 1 is a bit of a drive for me now that my local store closed a few years ago. But by utilizing Chippmunk, not only did I not have to get dressed and fill up my gas tank, but I saved $50 on my order at Pier 1 Imports! 

Here’s a chance for YOU to score!

Labor Day/Fall Outfits & Home Décor launch:

  • Contest runs September 4th-18th, 2013.
  • 5 winners of $100 gift cards to the Chippmunk store of choice.
  • Submit photos showcasing a Labor Day or Fall outfit or autumn home décor design you created with your great deal utilizing Contest at
  • OR enter by sharing your Chippmunk deal on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtags #ChippmunkExpertShopper and #FallDecor.
  • 3 winners will be determined by community votes, 1 editorially by me and fellow featured bloggers and 1 chosen at random.

Good luck!

For more fall decorating ideas, check out these blog friends’ Chippmunk deals:

*This is a sponsored post. Chippmunk provided me with the budget to create a deal utilizing their site. As always, opinions are 100% my own. I wouldn’t share it if I didn’t think you’d like it too.  I’m usually searching for a deal and spend a lot of wasted time clicking on expired coupons. I’ve added Chippmunk to my bookmarks.

What do you think? Pinning? Thanks! Leave a comment and I’ll visit you back!

Sharing at the Fall Nesting Party and Centsational Girl

DIY Fall Festival Linky Party ~ Autumn/Thanksgiving Highlights

The past week sure has flown by! Sorry for the late start today to the DIY Fall Festival, a little chaos on the technical end. Last week’s Fall party was filled with so much inspiration! WOW! You all are so awesome! Here are some Thanksgiving/fall highlights…

I love the fall living room changes from Marty at a Stroll Thru Life…perfect for fall and so cozy!

a stroll thru life - fall  autumn living room

There’s still time to whip together this beautiful harvest circle felt leaf pillow, something you’ll cherish every year. Great tutorial at The Sweet Survival.

harvest circle felt leaves accent pillow - The Sweet Survival

Tricia from Simplicity in the south shares her sweet fall decorating and a free printable Thanksgiving banner – great way to dress up your existing Thanksgiving decor. Thanks, Tricia!

fall decor and thanksgiving printable - Simplicity in the South

Got something AUTUMN/FALL/THANKSGIVING related to share? Time to show off!

DIY Show Off Fall Festival Party

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This week will be the last DIY Fall Festival of the season. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your autumn DIY projects. Your projects are such an inspiration to many! Next week is the week before Thanksgiving and the DIY Holiday Highlights party starts…I can’t believe the countdown to Christmas is on! Don’t worry…Thanksgiving DIY posts can be linked up too and highlights for the next two weeks will be Thanksgiving related so bring it on! :)

DIY Holiday Highlights

* Thank you SO much to Heather from Larissa Hill Designs for the sweet feature today!

DIY Fall Festival and Fall Highlights

Last week’s DIY Fall Festival was filled with so many cute fall and Halloween ideas. You’ll want to visit these few favorites…

I love this whimsical tulle Halloween wreath by Little White House on the Seaside…

tulle halloween wreath

Angela from Number Fifty-Three shares her mom’s warm and welcoming rustic autumn home tour

Speaking of mom’s home tours, did you also see the inspiration over at Dear Emmeline? It’s her mom’s beautiful fall home tour

Got something AUTUMN/FALL/HALLOWEEN related to share? Time to show off!

DIY Show Off Fall Festival Party

<div align="center"><a href="" title="DIY Show Off Fall Festival Party" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="DIY Show Off Fall Festival Party" style="border:none;" /></a></div>
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DIY Fall Festival – 12 Natural Fall Decor Craft Highlights & Linky Party

I’ve done absolutely nothing DIY fall related this past week. Life happens. :) But last every week there have been some awesome (you all are SO creative and crafty) fall projects shared. Here is a collection of neutral, natural, burlap fall and Halloween craft projects:

Karah created a pumpkin using palm frond leaves. SO cool! Of course you can use a similar material or … you know where Karah lives {a tropical vacation destination}, visiting her to collect supplies sounds like a better idea. See her leaf pumpkin tutorial at The Space Between.

palm leaf pumpkin

I don’t sympathize with Karah’s lack of craft supplies in the Caribbean. I love that she comes up with creative solutions using what she has on hand (and free), like the pumpkin above and her fun fall leaf wreath

DIY leaf wreath

Wait! There’s more. Karah’s fall centerpiece ideas are so inspiring…

5 fall centerpiece ideas

Debbie from Confessions of a Plate Addict shared her super cute, super easy DIY Indian corn candle. This is a great last minute project to add in to existing fall decor…

DIY Indian corn candle holder

These girls are so good! Just when I got done visiting one of their links, I move on to the next and it’s them again with another natural fall decorating project! Debbie also shares a tutorial for making this gorgeous dried corn garland – how clever and so fall-festive!

DIY dried corn garland

One thing I’m missing in my decor this year is a fall wreath. I’m so inspired by the neutral natural wreath made with canvas, burlap, dried roses and dried hydrangeas at Craftberry Bush…

dried fall wreath tutorial

Fall means being cozy and all snuggled up. How about some candlelight for added warmth? Love this idea from Doreen at Hymns and Verses: floating candlelit apples…and hey, if you’re hungry but too warm all wrapped up in your cable-knit throw blankie and pj’s, there’s an apple within easy reach. 😉

DIY floating apple candles

Amanda from Small Home Big Start has some awesome & NECESSARY tips for drying acorns for fall decorating and fall crafts (and some acorn projects). Our yard gets filled {you could surf and will down the little downhill slope if you’re not careful. I imagine the squirrels up there snorting with laughter when it happens}. Tips for drying…

tips for drying acorns

All of those dried acorns are perfect for the natural DIY fall project that Laura from Finding Home shares…gold leaf pine cones and acorns (which I think is perfect for fall and Christmas):

DIY gold leaf acorns and pine cones

Gail from My Repurposed Life dried and dyed her hydrangeas and shares the tutorial on how you can do it too. So pretty!

Dry and Dye Hydrangeas

dried dyed hydrangea

And since my DIY yarn pumpkins are 50% (materials: yarn + real pinecone stems) I’m including them in the round up too. :)

decorating for fall

I love fall colors and fall decor but fall also consists of my favorite scents of the year. Lovely Charley shares her recipe for natural fall scents for the home

fall scents for the home

Got something AUTUMN related to share? Time to show off!

DIY Show Off Fall Festival Party

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October’fest of Fun – craft highlights

Yesterday’s theme was “fall/Halloween” crafts (party is open for a week!). Did you link up? Here are some fun crafts from my fellow October’fest of Fun hostesses:

Kristin from My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia shared her bath salt pumpkins

sparkly bath salt pumpkins

and bling pumpkin

bling pumpkin

Debbie from DebbieDoo’s shared her adorable DIY fall sign

DIY fall owl sign

Shannon from Fox Hollow Cottage has a great tutorial for painted distressed glass vases

distressed painted glass vases

The fun continues today!

octoberfest of fun link party

Shannon from Fox Hollow Cottage is hosting the “fall/Halloween” mantel event. I love her spooky Gothic haunted Halloween mantel. Need some mantel decorating ideas? Check out the festive links!

gothic halloween mantel at fox hollow cottage

Countdown to Fall Party!!!

There’s no way to deny that summer is officially over any longer. With shorter days, crisp mornings and cooler evenings, I’ve been wearing sweaters, boots and snuggling under fuzzy throws. We’re still trying to hold off on setting the thermostat to “heat”…it feels too early! But, I’m warming up to the idea of lighting spiced candles and making home more cozy. Once I unburied the dining room this week, I started a little autumn decorating {it’s the only room I really decorate for fall}

autumn mantle

I am so excited to be hosting the Countdown to Fall linky party today! It’s my turn! I’m having so much fun joining my friends from Domestically SpeakingSand & Sisal and It’s So Very Cheri as we celebrate all things fall! {See their projects at the bottom of this post.} And I took a little break from apartment renovating and decorating. I even cleaned up my dining room for your visit today. Welcome! Well, at least what shows in the pictures. Shhh – Don’t tell. 

Countdown to Fall linky party

I was ready to add some rich color to our dining room for the autumn season. So I started with painting a fall leaf onto an old cork board. It still has the pin marks and scars from previous hanging. Anyone else find imperfection charming? Now it’s dark teal, rich red with coppers and golds…”warmth”.

red and teal fall mantle

Obviously I’m not an artist. DIY skills and creativity do not = artistic talent for me. Mr. DIY loves the “lion fish” I painted. What?! Okay, I have to agree that as a leaf, it’s a little sad and after a Google image inquiry, it does sort of resemble a lion fish.

my leaf painting…

teal red fall mantle

lion fish…

red lion fish

But, you know what? We embrace imperfection around here and I love the colors. Besides…it’s art. Unique. One of a kind. It’s precious, right? {you can lie if you feel you need to answer that. lol!} I guarantee no one else has a painting of a leaf from a lion fish tree…I like being different. :) 

red teal fall mantle

I’m still playing with it all and next week, you can bet it will all look different but the colors, the theme and that lion fish leaf painting are staying. I do love to rearrange though.

red teal fall decorating

Don’t these colors look amazing together?

red teal orange fall mantel

Materials: “etc.” was a clearance Target find earlier this year, the red and aqua vases are from JoAnns, the orange silk Chinese lanterns in the aqua vase were from Michael’s a few years ago, the silver dollar branches in the red vase are from our yard, the old turquoise insulator turned votive holder is a thrifted treasure, the mini chalkboard is a Shaw Floors/HGTV Home design challenge souvenir, the metallic faux pumpkins are from my long time fall collection. 

Still loving my pallet insert for our faux fireplace too…

red turquoise fall mantle

If you’d like to see more, I shared some more of my fall decorating earlier this week at the DIY Fall Festival…

decorating for fall

Fall Party


We all would love for you to join the fun, if you haven’t already. We want to see your fall décor, fall crafts, delish fall recipes, fall traditions… anything that is fall related ! There are currently over 200 fall goodies to inspire you!

Please place the Countdown to Fall button in your post with a link back to this page so your readers can find the party too!

MaryAnn from Domestically Speakingfollow shared her fun fall craft when she kicked off the Countdown to Fall party a few weeks ago.

DIY apple art

A special thanks to MaryAnn who organized this fun fall event and for inviting me to participate! The second week, hosted by Kim from Sand & Sisal welcomed us with a festive fall front door…

Fall Front Porch by Sand & Sisal Thumbnail

And last week, Cheri from It’s So Very Cheri baked a delicious autumn recipe for the Countdown to Fall get-together. Delicious!

pumpkin brownies

DIY Fall Festival – sharing festival fall ideas

DIY Fall Festival

Welcome back to the week DIY Fall Festival! You’re invited to share your fall craftiness and autumn decorating or browse the links to visit our festive blog friends already all decked out for fall! There were so many great links in last week’s Fall Festival! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful inspiring fall decorating!

fall decorating

This week, I took a little break from apartment renovation part 1249 to start to decorate for fall. I only decorate the dining room for fall. My DIY yarn pumpkins look so pretty on these candle pedestals. I love mixing a little aqua/teal with traditional autumn colors of golds, oranges, reds, browns…

yarn pumpkins

I’m still working on a fall centerpiece, but these accents I already had on hand {vintage tin, dried flowers, candles, oval wooden tray} do the trick for now…

autumn centerpiece

I’m not a fan of our current dining room light fixture, so you’ll often find me disguising it with wreaths, garland and candles. So festive and so pretty…

up close:

decorated chandelier

from a distance:

fall dining room

Come back Friday when I share my fall mantel. Here’s a sneak peek:

fall chandelier

Sharing my fall decorating/vignette with Kate this week:

I’ll be hosting the Countdown to fall party on Friday! Woo hoo! Hope to see you there….um, “here”! :)

Countdown to Fall linky party

Got something AUTUMN related to share? Time to show off!

DIY Show Off Fall Festival Party

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Next week the DIY Fall Festival will be replaced with a special October party you won’t want to miss. I’m excited to be kicking off the event and joining these sweet blog friends…

DIY Showoff Get ready to celebrate everything fall!

DIY Fall Festival and Autumn Highlights

Welcome back to the week DIY Fall Festival! You’re invited to share your fall craftiness and autumn decorating or browse the links to visit our festive blog friends already all decked out for fall! There were so many great links last week. Here are a few fall favorites:

5 Minute Fall Crafts

Super cute canning lid pumpkin tutorial at Simply Klassic Home.

canning lid pumpkin tutorial

Looking for an easy autumn decorating or fall gift idea? Check out the cute vintage Halloween (or any season) candle tutorial over at Confessions of a Plate Addict.

easy seasonal candle

Fall plates craft by Dear Emmeline.

fall plate craft

Last week I shared my DIY yarn pumpkins, a super easy and quick fall project:

how to make yarn pumpkins

Fall Mantels

The fabulous fall mantel at Mom4Real has the perfect combination of texture, fall colors and a fun pop of whimsy in that polka dotted pitcher.

fall mantle at Mom4Real blog

Remodelando la Casa has a fall mantel full of DIY goodies. Love the burlap fall blocks and her awesome painted tree with falling flying leaves is perfect for the autumn season!

fall mantel  

DIY Show Off Fall Festival Party

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This week, I’ll be working on some fall decorating {finally!}. In the meantime, here is our fall decorated dining room last year…

DIY Fall Festival linky party


It’s that time of year {already?!}. Wait! Where did summer go so fast? I can’t believe it, but it’s time for the 3rd annual weekly FALL linky party open Wednesdays through Fridays starting today and ending…well, somewhere around Thanksgiving.

I thought I’d kick off this year by sharing a few of my favorite of my own past fall projects…and maybe a review because I’m day and night up to my eyeballs in an apartment renovation so about the only fall project I’ve completed is falling into bed each night. But, previous years, here is what I did and this year. I have some fun ideas that I can’t wait to get to. Might even take a few hours off from apartment decorating to get to an autumn inspired DIY. Ahem…in the meantime, I present to you, Fall….

Fall fabric wreath tutorial

Last year’s autumn with a touch of blue

Dress up a candle with twine and faux leaf…

Decoupaged Pumpkins

and letters…

Baby girl’s first day of college is today. I swear she just started kindergarten not too long ago. So while the summer flew by for me, so did the past YEARS! She celebrates with an end of fall birthday and last year, I put together a small

fall themed dinner party

I’m not sure where summer went but I’m still holding on for a few more weeks of summer myself even though I notice chilly mornings and shorter days. I just wasn’t in mom’s pool nearly enough {apartment renovation take #1078}. Are you getting ready? Are you ready?! My favorite things about fall? Spicy fall scents like cinnamon and pumpkin. Wearing sweaters and boots. Warm and cozy throws. I just need another few weeks to work up to it. 😉

DIY Show Off Fall Festival Party
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Autumn is Approaching! (Fall Craft Project)

What a great idea and I am loving ALL of the inspiration. I’m not quite ready for fall, but what a lovely way to prepare myself. Head over and check out all of the fall fun!

Here’s my post:

I know. I know. It’s a little early….
I don’t know what your weather is like, but here in PA, it’s beginning to feel a lot like Autumn. It’s still August for goodness sake! But chillier temps (currently 59 degrees!) and a trip to Michael’s where Halloween and fall have already been on display for a few weeks = autumn on the brain. (I didn’t procrastinate this year!)

(Note: I AM NOT ready for the summer to end just yet…where’d it go?)

Last fall my daughter and I got crafty and I decided to make it a tradition. I’ll share that project with you next month some time but now for Met Monday hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch, I want to show you what we did this weekend.

Remember my house number flower pots? Well, soon those flowers are going to flower-heaven as fall frost gets closer, right? Then what? Well…introducing my House Number Funkins (faux pumpkins) with glow in the dark glittered numbers (which look so cool glowing but photographing in the dark is a little tricky):

I haven’t put them out yet. I’m not quite ready to say good bye to summer and my petunias are still soaking up the last of summer but I’ll be all ready when it’s time.

Here’s what I did.1. In Microsoft Word, I enlarged my house numbers in a font I liked. (heavy heap). I printed them on old card stock.

2. Then I cut out the numbers to create stencils.
3. I traced them onto my pumpkins. Using the actual number instead of stencil worked a little better since it’s not a flat surface. (I didn’t take a before picture…but this is pretty much what it looked like before. You’ve seen a faux pumpkin…kind of boring and plain.)
4. I painted them using metallic craft paint. This took a couple of coats. Fun project in front of a movie since it’s time consuming and repetitive. I just did stripes on mine with house numbers since they’ll mostly only be seen from the road.
5. After the paint was dry, I used a cheap, small paint brush to apply glue to the numbers.
6. Then I poured on Martha Stewart’s glow-in-the-dark glitter.
(Nestie friends – D&R Halloween Nightmare II – Return of the Glitter Pumpkins)

My daughter painted this one:

That’s as far as I got today. But I will also:7. Spray a protective coat of matte lacquer over my pumpkins and the glittered numbers for outdoor durability.
8. Cut a hole in the top so that I can add sand or rocks to give them weight (to prevent blowing away when it’s windy). That’s it. I’m really happy with how they turned out and can’t wait to update this little area about the 2nd week of September. They will go here:

Watch for details next week relating to
The DIY Show Off – Autumn DIY Fest!