Frugal Home Design

Fawn from Frugal Home Design has an awesome blog with one of my favorite labels – “DIY”! If you haven’t stumbled across it yet, now is your chance. Here are two projects I absolutely love.

I love her book display! I want to make one for my home. I don’t have kids but we do have magazines all over the place. This would be such a great idea for organizing most recent magazine issues too.

$20 DIY Book Display-4 Shelves

I have FINALLY found a solution to the great book storage problem.

I have a 2 year-old and 3 year-old (non-readers) so when they want to read a book they pull every book out to see the front! Not to mention, they didn’t know how to put them back standing up with all the backs facing out. It was making me crazy. I have tried several options (THIS, THIS, THIS). Nothing was working, until I saw this on Ohdeedoh
I was in love. They used something similar to the Ribbia Picture Ledge from Ikea. We don’t have an Ikea near us and I didn’t want to pay $ 20 dollars per shelf. I thought it looked like a pretty easy DIY so I went for it.

Off to Home Depot I went. I wanted 4-36 inch shelves. Here is my shopping list…for a total of $20.

4-6 foot 1×3
2-6 foot 1×2

I asked the nice guy at Home Depot to cut them to length for me then we were out the door. I already had the other materials I needed: wood glue, nail gun with nails, and caulk.

First step, attach 2 1×3’s together with wood glue and nails.

Step two, attach the 1×2 to the front, again using wood glue and my awesome nail gun.

Last steps:caulk, fill nail holes, and paint. Easy Peasy.

I attached the shelves to the wall with 3″ screws into studs. I love them and it has renewed the kids interest in their books, but best of all, the kids can pick out and pick up their books with ease.

The lion mask in the above picture was made by my mom.

This is another one of her projects and it is exactly my style and something I plan to do in my home too. Fawn – thanks so much for the inspiration and helpful tutorial. I LOVE your motivation:

Board and Batten Entryway/Coat Rack

So I live in a house built in the 90’s with no character to speak of. Slowly but surely I am trying to make it feel more comfortable and give a more character. This was my first attempt at board and batten. I absolutely love it and I definitely want to do more treatments like it in my house.

This is the entry we started with. It doesn’t really have room for much. Both the front door and closet door open to the wall, limiting space immensely. I have tried several things, but nothing really worked.

Inspired by these beautiful pictures and wonderful tutorial from Karla and Will at It’s The Little Things That Make a House a Home I finally figured out what I needed to do to my entry (and now I had my nail gun I got for my birthday) so it was time to get started.

So I came up with a plan that looked like this–very professional.

Then off to Home Depot I went to purchase my primed MDF, came home and got to work.

It is amazing I can get anything done with these two rugrats running around “helping” me. I love this picture because it truly depicts what happens when I (and probably most of you) get involved in a project. The house gets trashed. And yes, my son is wearing a skirt, but in his mind it is his superhero belt.

I did this project back in November so I don’t remember exactly how much it cost, but I think about $4o. I absolutely love it.

Now some new tile and a pendant light fixture and I will be completely happy.

Frugal Home Ideas

says she’s fairly new to blogging, but I say she’s a pro at before/after and DIY! From the moment I laid eyes on her before/afters, I couldn’t wait to share with you. Check out her blog post:


You can see how I created my wall art here.
Front Living Room
You can see how I did this CRAZY EASY Wall art here
Did you know you can spray paint blinds? Holy Moly!
Living / Dining Combo
Don’t you just love the use of orangy wood and gallons and gallons of poly?
Okay, I don’t know why my sectional looks purple in photos. I really have to upgrade my camera situation, because these pictures are really bad.
See how I made these mirrors here ($40), and how to do this wall treatment here ($35)
It still needs some major work (and a new vent a hood), but at least you don’t have to shield your eyes from the blindingly (is that a word?) shiny orangy-oak cabinets.
On the list is to get a new backsplash. I will discuss my backsplash disaster and why there is a baseboard on my countertop in a future post.
Stay tuned for future posts about how I made those floating shelves (and frames) for under $10
and how I made that collection of framed animal prints for under $20 (including frames)
Master Bedroom
This is actually beadboard wallpaper on the walls
See… beadboard

Hope you enjoyed my home tour. You can look at the befores and afters of our first home flip (1916 craftsman bugalow) here.

AMAZING! So much DIY tutorials and before/afters in one post! Heaven!

Stef! I sure did enjoy the tour (and your first home flip) and I can’t wait to see future projects. You are a DIY superhero! Great job and the details and rooms look GORGEOUS! Thanks so much for allowing me to show it off.

What do you guys think? Love her, don’t you? What are you waiting for? Click her header picture at the beginning of this post and see more!

The giveaway is coming together! There are some really talented and awesome vendors joining in! I can’t wait to show off their shops and celebrate the milestones with you!

I’m still trying to catch up on visiting a few of you…thanks for your patience. As you can imagine, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks (if you were here early – you might have caught my blooper! Sorry Stef!). Have a great day!

I'm Telling! A Home Improvement Show & Tell Recap.

I thought it would be fun to spotlight some of the projects from the Show & Tell Surprise Party earlier this week. Here are the DIY home improvement projects that I thought were creative, beautiful and fun. If you’re featured, Make sure you grab an “I’m featured” button from the right side bar. Thank you to EVERYONE participating. I’m amazed and grateful for your participation without warning. :) In real life…I’d need hours to “get ready”. Those of you with the amazing kitchen makeovers – you’re killing me! I’m so jealous! Click on the links to visit for more pictures of each project!

Red Writing
(Dining Room Hidden Storage)

I Love My 5 Kids
(Kitchen Re-do)

Polka Dot Thought
(Kitchen Makeover)
Before: KitchenAfter: KitchenForever Daisies
(Scrapbook Room)


Moore Minutes
(Dining Room Makeover)

Thrifty Living
(Office Makeover)


Proud Feet
(Built In Bookcase)
The Proud Feet
(Kitchen Makeover)
Mother of 3 Fellows
(Craft Room)

My Creative Attempts
(Entry Room Makeover)

Something To Do
(Kitchen Makeover)
The Craft Monkey
(Laundry Room Makeover)


(Playroom Makeover)

Craig, Blair & Turbo
(Kitchen Makeover)
Home to Three Duncan Boys
(Closet Office)
The Meckleys
(Laundry Room Makeover)


Modern Country
(Master Suite)

Fingerprints on the Fridge
(Kitchen Remodel)

Making It Mine

(Kitchen Makeover)


I bow down to these DIY queens! Each of your home improvement projects are awesome!
So many beautiful spaces. I wish I was a traveling blogger…
I’d pop by to see your projects in person.
Thank you SO much for sharing your makeover stories!
I’m inspired!
(See all of the amazing Show & Tell submissions! Check them out here if you missed them!)

What are you up to this weekend?

This post is brought to you by, for all of your Hotpoint washing machine spares.

Back of the House gets a BIG Transformation!

Submitted by Roeshel from Evangeline’s Vine (that’s me! lol)

Finally! I can share the transformation of the back of our home! Here is our progress in pictures… Our home when we bought it. Hard to see from the distance, there were two single doors with awnings. Ugly. But I could see potential which is a good thing most of the time, except that “potential” doesn’t happen over night! Right away, we installed two sets of French doors. I love them! It changes the entire look of the back of our house. However, the old sidewalks didn’t line up and we lived with it for 2 years. And take a look at the old light fixtures. Yuck! So…this spring, we decided to put in a concrete patio. However – the concrete part wasn’t DIY. It was way too big of an area and required professionals.
See that progress here.
We got some new furniture (the table/chairs go under the grape arbor when it’s completed). Mr. DIY changed out the lights for me to give it an updated fresh look.

Edited to add: Here’s the link to my DIY candle jars! :)
We also hung window boxes to help disguise the upstairs windows which need replaced (another project for another time) and pull the main level and upper level together.

Again – before:

You can’t see the window boxes well in the pictures…but here is what they looked like before they were hung:

Okay – I’m getting a little camera-happy…but I just can’t believe the change in the back of our home. This is where everyone enters our house, so no more being embarrassed or giving “please watch your step” reminders!

All that’s left to do is fix the siding below were the old concrete ramp/sidewalk met the old single doors and plant grass!

What do you think? We are SO happy it’s just about done. It’s going to be a great area for entertaining! Being The DIY Show Off Feature is so much fun – it feels so good to show the world our hard work, doesn’t it?

(Still working on the covered/barn patio and grape arbor – almost done! Then we can ENJOY summer, right?)

A Shopaholic Mom shows off!

Have I mentioned lately how wonderful you guys are? We’re back on! First submission is from Jen at A Shopaholic Mom. She submitted two gorgeous transformations! Hurray! Here is her first:


used to look like this:

Here is her post:

Introducing my Entryway with my newly refurbished dresser! Didn’t it turn out amazing! I had planned on putting a series of sunburst mirrors above it, but once we got it in here DH said we should just set this on on top and see what we think…

And I think it is Perfect! We decided to leave it the cream with gold trim instead of painting it black.

I got the idea to put something for our keys from a fellow blogger, Evangelines Vine. (HEY! That’s me! Aw!) I’m playing with the idea of adding a quote to it, but am at a loss for what exactly to say! So if you have any suggestions leave me a note!

Aren’t these roses beautiful! Coach brought them home to me. He thought the entry needed some fresh flowers to bring it to life. I think he was right :-) The white ceramic tray was from my pantry! It was a wedding gift and is from BB&B.

I scored this copper lantern for $10, the gray candle for $2, and the starfish is from a trip to NC many years ago. The tall glass hurricanes were gifts at my Bridal Shower (they are from Pier 1) and I have no idea where the shells came from. I found them as I was cleaning out some closets a few years back.

I added two pictures Coach got me as a Christmas gift last year to the side to add some height as you enter the Living Room. I also added a chair to leave a place to put shoes on etc… Coach already mentioned how convenient it is!

And here is a view from the other side. I love how the light reflects off of the peaks in the dresser front. I’m simply IN LOVE with the way it turned out!

How she did it: (click here to go to her blog post with detailed instructions).

Her 2nd submission – so unique & so pretty, isn’t it?
Mantel Clock Tranformation:

My Mother, Grandmother, and I hit up our local flea market this past weekend. I found a few things including this mantel clock. Cost $4

I had some scrapbook paper laying around, so I decided to recover the front.

And spray paint the rest…

For a whole new look! What do you think?

Jennifer – both of your DIY projects get a 10! I love dresser makeovers and I NEVER would have seen the potential in the mantel clock but it’s beautiful! Great job and thank you so much for “showing it off”! And what a pleasant surprise to see a link to my other blog! Thanks so much! 😉

Holly's DIY House Numbers

You know I’m a fan of vinyl art AND vinyl house numbers (previous posts)…so when Holly from HomebodyHolly submitted this tutorial, I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to show it off for her! Here is her blog post/tutorial:


Ever since I saw this on Rate My Space back in November, I have wanted to do it on my front door.

I was a little too afraid to paint it, just in case I made a mistake or ever decided to remove it. Then houses around the neighborhood started popping up with “Welcome” on the doors in vinyl lettering, so I looked into buying the numbers online. It wasn’t too expensive, but I never got around to ordering.

Then last night I stumbled on this. Brilliant! Contact paper! Today I printed out my numbers, using Times New Roman. I resized the ‘No.’ to 200 and the numbers to 375.

I then taped the printed paper to the front of white contact paper, which I already had. Using a Xacto knife, I carefully cut around the printouts. Technically, I used a box cutter because I couldn’t find my Xacto, so it was a little more difficult than it needed to be.


Then I positioned them on the door. It might have been helpful to measure and mark the spacing, but I didn’t. Fortunately, they were easily repositionable.


Now I need to check the HOA rules to see if I can remove the original numbers from the post, which the builder put on crooked anyway.

IMG_2404Since I had the contact paper, this was free for me. Free vinyl decals Works for Me!

Holly – you’re a genius! :) I’m happy with my orders from my favorite etsy sellers…but your easy DIY instructions are an awesome alternative! I love the character it gives to your front door! Thanks for “showing off”!

How to Paint a Door to Boost Your Curb Appeal AND a giveaway!

When one door opens, you meet a friend! I met Katie when placing an order for vinyl house numbers. I originally wanted them for my door but it didn’t work out (my doors have windows and it just wasn’t going to look right) but I had to use my cute numbers somewhere!
So I used them on my flower pots and get so many kind comments. :)

She has the cutest etsy shop, Vinyl Vineyard.

Then I discovered her Vinyl Vineyard blog and came across her beautiful door! She has agreed to “show off”!

Here is her blog post:

How to Paint Your Front Door

In our subdivision, lots of houses round here look pretty similar.

So, Memorial Day I treated myself to a pretty curb appeal project by painting my front door. I’ll tell you right now, I’m not a professional, but I got the job done. And I think it looks lots better than the original.
If you want to do the same, here’s what I did:

Start with an ordinary boring door that looks like everyone else’s. Check.

Clean said door thoroughly with soapy water. Take an exacto blade and clean any bug guts, mud, or any other gross stuff off. If you’ve put any vinyl on your door previously, use your blade to remove it, and get some goo gone to clean any left over residue.

Once that’s done, let it dry and start taping off everything you don’t want painted. I taped my door handle (brass, blah. I do want to paint it but that’s a project for another day), the peep hole (for lack of the real name??), and the tiny runner that is actually supposed to be hidden by a kick plate.

Lots of people would prime the door next, but not me. Primer, (as far as I’ve seen and especially spray primer) is just flat paint. So, I saved me some money by buying the $.97 can of flat black and sprayed away. I didn’t want to get the spray paint on the door jam or my walls, so I shoved an old sheet in the cracks before I did it.

Spray the whole thing, make sure you get everywhere pretty even. It doesn’t have to be complete, though, since this is just to make sure that my paint will stick to it.

And then, I got carried away painting that I didn’t take any pictures of me actually painting, so use your imagination and picture the following:

Me, sweating profusely in the Arizona heat, and a front door thirsty for plain old black outdoor paint (that happened to be on clearance).

I used a roller, large and small, to apply the paint. The job took like, a total of 30 minutes. It was so easy, really. So easy in fact, I painted my pantry door too. I’ll show you sometime.

Then, for added interest, if you want, you can add your address in vinyl lettering.

You can purchase your own address decal here.

With paint, rollers, and painters tape, the project cost be under $20 bucks. I love it and can’t wait to paint the other side of this door barn red to match my entertainment center.

So what do you think?

Stop by Katie’s shop and check out all of her gorgeous vi
nyl art items!

Thanks for sharing, Katie – before was pretty but a little plain, but you’ve transformed it into a beautiful entryway into your home!


And now…the giveaway!
The Prize: House Numbers from Vinyl Vineyard!

How to Enter: Link The DIY Show Off giveaway button in a post on your blog and become a follower (if you aren’t already). Comment on this post that you’ve done so.

You can gain extra entries for each new follower who comments saying that ‘your blog’ referred them

Contest ends at 9 p.m. EST, Wednesday, June 24th. Good luck!

(psssst…there is also another great giveaway coming up – stay tuned!)