What do to with angled closet floor space?

This may be specific to our home and isn’t all that common. It’s the first house I’ve ever lived in with a closet with no floor. So in the event that you happen to have this annoying waste of space in your closet too, I’m sharing  easy this idea for creating an organized space for wrapping paper storage. Finally…a purpose! 

Organization Idea: wrapping paper storage utilizing angled closet floor space!

It’s in one of our guest rooms. See the closet turned craft space here. I love that it’s handy and organized. I love that my rolls of wrapping paper aren’t crinkled and torn or scattered around the house forgotten. 

I removed the rod for hanging clothes and added shelves for storage earlier this year but the angled floor from the staircase to the basement below is annoying. Here’s what I did: 

Organization Idea: wrapping paper storage utilizing angled closet floor space!

I placed the rod I removed below. It’s just sitting there to support my rolls of wrapping paper. Brilliant, right? No rod? How about a piece of scrap wood? PVC pipe? A broken broom handle? And actually, I don’t really even need a support since the door frame could hold in my rolls of wrapping paper. 

Organization Idea: wrapping paper storage utilizing angled closet floor space! Organization Idea: wrapping paper storage utilizing angled closet floor space! Organization Idea: wrapping paper storage utilizing angled closet floor space!

Okay, so not saving the world or anything but it is a happy little space-saving idea! Am I the only one with this sort of closet floor or does your home possess the same awkward space? 

Organizing a Craft Closet

Happy New Year, DIY Friends! Kicking off 2016 with a DIY organization challenge! #michaelsmakers diy organization challenge

Every January, I find myself wanting to declutter and get organized around the house. I do have a craft room upstairs that acts more as a storage room because I find that I prefer crafting on the dining room table. I’m more productive when I’m working where things are going on which inspired creating a craft closet in the guest room right off the dining room. 

closet before… DIY craft organization challenge craft closet #michaelsmakers @diyshowoff

I emptied the closet full of forgotten and unworn coats and added some shelves. DIY craft organization challenge craft closet #michaelsmakers @diyshowoff


I still want to paint but my favorite part was shopping Michaels newly launched line of storage and organization products called Cre8ted Spaces available in stores now. Tons of different colors, bins and office supplies – with more than 300 new items in 4 coordinating colors. You have to check it out! 

DIY craft organization challenge craft closet #michaelsmakers @diyshowoff

As a part of the Michaels’ Makers January DIY Organizational Challenge, an unused closet makes crafting on our main floor in the dining room with my most used craft supplies for essential oil business and gifts so much easier, making working more enjoyable!

DIY craft organization challenge craft closet #michaelsmakers @diyshowoff

I LOVE the gorgeous color and that there are so many fun different boxes, drawers, baskets and pencil cups to hold and organize my supplies. 

DIY craft organization challenge craft closet #michaelsmakers @diyshowoff DIY craft organization challenge craft closet #michaelsmakers @diyshowoff DIY craft organization challenge craft closet #michaelsmakers @diyshowoff

Where do you craft? In a designated craft space? The dining room or kitchen table? The living room floor? Do you find yourself digging around an unorganized storage space?Need some more motivation and inspiration to organize your craft space? Take a look at more storage projects on Michaels.com or the other 49 makers’ ideas on The Glue String for tips on designing, organizing and decorating their favorite places starting today at 10 a.m. CST!

#michaelsmakers diy organization challenge

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Inspired to organize your own space? Start the year off right! Michaels has tons of products and storage supplies that can be used to decorate and inspire creativity in any room of your house or office.

DIY Freestanding Mobile Pipe Coat Rack

Holiday season! That means some entertaining in our home, get-togethers with families, dinner parties (having a holiday open house today, in fact).  Time to get holiday guest ready! Did you ever notice that your own family fills up the coat closet (sometimes to the point of “avalanche!” when opening the door? Or is that just us?!)…and when guests arrive in colder months, coats are stored in the guest bedroom in a pile on a bed? Our solution: 

DIY galvanized pipe and wood mobile coat rack on casters @diyshowoff #lowescreator

A DIY moveable, mobile coat rack. I am so over the utility types that teeter, lean or fall over when filled up. Know what I mean? This industrial looking DIY coat rack is sturdy, not to mention adds a touch of rustic industrial style.

Materials I used:

  • (1) 48 inch stair tread (I used red oak but for a more budget friendly option, there was also pine)
  • Rust-Oleum Ultimate Wood Stain (color is kona and ebony)
  • foam brush for applying stain, gloves & rags, paint brush for applying polyurethane
  • Rust-Oleum Polyurethane sealer (finish is satin)
  • (4) heavy duty casters 
  • (2) 3/4″ flanges
  • (2) 24″ galvanized steel pipes
  • (2) 30″ galvanized pipes
  • (2) 3/4″ tee connectors
  • (2) 3/4″ nipple connectors
  • (2) 3/4″ 90 degree elbows
  • (2) 3/4″ 90 degree street elbows
  • (2) 3/4″ caps
  • (1) 36″ galvanized pipe
  • #12 1 inch hexagon washers (screws)

DIY galvanized pipe and wood mobile coat rack on casters @diyshowoff #lowescreator DIY coat rack with galvanized steel pipe and casters @diyshowoff

What I did:

Soak the sticker parts of the galvanized pipes in hot soapy water. (It doesn’t take long.) Remove stickers. Dry pipes and set aside. 

DIY galvanized pipe and wood mobile coat rack on casters @diyshowoff #lowescreator

Finish the wood. Using the foam brush, I applied the wood stain (brush on in the same direction as the wood grain). Let sit for a few minutes then wipe away the excess with old rags. Unlike pine, the red oak wasn’t absorbing my favorite kona colored stain in as rich of a color so I also applied two coats of ebony in the same way to achieve a darker color. Stain then dries in about an hour. 

DIY galvanized pipe and wood mobile coat rack on casters @diyshowoff #lowescreator

After the stain was dry, I sealed the wood using a coat of polyurethane. Simply brush on (looks a bit milky when wet but dries clear). I let that dry overnight. 

I attached the four casters to the under (unfinished) side using the hexagon screws. Be careful with the screws on the cut side of the wood. Going too close to the edge may cause the wood to crack. 

DIY galvanized pipe and wood mobile coat rack on casters @diyshowoff #lowescreator

Flip right side up. Set aside the nipple connectors, two street elbows and the caps. 

Next I assembled my pipe pieces. Starting with the flanges. Screw 30″ pipes into flanges.

DIY galvanized pipe and wood mobile coat rack on casters @diyshowoff #lowescreator Then add tees to the other end of each 30″ pipe.

DIY galvanized pipe and wood mobile coat rack on casters @diyshowoff #lowescreator


Then add the other 30″ pipe sections (one to each tee – you’ll have two poles at this point).

DIY galvanized pipe and wood mobile coat rack on casters @diyshowoff #lowescreator

Add a 90 degree elbow to the top of one pole.

DIY galvanized pipe and wood mobile coat rack on casters @diyshowoff #lowescreator

Connect the 36″ galvanized pipe (center) piece. Add a 90 degree elbow to the end of the center pipe piece then add the other pole.  

DIY galvanized pipe and wood mobile coat rack on casters @diyshowoff #lowescreator

Place the pole-contraption onto the wood stair riser (I found the center by using a yard stick).  Attach flanges to the wood using the hex screws.

DIY galvanized pipe and wood mobile coat rack on casters @diyshowoff #lowescreator

Add nipple connectors to the center tees, then elbows then caps. This creates a space for hanging purses, hats or scarves. 

DIY galvanized pipe and wood mobile coat rack on casters @diyshowoff #lowescreator

Now when we’re expecting guests, we can simply roll the coat rack near the door for hanging coats. Or use it as extra hanging space in a room without a closet (or one with a packed closet). Handy to have in the laundry room too! 

DIY galvanized pipe and wood mobile coat rack on casters @diyshowoff #lowescreator DIY galvanized pipe and wood mobile coat rack on casters @diyshowoff #lowescreator

Store it in the basement, a closet, the laundry room, an office or guest room and then move near the door for parties and gatherings. Or if you have room, display near the front door entryway or mudroom area. 

DIY galvanized pipe and wood mobile coat rack on casters @diyshowoff #lowescreator  

DIYShowOff #lowescreator

I received a Lowe’s gift card to put towards this challenge. Opinion and above idea is 100% my own. More DIY ideas at Lowe’s Creative Ideas or follow Lowe’s on InstagramPinterest and sign up for the Creative Ideas magazine and app.

Kids’ Closet Project

Hello! I’m Christina from No. 29 Design. Thank you so much to Roeshel for asking me to guest post. I’ve very honored since I’m still a newborn in blogland! I thought I’d share with you a project I’ve been working on and am happy to say it is done!

No. 29 Design
My boys closet got stripped of it doors a while back to make room for the Ikea Expedit I put inside. It has freed up the rest of the room to fit in two twin beds as well as plenty of play space. It stays organized and all those bins hold clothes and some toys. All in all it works great, except for the top. I can’t take the bar down which holds the clothes on either side. Seeing everything stored on the top shelf of the closet does not make me happy. I’d put more “stuff” but then I’d see that too, so I’m limiting my storage capability.

DIY Show Off – Dressing Room/Guest Bedroom Reveal

Dressing Room/ 2nd Guest Bedroom {Closet Organization}
Before (previous owner’s artwork)
This chandelier (free):
got a makeover:
In the guest room, we have this Pinecone Hill Genevieve bedding (celery):
Love the free chandelier in here…
 Closets Before had curtains for a few years – I hated the orange wood toned bi-folds that much!
 Painting shuttered doors.

Full post and dressing room details/closet organization here.

The closets also had a lot of wasted space.

Shelving installed!


This one only had 1 rod for hanging clothes…

With the addition of two shelves in wasted space and an extra closet rod…

Accessory trays (secured to the wall with 3M velcro hangers) organize nail polish…

Easy Hang Closet Extension Rods double hanging space for boots shown above and pants/skirts as shown below:

A little seat for pulling on boots…

Two extra sets of bi-fold doors becomes a folding/dressing screen (attach with hinges in the center)…

Behind the screen…

A GoodWill found tiered candy dish holds favorite accessories…

Inspired by Martha Stewart, trim/molding organizes my shoes. Four 42″ pieces hold 24 pairs of my {heeled} shoes…

(See the trim/molding shoe storage how to here)

DIY Show Off - FacebookDIY Show Off - TwitterDIY Show Off - PinterestDIY Show Off - Feed

DIY Project Parade: Closet Doors – How to Turn BiFold Doors into French Doors

I love this blog day at the DIY Show Off! I finished up the bi-fold doors. Finally!  Only they’re not bi-fold doors anymore!  Woo hoo!
The doors before:

The doors after (see tips on painting shuttered doors here):

But they were still functioning as bi-fold doors. Bi-fold doors are a great space saver in hallways or for laundry rooms, but not necessary in a bedroom. I wanted them to function as French doors.  Super easy to do!

(Dressing Room Sneak Peek!)
Closets Before had curtains for a few years – I hated that wood tone that much!
How to:

The doors were installed as usual in the outer corners. (My doors only have an upper track, the bottom is held in place with a bracket in the corners on the floor – no slider on the floor.)

Remove plastic that keeps the door on track from the upper inner corner. (The upper outer one near the wall will stay in the original track, remove the other top inner plastic.) Mine look like this:

Measure where the door closes and magnetic hardware will need to be place for doors to close and catch.
Start with pilot holes.

Install metal cupboard door hardware (the ‘catch’ piece) onto the track itself, so it hangs down to meet where the magnetic piece is going to be placed on the actual door.

Attach the other piece of the magnetic cupboard door hardware to the door itself, making sure that it lines up with the metal piece on the track so it will catch and stay closed. (Mark and drill pilot holes first.)

These are perfect for keeping the closet doors closed and so easy. Best of all – it doesn’t alter the door itself so if the day comes when you want bi-fold doors again, no problem.  Repeat for all doors (4 in our case).
Stop the folding action by using mending plates:

Three on each door near the top, in the middle and on the bottom.


Drill pilot holes.


Now the doors don’t fold anymore – but can be easily turned back to bi-fold doors. Permanent for only as long as you want them to be permanent.

Door knobs are from Hobby Lobby (1/2 off of $5.99 each!!!)

Big improvement!
Since this is my dressing room, I liked the freedom to get creative.

“S” hooks make belts/scarves and accessories easy to find. {Don’t you hate forgetting what you actually do own because you can’t see it or find it?}

I love that they open out, instead of fold.  I love the new paint job and pretty knobs. And I love that my cat no longer snoozes on my sweaters, covering them in fur!
What do you think?
Similar ‘S’ hooks:
Dressing Room Reveal coming soon with tons of pictures and a few more details on how my clothing and accessories went from being crammed and sharing space with ‘boy’ clothes to having a room all their own.
Ps. We’re leaving for vacation but I’ve scheduled posts to publish along with some guest posts from some of my creative blog buddies.  Please stop by to give these ladies some DIY Show Off love while I’m away and know that if you comment, ask questions, submit features or email me…I may not get back to you right away but I’d still love to hear from you and we’ll catch up when I return (I’ve been working on another room transformation this past week and can’t wait to share it with you!)


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The Fancy Pants and Another Gorgeous Closet Makeover

Yesterday’s closet makeover was beautiful and today I’m sharing another. Because if yesterday didn’t convince you to get organized and creative, you’ll need to see another.  It can be done!  This beauty makeover is by M.D. at 
The Fancy Pants 
Closet (room!) before was white. Stark. Uninteresting. 
Now with a little DIY power and thrifty treasures, it’s a girl’s dream closet:
Love the gallery wall with Audrey and silhouettes (shown above).
Glamorous!  I do have an empty room.  I’m torn. Craft room. Office. Guess room. Dressing room?! If I keep seeing these dream-come-true closet makeovers, I might be able to make a decision!
M.D., thanks so much for linking up your beautiful closet before and after to the DIY Project Parade!  You did a fantastic job! It’s stunning!
Interested in entering to win a chance to win $100 (working to make it $200 but can’t do it without you) gift card for a Target shopping spree from HomeTalk?  Enter HERE and learn more about a very helpful site for homeowners, renters, decorators, gardners and DIYers!
HomeTalk $100 Target Giveaway

Master Closet Dream Makeover

Meet:  Abbie from

Five days...5 ways
She’s the girl behind this gorgeous dreamy closet makeover you’re about to see but here’s a little more about her as well:
“We are incurable DIYers and built 95% of our house ourselves (framing, siding, floors, windows, paint, plumbing, electical…EVERYTHING; air-conditioning and kitchen cabinetry were about the only things we didn’t do, and that’s because we bartered services for them : )), and the closet is no exception with lots of fun details like a built-in shoe shelf, custom cubbies and a built-in laundry chute (yes, my hubby’s amazing!). “
Now, onto the closet.  Warning:  You’re going to be green with envy.  
(Confession:  My closet looks worse than Abbie’s before and it’s a built-in 1927 size. Waaahh.)
First step, empty!
After lots of DIY, now it’s…
Reminder:  Close your mouth. 
Another glance at the details, definitely framed mosaic worthy:
This was the $5 chandelier before:
Now it has so much charm. Unbelievably the same one!
I think if my closet was this organized, I’d remember everything I own (share that problem?). Organized accessories, shoes, jewelry, clothes. 
I know there’s a napkin in here somewhere for the “drool”…
And that’s only a sneak peek.  You have to see all of the details, DIY and great thrifty finds that went into this beautiful before and after.  Check it out at ABBIE’S CLOSET MAKEOVER BEFORE AND AFTER.
Abbie…this is such an inspiration and so amazing!  I don’t have a closet this size, but I do have an extra room right now.  Seriously inspired to turn it into a dressing room.  You’ve done an outstanding job!  Thank you so much for “showing off”!  I.Love.Every.Detail!
What do you guys think? Envious?  Inspired?  Does your closet look this dreamy?  
Don’t forget to enter to win the $100 (trying for $200) Target Gift Card Giveaway!  Imagine the closet you can organize with that?! Or how much you could FILL your closet with that?!  I can’t win it, so I’d love for you to enter for a chance! 😉 

The Mustard Ceiling

The Mustard Ceiling

I‘m sitting here multi-tasking: surfing the web, looking at entries for today’s blog post, searching inspiration (I could look at beautiful homes all day long), taking a break for dinner, trying to figure out how the Nook works that I got for my birthday and watching “Speed” out of the corner of my eye. Anyway, my point is…I came across Elizabeth’s home tour, before and after transformations and DIY projects and knew right away that I wanted to introduce her to you.  I love that feeling – motivation that I get from the blogging community, don’t you? Elizabeth will inspire you.

Her blog is dedicated to her obsession with interior design, do-it-yourself projects and other daily musings.  🙂

Here are a few before and afters of her gorgeous home. 

Kitchen before had charm but an outdated feel with what she calls ‘groovy gold’ countertops and matching dishswasher…
Kitchen after is so pretty with even more charm. I’m glad she kept the sink – love that! The open shelving is so convenient and a great way to bring more interest to a wall of cabinets.

Bedroom after…chocolate! I spy with my little eye something beginning with a L-O-V-E (remember that car game?!). A couple of things I want: that bedding, the chairs, that rug and chandelier!

I want to curl up on the couch with a throw blanket and good book and never leave this living room:

See more of Elizabeth’s before/after home tour at the The Mustard Ceiling Before/After.

Elizabeth’s husband also contributes to The Mustard Ceiling blog.  I love this post about the “Cloffice“(closet office)and living with an interior designer…
And great tutorial on wainscoting (their gorgeous dining room):

Learn how to DIY these chevron magazine files at “Dressin’ it Up“. So cool!

See more of Elizabeth’s DIY projects as listed below:


It makes me want to get up off the couch and tackle every project all at once, not knowing where to begin!  Thank you so much for sharing your before and afters and DIY, Elizabeth (and Alfred).  Beautiful job on every single detail!   

Many (DIY) Moments of Me

Before I feature Tatum’s beautiful DIY projects, I have to give her a big CONGRATULATIONS!  You’ll have to go over and visit to see her exciting news!!!  Lucky girl!

Now on to showing off!  Guests were having  hard time finding behind which door lies the room they’re needing (sometimes quick). 


Here his her pretty solution.  I love these signs and no more guessing games.


Her closet was a blank slate and offered little creativity with storage…


Now it’s so pretty + so FUNctional! Love the stenciled wall, hooks and labeled baskets. 

What you do think?  I LOVE both ideas!

Thank you so much, Tatum, for sharing your creativity!  And I’m looking forward to MORE of the details of your big day! 😉

Click the button!

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storage london, for all your self storage needs

Closet Office – More than Rubies

With a new baby on the way and a craft room turning nursery, Amber from More than Rubies was looking for a place to organize her craft supplies and create an office space.  After a lot of research, they decided to turn the guest room closet into an office. Here are some pictures of her inspiration:

From blisstree.com

from dwellerswithoutdecorators

First, they cleaned out the closet (before):

Second step was to re-vamp an old computer desk (a GoodWill find).
They used 7ft piece of plywood to extend the desk top to fill the closet.

Sanding, priming, and painting.

After getting the painted desk and desktop into the closet, they added some side shelving for additional storage…

As a finishing touch, they added a piece of molding to the front of the desk so that the plywood addition wasn’t so obvious. It worked out perfectly!

Now, they have an fun space for Amber’s craft supplies and a small organized office area!  

< br />

The total cost of the closet re-model was about $100 dollars. Amber plans to find curtains to cover the opening for when it’s not in use.  

Creative use of space, Amber – I love that it’s so organized/out of the way!  Thank you so much for sharing your hard work!

For more of Amber’s DIY projects, visit her blog at MORE THAN RUBIES.  

Closet to Mudroom

I love when closets become new fun spaces – little rooms like my cloak room makeover and Gwenny Penny’s sewing/craft space featured earlier in the week.  Take a look at Amy from The Mistress of Oxford‘s closet turned entryway mudroom!


They have a row of three closets on one wall. They needed a functioning space in the entryway so they retiled for the space, took the doors off and made a half wall. They relocated the light switch for a pass through and the closet turned mudroom/entryway was born. 

See all of the progress at the Mistress of Oxford Part I and Part II.

Antique leaded window = $40
(We installed 3 individual hooks)

Entryway bench = $75 KohlsWicker baskets = $20 ($10/basket) Pier OnePillow = $12 HomeGoodsRug = $15 HomeGoodsLetter “S” (pictured above) = $6 HomeGoods

Cast iron hook = $15 Elements (Local décor store)

Keyholder = $8 HomeGoods (This is on the wall next to the entryway)

Don’t you love it?! When there’s 3 closets in a hallway, what a great idea to make one into a functional entryway space to put on shoes, hang keys and store a purse or backpack!  Great idea and beautiful job, Amy!  Thank you so much for sharing!  It really
makes a beautiful change – lightening and opening up the area.  Love the bench and decor too!

Making a Creative Space

Creating a small space for yourself might be easier than you think.  I love this idea from Gwenny Penny.  A cluttered closet becomes a useful spot for sewing and crafts.  Click the link to see the full post.

New Sewing Closet!

Closet before and after:

Isn’t it awesome?  I have to admit that I did a double take.  The before looks like some of the closets in our house!
Gwen and her husband transformed it in just one weekend with some built-ins and paint.

Now it’s SEW organized…

Doesn’t it make you just want to dive in and organize YOUR creative space?  
Thanks so much, Gwen, for sharing your creative space.
I look forward to seeing your craft and sewing projects!

A DIY Closet Update

There’s progress in the closet!

The closet now:
and here it was before – a chaotic mess:
We built about a year ago.  This space was just an awkward cubby that ran beside the basement stairs.
After building out the space and adding a door (total of which was around $200), we painted the door. I always use a Purdy paintbrush – no tape, perfect straight lines where the wall meets the ceiling. The walls are a pretty, light blue color (Dutch Boy Refresh paint) called Fountain of Youth.  Two coats, no VOC with Arm & Hammer to eliminate odors – perfect since this is where our shoes will be stored.  A great option for a potentially musty, stinky, small enclosed area!
I used Cutting Edge Stencils Whispering Elms wall pattern kit to create a wallpapered look.  See the stencil wall pattern tutorial here that I shared a few weeks ago. 
We installed custom shelving
I grabbed these coat hooks from a church garage sale – 50 cents a piece!
The coat hooks were painted with Krylon‘s Indoor/Outdoor in Satin White.
Sand to give a distressed look using a Dremel Multi-Max tool:
and give it a coat of Deft Clear Wood finish (Rockler) to protect them.
Hang the coat racks using toggle bolts to support the weight of several heavy winter coats.
All ready for hosting holiday get-togethers with a pretty place for guests’ coats and extra storage. 

Stenciled Walls

 “I love wallpaper patterns but after tons of wallpaper scraping in our old farmhouse, I will never apply wallpaper.  Scraping wallpaper is my least favorite DIY project.  Using the cutting edge stencil was the super easy. Little prep, little clean up and once I got a rhythm going, it went quickly. I love that it looks like wallpaper but I chose the colors, it was so much less expensive and I did it myself!”
Closet before:  
Now with beautiful new color thanks to Dutch Boy Refresh paint.  It’s a light blue called Fountain of Youth. The perfect backdrop for a fresh new look.  Speaking of fresh!  Not only is Dutch Boy Refresh paint zero VOC, check out the key features:
  • Exceptional hide and durability
  • Gives mildew-resistant coating
  • ZeroVOC / Greenguard® Indoor Air Quality Certified

Tools needed:
  1. Cutting Edge Stencil’s “Whispering Elm Wall Pattern Stencil
  2. 3 different colors of paint (Roeshel used less than 1/2 a quart for her closet.  It doesn’t take much.) Roeshel used Mythic Paints in Woodbury and Bleached linen in her pattern.
  3. 3 foam rollers
  4. Paper towels
  5. Paint tray or foam plate
  6. 3 pieces of painter’s tape
The stencil comes with very easy to read directions, tips and tricks.  At first, I felt scared with placement and where to start.  I chose the right top corner of the wall since this is the most viewed side of the closet.  No measuring required.  Once she developed a pattern (eyeballing stencil placement), the rhythm and pace sped up.
1. Place the stencil on the wall (secure with a piece of painter’s tape).
2.  Roll the foam roller into the paint, covering the roller.  Then roll on folded paper towels to evenly coat the roller.
3.  Roll over the open areas of the stencil. 
4.  Repeat until entire wall is covered in the 1st stencil pattern.
5.  Repeat with Steps 1-4 for Stencil #2 and then with Stencil #3.
6.  Clean stencils by laying them in the utility sink under running water and rubbing with a sponge.  Hang to dry.
Tips:  Use a clean foam roller for each color/stencil. After coating the roller with paint and rolling on the paper towel, roller is good for about 3 turns with the stencil. Again – no measuring required.  It’s magic.  Okay, maybe not but the pattern works out and imperfectio
ns aren’t noticeable.
Here is closet after with the look of painted wallpaper.  No ripped or torn wallpaper in the future, no wallpaper removal. There is no lighting yet in the closet so colors are off in pictures.  The walls are a very light aqua blue and the stencils are in a light tan/white and silvery green. What do you think?

Delightful Order – Closet Under the Stairs

DaNita from Delightful Order is a new blogger but she already has an amazing start on some great before and after transformations to share.  I’m ‘showing off’ one but be sure to check out her blog for more makeovers.

The toy closet under the stairs before…

Toy closet under the stairs now…

Take another look!

See the all of the details of her toy closet transformation at Delightful Order.

A pretty and organized use of space and a fun reading nook!  Thanks so much for sharing, DaNita!  I look forward to seeing more!  🙂

Do you have a before and after you’d like to show off?  Email your link or photos to thediyshowoff@gmail.com

Coat Closet Before and After and DIY Project Parade

We’re further along in the closet. Hurray! Here is it now…

Here was the chaos before without purpose or organization.  Pretty bad, huh?

Just baseboard trim and lighting to go.  Full details at the DIY Club coming tomorrow.

Mr. DIY also installed a new exterior door and storm door this weekend.

We’re working in the dining room too and sanded and installed half of the trim/molding for another doorway we’re working on. More coming soon on that project. AND I de-cluttered my blog.  🙂

Don’t forget! Wed. is the DIY Holiday Highlights. I’m not even started but I’m so excited about Christmas.  So, the annual DIY Show Off holiday party starts Wed.  With a freshly painted living room and new dining room look this year – I need your inspiration and festive ideas! There’s a holiday giveaway to kick off the season too!

Did you DIY this weekend?

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How to Hang Heavy – using toggle bolts

There’s progress in the closet!  The coat hooks are hung in the closet with care in hopes that our guests have more options than flinging coats on the chair. 
Mr. DIY loves to make sure something is done right and not earthquakes or tough guys or gorillas could destroy his hard work.  So, thanks to our friends at True Value, each coat rack can support 500 lbs. and one coat rack boasts a 1000 lb. weight limit.  Cool, right?  There’s no way these babies are coming loose.  Here’s a little step by step on how to use toggle bolts to support your coat rack on a drywall wall without the use of studs.  For lighter objects where a nail isn’t enough but a toggle bolt is overkill, we follow this same process using plastic wall anchors.

Handyman….Mr. DIY
Photographer & Narrator…Me

1.  Using a level and a pen, mark the screw holes on the wall.

2.  Using a spade drill bit, drill the holes where marked.  We drilled two for each coat hook rack.

3.  Insert screw into coat hook front to back, and twist on toggle.  We used two on each.
This direction:
4.  Insert toggle bolt into holes in the drywall.  The toggle “wings” will fold forward in order to insert, then open once placed through the drywall hole. This spreads out the weight that the coat hook racks will hold.
5.  Tap with hammer. This helps to make sure the entire toggle part is all the way in and opens back up on the other side.
6.  Screw into the wall.
Easy and sturdy!
A little sneak peek of the closet in progress.  Don’t you love that mechanic’s light we found at an estate sale?  It sure comes in handy!
What’s left?
Light source
Baseboard Trim
Painting and distressing coat hook racks
Installing coat hooks
It almost makes one want to test the weight limit – rock wall climbing style, doesn’t it?  Okay, maybe that’s just me.  I can’t wait to have a place for guests to hang coats.  I have big plans but I also  have a bit of shoe and coat addiction so maybe not. 😉
In a quieter voice:  I’m narrating because if you put up a coat rack and it’s fancy on one side and your wife wants that side fac
ing up but you screw it in upside down, your language could be a bit interpreted a bit innapropriate for a lady. You take it all down (the toggle parts fall into the wall space) and repeat the above steps with the coat rack fancy side down AGAIN. Now the language is really inapproprite for ladies and small dogs and the neighbors. The fancy decorative side being upside down reminds me of a little bum in the design but I’ll just have to live with the litte bum for now.
I was one of the bloggers selected by True Value to work on the DIY Squad. I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program as well as my writing about my experience. I have also been compensated for the materials needed for my DIY project. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.

A fellow serial DIY'er…

I want to thank Brandi for sending over her DIY projects.  They are awesome!  This is a long post, but I can’t leave out any details.  I love all of her creativity, DIY talent and her beautiful home.  I think you will too.  Make sure you click the links to visit Brandi’s blog for all of the details and even more DIY eye candy.

Kitchen Before/Afters:
When we looked into buying the home, I was HATING the kitchen.  It was screaming BUILDER GRADE. The kitchen had never been painted and the countertops looked horrible.  And it was begging for a backsplash.
We chose to paint the kitchen orange and do the “antique glazed” look.  We painstakingly painted the cabinets a linen color and then glazed each one of them. We added some crown moulding to the top to give it a more “high end” look.  Then we added hardware to the doors and drawers.  Finally we changed out the countertop and put in a Travertine backsplash on the diagonal.  I couldn’t be happier… well, now that’s not entirely true – I want to change out the white appliances for stainless steel ones – but that will come later on down the road.




Fireplace Before & After:
The night we closed on the house, I immediately started pulling up carpet and smashing the tile surround on the fireplace. 
The hubs built the mantle and we used slate tiles as the surround.  Total cost for the transformation?  $36.00!!!
  As you can also see, we replaced the carpet for hardwood – a steal we found discount supply store for $1.50 sq ft… I am still convinced they had this priced incorrectly! HA!

Beautiful Bathroom vanity Before & After:
This is still a work in progress (its never ending).  But when we bought the home – there was carpet in the master bath.  GROSS!  We hated the vanity… okay we pretty much hated everything about the bathroom. 
We decided to take out the original vanity and put in an antique dresser with a sink on top in its place. 
After months of searching for the PERFECT one, we found this small dresser at Goodwill for $60.00.  We sanded it down, painted the body black and stained the drawers a mahogany color.  We also stained the side insets the same.  We added glass knobs and kept the beautiful brass locks. 
We found the sink and faucet on Overst
ock.com for $120.  Can’t beat that! 
The hubs had to modify the drawers to fit the plumbing, but I am extremely happy with the way it turned out! 
We also ripped out the carpet and put in black and white tile.  Now it has an antique feel to the bathroom.  I am loving how it turned out!!




Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful DIY projects, Brandi. Everything you touch turns to gold! lol I love the barnwood shelves, the kitchen is amazing, the bathroom might still be a work in progress to you but it’s gorgeous! Congratulations on doing fantastic work!

Closet Makeovers

Closet makeover – I have a few that could use some help!  I shared one with you the other day and here are two more.  Rebecca installed textured wallpaper and built/painted shelves in each closet.  Look at the difference!  Awesome!
Here are her pictures:  
Storage Closet Before
I have to admit, I have one that looks almost identical.
Cleaning out
New shelves

Storage Closet After

Craft Closet Before
Craft Closet After!  Wow!

Thanks for the inspiration Rebecca!  You did a fantastic job creating useful organized spaces! And I love the craft closet with the chair, curtains, workspace with everything in it’s place and within easy reach.  What a great place to get creative!  
I attempted to clean out one of ours the other day, but I only got as far as the room and then started rearranging furniture and vignettes.  I get a little side tracked when it comes to opening that closet door!  Does that happen to anyone else?

Closet Makeover #1

Sometimes I wonder if you guys can read my mind!  I have a closet makeover on my list to do in the next month!  And I’ve just received 2 closet re-do submissions to show off!  Coincidence?  Nah.  Great minds think alike!

Here is a beautiful (drool!) closet makeover from Ronda at Batchelor Way:

Closet Reveal

We are finally done with our master CLOSET!! And I’m in LOOOOVE!!!  Here is the after of my side.
And the Before
The before of the middle
And the after.  (This is looking straight into the closet through the master bath.)
Before of Les’ side,
After of Les’ side
I found these jewelry boxes at Downeast Outlet store for $5 each.  I think they look great in my jewelry drawer.  Go here to see how we did the drawers.

I found a cute little oval frame I wanted to make signs out of, but could only find one.  But super neighbor to the rescue.  Shelley found two slightly larger oval frames for me.  ( They only cost 10 cents each.) 
I spray painted them, of coarse.  Then I replace the pictures with some scrapbook paper I had  and finished them off with some vinyl.  I got the vinyl from my great neighbor Shelly.  (You can get the same thing for $2 each!)  I love these signs.  They are the perfect detail.  Go ahead and take them in!!!!!
I also love my new shoe cubbie.  We have so much more storage now.  And it’s custom to “our” storage needs.  Plus I love it when my supper functional storage it so dang pretty.
I’m pleased with my stenciled wall.  My last post tells how to make your own stencil like I did.  I got the great quadrafoil basket below on clearance for $7 at Home Goods.  And the wood to build the boxes below that for free.
These shots are a little different angle, but I wanted to show the whole stenciled wall.  Call us crazy, but we took the door off.  We never really shut it, and it allowed us to use the wall space on both sides of the door.
So that is my new closet!  Do ya think it’s over the top for a closet?  Maybe, but I love it.  And I get to go in there every day.  In fact I keep sneaking in just to stare at it!!!! Silly me.

WOW!  First, I’d stare at it all.the.time. too!  So organized. Everything within easy reach.  Great job Ronda!  Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous closet!  I love the stenciled wall, the His&Hers plaques and coat hooks.  So pretty!  Love the drawers too – everything having a place has to make life so much simpler!

I‘ll share another amazing closet makeover tomorrow!

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