Kitchen Makeover Part 2 by Christy at 11 Magnolia Lane

Hi there, everyone–it’s Christy from 11 Magnolia Lane (again!). I’m laughing as I write this, because I know that if you’ve seen part 1 of my kitchen reveal here on the DIY Showoff or on 11 Magnolia Lane, then probably not more than a few days or weeks have passed–and now I’m changing it again! I let Roeshel know that it was a work in progress, and she graciously invited me to show the updates I’ve made (thanks, Roeshel!).I know I’m not the only one constantly tweaking and updating things in my decor, and although I was thrilled with how my kitchen cabinets turned out, I didn’t like the paint color I put on the walls. I also wanted to tear down my tile backsplash and update my range hood. I lived with it for about three months, but Thanksgiving was drawing nearer, and I was hosting the holiday this year, so I had motivation to proceed quickly.
Here’s what I started out with when we bought the house in June (it’s more of a “during” than a “before” but you get the idea!):
Here’s my first reveal, in August:
  Now, here’s reveal number two, after painting the walls, painting the tile backsplash, spray painting the exhaust hood with stainless steel paint, and adding window treatments (made with canvas drop cloths):
I normally choose lighter paint colors, but the Old Prairie by Benjamin Moore that I used first had some green undertones that just didn’t work with my White Dove cabinets. After trying three different paint samples on the wall for a few days (BM’s Camouflage, BM’s London Fog, and BM’s Waynesboro Taupe), Waynesboro Taupe–the darkest of the three colors–won.
After I painted the walls, I turned to the backsplash. I read up on painting tile, and decided that I really had nothing to lose, because I was already planning on taking the backsplash down. Why not try to paint it first and see if I could save time and money? The brown of the tile really clashed with my countertops–they have some brown in them but they’re really more gray. The warm and the cool tones right next to each other really bothered me (my husband thought I was nuts about that, although he admits that he likes the result).First, I scrubbed the tiles really well. TSP works great, and I also used rubbing alcohol to degrease the tiles. Next, I had to wait a day or two before priming to let the grout dry (I HATE to wait to start a project!). I tried to sand the tiles but they were too hard to really get roughed up by the sandpaper, so I was sure to use a primer for glossy surfaces that specifically mentioned ceramic tile (Zinsser Bulls-Eye 123; although sometimes I use their oil based primer in the gold can, too). I primed with one coat, and then applied two coats of oil-based paint. I bought a quart of Behr from Home Depot, tinted to match White Dove at half strength. I used a brush to prime and paint–you really have to work a bit to get the paint into the grout and a roller just wasn’t cutting it. Plus, I have some decorative tiles that needed extra attention. While I think I should add a clear coat at some point, I’m really happy with how it’s turned out, and I’ve been able to wipe splatters off without removing any paint.Here are a few before and after shots of the backsplash. Note the frozen pizza and the Sonic milkshake in the first shot. These are essentials for effectively tackling home improvement jobs!


The exhaust hood and fan were black, and while I’m dying to pull the old one out and do a nice, custom-built one, I decided that a $5 can of Epoxy appliance spray paint would be a worthwhile investment for a quick fix in the meantime. I did take the hood down to spray it, but that’s because I’m pretty comfortable working with electricity and didn’t mind rewiring it when I hung it back up. I think you could probably use tape and plastic to protect the cabinets enough to spray it in place, if you needed to. Love the appliance spray paint!

My last update was to add the window treatments around the sliding glass door, and this really made a huge difference in the room. I used canvas painter’s dropcloths from Home Depot (6′ x 9′ and $11 each!) and sewed them to the right length. Mine are tied with jute twine and swagged, but if I let them hang they would puddle on the floor (which was intentional). The balloon valance over the sink is completely no-sew. I just draped the dropcloth (another 6 ‘ x 9’) and tied three pieces of twine around it and adjusted it. Since we’re a military family and move frequently, I need as many no-sew options as possible, just to keep things versatile for the next house.

I think I might be done with the kitchen, at least for awhile, but I’ll be sure to let you know if I make any more changes. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a few more pictures. Thanks for stopping by!

Kitchen Makeover at Cottage Living {from beach to burbs}

Meet: Mariaelena from 

If you haven’t seen this beautiful makeover, prepare to be awed. It’s gorgeous!  This is how it looks now…


Lots of hard work (I know!)…

So worth the sweat, tears and love…

See the full reveal from Mariaelena at Cottage Living from beach to burbs for more pictures and all of the details.  Love it! Great job, Mariaelena!  Thanks so much for sharing your hard work! 

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Kitchen and Laundry Makeover by Christy from 11 Magnolia Lane

Hi, everyone! 
I’m Christy from 11 Magnolia Lane, and I’m pretty thrilled about having the opportunity to post on The DIY Showoff. Roeshel, thank you so much for inviting me to share my kitchen and laundry room with your readers!At 11 Magnolia Lane, I blog with two of my girlfriends about a little bit of everything. We all have our “niche” area, and mine seems to be home decor and DIY stuff (maybe because we move so often–I’m a military wife). Obviously, it’s hard to cram all the horrible “before” and awesome “after” pictures into one short post, so stop by and visit for the full story, and tons of pictures, on both my kitchen and the laundry room re-do’s. 
The kitchen HAD to be done first. Dark, dreary, and dated–how is that even possible for a house built less than ten years ago?–I knew before we bought the house that I’d be painting the cabinets white.
(You can see more of this home and kitchen HERE.) 
But, after our move earlier this summer here was the kitchen I had to start with. I added a shelf bracket (trimmed to fit) and molding to create a built-in look.”

It took even longer than I thought it would (almost 5 weeks!), but I added trim, feet,
and other details like new lights and new kitchen faucet to make things look more built-in
and custom, and I am thrilled with the look. I have a long list of things that I still want
to do, of course, because projects are never really done, but I have at least another
year and a half before we move again–plenty of time! 
I compromised on the laundry room because I liked the rest of the house (well, except for
the kitchen, of course). Situated under the stairs, it was cramped, awkward, and UGLY.
 I spend huge quantities of time doing laundry (don’t we all?) so I knew this room had
to be one that I enjoyed being in. Here’s the ugly before…
This was an inexpensive redo because all I bought was a metal storage cabinet, a new rug for
the floor, and the lumber and trim to make cafe-style shelving. Everything else I gathered
from around my house, which wasn’t hard, because I am a flea market, garage sale, and
thrift store queen. Here’s the awesome “after”…
I have to give a shout-out to Jones Design Company’s painted wallpaper tutorial, which
was so simple even I could follow it. Time consuming, to be sure, but I love the result.
 And I hid the mess in my under-the-stairs area in a vintage metal cabinet. When I
can’t squeeze through to get into the space, I know it’s time to go on a diet!
I scored the rug at Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon–it ties everything together.
Shabby chic hooks repurposed as an ironing board hanger,
and a close-up of the painted wallpaper.
Thanks so much for letting me share these rooms with you!
 And please stop over to and say Hi! 
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12 Bloggers, 12 Colors, 12 Days
of Holiday DIY

Dec. 1st ~ GREEN ~ The Design Confidential

Dec. 2nd ~ WHITE ~ Domestically Speaking

Dec. 3rd ~ BLUE/PURPLE ~ Fireflies & JellyBeans

Dec. 4th ~ SILVER ~ Freckled Laundry

Dec. 5th ~ GRAY ~ Primitive & Proper

Dec. 6th ~ SPARKLE/GLITTER ~ A Girl and a Glue Gun

Dec. 7th ~ MIRROR/CLEAR ~ The DIY Show Off

Dec. 8th ~ EARTH TONES ~ Making the World Cuter

Dec. 9th ~ RED ~ It’s So Very Cheri

Dec. 10th ~ GOLD ~ 504 Main

Dec. 11th ~ CHALKBOARD ~ WhisperWood Cottage

Dec. 12th ~ MULTI-COLOR ~ The DIY Club

DIY at Two Thirty Five Designs

Hellooooo, blog friends!  I’d like to introduce you to Allison from

Two Thirty-Five Designs
You might already know her. She’s been featured at quite a few of our favorite spots but not without good cause. She has some amazing DIY projects going on. Click the links below to see the details on her original post. 
I love this…so simple to do but what a statement. 
Would you believe those are posterboard circles, mdf board, trim and paint?
Love the sheen…
Allison was this chair’s fairy Godmother…
Cinderella lives happily ever after…
I love the bright colors, bold patterns…
Not only is Allison a Stella & Dot rep, Etsy shop owner, painter, creative DIY’er and crafter, but they buy and fix up houses.  I don’t know how she does it all.  They took this kitchen…
And with a really, really tight budget, turned it into this…
Pop over to Two Thirty-Five Designs to see more! While you’re there, enter for a chance to win a beautiful gift for yourself, stocking stuffers or to check off a pretty gift idea for your accessory loving friend.

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Roomspiration Highlights – Kitchens

The Roomspiration series was a ton of fun, wasn’t it?  I was honored to host the Kitchen edition which you can see at ROOMSPIRATION ~ KITCHENS

Thanks to everyone who participated!  I enjoyed a glimpse into the heart of your home!  Here are a few most visited/most liked links from the linky party:




Interested in seeing other specific rooms?  Visit the below lovely ladies! 

I had so much fun getting to know these talented ladies and their beautiful homes and seeing so much real inspiration from fellow bloggers linking up their gorgeous homes!


abode love: a man\

Living Rooms:

View Along the Way

Guest Bedrooms:

Craft Rooms:

Dining Rooms:

Involving Color

Kids’ Bedrooms:
{ All Things Bright and Beautiful } 
Master Bedrooms:
Touch of Gray
Closet and Nooks:
The Blooming Hydrangea  
Laundry and Mudrooms:

The Mustard Ceiling
 The DIY Show Off 
See all of my Roomspiration related posts HERE with links to the other parties too!

Roomspiration – Kitchen Edition

Roomspiration Blog Hop
If you’ve been following the Roomspiration series, you’ve seen beautiful and inspiring do-it-yourself entryways, livingrooms, bathrooms, guest rooms, craft rooms, dining rooms, kids’ bedrooms, nurseries, master bedrooms, closets and nooks, laundry rooms and mud rooms and now…welcome to the Kitchen Edition. 

Welcome to our kitchen makeover!

We’ve been working on remodeling our kitchen for almost a year and we’re almost done!  I had hoped to be completely ready for a true reveal but it’s still a work in progress. We’re still working on plans for the kitchen island, still have to finish baseboard trim, framing a window and the tin backsplash behind the stove but…take a look at how far we’ve come:

First thing we did was swap out single door…

Now:  French doors
(sorry – it’s so bright, I can’t get a good picture)

When we bought our home the kitchen had orange-oak cabinets, blue laminate countertops, dirty white walls and old worn vinyl flooring.


What we did:
  • Swapped out old single door for French doors
  • Granite countertops (Virginia Jet Mist)
(honed finish)
  • New instant hot water dispenser, articulating/sprayer and soap dispenser

  • Zero radius sink
Antique Distressed Java

  • Installed recess lighting, $5 thrift find – pot rack, new semi-flush mounts and dimmer switch.
  • Painted (True Value Easy Care Platinum/Color = Old Fashioned)
  • Pantry Door Clock tutorial

  • Entryway – this is where we enter our home for now. When we have a new front entry and when a new stand alone refrigerator and stand alone freezer are in the budget, this area will go away.  

(See the original house siding and where the kitchen was doubled in size sometime in the past by previous owners?)
  • Storage

Hopefully by the end of the year, it will be complete.  In the meantime, we love the changes we’ve made. 

Now it’s your turn to show off your kitchen!
Please follow these rules for joining in:
  1. Link up your kitchen below. If linking an old post, add the button to the most recent stating you’re participating in Roomspiration-Kitchens today or add it to your side bar for the next week. 
  2. All Roomspiration linky parties stay open through October 14th. 
  3. Follow the DIY Show Off and visit some of the links.
  4. Don’t forget! 
    Enter the $100 Better Homes & Gardens/WalMart gift card giveaway here!
  5. Copy and past the button code into your post or on your side bar to share Roomspiration – Kitchens with your readers.

Roomspiration Blog Hop

If reading through your email subscription, click here to link
up or visit all of the links to beautiful kitchens.

Here’s the full Roomspiration schedule:

I had so much fun getting to know these talented ladies and their beautiful homes:
abode love: a man\View Along the Way

  Involving Color
{ All Things Bright and Beautiful }  Touch of Gray

The Blooming Hydrangea  The Mustard Ceiling

 The DIY Show OffAs you can tell, it’s been a very busy week so I’ll be taking this beautiful warm, sunny Saturday off from blogging and see you Sunday at the DIY Project Parade. Enjoy the weekend!

Happy to make a new friend this week!  I’m joining the party at< /span>

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Mummy {Maggie} Chronicles – Kitchen Reveal

Maggie’s dark kitchen is now beautiful, fresh and bright! I love a good kitchen makeover story. Happy DIY endings make me smile.  🙂

See more and the entire progress at

Here are the amazing before and after pictures:

WOW! Beautiful lighting, white cabinets and gorgeous glass tile backsplash!
She’s working on some decorating and accessories, but like us all – couldn’t wait to share the transformation. We’ll be seeing more from Maggie soon!
Maggie – it’s a beautiful transformation! You guys did an awesome job! I love it and look forward to seeing more!
There’s more to see at Mummy {Maggie} Chronicles.
Here’s a sneak peek!  Pop over, say hello and snoop around.  I’m sure she won’t mind!
Before with previous owner’s things…
NOW…with Maggie’s decorative, DIY touch…
Pretty Nursery
Look at this work in progress! 

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Kitchen French Door Trim Update

The trim around our french door was a more modern/inexpensive mitered jobby like this…
The rest of the door trim in the kitchen is original to the farmhouse…it might not be a big deal. Not really. We have mismatched trim throughout the entire house. But then Mr. DIY wanted one of these:
Ryobi Doorman Door Closer - DM85D
He HATES when the door is not shut quickly.  Ask anyone in our family his infamous naggiest lecture and they’ll holler:  “YOU’RE LETTING THE BUGS IN!”
::eye roll::
(actually…bugs = bad.  they bite. kitty destroys house getting them. take back ::eye roll::)
Since we’re remodeling the kitchen 
AND he wants an automatic door shutter-upper (also known as the Mr. DIY shutter upper! hehehehe) which needs a wider trim, we decided to change out the skinny trim for something chunky and matching the original.
You can see the skinny trim in the background of this picture: SEE IT THERE? And the bug destroyer in the foreground? I have a bent curtain – rod victim of bug destroyer’s determination.

Original trim throughout the kitchen. Wide. Pretty.

How we matched it:

We used three 3 1/2″ by 1″ boards.  Set up the vertical sides first from floor to top of door frame.  Mark to just the top of the vertical door frame and cut. I love this look and it’s so easy to frame doors and windows this way.  Mitering is a lot more complicated!
The top horizontal board sits on top of the cut vertical boards to complete the frame.  Ours overlaps each side by 1/2″. Mark 1/2″ past the vertical side and cut. 

Prime with a latex primer such as Kilz.

We then used Dutch Boy’s Trim & Cabinet paint (Ultra White).  One coat before hanging.

Place and secure with finishing nails, countersinking them.

Fill nail holes with wood filler.
Use caulk were needed (side/seams).
Lightly sand where needed.

I always use my Purdy paint brush for trim. I gave the trim a second coat of paint. We use a satin or semi-gloss finish on trim.  Much easier to wipe finger prints (this door especially is in the path from kitchen to grill and my cook never sees his black fingerprints but you can’t miss them).  


All done. Stand back and admire, be reassured that the door closes automatically and exit quickly to avoid the push and letting bugs in!  🙂
Next up – framing that window and baseboard trim!  I do love that the door trim now matches the rest of our old home’s character.  

A Sense of Design

Good morning, DIY friend!

I‘d like to introduce you to Gina of

A sense of design
A new creative DIY blog started just a few months ago but already showing some great DIY projects under her label appropriately titled DIY tutorials. My favorite is the stenciled wall tutorial
Isn’t it pretty?  It’s the same stencil I used for my daughter’s room so I might be a little biased.  Here is Gina’s beautiful result…
She also has some fabulous furniture features!
Desk before
Gilded desk now – gorgeous!

Gina is not only DIY creative, she’s blog-creative too.  I LOVE this ongoing series of hers…

You’ll have to visit A Sense of Design to read the posts. I know you’ll enjoy it as much as I have reading back through them!

Wait! Are you still here or did you head over already? There’s more to see too!  One of our favorite topics, HOMES – before and after!  Here’s a sneak peek of Gina’s house.
Kitchen After
Sweetest Girl’s Room
Gina, welcome to blogging!  You’re off to an awesome start!  I can’t wait to catch up on your posts and follow along to see more! Thanks so much for showing off today! 😉

Delta Blogger Event 2011

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Delta Faucet 2011 Blogger Event (all expense paid). Exciting, yes!  Did I hesitate to accept?  No way!  A get away and DIY/home improvement related?  A DIYer’s dream trip!  Thank you so much to Delta for an interesting, fun filled couple of days. I have a new appreciation as a consumer to all of the hard work, innovation and creativity that goes into manufacturing quality products.  Here’s a recap of my experience:
We started off with a reception to get acquainted with each other.  Good food and drinks and a homework assignment by Paul:  Take our shower backwards, starting with what we normally do last and finish with usual first shower maneuver.  Sounds like no big deal, right?  Give it a try.  It really threw me off balance waiting until the end of my shower to wash off make up.  Who knew something so routine meant so much? 
My room at the Renaissance Indianopolis North. Modern, clean and comfy.
We were given a warm welcome at the Delta headquarters (and even applauded!) and an introduction by sweet Paula.
Brizo is Delta’s luxury line…offering distinctive design aesthetics (BEAUTY) and performance, creating a fashion statement for the home.  Lovely! Fascinating:  Brizo is the primary sponsor for fashion designer, Jason Wu and the first national sponsor of the St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway. 

I fell in love with this girls’ curves.  (x) Add to the dream DIY bathroom makeover one of these days.  I love the Delta Brizo Swarovski crystal finial…

Quality, green, efficient, sustainable luxury.

Inventive technology:  Smart Solutions – Touch or hands-free, multi-flow (extra volume), Diamond Seal. Style, practicality, quality and smart innovation.  Forward thinking!
Intuition shower head is standard and hand held with a pause button!

Some interesting and awesome Delta features:

  • H2O Kinetic Technology – uses less water without sacrificing pressure and comfort. Water conservation and performance.
  • Touch2O and Touch 2Oxt Technology – start and stop the flow of water with a touch to the faucet – use wrist, elbow, forearm. Messy hands, clean faucets (need this!). 
  • Diamond Seal Technology – a tough diamond-coated valve to prevent leaks
  • MagnaTite Docking – powerful magnet on the pull down/spray hose to keep it in place when not in use.

 Getting to know the products and features of Delta’s collections and some hands on interaction:

Holly, Maggie and I made a great team…installing a kitchen faucet and a Touch2O bathroom faucet (auto shut off).  We gave some feedback on the instructions.  Simple installation.  Even I could swap out a Delta faucet without Mr. DIY’s assistance.
We were also split up into two teams and given direction by Tom Foust on an exercise in brainstorming. So much fun to work through a creative/troubleshooting process.  You had to be there, but let me just say “Da Smootha rocks”!
Dinner on our last evening was at the wonderful Recess in Indianapolis. Delicious food (menu changes daily) and a beautiful industrial decorated atmosphere. 
The Bloggers:
Dan – SavingsGrid
Holly – 504Main
Joey & Lana

Me & Mike – correspondent for HandyGuys Podcast
and new blog author at
Emily – MerryPad
Stephanie, marketing
Paula, Delta
Jai, Delta
Lindsay, marketing

Me & Maggie – Holyoke Home

< div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">The blog crew…

I invite you to check out each blog listed above. Tell them I said “hi”.

This was one group of talented DIYers and super friendly bloggers. I really enjoyed meeting and getting acquainted with everyone in real life. 
Delta’s lobby…dreamy.  I’ll take one of each, please. 

I loved meeting Holly from 504Main. We’ve e-known each other for nearly 2 years, the past year as a part of the DIY Club and finally had the opportunity to meet face-to-face.  Thanks, Delta!
So, overall…I have a new respect for Delta’s eco-friendly, family friendly, DIY-friendly, creative, innovative, beautiful products.  I love that they provide an amazing work environment for their employees with a superb atmosphere.  Everyone seemed to love their job and were excited and proud to be a Delta team member.  A peek behind the scenes and seeing things first hand was awesome!

Just some more Delta & Brizo faucet eye candy for future reference…