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The Mango Archives
The Mango Archives is a blog maintained by Mrs. Mango where she documents her DIY weekend warrior projects in their first home.   She’s so talented and says things like blogerony and booboos (cute!) and has named her home the Mango House.  I’ve been spending the evening going through her archives to share a few of her DIY projects with you.
This room + building a wall, adding plumbing and electrical…
makes for a beautiful laundry room reveal…

The paint is (290B-6) Squash by Behr.

The Ikea Kristaller chandelier was $40.00.

Allover peony pattern stencil at Cutting Edge Stencils.

A Home Office Makeover in the works(I can’t wait to see more! You’ll want to follow along too!)…


Thanks so much Mrs. Mango for sharing your hard work and creativity!


Lori's Laundry Room

Having a pretty laundry room must make doing laundry a little more fun. Organization and lack of clutter must feel so fresh!  I wouldn’t know but after looking at the area that Lori from Deming Design Studio attends to her laundry chores, I’m even more impatient to get busy on ours!  See her glazing process below.  Beautiful!

Here is a before picture of the cabinets:

First coat of paint:

She used a paint called Caramel Colors and says it is fabulous to work with. It is a very thick textured paint that covers everything! You don’t have to sand or prime the surface–just start painting. She chose a color called Cobblestone. It is a green color but has some gray in it. Her inspiration was her Anthropolgie tablecloth that she turned into a curtain for under the counter.

Side by side you can see where she added toner to the left cabinets and no toner on the right. She recommends watering down the toner a bit to give it a smoother finish and doing one or two coats and sanding lightly before adding the toner. 

You can see how much more depth is created with the toner.

Creative idea for using a tablecloth turned curtain to hide the dog cave! It’s like a secret hide out for her furbaby!

She plans to get or DIY (my vote) a drying rack but for now I love her shelves, accents and decorating!

So pretty!

What do you guys think?  Is your laundry room a beautifully inspired space in your home?
Thank you so much for sharing your process and beautiful laundry room, Lori!  The cabinet looks beautiful with your ‘curtain’ and all of your organization. Love it!

Guest Blogger: Tatertots & Jello

I’m having a blast at the Country Living Magazine Fair!  What a hot & windy day but so much fun!  If you’re in Columbus – stop by the Gorilla Glue booth to meet Nadine and Holly from Gorilla Glue and me too! There are so many antiques and crafts that you’ll need a wagon.  And good walking shoes.  And I haven’t checked the weather yet for tomorrow but hopefully not an umbrella or raincoat.  

I’m sure you know her, but just in case…DIY Show Off reader, meet Jen from tatertots & jello. Not only is her blog full of DIY creativity, beautiful inspiration and great projects but she’s a sweetheart too.  Happy Birthday Jennifer!  Thank you so much for guest blogging while I’m out of town and sharing your favorite projects!  I am in love with a laundry room!And the beachy bathroom is gorgeous too! 

 Hi — I’m Jen from tatertots & jello and I’m so excited to be here at Roeshel’s wonderful blog! I am a HUGE fan!!

I thought maybe I could share a few of my favorite DIY Projects with you today…

This summer I transformed my bathroom from kind of Tuscan:


to “Beachy” with Board & Batten: 

 It’s amazing how much brighter and larger the room looks with the wall treatment and lighter color!

Another Project I just finished this week is my Laundryroom Redo! 
Yikes – it started off like this {very messy picture}

And I installed the same type of Board & Batten treatment as I did in the Bathroom redo. I used a wonderful stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils {a DIY Club sponsor} to stencil between the panels. 
I really like the way the two elements came together in the room.

Another DIY element in the room were shelves that we made under the counter. I wanted a place to put laundry baskets for my four kids. Then when they have clean clothes I have a place to put their clothes. And they are able to check the baskets each day to see if there is anything they need to put away.

We also took out a closet and made that space into a nook for lockers.

Those are a couple of my most recent DIY projects! Thanks for letting me come over and say hi! I just love Roeshel and I think she is wonderful!!

LOADS of fun…

Well, maybe the actual chore of laundry isn’t loads of fun but having a pretty laundry room might make it a little more enjoyable. At least for Lynette from Lynette’s L.A.M. blog. Here is her laundry room before:

And Lynette’s laundry room now:

The color is Laura Ashley Apple #4 – totally love this color and what it does for the cabinets and the room, ummm, closet I mean!

This is looking to the left of the laundry room (love it) – I was inspired by Rhoda’s sister’s LR makeover and used 2 plant brackets and a small curtain rod to use as a wet clothes hanger when I don’t want to put some of our things in the dryer. (I did make sure to hang the rod high enough so that the door of the cabinet could open.)

The old window was a flea market find for about $10 late last summer. One of the glass panes was missing completely and one was broken – I just knocked all the rest out and cleaned it up just a bit and hung it from 2 hooks – it serves no other purpose but decorative and I liked the way it looked in there to fill that space.

This is looking to the right of the laundry room – I made the vinyl sign – thought it would be a cute addition to the vintage-y look I was going after and I made the door knob holder thing-y under it last summer.

Here’s a long view – the knobs hold the broom, a floor duster, and the black bag holds our plastic bags from the grocery store.

That frame up there on the top of the cabinet, the one that says “I love my mom” – Meghan got me that for Christmas – she is so sweet – when she’s not gagging. Have no idea who those people are – haven’t found the right pic yet, but it is black and white and thought it matched really well in here, just don’t look to close at it right now!

Here is close up of the hurricane lamp – it was my maternal grandmother’s. The globe is not original though, but I loved that I could display the lamp up there!
I picked up the plates at TJ Maxx – they were super cheap-o $4 and $3. The small iron on the left was my dad’s mother’s, the larger one on the right was my mom’s mother’s, and the biggest one on the right is mine – I use it now – although as little as possible. Had to be a little practical – it is still a real laundry room – but I did think it was kinda fun to see them all lined up like that!
The little jewelry box I picked up at TJMaxx also – I just cut out the dividers and turned it into a place to hold my dryer sheets! Couldn’t resist the sign next to it (that I did not make) the green was a dead on match and it just seemed like a perfect little accessory! Oh, and the knobs – they were easy peasy to put on! I used this little do-dad to make the marks to drill my holes –
I just followed the directions and had my hole marks – couldn’t have been easier – really!
That background paper there – that’s scrapbook paper cut to fit. It was not very easy to be neat in that little space, so I cheated compromised and used paper to hide my mistakes highlight that area!

Great job, Lynette! The apple green cabinets was a great way to brighten up your laundry room! The door knob hooks are awesome and I love the touches of black and white. Super cute! Thank you so much for sharing!

What do you guys think? Is your laundry area decorated and pretty?

Starter Home to Dream Home

I love meeting DIY bloggers, don’t you? Here is another I’d like to show off. (If you were early yesterday, you caught my blog booper. Oops.) Introducing Mikael from
Mikael is fairly new to blogging and she’s off to a great start with a lot of helpful tips and information in her posts along with before/afters and DIY eye candy.

Like this one on Picture Galleries

And some beautiful before/afters with tutorials!

Laundry room (I’m so envious!)


Her half bathroom now…


And her den after…


Some furniture makeovers too!

Before purchased
After she was done with it

And you won’t believe it. She finds the time to DIY on a budget with a 3-year-old daughter and 1-year-old twin boys. I know. Superwoman! Pop over and say hello! She’s given me a heads up on DIY projects coming soon. I can’t wait!

Thanks so much for sharing Mikaela! Your home is beautiful and your posts are full of so much helpful information! I can’t wait to see your next DIY project!

Coming up this weekend!
An exciting giveaway celebration for DIY Show Off readers.

I'm Telling! A Home Improvement Show & Tell Recap.

I thought it would be fun to spotlight some of the projects from the Show & Tell Surprise Party earlier this week. Here are the DIY home improvement projects that I thought were creative, beautiful and fun. If you’re featured, Make sure you grab an “I’m featured” button from the right side bar. Thank you to EVERYONE participating. I’m amazed and grateful for your participation without warning. 🙂 In real life…I’d need hours to “get ready”. Those of you with the amazing kitchen makeovers – you’re killing me! I’m so jealous! Click on the links to visit for more pictures of each project!

Red Writing
(Dining Room Hidden Storage)

I Love My 5 Kids
(Kitchen Re-do)

Polka Dot Thought
(Kitchen Makeover)
Before: KitchenAfter: KitchenForever Daisies
(Scrapbook Room)


Moore Minutes
(Dining Room Makeover)

Thrifty Living
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Proud Feet
(Built In Bookcase)
The Proud Feet
(Kitchen Makeover)
Mother of 3 Fellows
(Craft Room)

My Creative Attempts
(Entry Room Makeover)

Something To Do
(Kitchen Makeover)
The Craft Monkey
(Laundry Room Makeover)


(Playroom Makeover)

Craig, Blair & Turbo
(Kitchen Makeover)
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The Meckleys
(Laundry Room Makeover)


Modern Country
(Master Suite)

Fingerprints on the Fridge
(Kitchen Remodel)

Making It Mine

(Kitchen Makeover)


I bow down to these DIY queens! Each of your home improvement projects are awesome!
So many beautiful spaces. I wish I was a traveling blogger…
I’d pop by to see your projects in person.
Thank you SO much for sharing your makeover stories!
I’m inspired!
(See all of the amazing Show & Tell submissions! Check them out here if you missed them!)

What are you up to this weekend?

This post is brought to you by, for all of your Hotpoint washing machine spares.

LOADS of fun…Beautiful Laundry Room Makeover!

Okay. Saturday. Laundry day here. My laundry room is on my list “to-DIY”. It’s unfinished and completely sporting a “utility-style”. Ugly. But Rachel from Home Sweet Home has a beautiful laundry room. So pretty. So motivational. It might even make the laundry task fun, don’t you think?

Here is her post:

The first two pictures are the before pictures….

And now the after pictures…

I painted the inside of the cabinet panel with chalkboard paint to make a family memo/menu board.

This mirror was something I picked up at Big Lots for $5. It and the chalkboard paint was added after the other pictures were taken.
These are my basket tags. I knew I would need something to tell us what was in the baskets.
This is our spare change jar. Not too full right now!!!
Here is the shelves above the washer/dryer. They were hard to keep organized, and cabinets were not in the budget (we did this at the same time as our kitchen reno) so baskets were the best option!
I have had the lamp for years, and the B is old too. The birdcage was on sale at garden ridge. It holds our dryer sheets!

These were fabric swatches in a pack at WalMart. I loved the color, so I just wrapped canvases with them and presto! ART!
The flowers are fake, and I have had the candle for a while. The frame is a $2.50 WalMart find, and I just framed some more of my fabric swatches.
I can’t decide if I want crown molding on top of the cabinet or not. I like that I can put my basket up there. It won’t fit with molding…thoughts? This pic is pre-mirror and pre-chalkboard, obviously!
I just moved the shelf down from before and made it into a folding table. The washboard cabinet was made by my dad. He gave it to my Nana, and she gave it to me when we bought our home, which is our first house by the way.
Again, pre-chalkboard paint. But this is what you see as you walk into the room. It is a small room, but the pocket door makes it more usable. The floors are a white tile, and I am looking for a small jute rug for in there.
Hope you enjoyed the tour!!!

Thanks for sharing your room makeovers Rachel. Both are awesome and I’m psyched and inspired to finish mine this fall! Thanks!