Colorblock Art

The area above the bed in the guest room was in need of a little something…

Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff

I didn’t photograph the area in my guest room/nursery reveal closely because it was bare. But not anymore…

DIY color block sunburst wall art tutorial @diyshowoff I grabbed:

  • 48 x 22 inch plyboard (recycled from shipping packaging but available at the hardware store too)
  • FrogTape® MultiSurface
  • paint

Since my board was stored in the basement, I cleaned away the dust. 

Then measured and marked the center of my board. 

DIY color block sunburst wall art tutorial @diyshowoff

Next I applied FrogTape to create a sunburst design, starting from the center marking. I just placed my pieces randomly. 

Using a gift card, I burnished the edges of the tape to get clean crisp lines. 

DIY color block sunburst wall art tutorial @diyshowoff

Then painted each area, applying paint in the direction of the wood grain with a foam brush. 

DIY color block sunburst wall art tutorial @diyshowoff

While paint was still wet, I carefully removed the Frogtape then let my painting dry. 

DIY color block sunburst wall art tutorial @diyshowoff DIY color block sunburst wall art tutorial @diyshowoff

Add picture hanging hardware or use velcro hangers to display the masterpiece! It fills the space nicely and adds pops of color. Fun! A great way to add a big statement for little cost. 

DIY color block sunburst wall art tutorial @diyshowoff DIY color block sunburst wall art tutorial @diyshowoff DIY color block sunburst wall art tutorial @diyshowoff

{notice the photobomber? lol!}

I’m not very “artistic” when it comes to painting but a geometric pattern is something anyone can do. Coordinate colors with your existing decor, make a big statement without breaking the bank. 

See more details on the diagonal wall paint, the chevron/colorblock door and guest room/nursery makeover

easy diagonal wall paint design tutorial @diyshowoff color block door makeover @diyshowoff combined guest room nursery reveal @diyshowoff  

*I received compensation to complete this project for using FrogTape® products. All opinions, projects and ideas are based on my own experience.

 FrogTape Blog Squad

Guest Room/Nursery Diagonal Wall Paint Refresh

Our guest room was painted just a few years ago (and the color is a mix of several leftover paints, but I’d say it’s close to Benjamin Moore Smoke). And an occupational hazard of loving DIY and decorating is that walls wind up with tiny nail holes everywhere (they’re just holes! It doesn’t deter me from decorating and doing what I love when it’s such an easy fix). The walls also had some scuffs, etc. And well, with welcoming a grandson into our lives soon, I wanted to freshen up the guest room a bit and to add a few nursery details. So, time to freshen up those walls. 

Guest room before – not bad at all! But I want to freshen up the room, make room for a guest baby too!

poster bed with curtains, turquoise and orange, do it yourself, bedroom makeover

I really like the existing color. So I didn’t want to completely start over. I decided to add Valspar Sandstone Gray to the main areas that needed “freshened up”. How did I do it? By keeping the existing wall color on one wall completely and painting the opposing/opposite wall the new color. Then, the other two walls got a bit of a fun treatment. New color where I patched the nail holes, existing color remains on the bottom half where I didn’t have nail holes. 

Yes, that means a diagonal design. Simple. I am really loving the result!

How did I do the diagonal wall treatment? With…

Diagonal Wall Paint Design Tutorial  

  • FrogTape® Multi-Surface
  • string
  • thumbtacks
  • paint

Note: I tackled this project before sunrise (crazy!) but I couldn’t sleep (it does feel like a productive day when you accomplish so much before lunch). Anyway, please pardon the shadows in the tutorial photos. 

I attached string to the upper most corner of the wall with a thumbtack. Then did the same on the opposite bottom corner of the room.

Diagonal Wall Paint Design Tutorial

I used the string as a guide for placing my FrogTape. 

Diagonal Wall Paint Design Tutorial Diagonal Wall Paint Design Tutorial

I used my thumbnail to burnish the edge of the tape that would meet the paint. 

Diagonal Wall Paint Design Tutorial

Removed the thumbtacks/string.

Diagonal Wall Paint Design Tutorial

Then Painted the upper halves of the walls. Two coats. 

Diagonal Wall Paint Design Tutorial

While the second coat was still wet, I removed the FrogTape and allowed the paint to dry before re-decorating. 

Diagonal Wall Paint Design Tutorial

I repeated the same steps on the opposite wall.

Diagonal Wall Paint Design Tutorial Diagonal Wall Paint Design Tutorial

I really love the way I still have the original color but it’s updated, fun and freshened up!

Diagnonal Wall Paint Design @diyshowoff Diagnonal Wall Paint Design @diyshowoff

See the full guest room/nursery reveal here

combined guest room nursery reveal @diyshowoff DIY nursery wall decor at easy diagonal wall paint design tutorial @diyshowoff painted craft box DIY at diyshowoff DIYShowOff Michaels Makers back to school book ends feature

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Disclaimer: I received compensation to complete this project for using FrogTape® products. All opinions, projects and ideas are based on my own experience.

Guest Room + Nursery Makeover Reveal

Nursery  Guest Room Reveal @diyshowoff

You guys! There is a new little grand child arriving in just a couple of weeks! #EXCITING! So of course, this first time grandma needs to convert the guest room to allow space for baby sleep overs. The before is pretty enough…

blue orange and gold guest room bed at

It needed a good freshening up. And I’m sure that I’ll still be playing ‘doll house’ in this room, moving things around, adding a little something here and there but for now…it’s guest AND baby ready! 

Nursery  Guest Room Reveal @diyshowoff

I started with a mood/design board to get a feel of how things would look, things I liked and things I already currently had on hand.

nursery design

And here it is…

Nursery Reveal-41 Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff

and just in case you haven’t seen enough, here’s more… Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff   Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff

and more because I just love this room… Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff Guest Room/Nursery reveal @diyshowoff

There’s still a bit of a to-do list:

  1. A new (used) dresser…of course I plan on giving it a DIY makeover (just have to find one first).
  2. Light fixture: I’d love to swap the existing for something gold.
  3. DIY wall art for above the headboard.
  4. Replacement casters for the portable crib.
  5. I’m thinking that the weathered green oar would be adorable mounted horizontally with some coat hooks.
  6. Of course you know me, there will probably be TONS of baby related DIY coming in the future too. 

There are fairy lights strung between the curtains above the crib. The arrow near the rocker has a battery operated lights and a switch. There are fairy lights hanging around the top of the bed frame. So plenty of soft “night light” after sunset. 

Do you spy the Young Living Aria Ultrasonic diffuser? Definitely a splurge but oh my goodness…this diffuser combines the latest in ultrasonic technology with a variety of useful features. The included remote lets you choose from a selection of soothing, built-in sounds or enjoy the multicolored LED lights. With the built-in speakers, you can plug in your own personal music player and enjoy the music of your choice. Diffuse some peace-inducing calming essential oils and it’s like a spa. I’m moving into the guest room! 


  • Wallpaint color: Blue is a mix of paints (sorry), “white” is actually Valspar Sandstone Gray. Tutorial coming soon!
  • We already owned the bed.
  • Light fixture…installed 7 years or so ago so I don’t remember where we got it. It was originally black but I used some Rub-n-Buff to give it a patina’d look.
  • DIY A to Z book ends
  • Painted storage box
  • Framed felted deer head wall art tutorial
  • sheer curtains
  • DIY banner
  • Molded plastic Eames-inspired rocker
  • Vintage photographic print canvas set of 9
  • Safavieh Carla Rug (Joss & Main but sold out. I do have to say that the rug shown did not arrive in good/brand new condition however Joss & Main/Wayfair customer service was excellent. I paid for a beautiful rug (this was not a review/free item) and so a few days later, a new replacement rug arrived. I haven’t had the chance to empty the room, roll the original back up and unroll/install or see the condition of the replacement but fingers crossed that it’s “new and stain-free”~ I’m optimistic and pleased with the service I received despite my original disappointment.
  • Carousel Designs mini crib sheets (birch forest, grey raindrops, patchwork plaid). Birch forest shown.
  • Pinch pleated comforter from Target in gray
  • Megan Romo ‘Fair V’ Canvas Art

So what do you think? Quite a mismatched collection of styles, right? You know I love “eclectic” best. Now all we need is the baby. 😉 

combined nursery/guest room @diyshowoff

DIY nursery wall decor at color block door makeover @diyshowoff easy diagonal wall paint design tutorial @diyshowoff painted craft box DIY at diyshowoff DIYShowOff Michaels Makers back to school book ends feature

*This post is sponsored by Happy Crafters. Tutorial, experience and opinion is my own.  Check out all the supplies at Happy Crafters for inspiration for your next project. 

{Hospital} Bedside Table Makeover

One of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas challenges for September is furniture makeover…

Hospital Bedside Table Makeover tutorial

I just happened to score this little thrifty treasure from the thrift store…

hospital bedside table DIY makeover

for the low, low price of $3.99! A cute {hospital} bedside adjustable table in need of some TLC. 

I gave it a good cleaning then disassembled the parts. 

After taping off the casters, I gave it a few light sprays with a metallic gold spray paint. 

hospital bedside table DIY makeover

Once that was dry, I went back and forth on making a decision on the tray part. A shelf board would work. So would a serving tray. 

hospital bedside table DIY makeover

I went with the serving tray. I reassembled and used smaller wood screws to attach the tray to the frame. 

hospital bedside table DIY makeover  

Now it’s a convenient bedside accessory…

Hospital Bedside Table Makeover tutorial Hospital Bedside Table Makeover tutorial  

I liked that it has a lip since the tray tilts forward. Great for holding a book or tablet. 

Hospital Bedside Table Makeover tutorial

Adjust to the table top position for a portable desktop, breakfast in bed or bedside, chair side or couch side table.

Hospital Bedside Table Makeover tutorial

Makes for a pretty side table too…

Hospital Bedside Table Makeover tutorial Hospital Bedside Table Makeover tutorial

What’s your latest thrift store, estate sale, flea market find? 

Hospital Bedside Table Makeover tutorial

Fall LCI

I received a Lowe’s gift card to put towards this challenge. Opinion and above idea is 100% my own. More DIY ideas at Lowe’s Creative Ideas or follow Lowe’s on Instagram, Pinterest and sign up for the Creative Ideas magazine and app.


Eclectic Guest Bedroom Ideas

When I shared our family room and kitchen in the What’s Your Style Series, one style those rooms (and all rooms in my home) share is “eclectic”.

Visiting from the beautiful bedroom at Shabby Love? Welcome, friends!

When you do what you love, specifically on a small budget; thrift stores, flea markets, estate sales, yard sales and Craigs List become favorite sources for unique, eclectic decor. Our guest bedroom is no exception. 

blue orange and gold eclectic guest bedroom at   blue orange and gold guest room bed at blue orange and gold guest room bed at guest bedroom at eclectic guest room at

and a mix of old and new.

mixing old and new - eclectic guest bedroom at

Small budget? Wrap a canvas you already own with pretty wrapping paper to freshen up old decor. 

wrapping paper canvas art at

Layer the bed with a folded top sheet topped with a throw blanket. Cat optional. 

eclectic guest bedroom at diyshowoff

Eclectic: mismatched furniture, a mix of pattern and colors, collected-over-time gallery wall, DIY accents, a painted floor and flea market finds. 

blue orange gold eclectic guest bedroom at mixed media gallery wall at guest bedroom redo at eclectic guest bedroom DIY cat window seat

I’m in the process of planning a re-do on our other guest room/dressing room. Our master bedroom is a disaster since the day we moved in but always seems to get pushed further down the priority list. What’s your style and favorite bedroom in your home?

Posts related to this room/DIY in this bedroom:

diy luggage rack

easy DIY cat window seat

chevron Shape Tape tray

painted dresser tutorial at

See more of my style in the DIY Show Off Home Tour.

Ready for some more bedroom inspiration? Check out these bedroom beauties in the What’s Your Style Series:

what's your style series

Ready for a little inspiration to get started on freshening up your bedroom? Check out the giveaway using the widget below to be entered to win a $100 gift card to Online Fabric Store. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

DIY luggage rack and sprucing up the Guest Room

Lowe’s Creative Ideas challenge for November is sprucing up the guest room. So, it’s all ready for your visit! Pack a suitcase because I whipped up a pretty DIY luggage rack:

diy luggage rack  

Materials I used:

  • Three poplar 1in x 2in x 6 ft (they really measure 3/4 x 1-1/2 inch)
  • One 3/4 x 36 inch square dowel
  • 24″ by 16″ fabric
  • Twelve 1-1/4 inch pocket hole screws
  • Two 3-1/2 inch machine screws with washers/nuts
  • Valspar Spray Paint + Primer 

Tools I used:

  • Kreg Pocket Hole Jig
  • Saw
  • Sanding block
  • Iron
  • Sewing machine
  • Stapler

I cut the poplar and dowel as follows:

  • Two 25″ long pieces of poplar (tops)
  • Four 20″ long pieces of poplar (legs)
  • One 19″ dowel  (cross beam)
  • One 16″ dowel (cross beam)

Next, I painted my wood pieces. (You may want to wait until you have frames assembled. I had to do paint touch ups after assembly because of pocket holes.)

Using my Kreg Jig I  drilled pocket holes into each of the four legs on the 2″ end (2 holes each) and each end of both dowel rods. 

DIY luggage rack tutorial

Drill a hole into the each leg piece in the center on the short side (10″ down).

DIY luggage rack tutorial

Outside frame: Attach one 20″ leg to the 25″ top using two screws as shown measuring in 1 1/2 inch. Repeat with the other side.

DIY luggage rack tutorial

Then the dowel as shown.

DIY luggage rack tutorial

* My pocket holes are facing out. They’re more noticeable if they’re on the inside when the luggage rack is unfolded. 

Repeat the above steps for the inside frame piece EXCEPT attach legs 3 inches in on the 25″ top piece (or lay out on top of inside frame and make sure one set of frame legs fits inside the other for folding).

*This is where I’d paint the frames instead of beforehand like I did. 

Now, cross (sort of tuck) the smaller frame into the larger frame above the dowel. You may need to loosen the larger frame’s dowel a little to get it to fit properly. 

Insert the 3 1/2 inch machine screw into the pre-drilled hole through both frame legs on each side. Secure with a nut on the inside. 

DIY luggage rack

Cut fabric rectangle measuring 24 x 16 inches. Fold, iron and hem all borders. (My seam allowance is 1 inch on the short ends, 1/2 inch on the long ends.)

DIY luggage rack

Staple short ends to under side of top frame pieces (between legs). 

how to make a luggage rack

All done!

Open and guest ready:

diy luggage rack


foldable luggage rack tutorial

Folded and easily stored:

diy foldable luggage rack

More ideas to be guest room ready:


  • a variety of magazines to the night stand
  • freshly laundered sheets and towels
  • a comfy throw blanket
  • tissues
  • fresh flowers
  • alarm clock
  • easy access to outlet for chargers
  • extra toiletries

See more fun DIY ideas at Lowe’s Creative Ideas, follow Lowe’s on InstagramPinterest and sign up for the Creative Ideas magazine and app! I’m SUPER EXCITED that THIS PROJECT will be featured in the Lowe’s Creative Ideas digital magazine! Be sure to get the app and check it out! 


*Disclaimer: As a member of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Creators and Influencers network, I received a Lowe’s gift card to complete this project challenge, however the tutorial images, instructions and opinions are my own. 

Cottage Bedroom Before and After

Seaside Shelter blog

Dani from Seaside Shelter loves DIY and bargains. Our kind of girl! At Seaside Shelter (her blog), her objective is to share small ideas that will make a big impact on your living space. And she’s so good at it too! She recently finished a cottage bedroom makeover with an amazing reveal for only $335! Take a look:

bedroom before – boring, outdated.

bedroom before

Carpet was removed to reveal birch flooring which was refinished. Wow! Painted walls and trim really freshen up the space…

bedroom after

I love the green and navy accented with gold. Dani calls it “preppy cottage”. Perfect! There are a lot of DIY accents in this room. Pendant lights hang above painted nightstands to save on table space (great idea!) and the beautiful DIY upholstered headboard sports some gold nailhead trim…

DIY upholstered headboard with nailhead trim

Old nightstands get a new look with a coat of paint in a fun accent color…

green painted nightstand

And the stenciled wall adds interest and texture with a pretty pattern…

stenciled bedroom accent wall

Amazing budget with gorgeous results! See the cost breakdown, links to DIY details and more pictures at Seaside Shelter Preppy Cottage Bedroom Reveal.

Seaside Shelter

Meet:  Dani from

Seaside Shelter blog

The guest room in Dani’s house has been redone more times than any other room in their house. It has housed numerous guests, served as a home office, slept an infant son, housed two foster daughters and was most recently turned into a sitting/television/game room. Spring has arrived in Newport and Dani has lots of overnight company so as of last week the “round room” as they call it, is back to- and will forever remain – The Guest Room.
The biggest challenge in choosing a purpose for this room has been that it is round. The room is actually a turret with only the inside wall being flat. It’s good sized, 16′ in diameter, but without flat walls, where do you put your furniture?
Secondly, if you stand in the center of the room and speak, your voice will swirl around your head in the most awkward and uncomfortable echo (the office concept was short lived).
Dani took down the matchstick shades to make the wood a real focal point to create a clean, white backdrop.
DIY plank/pallet headboard.”drift”…
Shopping around the house is always budget friendly! The basket that held the kid’s video games now holds spare blankets for guests.
Antique ceiling tin accented lamp…
Hemp tie-back accent has a nautical feel and adds texture…
I LOVE Dani’s latest yard sale finds too!
beautiful after…
Get the details at Seaside Shelter Turquoise.
Beautiful, right? You can see more from Dani at Seaside Shelter. YOU MUST SEE HER HOME before and after. What an amazing change! I can’t wait to see more!

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Gray and Yellow Bedroom

Meet: Stephanie from

Love Olympia June blog

Stephanie enjoys decorating her home and shares her budget friendly makeovers. Today she’s sharing a look at her pretty gray and yellow guest bedroom…

gray and yellow bedroom

The wall shelf and dresser were purchased at a local thrift store which donates money from each person’s purchase to a children’s hospital nearby. Both got a little DIY transformation…

DIY dresser and shelf makeover

$120 Room Makeover Details 

1. $30 thrift store dresser. Left over paint: Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige and Dorian Gray.
2. Wall color is a mixture of Accessible Beige and Dorian Gray- both by Sherwin Williams.
3. $4 thrift store shelf, painted  with leftover white paint from Sherwin Williams.
4. Yellow floral fabric from JoAnn’s on sale: pillow case, dresser detail and clip board picture hangers.
5. The gray and yellow striped curtains are from Hancock Fabrics and also were on sale for $5.00 a yard!
{headboard coming in the future}
6. The duvet cover and bed sheets are from Target….on sale for $15.00.
7. Frames are from Target ($4.00 each). Stephanie used Picasa to add some drama to them before framing and hanging them up.
8. Spray painted old end table/night stand.
9. The gray trays are from Target’s $1.00 section (x2).
10. $2.00 handmade tissue paper pom poms and $3 ceiling hooks to hang (Lowe’s).
11. Silver curtain rod and curtain rod clips were bought at Target.
12. Everything else used in this room was already owned, handed down or a gift.
See more pictures and details of this pretty room makeover and more DIY from Stephanie at

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DIY Show Off – Budget Friendly Guest Bedroom Before and After

First Floor Guest Bedroom: (THIS IS THE BEFORE.)


My desk is a farmhouse style table and I sewed a table skirt to hide the wires and computer hardware:

Here’s my chandelier too:
NOW (after) it’s a guest room! See the full reveal HERE.
Stripped of everything shown above:
Now after painting the floor, installing new baseboard trim, painting and mostly all thrift store, flea market and junk store finds:
painted guest bedroom floor meets painted guest bathroom floor
stenciled/painted floor:
still need curtains!
view from the dining room:
(thanks to Butch for installing the light fixture for me!)

Few updates:

ladder turned magazine/throw holder

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DIY Show Off - FacebookDIY Show Off - TwitterDIY Show Off - PinterestDIY Show Off - Feed

DIY Show Off – Dressing Room/Guest Bedroom Reveal

Dressing Room/ 2nd Guest Bedroom {Closet Organization}
Before (previous owner’s artwork)
This chandelier (free):
got a makeover:
In the guest room, we have this Pinecone Hill Genevieve bedding (celery):
Love the free chandelier in here…
 Closets Before had curtains for a few years – I hated the orange wood toned bi-folds that much!
 Painting shuttered doors.

Full post and dressing room details/closet organization here.

The closets also had a lot of wasted space.

Shelving installed!


This one only had 1 rod for hanging clothes…

With the addition of two shelves in wasted space and an extra closet rod…

Accessory trays (secured to the wall with 3M velcro hangers) organize nail polish…

Easy Hang Closet Extension Rods double hanging space for boots shown above and pants/skirts as shown below:

A little seat for pulling on boots…

Two extra sets of bi-fold doors becomes a folding/dressing screen (attach with hinges in the center)…

Behind the screen…

A GoodWill found tiered candy dish holds favorite accessories…

Inspired by Martha Stewart, trim/molding organizes my shoes. Four 42″ pieces hold 24 pairs of my {heeled} shoes…

(See the trim/molding shoe storage how to here)

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French Cottage Bedroom Makeover

 Lee Caroline Art
Hi, my name is Lee and I’m fromAuckland, New Zealand, the country with 4 million people and 40 million sheep :)…I’m  aprofessional artist and adore interior design, crafts, cooking, fashion and I’m addicted to Houseand Garden magazines so much so that I have copies that go back to early 1970’s. I stumbledupon Roeshel’s gorgeous blog a few weeks ago and I’m so excited and honoured to feature asRoeshel’s guest post today.
Twenty months ago I returned to NewZealand from 14 years living abroad in Brunei, Qatar and Abu Dhabi. I bought a small littlecottage in a seaside suburb of Auckland called “Mission Bay”.  Its a wonderful location butyou pay a lot of money for property around this location and all I could afford was a boxy littlebrick house on a very tiny section. However, I knew that I could make this house really desirableand I am gradually working through it one room at a time adding character and making it feellike a home. Today I’m sharing the makeover of what was a very boring small master bedroom. My bedroom does have a little en suite and walk in wardrobe which is a great bonus,however I needed to do something to make my bedroom feel special.   

My favourite places on earth are Italyand France, with this in mind and the idea that I love anything French I decided to buy someold French shutters (yes from France!) and use them as a headboard. The shutters are duck eggblue which is my favourite colour for the moment.  Wallace Cotton a lovely homeware shop in Auckland, providedthe bedlinen for me to take some pretty shots of the bedroom once it was completed.  Iam sharing all my photos with you today including a before and after shot of the bedroom.The “before” shot was the previous owners’ look prior to me purchasing the property.

My design board
 My gorgeous pair of distressed French Shutters.
I added a sconce between the shuttersas I felt the gap was a little wide. However, I needed this space to balance the shutters againstthe width of the bed. 
 Paradiso quilt from Wallace Cotton
 Simple steel bedside tables that were originally bought for the living areabut didn’t look quite right. I think they are perfect in the bedroom.
I love the seersucker pillow for added texture
 My mother gave me this lovely Royal Albert cup and saucer I adore thecolour as I am mad about “duck egg blue”
 I used a lovely linen for the Roman blinds in a neutral beige and whitecheck
I hope I have brought some inspirationto you, a simple addition such as the old shutters can make a plain bedroom into a fantasyescape to France!  
Have a great weekend
Lee oxo
Poppy (my little Schnoodle)

See more from Lee & Poppy at Lee Caroline Art.
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Budget Decorating – Better Decorating Bible

Suzy from Better Decorating Bible is sharing her beautiful bedroom today.  What I love about her room is it’s cozy feel and collection of pretty things that have special meaning to her.  It all comes together with a beautiful, comfortable, eclectic vibe.  Here’s Susan:

Here is my all-time favorite place to hang out – my bedroom. It was inspired by a bohemian, cozy style with a touch of French regency.I recently redecorated it from a sunny yellow color which was looking tired, and decided to keep the ceiling a sky blue color. To glam it up I installed a gold chair rail trim to complement the cream white walls and painted the door trim in gold as well.I love the lived in and well-traveled look as it’s filled with lots of antiques and art which all has a special meaning to me. I made my room functional by using an antique piano bench as a coffee table and having a day bed which doubles as a couch. This makes my room a great place to hang out and doesn’t feel like much of a bedroom.Everything was decorated on a budget and I tried not to invest too much since I move around a lot. Hope you enjoy! 
  Uber Chic Bohemian Decorated Bedroom  

Uber Chic Bohemian Decorated Bedroom  

What do you guys think?  I swear if I put all of those things together, I don’t think it’d look this planned or this pretty but she really has a talent for display and staging, doesn’t she? This room has history. Decorating can be as simple as rearranging everything you already own, not breaking the bank to buy tons of coordinating decor and still achieving a beautiful look.  The addition of the gold chair rail is a beautiful detail. I love it!

See more decorating ideas and DIY from Suzy at

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Guest Bedroom Details – Sheers, Wall Art and a bonus entry in the giveaway

Welcome to Monday!  It’s going to be a great week, right? Yes! Yesterday, I moved the furniture around in the guest room (I promise there won’t be too many more posts about it!). It looks like my first thoughts on furniture layout are the best option so I moved the furniture back into place. Ugh! I know we still need curtains and I’m thinking along the lines of DIY since I’ll need at least 8 panels.  
Since the furniture is pretty much where it’s going to stay, I decided to start putting up some of my thrift store, garage sale and flea market finds – a little gold glam, tacky medallion, basket texture, distressed sunny yellow, Van Gogh print, blues, quote printed from TLC and the pretty DIY brooch wreath but it all comes together for an interesting display.
Nothing matches.  Nothing is new, just junk things and prints I’ve picked up and had lying around, definitely collected over time and I love how it looks grouped together. 
Still a few spots to fill in. More thrift shopping! 
blank wall before
 The walls won’t be bare for long!  
Lalka has a few words to say… “I looooove this princess bed.” (She does love the bed but she loves following me around too. Or maybe she loves being in pictures?)

But I think something’s missing.

Me: When I was shopping at WalMart and picking up my Better Homes & Gardens products, I decided to browse around and look at other BHG products too. I actually saw a lot of pretty things.  I spied these sheers with gold swirls. 84″ long panels for $4.97!  What a great price!
Now how to get them to work with the canopy?  I cut off the tags and used the 2nd seam of the sheer panel as a folding guide and sewed a straight line to create a larger pocket. I didn’t measure anything but after one panel, I remembered to check to be sure the length would work and luck was on my side! 
I simply unscrewed the finial, lifted the beam and slid on panels.
I love the way it softens the posts and adds a little luxury. Wouldn’t filling in the whole thing be fun? Just like a big luxurious sheer fort.  Dreamy. For now, I’ll be a grown up and live with it this way. 😉 
Do you like how it’s coming along? I promise you won’t here a squeak or peep from me about the guest room for the rest of this week. I’ll be busy trying to catch up with each link from the parties last week ~ so many friends to visit!
Hope to pop in to see you!
Giveaway Bonus Entry:  Copy and paste this bold text on your Facebook page: “sheering” the @BHGLiveBetter giveaway at @DIYShowOff” for another entry for the $100 BHG/WalMart shopping spree.  Then paste the same in the comment section of the giveaway at:
Sharing my updates at

Don’t forget – Starting today, I’ll be over at True Value’s Ask the Blog Squad on Facebook. I’ll be hanging out there all week long.  Head over, “like” them, visit me and feel free to ask DIY questions this week and I’ll do what I can to help!  🙂

Thanks so much to The Saturday Evening Pot for featuring my Christmas centerpiece in her 100 day Christmas Countdown (oh my…is it getting that close already?)!

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Guest Bedroom Reveal and $100 BHG Giveaway

Remember when I set that crazy ambitious one week time frame for transforming the guest room? Ready for TONS of pictures?  Don’t mind me, I just love to “show off”!  😉
Before – early years
Before it was my office/craft room.  But it was always a mess. I moved that room upstairs so I can shut the door when needed and keep my project mess and work spread out.  The guest bedroom needed to be on the same floor as the guest bathroom
Here it is all emptied with baseboard trim removed and as you can tell, we tore out the nasty carpet when we moved in and moved on to other more important projects. 

My mood board was designed to include things we already had including thrift store finds. A mood board is always a great way to start a room makeover and helps to visualize and form a design direction. 
I painted the floor and painted an area rug look-alike (more details here)…
I painted the walls and installed baseboard trim as well as door trim around the bathroom door. .
Wall color is a mix of Dutch Boy “Lake Champlain” and “Aquamarine White”.
Trim = Dutch Boy Trim & Cabinet paint in ultra white.
The black chandelier + a little turquoise Rub ‘n Buff Turquoise by Bri…
And finally, the reward for all of that painting, I put the room together.
Thanks to Better Homes & Gardens, I warmed up the room for guests arriving this fall. I am participating in BHG’s “make your home guest ready for less” and was able to select $100 worth of BHG products at I was pleasantly surprised with the beautiful products, great quality and big selection!
Swap out old dusty shades for new BHG tapered  taupe drum shades 
to soften light and add a warm glow to the room.
Seating area is a great place to curl up with a hot mug of mulled cider and a good book. (Or a cat!)
Add a BHG gold chenille throw and relax!
Sweet fall scents make me happy to be indoors when it’s chilly outside.
BHG Fleur de Lis wax warmer is a pretty creamy ceramic accent…
(and glass insulator turned votive)
Better Homes and Gardens Delectables Wax Cubes, Set of 4
Pretty and fresh new guest towels make guests feel extra special.
A pretty BHG peony decorative pillow is the perfect touch to a cozy bed full of bigger pillows.
Now the room is complete (minus a few finishing touches such as caulking the trim, filling trim nail holes and touching up paint), some DIY wall art and decor and curtains!  Okay, that doesn’t sound near complete but it’s come a long way! What do you think so far? I’m loving how it all came together!
Before – view from the guest bathroom
Standing in the guest bathroom after and taking a look at the view now…
Before (see that unframed door)
New door trim and wall space to decorate…
View from the dining room before…
View now (don’t worry, a curtain will be put back up to ensure guest’s privacy).
A much prettier view!
More happy views of how it looks now (with more DIY decorating projects coming up!)…
Lalka claims the room as hers.

Planning something with this wall but first I want to rearrange the room a few ways.
Another view of the painted floor…
And where it meets the painted guest bathroom floor…
Flea market, thrift and junk store finds:  
  • wingback chairs $25 each
  • turquoise lamps $4.99 each
  • gold side table $10
  • awesome old trunk $15 
  • small walnut dresser $25
  • turquoise night stand $1!
  • accessories under $10:  painting above headboard, globes, vintage cameras, Van Gogh print, glass jars, small gold clock, old radio, old books, blue insulator turned votive, ornate gold mirror, ball of orange yarn, walnut caned chair, owl cookie jar, etc. 
I’ve added sheer panels (BHG) to the poster bed and started a gallery wall…

GIVEAWAY is now closed.
BHG Live Better
Enter to win $100 Walmart Gift Card to get your bedroom warmed up for fall with Better Homes & Gardens! One (1) comment for each of these entries:
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  • “Like” Better Homes & Gardens on Facebook. (!/BHGLiveBetter), thank them for the awesome giveaway @DIY Show Off and comment here that you’ve done so. 
  • Visit, check out BHG products and comment which product(s) you’d choose for your home. 

Share the DIY Show Off/BHG $100 giveaway for 3 More chances (leave a comment for each):

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That’s lots of chances to win!  Giveaway starts right now and ends Monday, October 17th at midnight EST. Winner will be chosen randomly and announced shortly after! Good luck!
Better Homes and Gardens Traditional Pumpkin Wreath on Twig Base, 18"
Sharing at this fun party! I know – it’s a guest bedroom but it’s so much nicer than our master bedroom that after our out of town guests leave, we might just ‘move in’! haha! Join me in linking up to:
RedouxPinned ImageFunky Junk's Sat Nite SpecialThe Shabby Nest
Roomspiration Master Bedroom Edition with Rachel at Just a Touch of Gray 
YOU MUST SEE HER BEAUTIFUL AND INSPIRING MASTER BEDROOM SUITE ~ inspiration for my master bedroom when the time comes!

Remember to check out Roomspiration Closets & Nooks edition today too at The Blooming Hydrangea!
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Thinking Ahead to My Next DIY Room Transformation

Once the kitchen is done – I’m going to rearrange two of the spare bedrooms.  The first floor bedroom is right off of the dining room.  It’s going to be my next project.  Right now that room is a craft/office area.  It’s always a mess.  It may or may not currently only have a path to the desk.  Okay, seriously…if I was sitting at the desk and you walked in, it’d take days to find me.  
It used to look like this.  Then the twin bed became my niece’s big girl bed and a tornado (not literally) went through and it doesn’t resemble this anymore except that the mirror with the broken scroll and curtains are still there.
We have a smaller extra bedroom upstairs with this beautiful poster bed in ivory…
That bed is getting moved to the bigger room on the first floor but I’m keeping my office there too.  It’s a blank slate.  Plywood subfloor.  Four unframed windows.  Tiny closet. A French door with sliding barn door hardware lead to the dining room…the door in the background shown here:
and there are doors leading to the laundry room and this bathroom:
Both the bathroom and laundry room open to the family room.

This room will be my first attempt at DIY wainscoting and framing the windows.  I can also either paint the floor like I did in the bathroom pictured above but depending on budget, I’d love to go ahead and get the dark distressed, wide planked bamboo we’re installing in the kitchen, dining room and pantry (2 more weeks!) and eventually the entire first floor..
Antique Java Wide Plank Fossilized Strand™ Bamboo Flooring
I snagged a beautiful lantern type pendant from Habitat Restore last year that’s going in here too! It’s similar to this PB version except a beautiful antique gold…

Gothic Outdoor Lantern, Bronze finish
What’s the color scheme you ask? (You were going to!) I know I’m using a creamy white and antiqued gold.  Other than that, I’m still gathering inspiration. I’d love to maybe use navy.  But I’m also leaning towards rustic reclaimed wood tones paired with the ivory and gold.   
Most of my other furniture will be from thrift shops, Craigs List or estate sales but for a desk I’m considering something along these lines…
Hooker Furniture Mélange Bennett X-Base Writing Desk
I love pairing rustic/vintage with sophisticated…it may not be everyone’s decorating choice, but I do what I love. 
Something like this is pretty…
American Drew Camden White Drop Lid Work Station
A desk armoire is a great choice too, especially to keep all of the ugly desk top computer components hidden when not in use. 
Home Styles Furniture Homestead Cabinet with Hutch in Distressed Warm Oak
This is the look I’d love to have…
Printmaker's Desk
Do you have a home office combined with another area?  Any advice or pictures to share?  I’d love to see how it works for you!  

Decor Allure and the Basement PlayWorld

Do you have a finished game room/entertaining basement/man cave/kids’ playroom?  If it’s something in your DIY future, be prepared to be inspired.  Erin from Decor Allure just finished her basement makeover and it is a beautiful bright space that no one is ever gonna wanna leave!  1000 square feet of something-fun-for-everyone!  Grab a napkin, you’re going to drool!
Here are some highlights from her reveal but visit her “basement is finished” post to see the full details!

As you open the door to the basement this is what you see:

(No, the “no food” sign the kids made is not staying!  It was just up for our annual New Year’s Eve Family Party.  We had over 100 people and needed to keep the food to one level.)

The landing half-way down:

The vintage roller coaster poster I mod-podged onto a cheap canvas and the old wood tickets sign I made earlier (details here.)

Are you asking about that Ladder about now?  That ladder leads to my husband’s pet project and favorite part of the basement finishing.  It leads to a tube slide down!  Cool, huh?

My determined engineer husband twisted the top section and added an extension piece and made what I call “the death drop slide.” It’s very steep at the start, making it fast (perfect for our kids!) It does a zig-zag and comes out gently downstairs (you’ll see in a minute.)

As you turn the corner of this landing, you can see down the next set of stairs to the actual basement.

Straight ahead it the bathroom, to the left are the two bedrooms and to your right the main room.
If you turn to your right, this is what you see:

 We had a pipe that had to be soffited along this wall, so it made a perfect place for built-ins.  I pulled out a bunch of pictures of what I thought would work and my husband built it!

We found some lovely, wide crown moulding and some fluted trim at Habitat REstore.

Here you can see the almost-complete exit for the slide.  We still have a bit of mudding to the trim area and touch up to complete that.  We slanted the wall leading into the mai
n room to make a nice, wide entrance to the room.  The door lends access to the slide and should someone want to remove the slide, it would be easily done and leave a nice storage closet behind.


We threw down some furniture we had and I’ve since found the perfect smaller-sized sectional. I plan on slipcovering it and those red chairs with dropcloth.

The kids also love the swing from Ikea.  We reinforced some boards between beams and marked the spot before we drywalled the ceiling.  The air hockey table was a $60 score at a garage sale a few years ago and the $10 foosball wasn’t out of reach either!

I pulled together a collection of posters, maps and prints from a few places we’ve traveled to. My handy-dandy mat cutter made it easy to use some old frames from Goodwill and a few standard, cheap frames to frame the artwork.

Here’s a close-up of the moulding treatment we chose.

Alright, this is heading back towards the stairs and the rooms.

This is heading into the bathroom:

We chose to lay the typical square 12″ tiles off-set from each other instead of square to add more interest.  We really like how it turned out.

Now, we’ll head into the first of the bedrooms.  My oldest wanted an Asian feel to the room. This was her inspiration picture that we were going for:

And here’s ours so far.  We need some more accessories and such, but it’s off to a good start:

I made the upholstered headboard with nailhead trim (I’ll try to do a tutorial on it later) and made the bedspread.  We already had the artwork by VanGogh and just repainted a second-hand frame.

I found a very long $2 frame at a garage sale, cut a piece of thin plywood for the backing.  After painting it, I screwed on a kitchen drawer pull and hung a Japanese Obi we had from our stay in Tokyo.  It makes a fun art piece, yet does something much more practical; it hides the ugly electrical box that had to stay situated in the bedroom.  It’s on hooks for quick removal should we need access to the circuits.

Some wonderfully talented friends came over and painted these branches for us in a nice metallic paint.

On either side of the closet we placed some old Chinese screen panels:

 We’re on the lookout for a fun desk for her room, but it’s coming along.

Next door is our other daughter’s room.  She’s been warned that she’s the first to get kicked out when guests visit since we put a queen size bed in.

The headboard was found at a garage sale for $20, repainted the famous “Heirloom White” (we left off the footboard so it wouldn’t close in the room as much.)  It’s positioned in a bow in the foundation since this room sits right under the den in the front of the house, which has a bow window.

We already had these mini chandeliers from the girls’ old rooms.  They have very dim bulbs so they can be used as reading lights.  They’re connected together and put on a button switch attached low on the bed frame for easy on and off.  This very old, delightfully rough frame was found for a $1 and the bird print in the center was found at Goodwill.

On either side of the bed are these great old window frames I found on Craigslist.  We painted them gray and distressed them a bit.  We’re patiently waiting for some free mirror on craigslist or Habitat REStore to turn them into mirrors.  It’ll help reflect more light into the room.

To the right of the bed is a sleeping beauty print we had in
their old room.  The frame is a fun antique find for $5.

We’re moving in a slant-front desk and need to make some curtains, as well as look out for a few other accessories.
More pictures and details at her original post along with the paint colors she chose.  
Erin – it is fabulous!  What a beautiful and fun entertaining space!  The bathroom is gorgeous – love the tile and fixtures.  Lucky girls – such stunning rooms!   I see lots of fun family and friend get-togethers at your house!  Thanks for sharing all of your hard work.  Super job!

Before & Beautiful Afters at Casa Brasi

Amanda at Casa Brasi always has some amazing transformations to share (thanks Amanda!). Check these out!

Guest Bedroom Makeover


Master Bedroom Makeover


How to Distress a Dresser


Want to see more? Click the links to see full details on each project or head over to Casa Brasi for more DIY and decorating inspiration. 

At Home Alterations

DIY Show Off reader, meet Mike and Katrina from At Home Alterations.  Isn’t that a great name for a DIY blog?  You know what’s better?  Their actual DIY and at home alterations.  You can see more (lots of DIY and before and after!) at their blog but here are a few of the projects they’ve mastered.

Costing just $634 and a lot of elbow grease, their kitchen went from this:

to this:

What they did:

  • tore up the linoleum and refinished the hardwood floors
  • painted the cabinets and replaced cabinet hardware
  • installed a space saving pot rack
  • painted the walls
  • DIY art

Full (and more) details and pictures here.  

Then, as if that wasn’t exhausting enough (they’ve only been in their home since the beginning of the year!), they did a guest bedroom makeover.  Here it is before:

Don’t rub your eyes.  You’re seeing the same room – here it is now:

What they did:

  • Sanded and re-stained and sealed the floor
  • Sanded the stars on the walls and repainted
  • Furnished/Decorated – using furniture they mostly already had and great bargain shopping
  • DIY art

Cost breakdown and more details here.

Mike and Katrina also entered their “Easter Bunny bathroom” into True Value’s Design SOS contest.  You can vote and view all entries at  Mike and Katrina’s entry is #10!

Mike and Katrina – you’re doing an awesome job on your home.  I love your drive to DIY and get it done!  Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful transformations!  I think I can speak for all of us when I say – “Keep up the good work! We can’t wait to see more!”

A quick note to fill you in on an exciting, new True Value mobile sweepstakes! It’s a simple program that enters anyone who signs up for the True Value text message program the chance to win one of four grand-prize $500 shopping sprees at their local True Value or one of eight weekly drawings for a $50 shopping spree at their local True Value.
All entrants need to do is text SWEEPS to 30364 by October 31st for a chance to win! Once signed up, you’ll receive a couple texts a month with specials/deals and sales information from True Value. 
I was one of the bloggers selected by True Value to work on the DIY Squad. I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program as well as my writing about my experience. I have also been compensated for the materials needed for my DIY project. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.

Shabby Chic Style Little Girl's Bedroom

You may have seen this but in an effort to spread the love (the love of beautiful DIY before and after) and for those who may not have seen it yet, I must share this beautiful transformation.  It’s from Becky at Tea Party.   Prepare to go “ooohhhhh” an “awwwwwe”. 

Here is her daughter’s bedroom before:

Here it is after.  It’s all in the details, right?  Teagan’s new big girl room is full of pretty details…

My favorite parts?  Did you see the gorgeous grain sack inset on the headboard?  All of the DIY art work?  How about the soft, peaceful color scheme?  What do you think? 
Check out all of the details at Tea Party.  Beautiful reveal, beautiful job, Becky!  Thanks so much for sharing!

A Guest Room Reveal at Songbird

When I saw this guest room reveal submitted by Marianne at Songbird...I immediately replied that I was on my way and never leaving my new room!  I would move into the guest room if this was in my home.  From the subtle stripes to the beautiful vintage feel, she did a wonderful job at creating a room that guests will never want to leave.  Here are some pictures from her reveal:

Guest Room20 copy

Guest Room19 copy

Guest Room49 copy

Guest Room24 copy

Guest Room9 copy

Guest Room42 copy

Guest Room50 copy

Guest Room2 copy

Now, it might be a small room but with the new colors, it’s fresh, light, airy.  It’s stunning.  I’m just sorry that there doesn’t seem to be enough room for you to join me.  🙂  Read more details and see more pictures on her original post HERE.
Marianne – thank you so much for sharing your guest room makeover.  Not only is the room itself beautiful, but your attention to detail for your guests is just so sweet. I love the thought that you put into everything.  You love it.  I love it and I know everyone else (your sister included) will too.  Great job!

DIY Project Parade

Question.  Have you ever nearly finished a DIY project only to realize at the last minute that you did something wrong in the process?  Do you start completely over or just live with it? 
On occasion, despite my prep and research and the ‘vision’ in my head, this happens to me.  And it just happened.  I’ll tell you about it but first, I finally finished painting my daughter’s room.  
Not a mistake:  We’re Benjamin Moore fans, but for her room I used Mythic paint .  I was so impressed and not disappointed!  The quality was just as awesome!  The consistency was just the way I like it and I do a lot of painting!
Here is her room before.  When we bought our house, I gave the girls permission to pick out their own paint color (after all – it’s only paint) and they painted the rooms themselves (mistake!  What a messy job!).  She chose a pretty bold turquoise color and we paired it with hot pink and black accessories.  It didn’t take long for her to outgrow it and my eye would twitch (DIY OCD) when I went in there because of the teen-paint-job which you can’t see in pictures…but there are accidental turquoise brush strokes on the white trim and door and drips on the floor and…you get the idea. I managed to snap a quick picture before painting.
She has pretty French Provincial furniture.

This chandelier (free):

got a makeover:
In the guest room, we have this Pinecone Hill Genevieve bedding (celery):

I want to give the guest bedroom more of a farmhouse look or maybe even move it downstairs and use the existing guest room as a dressing room (future DIY!), anyway – this pretty bedding goes to her.
I chose wall color to match the bedding. It’s called ‘Lamorna’. The Mythic paint covered the turquoise in two coats! It was pretty bright and when painting over the turquoise, I kept thinking it was the same color as that “glow in the dark” color.  I was scared! After all of the walls were painted, it still seemed a little bold, but with drying and the bedding and creamy white accessories, she loves it.  Feminine but still a little crazy for her teenage taste.  (Seriously – if you saw the picture I took with my cell phone – the name of the color would be ghost/plasma!) I used the color ‘Sweet Silence’ to freshen up the trim. It’s a nice creamy white. I’m considering painting her furniture with it too…but we’ll see if that works out.  So many projects, so little time!
So, now my error.  I have a damask stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils.  It is amazing!  It was so easy to use and my plan was to give the wall with the two windows a damask wallpaper-look.  I used the same ‘Sweet Silence’ colored Mythic paint that I used on the trim.The damask stencil is almost identical to the damask pattern in the bedding and curtains. Here is a close up of the bedding:

Frog tape kept the stencil in place.  
I just dipped my foam roller into the paint then used an empty paint tray lined with foil to get the paint on the roller evenly and applied it to the stencil.  Easy!

A lot of measuring/centering and leveling and I got the base of 3 vertical lines on the wall. THEN I discovered that the stencil has a “built in” guide for overlapping a finished stenciled area in order to create a wallpaper-look easily.  Oops! WHY didn’t it click before I was to this point?! I swear I read the tutorial!  Perhaps just too much on my mind. So, I painted over and started again for the center part of the wall and did it properly.  I painted the ‘guides’ on the stencil for the vertical lines towards the corners of the wall to give it more detail.

See here how the top of the stencil overlaps a finished stencil area?  It keeps things lined up!  How cool!

If you’re looking for a stencil – I highly recommend Cutting Edge Stencils.  It’s a really nice size and so easy to use (learn from my mistake!).  I will be using it again. I love it and it made the entire project less overwhelming. I’m going to use it in another upcoming project too!

So here is the back wall of her room.  My little DIY helper is going to Germany for a few weeks (foreign exchange program) and I’ll be working to get the rest of the room done before her return so more to come!

Love the free chandelier in here…

Pillow on clearance at TJMaxx..

Frame from estate sale – future project.  🙂

What do you think?  We still have to get lamps, wall art, frame a mirror, pick up a thrift store chair she likes, work on the estate sale frame project and turn the bifold closet doors  into French doors for the side of the room you don’t see in pictures. 



So...that’s what I’ve been up to.  What about you?  Feel free to link up!

The DIY Show Off

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Beautiful DIY Headboard

I am in love with this DIY project from Whitney at Yada Yada.  We have a sleigh bed in the master bedroom and two beautiful poster beds in our guest rooms.  I think I need to copy this and put a bed in my office because I absolutely love it.  What do you think?

Here are some pics of my latest project that I am pretty proud of! I got these old shutters from an antique store, took them apart (myself!), sanded them down, and then hung to use a a head board! I think they turned out great!! Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for sharing your creativity Whitney!  It looks amazing – like a page from Cottage Style magazine!  Love it!

This post is brought to you by
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Vintage Home Tour – LaurieAnna's

I love coming across new-to-me blogs that inspire me with beautiful makeovers and making new blog friends. In case you haven’t ‘met’ her yet, I’d like to introduce you to
bws tips button
And if you do ‘know’ her, why haven’t you introduced us? lol I’ve been catching up on her posts and I’ve seen your comments! 😉

I‘m going to share several of her makeover posts with tons of beautiful pictures but if you’re like me (and I know you are), you won’t mind! Then click the link above and see more inspiration and her boutique. We have a rainy weekend ahead of us here and if you do too – grab a throw blanket and curl up with your laptop.

Here goes (warning, you’ll need a napkin for the drool):

Bedroom Makeover at 5th Place Cottage

I’m eager to share our latest room makeover at 5th Place Cottage! I hope I don’t bore you to tears with the large amount of photos!…

Challenges were of plenty in this room, but this once dark and musty room is now as fresh as a daisy!
The antique Victorian cabinet in the corner was painted Cottage linen and not only looks great, it provides desperately needed storage for linens in this tiny cottage. Shhhhhh……there’s a tv hiding in there too.

I found this treasure at Hector and Susie’s place, Fundustrial in Warrenton / Round Top last Fall.

The huge mirror helps to enlarge the small room, I snagged it from Marcie and Mayron.
Check out the bed crown….its a zinc range hood in “as found” condition! We found this at the Fredericksburg Trade Days last year.
I hung our smocked white bed throws inside of it to create a canopy. Isn’t the mix wonderful?!
Hubby hung a small prism chandy from the shoppe inside… makes the perfect reading light.
Look at the amazing detail in the vintage vent-a-hood. And the perfect amount of rusty patina!
The greenery is compliments of a tree in the sideyard….don’t you love simple greenery!
The sheer white smocked top drapes let in beautiful filtered light.
I bought this heavy antique iron bed from Lillie of the Junk Palace on our girl’s road trip last year…it’s perfect for 5th Place.

Crew member Bekah-doodle (Rebekah) made this beautiful white linen bedding for me.
Painting the floors white was an adventure that paid off big in this room! I fell in love with the white floors on the Swedish blogs and knew I had to try it. We may paint all the floors of 5th Place white…..over time.
Small architectural things always make it into the decorating details of my rooms….they feel like art to me.
It’s so nice to see these before I go to sleep.
A collection of random brushes are tucked under the cloche.
I’ve collected vintage baby dresses for a long time….they are so much prettier framed and hung on the wall. The backdrop….what else but bleached burlap.
A vintage flip top dining table paired with a burlap slipcovered chair makes the perfect desk for this space!
What are those big dome things you might ask….they are a pair of iron industrial harbor lights….just wonderful!
Vintage petite fish bowls on a tray make the perfect desk organizer!
I love the way the sunlight plays on the white floor….this room feels so fresh and I’m so pleased with the finished result.

And so you can really truly appreciate our efforts, check out the transformation in the before and after photos!
Are ya diggin it? Tell me what you think!!

Isn’t it beautiful? I want to paint all of my floors now! And one of these days, I will have a vintage romantic room to relax in too. Ready to see more?

The Kitchen at 5th Place – Makeover Photos!

Energetic and inspired….that’s the way I feel these days! Hubby and I indulged and took a week off. Actually, we had planned to take 2 weeks, but by the end of week 1, I was so refreshed that inspiration lay everywhere! So, we put the energy and inspiration to good use and went to work on 5th Place!
Hubby didn’t complain too much, although I did hear muttering yesterday that sounded like, “just how many projects can we cram into a day off?” No doubt he must love me because I know that I wear him out at times!
I’m very pleased with what we’ve accomplished over the past week….so many “after” shots to share that I don’t even know where to start! We built a sidewalk, an office / guest bedroom, finished the master bedroom, the living room, and the kitchen details! It’s been a very full week indeed!
These are all photos of the completed kitchen at 5th Place that are long overdue. See my previous post for the first leg of this project.
Check out the transformation!
I’m tickled yellow with Spring bursting out everywhere!
These tulip bulbs just astounded me. We used them at the Shoppe during the past First Monday show and they couldn’t have been more than a couple of inches tall. I placed them in the kitchen window and they have gone crazy! Don’t you love their new home? These chalkboard bins work perfectly ….aren’t they fun?
Cafe de 5. This handpainted project took an afternoon to complete and added a personal touch that is packed with personality. I love the way it revved up the tiny kitchen!
I wasn’t crazy about the view of the master bedroom door so I painted it with chalkboard paint. Now, it not only gives a bit of depth to the corner, it’s adds fun functionality too!
This corner definitely needed some extra light and hubby was sweet enough to hang a couple mercury pendant lights …love love love it!
This fabulous oversized clock is the perfect pop of energy for this corner and the antique metal table (a Roundtop find from our road trip last year) was exactly what the small area needed.
One of my favorite things at the Shoppe right now are these silverware molds….they are fabulous and were a perfect compliment for this little nook.
I’ve been collecting vintage Sherbert / Sundae dishes for years but love them far more dancing on the bottle drying rack instead of sleeping on a shelf.
The island was a find from Marcie and Mayron of Unique Unique Designs.
So was this great ironstone platter.
I love these vintage inspired faux foil wrapped bunnies…they are one of my favorite Easter arrivals at the Shoppe.
Can’t get enough of Tulips and aged Ironstone!
The container for the beautiful Iberis is a wicker cake stand flipped upside down. I heard about these flowering plants on Martha Stewart’s show a long while back….they are supposed to be easy to grow. I love the freshness they bring to the counter.
I love the crown dishes from the Shoppe….I think they are my favorites we’ve ever carried!
A burlap floor cloth was used for the window treatment. I can’t decide if I like them better on windows or floors….which do you like better?
I can’t possibly close without “formal” before and after photos. Take a look…

You can read more about this kitchen makeover here.

Wow, huh? If you saw my kitchen, you’d understand my envy. I do have Mr. DIY talked into redoing the honey-oak cabinets. I can’t wait to get started!

And then…there is her patio. She claims it isn’t finished but I love what I’m seeing and I’m so inspired to get my own barn patio into shape now that winter is over. Here is her post:

Now You See It – Now You Don’t

Spring is in full bloom everywhere! 5th Place Cottage may have more than its fair share of problems inside, but sometime in the past, someone with a very green thumb spent a lot of time in this yard.
Bulbs, ivy, ornamental trees, mature shrubs and wisteria….there is so much beauty blooming.
And, we want to enjoy every bit of it with strategic placement of sitting areas and outdoor living spaces.
But, as I showed you yesterday, and again pictured below….not everything outside is beautiful.

Isn’t this lovely? And, although we are big DIYers, moving this was a no no unless we want to hire an electrician. Hmmm…..just how bad do I hate it? Pretty stinkin bad! So, we considered the options and here’s what we came up with.

Since our power company reads the meter electronically, the visibility is not important like it used to be, but it has to be accessible. Okay, that helps…we will cover it up. But, what about that color? Don’t get me wrong, I like yellow. But, this is not exactly my kind of yellow….it lands somewhere between banana and schoolbus. You almost need sunglasses to look at it!
Since the entire house will be repainted sometime this year, we got a jump on it and painted this enclosed patio section a simple white. This area will remain white since it is a defined area that we are planning to screen in…this too will happen sometime this year. Notice how casually I commit us to layered projects….my hubby is not particularly fond of this trait…one might even say that he hates it. And one would be right!

Where were we…oh yes…the paint. An improvement? I would say so.

Next, we hung a pair of fab corbels that I scored last month at First Monday for $30, they made perfect shelf brackets. And, hubby cut a shelf to fit, notching out where necessary for that ugly awful conduit.

Okay, you’re probably saying “nice shelf” but it didn’t hide a thing”. But, you only say that because you don’t know what I know. Check out this bad boy!

Admit it….it’s fabulous! Yessiree Bob! And the cost for this lil gem? Ahem, that would be -ZERO-!! How ’bout that? I’ve had this beauty for almost 10 years. The sign is likely to be with me forever. It’s rescue story…many years ago a small antique store that had been in business for decades closed the doors. Months later when I noticed a new sign going up for the new tenants, my first thought was, “What did they do with that wonderful old sign”. I turned around in the middle of the street and headed back. When I asked the sign guy what happened to the old sign, I was so sad to hear that they had thrown it away. But happy as a clam when I went around back and discovered that I beat the trash man to the dumpster! How’s that for rescue? It needn’t ever worry about being thrown out again!
Now, it will spend its’ days lounging around being admired on this shelf. Hubster hinged it from the back so it can be easily lifted for meter accessibility. I’m pleased as punch with the clever concealment for that mess!
What next? Under the sign we placed an old pie counter from a drugstore cafe, another fleamarket find that needed some help.
Once upon a time there was glass in those inserts so you could see the pies.
But, one piece of glass was gone, and the other had been painted over. So, rather than replace the glass, I removed the remaining glass and inserted these great nesting crates for storage. We also sell these at the shoppe.

Isn’t i
t fabulous repurposed into a potting table? It will also be a great outdoor server. It can be whatever my my lil heart desires. I love multi-functional repurposed vintage pieces, don’t you? Try to say that 10 times fast!
That big ol sign required something big and chunky underneath to look proportionate and I think this was its soul mate. Symmetry is not at all important to me, but scale certainly is. Next, I added in some accents…

Plants, garden accents, and a pair of industrial lights (another find from Canton First Monday) are right at home in this section of the patio.

I used an antique pickle jar to store birdseed….aren’t vintage jars fabulous!!

LaurieAnna ~ thank you so much for sharing a small tour of your home. I’m a new follower and I really enjoying seeing all of your inspiration.
Beautiful work!

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