Happy Unicorn {Essential Oil-Infused} Roller-Blend Make & Take and Giveaway

Earlier this week I shared the anniversary of the journey to a healthier me and this week, a few friends gathered with me to celebrate with a happy hour/make & take and I wanted to share a few of the highlights…

unicorn essential oils make and take

“Being a person is getting too complicated. Time to be a unicorn.”

unicorn essential oils make and take

The DIY Make & Take:

Magic Unicorn essential oil Make & Take @diyshowoff

Magic Unicorn Blend

What we used: (some affiliate links below)

*Note: I only recommend Young Living essential oils. See below for more info. 

unicorn essential oils make and take

What we did: 

Add 10 drops of each essential oil (Joy, Bergamot, Grapefruit) to the roller bottle, top off with carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil, V6 or carrier oil of your choice). Secure the rollerball fitment and lid. It has a pretty perfume-y smell with an uplifting scent. WARNING: Citrus essential oils are photosensitive. Do not apply if you’ll be out in the sun or apply topically where the sun don’t shine! 

unicorn essential oils make and take

More Details& Ideas

unicorn essential oils make and take

Bergamot//Bergamot’s aroma is tart yet sweet and uplifting yet relaxing.

Grapefruit//sweet, invigorating aroma that members enjoy for its ability to encourage feelings of joy, satisfaction, and playfulness.

Joy//invites a sense of romance, bliss, and warmth when diffused. When worn as a fragrance, it invites togetherness.

Light (essential oil infused) refreshments included: Beverages consisted of guest’s choice of Ice water bar with citrus Vitality essential oils (use glass or stainless steel containers), Sangria, Pink Moscato. 

Magic Unicorn essential oil Make & Take @diyshowoff

Fresh fruits in rainbow colors and fruit dip. Fruit dip: 1 large container of greek yogurt, 8 oz. cream cheese, a splash of vanilla extract, sweetener to taste, lemon Vitality essential oil. I blended ingredients with my hand mixer and refrigerated until served. 

Magic Unicorn essential oil Make & Take @diyshowoff

Sweet Potato/Beet Chips (2 bags) with dip. Dip: No photo…oops! But SO good! I hand mixed 8 oz. sour cream, 3/4 cup of avocado mayo, onion powder/garlic powder to taste, sea salt to taste, fresh dill and about 5-7 drops of dill Vitality essential oil. Yum! 

Magic Unicorn essential oil Make & Take @diyshowoff

Party Favors: You can’t see them around the water bottle in the photo below but these are perfect for applying essential oil and wearing as a hair accessory or bracelet. Get them here and you’ll have lots left over for welcome gifts, incentives, etc. —>{elastic knotted hair elastics}

unicorn essential oils make and take

Prizes: Nitro packets and Wolfberry Crisp Bars. 

unicorn essential oils make and take

Raffles: Just an idea of some fun raffles I put together: (Most items found at Michaels).

Magic Unicorn essential oil Make & Take @diyshowoff

Fun Game: Also search Google and print: “What’s Your Unicorn Name”.

unicorn essential oils make and take

We also covered some material from a Balancing Healthy Emotions with Essential Oils. 

What-are-essential-oils Inspire-a-positive-mental-state EO-impact-limbic

May Promo: OH MY GOODNESS! If you’re not a member of Young Living yet, get them now! Use Enroller/Sponsor ID#1836762 at youngliving.com to get a welcome bundle from DIYShowOff (see details here). 

Spring into Young Living essential oils @diyshowoff Grab a premium starter kit at youngliving using enroller/sponsor #1836762 and receive an awesome welcome bundle! Embrace wellness!


The giveaway: Share a happy moment from your week in the comments below to be entered to win. Giveaway runs now through May 31st at midnight EST. Winner will be randomly drawn and announced here June 1st, 2017. Winner will receive the roller blend above and a $25 Amazon gift card. 


SAMANTHA! “I got to go to my prenatal appointment and hear my precious baby’s heartbeat and got to plan the ultrasound for my gender reveal!”

CONGRATULATIONS, Samantha! I’ll be in touch! 

unicorn essential oils make and take

Pin for later reference:  thanks! xo

magic unicorn essential oil blend

Love your essential oils? Check out these awesome essential oil infused summer recipes and ideas HERE

summer cookout essential oil recipes

Celebrating a Healthier, Happier Me!

Time to get a little more personal! lol Because three years ago, two amazing blog friends shared something life-changing with me during a fun blog retreat (I’m ready for another trip, girls!). If you don’t know, my blogging career began 10 years ago at a time when we bought this old fixer upper farmhouse, a journal of our DIY projects, the before and after results and encouraging others to ‘show off’ their handwork, creativity and DIY. Yay!

Thieves all the things! Roeshel @diyshowoff #essentialoils


BUT it was also a time when my mind decided to go through something where working outside of the home really wasn’t an option anymore. And going out in public was an ordeal and took a lot of courage. Anyway, I did leave the house on occasion and I really had to force myself to step outside of my comfort zone. So much that even for this blogger’s retreat trip, while everyone else was flying into the same popular airport then meeting up and all taking two sponsored cars to the beach home; I paid more to fly into a closer airport and hailed a cab. Ridiculous, right? But if you suffer from something similar, you understand. The fact that I was even there in the first place was HUGE but I still had to deal with my quirks and apologize for my weird embarrassing high maintenance ways. Thankfully, most of the issue is “in my head” because that group of amazing friends were so nonjudgmental and accepting. Isn’t that the best? True friendship!

Anna Maria Island blogger retreat

So while everyone was piling in the cars and heading out to dinner, I apologized that I “wasn’t feeling well” and would be staying behind at the beach house because well, occasional anxiety induced (TMI alert!) digestive issues. If it had only been sweaty palms and a racing heart, I might have put on a brave face and tried. Okay, no I wouldn’t have. I missed out on a lot of things because of my fear and issues. 

beth, roeshel, carrie

Well, I have to tell you…the biggest thanks EVER goes to my amazing friends, Beth from UnSkinny Boppy and Carrie from Making Lemonade blog for sharing about essential oils. it’s a day that really was the starting point of my decision to make healthier choices. If they hadn’t shared, I shudder to think of where my unhealthy lifestyle would have landed me or how my fears would have held me back. 

I am forever grateful! Trying that essential oil, experiencing fast benefits that enabled me to be more active at the retreat is something I will never forget. When I got home, I immediately ordered the Premium Starter Kit and that began my journey to a healthier me. Now I’m still learning every day but my eyes are open to how horribly bad I was treating my body and that all of the DIY and creativity in the would wouldn’t make my beautiful home…safe. All of those toxic chemicals really are contributing factors to poor health. A beautiful home truly starts with creating a safe environment. 

diyshowoff young living essential oils member#1836762

If someone would have told me three years ago that I’d ditch my Yankee Candles, Bath & Body Works, my Versace perfume, my fake lavender laundry regimen; that I’d quit smoking (yea, that’s a biggy – I was an ashamed closet/outdoor smoker), begin exercising and eat cleaner; I would have laughed out loud and probably coughed up a lung doing so. :/ 


It didn’t happen overnight. I’m still working to take better care of this ::mumble::-something-year-old body but you guys, it was EXACTLY what I needed to take those first few baby steps, something I’d been procrastinating. It’s a decision I will never regret.

Check out how you can join me in taking the first steps to creating a healthier lifestyle with Young Living Essential Oils at diyshowoff.com

And my dear friend, I really want the same from you. So much so – and it doesn’t have to come from me (although of course I’d be honored to welcome you to our amazing circle of oily friends).  If you’ve been on the fence or holding off or rolling your eyes at that friend who is over-the-top passionate about their essential oils – connect with him or her asap and open yourself up to learning and experiencing even just a little but a good fair try to see those amazing health benefits for yourself. If you don’t have that friend, consider me…I’m VERY passionate about them and really want you to take a baby step towards a healthier, happier you. 

I jumped in with both feet and started swapping out chemicals in my home and changing my lifestyle to one that was more proactive and wellness-based. I am no longer afraid to leave the house. And with a mother and sister diagnosed with breast cancer one year apart with no genetic link; it’s evident that our environment and what we consume is a contributing factor. 

I absolutely was not looking for this type of career (who ever is?! No way! No thank you very much!) but when I fell in love with the products and forced myself to step outside of my comfort zone to host a class at home, I got a check from Young Living and then learned more about this generous world leading company, I realized I could leave a legacy (You guys! …leave a legacy and business to my daughters and grandson) — simply by sharing what I love just like I share favorite restaurants, clothing and music, and helping others in the process as well as live a healthier lifestyle myself and create a safer environment for the people I love (looking at that sweet baby boy’s face, I told myself that I wanted to be around to see him grow up to be an amazing man and I wanted to give him the things I couldn’t provide for my girls), I made the commitment to learn and share with others.

Aaro and nanny

I told myself that “hey…what do I have to lose? I’ll give it a few years and really stick with it. Really really … even when it’s hard or discouraging.” But most days? It’s so rewarding. And I’m so blessed by so many amazing friendships and a huge supportive community so that even if it feels overwhelming, I have the direction, advice and guidance I need from rock star business leaders to even doctors and nurses on our team giving this decision even more credibility. I’m surprised that I find it less demanding too. 

blogging encouragement

So far, in 3 years’ time, I’ve achieved the awesome rank of SILVER with Young Living! guess what? Only 0.2% actually reach this leadership level in the entire company, and the average SILVER leader is blessed with a paycheck of around $2000/ month!!! Yes, you read that right and the average Silver leader works 18 hours a week, just part time hours. I also earned a free trip to a Young Living farm! How exciting is that? I will continue to share and earn and help others to make healthier choices. And work really hard to help those on my team reach those levels of success too – I am surrounded by integrity and inspiration every day (you guys know who you are! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!).


Do you have 18 hours a week to change your life and the lives of others? Then we need to talk! It’s less work than my blog and currently making equal or more income than my blog with the potential to retire my husband as well as give back in a BIG way (the ultimate dream). See the 2016 Young Living income disclosure here. Join us. Join our amazing team (blogging not necessary!). 

All it takes to get started is purchasing the Premium Starter Kit. There are NO obligations. No hidden fees or tricky agendas. Get the Premium Starter Kit with 11 essential oils (12 if you order in May) and a diffuser (and more gifts from me including my favorite educational material and goodies with a generous $25 value personalized for you (you choose from several gift options) when you use my member ID as sponsor and enroller #1836762). Click HERE to get yours. 

May17-PSK-Promo-US May new member bonus

What are you waiting for? 

Have more questions? This is my passion and I’m available! Let’s chat! 

Stay tuned for a fun giveaway later this week! 

Summer Cookout Planning: Raspberry Lime {essential oil infused} Popsicles


summer cookout raspberry lime essential oil infused popsicle recipe

SUMMERRRRRRRR! It’s my most favorite season of the year! WOOO HOOOO! Break out the sandals and sunglasses and crank up the Kenny Chesney playlist. SUMMER is almost here! For me, Memorial Day is my unofficial official start to summer so let’s start kick off the count down with inspiration for planning your summer cookout with Young Living essential oils. Just so happens, your oily blog friends have organized a fun Summer CookOut event with a blog hop & Facebook party! diyshowoff raspberry lime popsicle recipe summer cookout with young living essential oils

*I’ve included affiliate links where indicated. 

So, my husband is the one who does the cooking around here. I can’t wait to pas along the recipes. (Not that I can’t cook! He just really enjoys it, so who am I to argue? It’s all yours, babe!) Anyway, here is a recipe that ANYONE can do. No cooking or baking skills required! 

raspberry lime Vitality popsicles

Raspberry Lime {essential oil infused} Popsicles Recipe

Plan Your Summer Cookout: Raspberry Lime essential oil infused Popsicles recipe @diyshowoff

So, your cook out is a blast! Everyone’s hot and ready to take a break from the bean bag toss, shooting the breeze, horseshoes, splashing in the pool, tumbling on the trampoline and freeze tag. Let’s skip the high sugar content/color dye frozen treats and serve up a batch of super cool Raspberry Lime {essential oil infused of course} Popsicles instead! 

Plan Your Summer Cookout: Raspberry Lime essential oil infused Popsicles recipe @diyshowoff  

Here is what I did…

Plan Your Summer Cookout: Raspberry Lime essential oil infused Popsicles recipe @diyshowoff

Blend: I blended both parts listed below INDIVIDUALLY in my Magic Bullet blender.


1 c. frozen raspberries // 2 tbs. water // splash of sweetener to taste (I used agave syrup)

LIME eo infused YOGURT

 1 c. organic vanilla yogurt // 10 drops give or take Young Living Lime Vitality essential oil // optional: tsp. lime juice

Assemble: I used silicone popsicle molds but you could use stainless steel OR paper dixie cups

Add a few fresh raspberries,

essential oil popsicle recipe

fill mold 3/4 way with lime/yogurt mixture, top off with raspberry puree. Don’t forget to insert the wooden popsicle sticks / handles.

Freeze: I froze mine for about 24 hours (made the day before, frozen overnight and eaten the next afternoon) then removed them from the silicone molds. A double recipe shown below in the freezer. Recipe above makes 4 pops.

Plan Your Summer Cookout: Raspberry Lime essential oil infused Popsicles recipe @diyshowoff

Decorate: Garnish with fresh raspberries and lime slices…it’s perfect to have them on hand for your essential oil infused ice water! 

Plan Your Summer Cookout: Raspberry Lime essential oil infused Popsicles recipe @diyshowoff Plan Your Summer Cookout: Raspberry Lime essential oil infused Popsicles recipe @diyshowoff Plan Your Summer Cookout: Raspberry Lime essential oil infused Popsicles recipe @diyshowoff

Wouldn’t it be fun carrying out a tray of these at your next summer cookout? Or how about that summer time Essential Oils 101 or fun make & take this summer? You’ll be the COOLEST hostess ever! 

Plan Your Summer Cookout: Raspberry Lime essential oil infused Popsicles recipe @diyshowoff Plan Your Summer Cookout: Raspberry Lime essential oil infused Popsicles recipe @diyshowoff

Ps. Lime is my most favorite Vitality essential oil! Lime IS summer ZING! I add it to my ice water, my Ningxia Red and Zyng and how about a mojito?! Oh yea! Then there’s garden fresh tomatoes and homemade salsa. And don’t forget the margarita popcorn too!

margarita popcorn recipe

I know it sounds like a strange combo but oh my goodness! It’s so good! 

Plan Your Summer Cookout: Raspberry Lime essential oil infused Popsicles recipe @diyshowoff raspberry lime frozen yogurt

MORE ideas & recipes:  Okay, onto the SUMMER COOKOUT SERIES! Let’s see what our favorite oily bloggers have whipped up! Then don’t forget to stop and hang out with us ‘virtually’ at the SUMMER COOKOUT FACEBOOK EVENT tonight at 9 p.m. EST.

summer cookout essential oil recipes

Visit these sweet blog friends and their amazing recipes & ideas:

Key Lime Thumbprint Cookies at UnSkinny Boppy

Sparkling Lavender Lemonade at One Project Closer

Cowboy Caviar with Lime Oil Dressing at Making Lemonade Blog

Fruit Kabobs with Citrus Dip at One Project Closer

Raspberry Lime Popsicles at DIY Show Off 

BLT Salad with Creamy Lemon Chive Dressing at Weeknight Dish

Tuscan Pasta Salad at Shaken Together

Orange Smoothie at Here Comes the Sun

Grilled Chicken with Citrus + Ginger Marinade at The Turquoise Home

Citronella Candles at Practically Functional

Speaking of cooling off this summer, check out this DIY Cooling Mist too!

Keep calm & cool off! DIY cooling spray @diyshowoff  

DIYShowOff May welcome bundle: Friends, lime, essential oils and sunshine! YOU NEED them!  Get the Premium Starter Kit (11 essential oils + diffuser + a 15 ml bottle of Tangerine as the May enrollment promo so 12 oils!) HERE and I’ll personally send you the May 2017 DIYShowOff welcome bundle which includes my favorite educational material $10 Amazon gift card and a Lime Vitality essential oil valid through May 31, 2017 while supplies last. *US friends only. 

diyshowoff may 2017 welcome bundle


But wait! There’s more! Young Living has a May enrollment bonus so that’s 13 bottles of essential oils all said and done when you order the Premium Starter Kit using enroller/sponsor #1836762! 

May new member bonus

Spring into Essential Oils – special offer for DIYShowOff readers

Is what you put into your body important to you? Me too! ‘m pretty sure by now that you’ve heard a lot about essential oils, right? ::groan:: and ::eye roll:: <— that was my initial reaction too! lol! What IS all the fuss about? Let me share it with you as short and sweet as I can why essential oils are all the rage for me personally. (Some affiliate links below.)

Spring into Young Living essential oils @diyshowoff Grab a premium starter kit at youngliving using enroller/sponsor #1836762 and receive an awesome welcome bundle! Embrace wellness!


When I first heard, I thought it was some temporary popular trend and I tuned it out. la-la-la-la-la!!!!!! But nearly 3 years ago on a blogging retreat, two of my blog buddies shared essential oils with me…I have a bit of an issue with traveling which causes some uncomfortable side effects (you don’t want to know) and the essential oil shared made all the difference! Oh.my.good.NESS! If it worked for that, how else? In my world at the time, my mom and sister were going through treatments for breast cancer. I was ready and open to making healthier choices. Baby steps. Just starting somewhere. 

Essential oils have been around FOREVER and I know that lately they’re ALL THE HYPE but I believe it’s because word of mouth spreads faster these days via social media. They aren’t new. And specifically, Young Living has been around going on 30 years! I was still practically a child (and I’m a grandma now!). That’s not anything bright and shiny and just born. And “Young Living” is THE BRAND everyone wants. Because guess what? Not all essential oils are created equal! What I really love about Young Living is their Seed to Seal Guarantee. They aren’t just buying from a supplier and slapping on a label. Young Living controls the process of planting, harvesting, distilling, bottling, labeling and shipping from their own farms and partner farms from around the world with high standards and lots of testing. In fact, Young Living is the #1 essential oils company in the world. I am confident that I am getting the best quality essential oil. One other quick point about Young Living…unlike buying a cheap oil from Amazon or WalMart or even TJMaxx (be aware: even a label with 100% pure doesn’t mean that’s the case), I love that I have support, resources and testimonials from personal experiences to help guide me on my oily journey. I’ve never had to work about my health but now I’m empowered to research, to learn more and to embrace wellness. When someone tells me they tried an essential oil and it didn’t work, I’m pretty sure they tried a fragrance or lower grade, not the quality of Young Living essential oils. 

Nostalgia: Something that is really important to me … creating an environment for my sweet grandson that’s FREE of toxins. Know what else I really love? You know how a certain scent will take you back to a really special memory? I love that he is going to associate those amazing good scents like lavender or clove/cinnamon with his grammy. 

Spring into Young Living essential oils @diyshowoff Grab a premium starter kit at youngliving using enroller/sponsor #1836762 and receive an awesome welcome bundle! Embrace wellness!


What is an essential oil anyway? My first uneducated thought: “oh, some air freshening junk that maybe helps you relax, snake oils for hippies”. An essential oil is the substance created by plants for protection against damage, injury, predators, environmental/weather changes. And they work for humans (oh and my dog and that horse too) in much the same way. Whoa! I certainly never imagined that essential oils had powerful health benefits. What? Why haven’t we heard about them before? Why didn’t I know that I could grab an essential oil for relief or health support in so many ways without the synthetic chemicals or side effects? The answer to that is an involved blog post for another day but just because I never knew, doesn’t mean it isn’t so. Essential oils were one of the first medicines! I’m learning so much and I’m so thankful that my friends DID share with  me because it’s made a HUGE difference in our lifestyle, our health, our finances and our home. 

What is an essential oil?

Again, why Young Living brand? The history, the quality, the support, the selection (hello essential oils, personal care, supplements, cleaning products and so much more – toxin free products I use every day!), the opportunities (ask me how I’m going to the lavender farm for FREE this fall and how I’ve passed up my blogging income, especially when I vowed I would NEVER promote one of those work-from-home type companies). It’s rewarding having the opportunity to help others make healthier choices too. I see how it really is changing lives. And because I see that for myself personally, I really can’t help but to shout it out to you on my blog on occasion or from the top of my lungs on Facebook! “YOU need these oils too!” 

Seed to Seal

SO here is what I recommend:

Spring into Young Living essential oils @diyshowoff Grab a premium starter kit at youngliving using enroller/sponsor #1836762 and receive an awesome welcome bundle! Embrace wellness!

…just dip your toe in by purchasing the premium starter kit. Just try and see. This gives you the biggest bang for your buck with NO obligations. It’s the best way to give essential oils a good fair shot to see the benefits for yourself! For $160 (+tax/shipping) you get:


  • A diffuser: You’re going to want to diffuse your essential oils into the air so you can breathe in those health benefits and support! What I love: unlike a candle, there are no toxic chemicals or synthetic fragrances. I get to choose the scent I want to diffuse…something uplifting or relaxing, something immune boosting or cleansing, etc. AND I get to control the strength. A drop or two for sensitive noses, more for a POW – my house smells amazing! The diffusers are constructed of a medical grade material that will not break down with the use of essential oils. It also comes with a 1 year warranty. Spring into Young Living essential oils @diyshowoff Grab a premium starter kit at youngliving using enroller/sponsor #1836762 and receive an awesome welcome bundle! Embrace wellness!
  • 11 bottles of essential oils: Peppermint (cooling, great for after exercise, occasional head tension, supporting a healthy digestive system), Frankincense (supports healthy skin, meditative/spiritual, promotes a sense of well being), Lemon (energizing and cleansing), Purification (eliminates odors, a few drops with water in a spray bottle makes a great outdoor spray), DiGize (a must have for supporting a healthy digestive system), Thieves (supports a healthy immune system, very popular oil that because of it’s awesome power is also used in YL’s household cleaner concentrate, bar soap, hand soap, laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid and dishwasher powder, dental products, hand purifier, etc. too – it’s SO good!), Lavender (relaxing and calming and awesome for all.things.healthy.skin!!!), Copaiba, PanAway (smells like IcyHot, great for after exercise), RC (supports a healthy respiratory system!), Stress Away (enough said!).
  • Sample sachets to share with friends.
  • Sample bottles and cards to share with others.
  • Sample Ningxia Red (super juice – POW!) 
  • A lifetime wholesale membership – sounds scary but there are no obligations to order ever again. But if you do want to, you now have access to 24% off retail prices! Hurray! Spend 50 pv ($around $50) per year to stay an active member or … hey, go inactive. There is no penalty. You just don’t order again, you walk away free and clear.
  • Friendships and support!
  • The potential to share with others and to make a paycheck – it’s just there, hanging out, yours for the taking IF you want it. No requirements. No monthly quotas. You never HAVE to ‘sell’ or share or speak a word to anyone if you don’t want to. But if you do, you might just get an accidental paycheck! Let’s discuss the details. It’s not like your usual work-from-home multi-level marketing company.
  • Access to a Rewards program IF you decide you love you oils to pieces and can’t live without MORE! Completely optional. I love it because I get things I used to buy at WalMart (but now a chemical free version) and my essential oils delivered to my door and I earn rewards BIG TIME (shopping spree!) but that’s just me. I’m talking about not just essential oils but our toothpaste, household cleaner, deodorant, laundry detergent, lotion, supplements, etc. You have the choice. Decline immediately, sign up if you want some other time or never join it. Up to you!
  • FREE GIFTS! ORDER NOW THROUGH 4/30/17 and receive a welcome bundle from DIYShowOff (that’s from me to you personally!) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST that includes my favorite educational material so you’re not left in the dark. Hey, those oils aren’t going to do anyone any good sitting in the box. Don’t be intimidated or overwhelmed…we’ve got you covered. I really want to get you all set up and ready to love your essential oils!
  • FOR A LIMITED TIME: I will also be providing a natural Himalayan salt lamp (actual product may vary but approx. 5 to 7 inches, 4 to 7 lbs. like the one shown).
  • GIVEAWAY ENTRY: Order the Premium Starter Kit by midnight 4/15/17 and be entered to win the spring floral centerpiece shown! *(US friends only. Long distance buddies….Young Living is worldwide! And I have something comparable for you!). I will get notification that you placed an order. Email roeshel at gmail dot com with the words “WOW-wee” to claim this welcome bundle. 

Spring into Young Living essential oils @diyshowoff Grab a premium starter kit at youngliving using enroller/sponsor #1836762 and receive an awesome welcome bundle! Embrace wellness!


How? Just go to YoungLiving.com. Be sure that my member#1836762 is in the enroller and sponsor spots, choose your Premium Starter Kit and you’re all set! Want recommendations for more or to learn how you can get free products with your order? Contact me for more info and I can walk you through the sign up process. 

I’m excited for you to join an amazing oily family filled with so much love and support and fun! Can’t wait!

*This blog is sponsored by DIYShowOff & Young Living Essential Oils (Independent Distributor). The information on this blog is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

Hand Dipped Holiday Marshmallow Treats

You can find me over with Jen at TaterTots and Jello today sharing the details about these quick and cute hand dipped marshmallow treats as a part of her Happy Holidays 2016 collection. 

hand dipped marshmallow treats @diyshowoff #christmas

Here I’m sharing a few optional ideas to accompany my guest tutorial there and affiliate links below. 

hand dipped marshmallow treats @diyshowoff #christmas

Gather up your supplies and see the full tutorial at TaterTots & Jello

hand dipped marshmallow treats @diyshowoff #christmas

hand dipped marshmallow treats @diyshowoff #christmas

 I also added the following Young Living essential oils to my melted candy. Add 2 drops each and stir:

hand dipped marshmallow treats @diyshowoff #christmas

  • Orange Vitality
  • Nutmeg Vitality
  • Cinnamon Vitality 

hand dipped marshmallow treats @diyshowoff #christmas

Next year I’m going to use candy canes or peppermint sticks and add peppermint Vitality essential oil to my melted chocolate. Smaller marshmallows would be perfect for dipping into hot cocoa. 

All wrapped up and ready to gift. Perfect for parties, make & takes, hostesses, teachers and stockings. 

hand dipped marshmallow treats @diyshowoff #christmas hand dipped marshmallow treats @diyshowoff #christmas  

Last Minute Homemade Gift: DIY Bath Salt filled Ornament

Grab the following supplies and whip up a cute last minute handmade gift!

DIY essential oil infused bath salt ornament @diyshowoff

DIY Bath Salt filled Ornaments

DIY essential oil infused bath salt ornament @diyshowoff

Material I used:

  • glass fillable ornaments (Michaels)
  • Epsom salt
  • your choice of essential oil (lavender is a good one!) 
  • embellishments: ribbon, tags, stickers, decorative tape, pine clippings

DIY essential oil infused bath salt ornament @diyshowoff

What I did: Add 1/4 cup of epsom salt and 3-5 drops of essential oil to a mason jar. Put on the lid and shake to mix. Using a funnel, fill ornament. Decorate. 

DIY essential oil infused bath salt ornament @diyshowoff

Cute hostess gift, make and take craft project or door prize or stocking stuffer. 


Learn more about essential oils HERE

Handmade Holiday: Essential Oil Infused Honey Gift Ideas

Handmade holiday gifts are the best, aren’t they?! Just knowing that someone put in so much time, effort and love into creating a gift gives it a special touch. 

handmade holiday @diyshowoff

I especially love a ‘useful’ gift, not to mention I really want those I love using non toxic products. One of my favorite things about my essential oils is the ability to feel better when everyone is feeling “yuck” and this Thieves tea recipe works so well to support a healthy immune system. It’s now our must have, go-to – especially at this time of year. I want my friends and family to experience the same benefits. 

So sweet! Essential oil infused honey and Essential Oil Holiday Hostess Guide @diyshowoff

Handcrafted gifts are unique treasures, thoughtful, unexpected and personal. 

So sweet! Essential oil infused honey and Essential Oil Holiday Hostess Guide @diyshowoff

What I used (affiliate links)

Give the gift of wellness! Essential oil infused honey and Essential Oil Holiday Hostess Guide @diyshowoff

What I did: (pardon my DIY room makeover in progress manicure!)

  1. Add honey to individual jars. Give the gift of wellness! Essential oil infused honey and Essential Oil Holiday Hostess Guide @diyshowoff
  2. Add about 7-10 drops of Lemon Vitality essential oil. Give the gift of wellness! Essential oil infused honey and Essential Oil Holiday Hostess Guide @diyshowoff
  3. Add 5 drops of Thieves Vitality essential oil blend. Give the gift of wellness! Essential oil infused honey and Essential Oil Holiday Hostess Guide @diyshowoff
  4. Mix well. Give the gift of wellness! Essential oil infused honey and Essential Oil Holiday Hostess Guide @diyshowoff
  5. Cap jar, secure a honey dipper with ribbon and decorate jar.
  6. Decorate a coordinating paper cup. 

I love the above Thieves tea recipe because it supports a healthy immune system – something very IN DEMAND this time of year!

So sweet! Essential oil infused honey and Essential Oil Holiday Hostess Guide @diyshowoff


Mix it up with different essential oils from the Young Living Vitality line! Ideas: bergamot-honey, peppermint-honey, lavender-honey, cinnamon-honey, orange-honey, etc. 

So sweet! Essential oil infused honey and Essential Oil Holiday Hostess Guide @diyshowoff


  • A perfect gift for anyone: a cup of holiday cheer and wellness for teachers
  • co-workers,
  • a Secret Santa gift exchange,
  • friends and family for the holidays.

So sweet! Essential oil infused honey and Essential Oil Holiday Hostess Guide @diyshowoff

  • Have a few on hand to grab and go for the hostess of your next holiday party.
  • Party favors or they’re a sweet idea for that make & take party you’re hosting!

So sweet! Essential oil infused honey and Essential Oil Holiday Hostess Guide @diyshowoff

Did you know bergamot is the flavor for Earl Grey tea?

  • Makes a fun stocking stuffer,
  • a sweet make & take recipe or prize!
  • It’s a great gift to have on hand for when you learn that a friend (or 10) are feeling under the weather from via a Facebook post. Simply drop off this sweet get well gift (after you’ve Thieve’d yourself first, of course).  

So sweet! Essential oil infused honey and Essential Oil Holiday Hostess Guide @diyshowoff

More gift set ideas:

  • attach a bottle of Vitality essential oil
  • tuck it away in a mug with some organic tea bags, homemade hand purifier, Thieves Cough Drops and lip balm
  • or a plate of homemade cookies
  • or chicken noodle soup. 

So sweet! Essential oil infused honey and Essential Oil Holiday Hostess Guide @diyshowoff

  • Give it a warm winter wishes theme by adding your essential oil infused honey and cup to a gift bag with warm fuzzy socks and a good book or holiday ornament. 

So sweet! Essential oil infused honey and Essential Oil Holiday Hostess Guide @diyshowoff

  • If you’re an essential oils business builder, tuck in your business card and a coupon with a special offer or invitation to your next event. 

So sweet! Essential oil infused honey and Essential Oil Holiday Hostess Guide @diyshowoff

It’s a great gift that’s going to get some use, probably before the year is even over.

Looking for more essential oil infused handmade holiday gift ideas? You’ll want to check out these blog friends and their creativity…

handmade holiday with young living essential oils @diyshowoff

Holiday Room Spray | Essential Oil Infused Honey | Scented Pine Cone Trees

Winter Hand Scrub | Peppermint Patties | Cinnamon Rolls with Orange Icing

Scented Wood Slice Ornaments |Bath Bomb Ornaments | Dry Shampoo

Homemade Scented CandlesEpsom Salt + Shower Poof Starbucks Cups

Don’t miss the fun! Join us on Facebook for a handmade holiday event HERE

Don’t have essential oils on hand yet? We recommend Young Living! Grab them using enroller/sponsor # 1836762 at YoungLiving.com by 12/31/16 and receive a free bottle of Christmas Spirit (SO GOOD!). Order by 12/10/16 in time for Christmas delivery and I’ll send you the DIYShowOff holiday welcome bundle including a $25 Amazon gift code, my favorite educational references and more. I’ll be in touch once your order processes!

November promo @diyshowoff

DIY Fall Sugar Scrub

It’s not often that I do a video. In fact, it’s extremely rare. However, I was recently challenged to put together a DIY video for a class and wanted to share here too. I didn’t do any fancy editing this time around and a lot of the quality was lost in uploading, etc. (ugh…practice really would make perfect). But here you go…a video tutorial for a DIY fall sugar scrub:

Supplies: (affiliate links)

So easy! Change out the theme to Christmas or season/event that works for your gift giving. Perfect spa day favors, teacher or hostess gift and a great way to pamper your skin this winter.

For a limited time, you’ll get a free bottle of Christmas Spirit essential oil blend with the purchase of a premium starter kit using my referral#1836762 at Young Living. Order now through Cyber Monday and receive a DIYShowOff bundle that includes my favorite educational material, free gifts and $25 cash back. Offer expires at midnight EST on 11/28/16. 

November promo @diyshowoff

Holiday Recipes

If you’re an essential oiler, you love to “OIL.ALL.THE.THINGS”. Here are some amazing essential oil infused recipes for family holiday dinners. Remember to only use a brand of essential oils labeled safe for dietary use like Young Living‘s Vitality line. Give these delicious recipes a try! 

holiday cooking recipes with essential oils

Ultimate gravy recipe: 

ultimate gravy recipe

Turkey injection sauce:  turkey injection sauce recipe

Sweet potato casserole:  weet potato casserole recipe

Southern cornbread dressing:  southern cornbread dressing recipe

Rosemary garlic mashed potatoes:  rosemary garlic mashed potatoes recipe

Pumpkin pie:  pumpkin pie recipe

Orange glazed honey ham: orange honey glazed ham recipe

Lemon butter green beans:  lemon butter green beans recipe

Homemade cranberry sauce:  homemade cranberry sauce recipe

Happy holidays, DIY friends!  diyshowoff young living essential oils member#1836762

Get Young Living essential oils and join my oily family HERE


Join now through December 31st and receive a free 5 ml bottle of Christmas Spirit essential oil blend, my favorite educational material (400+ pages!), a DIYShowOff welcome bundle and $10 cash back. Simply reply to your welcome email directly from me once your order processes. Offer expires 12/31/16. US members only.  free-christmas-spirit

Holiday Hostess Guide

Time sure does fly. If you’re like me, you barely know what’s on today’s agenda let alone a few weeks from now. Well, here’s a friendly tap on the shoulder. LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN! Thanksgiving is on it’s way then Christmas is going to be here before we know it! Time to put the holidays on our radar. 

holiday hostess guide @diyshowoff  

It’s nearly time for holiday gatherings and family get-togethers, those seasonal occasions where a thoughtful hostess gift goes a long way in showing your appreciation for a welcome invitation, laughter, fun times, good friends and holiday cheer. The stuff memories are made of and perhaps you don’t want to show up empty handed. On top of all that, you might just have a passion for essential oils and you’re going to want to include powerful scents of awesome-ness because that’s how you roll. OIL.ALL.THE.THINGS! Am I right? Well, you’ve come to the right place today. Bookmark or pin for future reference! You’ve arrived at the best essential-oil infused holiday hostess guide on the internet! 

TO: YOU. FROM: ME. To kick off the occasion and because I was recently inspired by a Melissa Poepping video from the Young Living Live Your Passion Rally, I whipped up some super cute holiday gift tags. Not only will your creative gifts look festive and pretty but they’re going to smell amazing too.

holiday hostess guide @diyshowoff

Your first gift this holiday season? A little something from me. Yay! These are cute printable holiday gift tags with a teensy weensy DIY touch. All you need is some card stock, glue, tiny pompoms and drops of your favorite essential oils (contains some affiliate links).


holiday hostess guide printable essential oil gift tags. @diyshowoff

  • Download the free sheet of 9 of the snow-bunny printable tags here —> JOY holiday gift tag PDF (for personal use only)

holiday hostess guide printable essential oil gift tags. @diyshowoff

  • Print on card stock.
  • Glue on a tiny white pompom (10 mm sized pom-poms work well).
  • Carefully add a drop of your favorite essential oil. Recommendation? Take a guess. How about Young Living’s Joy?! Perfect for this little snow-bunny tag, right? 

holiday hostess guide printable essential oil gift tags. @diyshowoff


Believe essential oil holiday gift tag @diyshowoff

 Reindeer Believe gift tags here: printable Believe holiday gift tags PDF

(for personal use only)

Believe essential oil holiday gift tag @diyshowoff Believe essential oil holiday gift tag @diyshowoff

Ready for some awesome essential oil infused holiday hostess ideas? Of course! Whether you’re hosting, co-hosting or wanting to show appreciating to the hostess at an upcoming holiday event, that’s why you’re here! IDEAS! And lots of ’em! Thanks so much for stopping by! Go check out these amazing holiday hostess related ideas: 

 Loading InLinkz ...

Watch for the 2016 Holiday Gift Guide coming December 1st! Join the Handmade Holiday Event HERE. 
  handmade holiday @diyshowoff
Holiday Special: How can essential oils help you and your family? You would be surprised! It’s not just about pretty smells and DIY gifts. It’s all about WELLNESS!  Ready to join our awesome team of friends and use the best quality brand of essential oils on the planet? You are IN LUCK, my friend! It’s the BEST time to shop! Grab a premium starter kit HERE. You’ll get ALL of the following (an over $300 value for just $160!): 
  • Home Diffuser
  • Premium Essential Oils Collection;
    • Lavender 5-ml
    • Peppermint Vitality™ 5-ml
    • Lemon Vitality™ 5-ml
    • Copaiba Vitality™ 5-ml
    • Frankincense 5-ml
    • Thieves® Vitality™ 5-ml
    • Purification® 5-ml
    • R.C.™ 5-ml
    • DiGize™ Vitality™ 5-ml
    • PanAway® 5-ml
  • Stress Away™ 5-ml
  • AromaGlide™ Roller Fitment
  • 10 Sample Packets
  • 10 Love It? Share It! Sample Business Cards
  • 10 Love It? Share It! Sample Oil Bottles
  • 2 NingXia Red® 2-oz. samples
  • Product Guide and Product Price List
  • Essential Oil Magazine
  • Essential Edge Newsletter
  • Member Resources


There’s more!

  • Bonus essential oil: Christmas Spirit!!! Toss those toxic fragrances and fill your home with a healthy orange/cinnamon/pine scent.
  • Online community – so much support to help you on your essential oils journey.
  • DIYShowOff Welcome Bundle including my favorite educational material (everything you need to know how and when to use your essential oils), a handmade gift, essential oil bottle labels and $10 cash back (a $25 value)!
  • Read more about Young Living promotions and bonuses HERE.

free-christmas-spirit WOW! Get started today! 

That DIY Party

It’s That DIY Party time again – time to share your DIY creativity, time to browse the links and pin your favorites for inspiration for your next project. 

That DIY Party - autumn

DIYShowOff weekly recap: Hmmm, what did I do this week? Soaked up the final days of summer! But, I did host an event and gave it refreshments a fall theme along with a little bit of autumn decorating:

fall decor inspiration @diyshowoff #essentialoils essential oil infused popcorn recipe fall decor inspiration @diyshowoff #essentialoils fall colors cream, coral and seafoam fall partyscape fall party fall centerpiece fall decor fall decor essential oil infused pumpkin muffins

Party time: 

That DIY Party - autumn

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2. This blog linky party is for YOUR DIY projects only. Links not related to DIY will be deleted. Please share your link one week only. Please do not link giveaways, linky parties, promotions or a collection of inspiration that isn’t your own DIY project. Limit recipes to one per person per party. PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO YOUR ETSY SHOP.

3. By joining the party, you give permission for your project to be featured and ‘shown off’ via blog highlight, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, G+.

4. If you’re here to share your DIY and link up or just browse the links for DIY inspiration, please consider visiting one of the links above to or leaving a comment to let me know what you think about my DIY too! Feedback makes my day! Thank you so much for your support!

5. If you’re viewing in mobile, you may need to click over/convert to “desktop view” to see the links.

6. Limit three links per week per blogger per party, please. Thank you!

Hello August!

Hello August! IT IS HOT! So speaking of “hot”, August is a GREAT month to join Young Living! Check out these HOT incentives! 

Does the heat make you cranky? Treat yourself! Not to mention, peppermint essential oils is cooling, so you need to have it on hand, at home! When you purchase a premium starter kit (here), you’ll not only get 11 most popular essential oils, a diffuser (your choice from several designs), samples, a roller fitment and sample bottles PLUS the DIYShowOff welcome bundle ($20 back and my favorite educational resources so you put your essential oils to use), continuing education, lots of online support and the best community of online (bloggers and non blogging) close friends…

young living essential oils @diyshowoff

but you’ll also get a 12th essential oil, a free 15 ml bottle of cedarwood:

young living essential oils @diyshowoff

“But how do I know how to use all of these essential oils?” – I will provide you with all the information you need! 

If you want to snag —> ALL.THE.FREEBIES <— Young Living offers this month; connect with me (send me an email or private message on Facebook) to discuss recommendations on what products can benefit you best, YOU! Personally with a free phone or e-consultation! This month’s promotions include: 

young living essential oils @diyshowoff

Overwhelmed? Let’s talk and I’ll hook you up!

Optional but a generous opportunity: share with and refer 5 friends using YOUR member # as enroller and sponsor in August and you’ll actually earn a paycheck! $$$ But wait! There’s MORE! Check out this gift from Young Living:

young living essential oils @diyshowoff

Crazy good, right? I know! It all starts with getting a premium starter kit for yourself. Visit me HERE to get started! I can’t wait for you to get your oils and look forward to getting to know you!!! 

July News

I’m late to the game, but it’s official! My daughter, Evangeline and I will be heading to the Haven Conference August 5-7 and will be revealing a fun partnership along with kicking off a long-time-coming room makeover, something that’s been on my mind ever since we bought this house 9 years ago. Can’t wait! Now, who will I get to hug at the Haven Conference again this year? 

Haven Conference

New Young Living product reveal! You’ve heard me share about essential oils but Young Living is about so much more, it’s evolved into a lifestyle for our family. You know those subscription boxes for just about everything under the sun? How about one where YOU choose what you want?

lifestyle in a box

I love ordering my non toxic products including cleaning supplies, laundry and dish soap, beauty supplies, essential oils, etc. monthly and having them delivered to my door! PLUS, I receive rewards for my purchases and promotional items too. It’s a no-brainer! Okay, on to the new products!

Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

I can’t wait to get this essential oil. I DO live my passion so this is the perfect blend to accompany my lifestyle.  Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

Ah! FDA approved ingredients! This is a BIG deal and going to provide so much relief for hubby’s joints.  Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

I haven’t received my order yet but I have to tell you, I could have used these earlier this week. Thankfully I was armed with my Thieves essential oil to support a healthy immune system and added a Thieves Vitality, Lemon Vitality and honey to hot water for a soothing ‘tea’. I’m back to good as new but will have these in stock for next time!  Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

It’s Mr. DIY who does the cooking in our house and we have modified our diet to exclude pasta. However, we do make an allowance for this ancient grain! Can’t wait to try it!  Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

Snack time!  Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

and OMGOSH – TREATS! Finding a better alternative to the sweet I used to eat is a challenge. These are going to be awesome!  Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

For weight management support! I heard it’s tastes great too! Berry Breeze? Yes, please! Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

Guess who else is going to be happy? There’s something for Rosie too!  Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

With a big DIY project in the works, this is going to come in handy!  Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

Designed for men, benefitting women too. POWERgize? Oh man. This is on our order for sure!  Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

Finally! We’ve made the switch to ditching the chemicals from washing and drying our laundry but now! NOW, a non toxic dishwasher powder to put my mind at ease, we could be choosing the best foods and placing them on dinnerware cleaned with chemicals doesn’t make sense. Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

My beverages consist of essential oil infused water and organic green tea 99% of the time. I love adding this refreshing treat once in a while. It’s so tasty and just the boost I sometimes need. (Have I mentioned how a certain 19-month-old grandson can be exhausting? haha!) Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

This is so cool! I spy a bunch of favorites to try!  Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

I snagged this and it arrived today. Beautiful teal color, a capsule holder (no more spills) and a place to organize supplements. So cool!  Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

How about this? I LOVE that it matches my kitchen! A place to store and organize the Vitality oils we use for our water and cooking! Hurray!  Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

Exclusive collection!  Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff Young Living 2016 product reveal @diyshowoff

Young Living is providing us with the products that support a healthy, green, non toxic lifestyle. It’s something I want for my friends too! Let’s connect to discuss the details, the DIYShowOff welcome bundle and all of the support and friendships you’ll receive when you become a member too! Read more HERE.

Check out how you can join me in taking the first steps to creating a healthier lifestyle with Young Living Essential Oils at diyshowoff.com

More news and excitement to share! Stay tuned! 

June Welcome Gift

Yes, this is yet another essential oils story from another essential oils crazed friend (w’re everywhere you turn, aren’t we?) but I encourage you to still read along even if it’s not for you, to not skip past or ignore this time around. It’s near and dear to my heart and I hope you’ll stick with me today. Thank you in advance, friends! 

Young Living essential oils @diyshowoff

Life outside of DIY: My weeks have been filled with all things essential oils, (did you just groan?!). I heard that! I ask that you bear with me and just read along. It’s a lifestyle that’s been prominent in our home lately along with sharing in my community, at cancer support groups, vendor events and even a museum soon. It only makes sense that I share here where I have a voice too. This week I hope to share a fun DIY essential oils recipe but before that, I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about essential oils lately and I wanted to tell you a little more about how Young Living essential oils changed our life. And like most, once you see for yourself, your life is changed. I know. It sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Like something you may want to avoid, remain in the dark over or write off as “scam-ish”. Despite seeming trendy at the moment, it really isn’t anything “new”. Young Living has been around for over 20 years, essential oils for longer than that. It’s not a fad or the ‘latest thing’…which is what I thought when I first started hearing about it EVERY.WHERE I turned. Why is that? Because like others I’m sure, I feel compelled to share my story and this goodness, because it’s an important part of our lives now too, because Young Living offers something different.

Young Living essential oils @diyshowoff

::eye roll:: Why do you keep hearing everyone gabbing about essential oils? Annoyed? I apologize if you are because that’s not my intention at all! I’m so grateful when you stop by to read about DIY and my life and even if this is not for you, I thank you for reading on just to humor me and maybe pass along my info to a friend or family who would be interested. Because there might be someone like me out there who needs this, someone who might be desperate enough to try ANY.THING. Something. Anything to get over an issue they deal with frequently with no answers. 

When I first heard about essential oils my thoughts were “not for me!”. I mean, “c’mon, really”? “Really?” If they work as wonderful as everyone claims, why haven’t I heard about them before? That’s a whole other story but for me, it took TRYing something once. You guys, it really worked. “What the heck?!” I was super-shocked that it resolved my issue, one I had been dealing with for years. Why HADN’T I heard of this before?! It opened my eyes. It raised awareness. And with my family’s major health scares in recent years, I believe it was an answer to my prayers.

Young Living essential oils @diyshowoff

Try essential oils and they didn’t work? Why did I chose YL? To be honest, because Young Living is what I was fortunate enough to be introduced to first, the brand I first tried thanks to Carrie at Making Lemonade Blog (I’m forever grateful, Carrie!) and then after a little research, learning that they’re #1 worldwide, the BEST essential oils an essential oil-infused products, a 20+ year history (wow!) and a seed to seal guarantee, that all essential oils are not created equal (a cheaper brand from say WalMart is not going to have the same health benefits, if any, because of quality)…I decided this was the brand for me. I love DIY, budget friendly projects, thrifty finds and awesome deals but some things aren’t worth scrimping on and integrity and quality is important to me. 

“But I don’t have $$$ to shell out.” I understand that sentiment well. But it IS worth that initial investment of $160 for 11 essential oils, diffuser, samples, rollerball fitment and welcome gifts from me. And for me personally, it has been worth placing a monthly order. Now before you get all…”ah-ha – there you go! It’s not just a premium starter kit after all!” …all I do is simply shift my spending from the store to Young Living for what I was mostly already buying. The best part? We’re creating a home environment that is toxin-free. How? There are so many essential oils we grab now instead of opening the bathroom supply cabinet. Instead of purchasing supplements from a big box store, we’re getting them from Young Living (and actually…I wasn’t really all that into supplements before although I did want to make better choices for supporting a healthy body). Now I clean with a multi-purpose cleaner concentrate that’s natural instead of suffering respiratory issues like I did with the store-bought cleaners. Even our laundry detergent is now purchased through Young Living. What else? Deodorant, toothpaste, mouthwash, facial cleanser, shampoo, conditioner, soap, hand sanitizer, floss…all of those products without harmful chemicals. And guess what?! I earn rewards on my purchases too – BIG rewards, as in 10-20% back for free products with an opt-in essential rewards program (not required). I wasn’t getting rewards from the store (or a paycheck for recommending products to friends…but more on that later). And hey, it’s pretty nice that those products are delivered to my door. But all I’m asking is that you “TRY” them with all that comes packaged in a Premium Starter Kit. 

Yea, but what’s the catch? Aren’t MLMs scammy? A premium starter kit is simply the cost of a lifetime membership. That’s it. Period. Only with this lifetime membership fee, I actually got nearly $300 in products for $160 to show for that money I spent. There are NO further obligations. I do NOT have to purchase regularly or ever again (except to maintain an active status, but even going inactive has no penalty. I would simply place another order to re-activate each year if I wish to, whenever I am ready. If not, there are no consequences). There’s no contract like I have with my cell phone, no penalty if I want to quit…I just fade away and never order again. If I would decide 10 years down the road to order, my lifetime membership will kick in to give me access to the wholesale prices. No need to call and cancel membership or stop automatic payments or anything along those lines. I do NOT have to sell or sign people up. It’s actually much like but a lot better than the annual $45 membership fee we pay to Sam’s Club to get the bulk/discounted pricing. You purchase a premium starter kit (a fair way to really experience essential oils and the benefits) and you’re a lifetime member with access to wholesale prices. It’s a no brainer and a win and I breathe easier knowing my family isn’t going to suffer long term side effects from toxic ingredients. 

Chemical free living has to start somewhere. Take a look at this LIVE GREEN EARN GREEN video real quick. Isn’t that sad? It’s up to us as individuals to make healthier decisions because it’s not happening with what is celebrity or professionally endorsed. Most times, their bottom line is $$$ and business; not our well-being, not what’s best for us and our families. 

Quick recent personal uses: (it’s like this every day…a quick look up in my reference guide or connecting with my support team for recommendations for just.about.everything and I’m armed and empowered with natural products and no need to run to the store with resources to guide me). My grandson is going to associate natural essential oils and GOOD scents with grammy and pap. He has such a good head start on living a clean life. We grab oils for supporting the immune system, purifying the air, booboos, wellness, sleep, cleaning, uplifting, adding to cooking recipes, beverages, for occasional stress and more. And those lifestyle changes? They motivated more health conscious choices. Better dietary decisions, a husband who’s down 40 lbs. and keeping it off! And that exercise routine I always put off? Okay, you got me. I still put that off! haha! But, I’m working on it! Today, I’m feeling a bit sore from stretching muscles I didn’t know existed from a beginner’s YouTube yoga routine yesterday for the first time. It’s something I’d been telling myself I wanted to start but years later, here I sit. I applied a  motivating/energizing oil yesterday and dove in and today I’ll be using another essential oil for after exercise symptoms, if you know what I mean. I haven’t struggled with weight issues but that doesn’t mean I’m fit. Young Living gave us the kick in the pants we needed. Also just this morning, Russ was complaining about pests on his plants in the garden. It was nice to look in my guide and find a recipe to assist. We had the supplies to make up a chemical-free spray and IT WORKED! It’s also nice to whip up a DIY recipe for gifts, samples to help friends, so many different uses. We follow a daily routine. We also discover new uses nearly daily too. 

But how do I know what to use oils for?  Well, unlike buying essential oils from the store where a store associate isn’t going to offer any help, once you purchase a premium starter kit from me – I am here to hold your hand to get you started, offer guidance, resources, educational material and an awesome huge online team/community of friends to answer questions and empower you to take charge of promoting wellness for you and your family. Before long, you’re retaining that information and have the tools you need to USE your essential oils, not to mention the other products available. Young Living has the largest selection of essential oils, essential oil blends, essential oil infused supplements and products I’ve ever seen! 

Young Living essential oils @diyshowoff

And you know what makes me sad? Seeing friends with issues that I know would benefit from essential oils because I’ve experienced it myself.

Even sadder? That I fear or worry about approaching them because of the stigma associated with network marketing business or even essential oils for that matter. I’m an introvert and it really takes stepping outside of my comfort zone (even to write this blog post). However, the new healthier me feels compelled to share. If reaching out means I help one person, it’s worth it. 

“I hesitate to buy a kit because then I have to sell oils.” Nope. Wrong! I ‘accidentally’ built a business. Isn’t that strange? I don’t know anyone who says I want to build an MLM business. “NO. Just NO.” That was my mindset. But by sharing how they work for me like I would share my favorite restaurant, listening to friends and family not feeling well and maybe sometimes giving samples…well, it just happened. So random and unplanned. And when I finally personally looked at the compensation plan out of curiosity, I was blown away with the potential. In fact, some of my friends have even retired their husbands. Financial freedom is a possibility. I didn’t have to buy some $$$$ business starter kit to get started (the premium starter kit which provides the lifetime wholesale membership is all that I needed). I don’t have monthly quotas or inventory. I don’t have to hold qualifying parties or achieve a certain level of sales each month. I simply show those I care about how to get their own essential oils. It’s not a get rich quick scheme by any means, it’s an honest compensation plan and business model. But yes, my paycheck is surpassing my blogging income which had surpassed my healthcare administrative position I held for nearly 20 years. Blogging took 9 years to get to that point. Essential oils? I’m celebrating my 2 year anniversary! But, “you have a blog”, some say. “That makes it easier.” You’d think so, right? However, it’s not my experience. Most readers coming across this blog post will ignore it, others will unsubscribe or unfollow. (Please don’t!) That saddens me but success comes from heart-centered sharing, caring and helping others achieve wellness. And before your brain registers the warning “pyramid scheme”, let me say…I find that a traditional job more closely resembles a pyramid scheme. In my previous positions, I was working to make the people above me or the company I worked for money. There was a cap on what I could earn. I actually reached that level with 20 years of experience. My position and income level was lower than the person above me who had a lower paying job than the person above them. That sound a lot like the shape of a pyramid, doesn’t it? Young Living? My friend, you could join under me today, start building a business immediately and pass me up tomorrow. Not exactly a pyramid shape, is it?

Change is hard: Did you know that I used to be an expensive candle junkie? I love when my home smells good, don’t you? I didn’t even think about the chemicals I was breathing in. The latest greatest beauty product or $$$ designer perfume? Yep, that was me. And now? I get MORE compliments on my home smelling soooo good along with now feeling “peaceful” (benefits of essential oils with relaxing properties). No flame, no hot wax. A diffuser emits a cool mist of essential oils into the air and shuts off when it’s empty or after 4 hours. How cool is that? The same with me smelling better too. Instead of turning away people sensitive to synthetic ingredients in my pricey perfume, I’m asked by strangers what I’m wearing (and of course it’s essential oils, a blend I made up myself with health benefits). Isn’t that neat? I’ve never been told I smell like a stinky hippie. lol! People inhale deeply and just ask what I’m wearing and want to know more (for real – in a check out line more than once!). I never even thought about my body absorbing the chemicals I applied topically and how that would affect me long term. And I’ve always had the metabolism type that could eat whatever I wanted without gaining weight. That does not mean I was healthy or fit. But I’m now taking better care of myself and that feels good. I feel good!  

creating a beautiful home

Closing: Okay, thanks for bearing with me or pacifying me while I got that off my chest. It’s important to me to raise awareness and share these unbelievable powerful drops of goodness with others. Even if you are not interested, it’s worth looking into a little more. Even if you get them from someone else, I encourage you to just.get.them. (Although research brands to find a quality that will give you results.) And I would be honored to be your enroller and sponsor for Young Living. I look forward to getting to know you better.

Now I can get back our regularly scheduled DIY posts. But first…ready to learn more or get started on your oily journey with my help? I’d like to introduce you to the…

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