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Once a week, I host a linky party where creative bloggers share their latest DIY. Join in by sharing your creativity or browse the links for ideas for your next project. 


DIYShowOff weekly recap: I visited our local CORT Clearance Center for inspiration for a basement remodel in progress. 

@cortclearance #CORTclearance @diyshowoff

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Essential Oils Ideas and Recipes for Fall

All set for fall? Fuzzy sweaters, cozy throw blankets, warm socks, hot cider, and all things pumpkin? Don’t forget to make the most of your essential oils – support a healthy immune system and whip up some fun recipes and DIY ideas.

essential oil infused Fall recipes and ideas @diyshowoff

Fall must haves for wellness this season:   essential oil infused Fall recipes and ideas @diyshowoff

Autumn diffuser blends:  essential oil infused Fall recipes and ideas @diyshowoff

Warm Vanilla Room Spray Recipe:  essential oil infused Fall recipes and ideas @diyshowoff

A recipe for Spiced Pumpkin Creamer: essential oil infused Fall recipes and ideas @diyshowoff

and recipe for a delicious butternut squash soup to warm you from the inside out:  essential oil infused Fall recipes and ideas @diyshowoff

A recipe for warm cinnamon rolls with orange icing? Oh my! essential oil infused Fall recipes and ideas @diyshowoff    

Give this DIY spiced autumn sugar scrub a try!  essential oil infused Fall recipes and ideas @diyshowoff

And protect your lips with this DIY recipe for cocoa mint lip balm: essential oil infused Fall recipes and ideas @diyshowoff  

Stil on the fence about essential oils? I hosted an event this past week and members shared their stories and experiences. Real people feeling better with BIG results for serious issues. I had goosebumps. Despite my lack of “sales-y” skills, I feel compelled to share because … wellness! For everyone!

This month when you purchase the premium starter kit using enroller/sponsor #1836762, you also get a free bottle of oregano essential oil (in addition to the gifts that come from me personally). *This promo is open to US members only, but I do provide an alternative gift for foreign friends.  essential oil infused Fall recipes and ideas @diyshowoff

And for a limited time, just until October 20th; the premium starter kit is 10% off for US friends! That’s HUGE! 

PSK flash sale

and just a note that while your shopping (think Christmas), if your order hits the following 190, 250 or 300 PV levels; you’ll be getting some awesome freebies! *US friends only.

essential oil infused Fall recipes and ideas @diyshowoff

Wow! What are you waiting for? In the past week when something was floating around, I’ve maintained my wellness! It breaks my heart to see suffering and down days from friends in my Facebook newsfeed. I want wellness for you too! Have questions or need more details? Let’s talk! xo 

Make your purchase HERE or HERE. I look forward to getting to know you! You’re going to love essential oils! 

Essential Oils DIY Ideas & Recipes for Back to School

back to school with essential oils @diyshowoff

Getting ready to get back into a regular routine? It’s that time of the year: Back to School! Here are some helpful DIY essential oil ideas for my oily readers and friends. 

back to school with essential oils @diyshowoff  Encourage an uplifting and positive attitude by diffusing Joy and lemon in the morning. Heck, I could use that kind of start to my day! How about you?  back to school with essential oils @diyshowoff

Add a drop of Thieves Vitality to a Ningxia Red shot, apple juice or hot cereal to promote overall wellness. YUM! back to school with essential oils @diyshowoff  Homework Helper: Diffuse peppermint, Brain Power or Clarity to promote a sense of clarity and focus.  back to school with essential oils @diyshowoff  Liquid Calm! Add a few drops of Stress Away, Valor or Valor II, cedarwood, Peace & Calming or Peace & Calming II to a diffuser necklace or bracelet to promote calmness during a stressful school day.  back to school with essential oils @diyshowoff  Follow the Sweet Dreams pillow spray or roll on recipes above for peace and relaxation at bedtime.  germy kid handsoap recipe  DIY hand soap recipe back to school with essential oils @diyshowoff

Stinky Kids Spray recipe – spray shoes or gym bag back to school with essential oils @diyshowoff

What do I diffuse? Choose a recipe above for test day prep, sweet dreams, homework time, focus or starting the day off on the right foot.  back to school with essential oils @diyshowoff

Dreamsicle smoothie – perfect rise n shine or after school treat.  back to school with essential oils @diyshowoff

Roller ball recipes – great for on the go, perfect to have on hand: Peace & Calm, Sleep Well, Breathe Easy, After School Practice, Up and At ‘Em.  back to school with essential oils @diyshowoff

Dreamsicle essential oil infused fruit dip recipe – yum!  back to school with essential oils @diyshowoff

Sweet Dreams Cream recipe back to school with essential oils @diyshowoff

DIY essential oil infused detangled spray recipe: A must have for long or curly hair! A little less “ouch”!  back to school with essential oils @diyshowoff

KidScents products – these are so convenient, pre-made, already diluted and ready to go! back to school with essential oils @diyshowoff

Class room must-haves and healthy teacher gifts. back to school with essential oils @diyshowoff

I sure do miss the days of back to school – the shopping, the prep, the excitement, the tears (moms). Wishing your little ones a happy first day! 

Ready to get started?

back to school with essential oils @diyshowoff

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back to school with essential oils @diyshowoff

DIY {club foot} Brace Cover

Sweet grand baby boy was born with club feet and after months of casting then surgery, he graduated to special shoes and a bar.


DIY {club foot} brace cover tutorial @diyshowoff

And sometimes that bar conks him on the head. Ouch. So I made up a little cushion/cover and wanted to share here for others who may be searching to cover their baby’s Ponseti bar.

DIY {club foot} brace cover tutorial @diyshowoff

Materials I used:

  • pipe insulation
  • fabric
  • Velcro one wrap

DIY {club foot} brace cover tutorial @diyshowoff

What I did:

I cut a piece of pipe insulation to fit the brace between the shoes (6 inches). 

Next, I cut a piece of scrap fabric 8×9 inches. (It’s a snug fit so I’d suggest doing 8×11 inches instead…a little extra to tuck in.)

DIY {club foot} brace cover tutorial @diyshowoff

Then just ironed/sewed the borders. 

DIY {club foot} brace cover tutorial @diyshowoff DIY {club foot} brace cover tutorial @diyshowoff

I cut two pieces of the Velcro to fit around the pipe insulation snuggly. 

DIY {club foot} brace cover tutorial @diyshowoff

Assembly: Insert the brace into the pipe insulation. Wrap the fabric around the pipe insulation, tucking the ends into the open side. Secure with the Velcro. 

Optional: If you’re more of a sewing expert than me, you could do snaps or sew on velcro. 

DIY {club foot} brace cover tutorial @diyshowoff

Now, the brace has a bit of cushioning. If there was only a way to cushion those hard soled shoes.

DIY {club foot} brace cover tutorial @diyshowoff DIY {club foot} brace cover tutorial @diyshowoff DIY {club foot} brace cover tutorial @diyshowoff


Ps. Yes, his shoes are on backwards. Doctors orders, part of the treatment. Isn’t he the cutest?

DIY {club foot} brace cover tutorial @diyshowoff

That DIY Party

Happy day, DIY friends! It’s that DIY Party time! (Please note: Next week’s That DIY Party will be delayed by one day and publish Monday, April 6th due in recognition of celebrating Easter). 

Oh! THAT DIY Party at

DIYShowOff Weekly Recap: 

Spring Twig Centerpiece – so easy! See the cute little bird and nest too?

spring twig centerpiece tutorial @diyshowoff

I am so blessed to have 99 oily friends joining me on a journey to wellness with Young Living essential oils. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me! That’s 99 families making big life changes! Who’s next? I want the same amazing benefits for you and your family, your friends, your readers too! Every home needs essential oils. You’ll not only be armed with these high quality natural products in your “tool box”, you’ll be a part of an amazing online community with lots of support. Join the team! 

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Young Living at

Party time: Let’s see what you’re up to!

Oh! THAT DIY Party at

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2. This blog linky party is for YOUR DIY projects only. Links not related to DIY will be deleted. Please share your link one week only. Please do not link giveaways, linky parties, promotions or a collection of inspiration that isn’t your own DIY project. Limit recipes to one per person per party. PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO YOUR ETSY SHOP.

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5. If you’re viewing in mobile, you may need to click over/convert to “desktop view” to see the links.


Drop Zone Makeover {Back to School Organization} Before & After

It’s back to school season! It’s the perfect time to re-think the “drop zone” to organize back packs, shoes, coats…all the things that get unloaded when walking in the door. 

before and after back door drop zone area makeover

As a part of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas team, one of this month’s challenge options included a back to school organization theme. Since my sister is still recovering and her little one will be  starting pre-school in a couple of weeks (AND her birthday is right around the corner),  I surprised her with a 6-hour back door entryway makeover. 

Here are the before pictures: this little space just wasn’t functioning well as an organized drop zone with storage options. 

back entryway makeover before back entryway makeover before back entryway makeover before coat rack before

First up, we emptied the area then I freshened up the walls with paint to give the space more light and a bigger neutral vibe. I used Valspar Signature (Paint + Primer). Color is silver leaf. Isn’t it pretty? Just a touch of a gray-blue tint. Best part? It covered up the raspberry-painted paneling in just two coats. 

back entryway makeover before back entryway makeover before back entryway makeover before

While the paint was drying, I assembled the furniture consisting of a storage bench and cubby shelves. I even had a helper…

back entryway makeover before

Once the paint was dry (use a fan to speed along the drying process), I added some coat hooks for back packs, coats and hats. Using a level (and screwing into the walls studs/using wall anchors) to secure the coat racks.

Since the previous window treatment on the door wasn’t a good fit, I replaced the curtain on the door with a new roman shade.

Once more, the before when opening the door…

back entryway makeover before


entryway after at entryway makeover "after" at entryway makeover "after" at entryway makeover "after" at


Then added in some pretty accessories and wall art.

entryway makeover "after" at


And now…the room feels bigger, fresher, prettier.

entryway makeover "after" at entryway makeover "after" at

My nephew started adding his shoes to bins and hanging his backpacks the minute we finished up. No more hunting for lost shoes and his backpack is ready to go. He also grabbed his ‘camera’ to take a few shots of his own. 

entryway makeover "after" at

My DIY and photography assistant for the day… entryway makeover "after" at

I’m considering incorporating a cork board for displaying his papers and drawings to the basement door. A project for another day. 

Get the look!

Fresh & Fun Drop Zone Design Board @diyshowoff

DIY drop zone makeover at

I received a Lowe’s gift card to put towards this challenge. Opinion and above idea is 100% my own. More DIY ideas at Lowe’s Creative Ideas or follow Lowe’s on InstagramPinterest and sign up for the Creative Ideas magazine and app.  

LCI Summer Badge

Lighted PVC Candy Canes DIY Christmas Home Decor

These PVC lighted candy canes are a fun Christmas home decor idea and pretty way to greet guests at the front door. Welcome, friends! 

Lighted PVC Candy Canes Tutorial DIYShowOff

{a big thanks to mom for letting me decorate her front door}

{Christmas wreath and snowman welcome mat also found at Lowe’s}

Materials for a set of two:

  • Two 2″or 3″ (that’s how they’re specifically labeled) PVC drain with 5 SS strain
  • Two 2″ PVC P-trap with union 
  • Two 2″ x 2″ PVC solid pipe in 2 ft section (stock)
  • Two 2″ x 22.5D street elbow
  • sanding block/sand paper
  • FrogTape®
  • Valspar Primer for Plastic
  • Valspar Outdoor White spray paint
  • Valspar Red spray paint
  • Two strings of 35 white Christmas lights
  • Rocks/gravel for weighting the bottom
  • Two bows 

Tutorial: Attach pieces to create a candy cane shape in this order: drain on bottom, 2 ft. PVC pipe, P-trap, elbow.  sanding PVC pipe - lighted candy cane tutorial

Lightly sand and wipe clean each piece of PVC. sanding PVC pipe - lighted candy cane tutorial Spray each assembled PVC candy cane with primer and let dry.  candy cane tutorial - priming PVC Give each candy cane two coats of white spray paint. Allow to dry between each coat.  candy cane tutorial - spraying painting PVC Remove the bottom pieces (the drain/stand). Wrap FrogTape around each candy cane to create a twisted/striped pattern. It gets tricky around the bends but just do your best. Mine are imperfect but it doesn’t take away from the final result. Imperfection adds character, right?  Using your thumbnail or a credit/gift card, burnish the edge of the tape. Rub the edges to ensure paint doesn’t seep under.  Give the candy canes two coats of red spray paint. PVC candy cane tutorial - spray painting Carefully remove the FrogTape before the second coat of spray paint dries.  FrogTape lighted PVC candy canes Allow spray paint to fully dry.  Drill holes where desired along the candy cane. I drilled mine randomly in the white sections. Remove the plastic/PVC shavings. (Note: Great gift idea for a DIY lover! The Rockwell Jawhorse is awesome for DIY projects…it held my PVC in place perfectly while I drilled!) lighted PVC candy cane tutorial - drilling PVC Remove the bottom drain/stand.  Keep the plug on the outside and push the entire string of lights through a hole that’s been drilled near the bottom of the candy canes right above the drain area. Work the lights up through the candy cane. I used a thin yardstick to help. Lighted PVC Candy Cane Tutorial at Fill the bottom drain/stand with a handful of rocks for weight and reattach to the candy cane. PVC candy cane tutorial Attach bows, plug in and admire your work!  DIYShowOff PVC candy canes Lighted PVC Candy Canes tutorial So festive and welcoming! They’d look pretty indoors with a red and white theme too… christmas How to Make Lighted PVC Candy Canes

Looking for more inspiration? Visit the DIYShowOff tutorial page for links to more holiday DIY.

birds and berries Christmas tree #michaelsmakers @diyshowoff Dream Tree Challenge

Pop over to see my Succulents & Spruce themed Christmas tree!

Succulents & Spruce Christmas Tree @diyshowoff - #michaelsmaker dream tree challenge

See more fun DIY ideas at Lowe’s Creative Ideas, follow Lowe’s on InstagramPinterest and sign up for the Creative Ideas magazine and app LCI winter *Disclaimer: I’m a member of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Creators and Influencers network. I received a Lowe’s gift card to complete this challenge. As always, all ideas and opinions are in my own words. Results may vary. Remember to work in a well-ventilated area and to take the proper safety precautions. 

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Young Living at


DIY Highlights

I fell way behind in featuring some awesome THAT DIY PARTY highlights the last few weeks due to a busy schedule but I’m catching up! 

DIY Party Highlights

Here’s a shout out to some favorite do-it-yourself projects from some amazing blog friends: 


Kim shared a recent job and “wow”. Just “Wow!” Beautiful. See the process of this reclaimed beadboard installation at Living Vintage


Loving Stephanie’s eclectic bedroom makeover at The Styled Soul

bedroom makeover - The Styled Soul

Tracie did an awesome job with this gorgeous light fixture makeover at Cleverly Inspired


Andrea shares an inexpensive easy DIY – framed wrapping paper at Live Love Larson and I am drooling over her entire dining room…gorgeous!

framed wrapping paper at Live Love larson

When I grow up, I want to build like Jen at the House of Wood. Did you see the gorgeous DIY Pottery Barn inspired media console? Wow!

DIY media console at the House of Wood

Tanya proves that a pretty laundry room update doesn’t have to cost big bucks at Twelve O Eight.

laundry room update - Twelve O Eight

Rebecca’s DIY wreath bird feeder at the Garden Roof Coop is so pretty, isn’t it? 

bird feeder wreath - The Garden Roof Coop

Cristina shared her beautiful DIY chalkboard with tray tutorial at Remodelando la Casa. Not only do I want that chalkboard, but her laundry room is stunning! Love it!

DIY chalkboard with tray - Remodelando la Casa

Brandi’s fireplace makeover at Nest of Bliss – wow! Lovely!

FireplaceMakeover - Nest of Bliss

Remember to visit the links above to say “hi” and to pin from the original source or head over to the THAT DIY PARTY Pinterest board to easily re-pin these and more original DIY party links.


Thanks to everyone for joining the party by sharing DIY! Surprise to the ladies featured above…I apologize for not having the time to leave you a note about showing off your awesome-ness. xo

Silhouette Portrait Giveaway

The promotion with GREAT savings ($7.50 for vinyl and transfer paper) using code “SHOWOFF” at checkout runs through 4/26.

This giveaway is now closed. Winner is Ruth: “I have been wanting to add a compass rose to an end table in my living room, so I think that would be my first project.” Congratulations, Ruth! I hope to see the table! I will contact Ruth by email.

One of the things I love about owning my Silhouette is the ability to create cute customized vinyl labels…

labeled storage dresser in hallway


And since welcoming CocoRosie to our family recently….


{awe! those eyes!!}, anyway…I wanted to transfer pet food to an airtight container rather than dishing out from a pet food bag. Nothing pretty about those, ya know? I love glass jars but the cat food and dog food look very similar, so cute labels are a great solution.

It’s super easy to design my labels using the Silhouette Studio and purchasing/ downloading ‘silhouette’ shapes (and extra fonts) from the Silhouette store. Most run around .99 and stay in my ‘library’ for repeated use.


Cutting the vinyl is a cinch too…just load the vinyl, set the blade and click “send to Silhouette” to cut.


Peel away the un-used/negative part of the vinyl design (also called weeding).


You’ll have a vinyl “sticker” but peeling away the letters and placing by hand for me means creating a slanted label that isn’t ‘level’ and guessing on spacing. This is where transfer paper comes in handy. It “transfers” the vinyl design while keeping the design exactly spaced/level as it shows on the paper.


How Transfer Paper Works: Simply cut a piece of transfer paper to size.

  1. Peel away the waxy backside (the transfer paper is the sticky/tacky paper).
  2. Place the transfer paper over the vinyl design you just weeded.
  3. Rub (I use a gift card/credit card).
  4. Then peel the backing away (waxy thicker paper). The design is now stuck (backward) to the transfer paper.
  5. Place the design/transfer paper onto the glass. Rub with a credit card.
  6. Peel away transfer paper. Vinyl design stays adhered to the glass.


Here’s what I whipped up in less than 30 minutes {containers are from Garden Ridge and scoops from a local commercial restaurant supply store}:

Labeled Pet Food Containers


See MORE of my Silhouette projects here. 

If you’ve been waiting for the monthly promotion to get a Silhouette, now is the time!

Silhouette April Special (just use promo code “SHOWOFF” to get the discount)

Silhouette affiliate link


Promotional Pricing Details: sale runs from 4/18-26th at Silhouette America.

  • 1 Silhouette Portrait™ + 1 roll of black vinyl, 1 roll of white vinyl, and 1 roll of transfer paper: $139.99
  • 1 Silhouette CAMEO® + 1 roll of black vinyl, 1 roll of white vinyl, and 1 roll of transfer paper: $269.99
  • All premium vinyl bought outside of a machine bundle is 25 percent off with promotion code: SHOWOFF.

Note that the vinyl discounted in the promotion is all 9” x 10’.  Also, and this is very important, vinyl is actually discounted BIG TIME. It used to cost $14.99 and is now reduced to $9.99 with an additional 25% promotional discount. I’m going to be stocking up!


How to Enter to win a Silhouette Portrait:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway runs from April 18th to the 20th. Open to US residents. Silhouette provided me with the vinyl for my project, the Silhouette Portrait for 1 lucky DIY Show Off reader and a small percentage of sales generated with the “showoff” promotional code. Thanks and GOOD LUCK!

Visit the blog friends below for MORE chances to win:



DIY Show Off
<div align="center"><a href="" title="DIY Show Off"><img src="" alt="DIY Show Off" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

1. Please use the button above or text and link to this post to share the linky love. Here is the link: I’m not one to double check and will feature your DIY project if I love it whether you linked back or not. However, I’d love for you to share a link, share on FB or by tweet or pin too! Invite your friends!

2. This blog linky party is for your own DIY projects only (home improvement, home repair, decorating, crafts, fashion, seasonal, parties, organization)Links not related to DIY will be deleted. Please share your link one week only.  Please do not link giveaways, linky parties, promotions or a project or collection of inspiration that is not your own personal work or DIY project. 

3. By joining the party, you give permission for your project to be featured and ‘shown off’ via blog highlight, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, G+, etc.

Last week at DIYShowOff:

easy DIY vignette photo backdrop


I had a FUN time going through last week’s links. Thank you for inspiring me with your DIY!

DIY Party Highlights

Beautiful space to get creative over at Living and Learning with Luisa’s craft room makeover.

craft-room-makeover by Living and Learning with Luisa

Trendy but a tad difficult when it comes to DIY but I find this helpful: Chevron made easy by Mommy is CooCoo.

chevron-made-easy by Mommy is CooCoo

Courtney shares her painted craft armoire over at A Diamond in the Stuff. Like I told her, I have one of these monsters sitting in the guest room that I’ve been wanting to  redo. So inspired.


DIY beanbag camera pillow by Acasarella. You won’t believe how easy she made this…


Great idea for old vintage window: DIY Old Window Screen Chalkboard by Three Pixie Lane

diy-window-chalkboard by Three Pixie Lane

Christie from Three Pixie Lane also shares an amazing powder room transformation too…

powder-room-makeover by Three Pixie Lane

Loving arrows lately, how about you? DIY arrow art by She’s Crafty

diy-arrow-art by she'scrafty

You can see more highlights from last week’s party at Pinterest too.

Now let’s see YOUR DIY! Time to “show off”. Please quickly scan the rules above before linking up.

that diy link party


Of note: I’ll be hosting 2 spring linky parties this week. 3/12 Countdown to Spring and 3/15 It’s a Spring Thing! Hope to see your spring blog posts there!

News: Link Party Reminders & Winner

Pardon the break in DIY (I’m working on something and can’t wait to share)! But just a reminder of a few link parties for DIY inspiration:


3/5 Emily from


3/12 Roeshel from
3/19 Kim from
3/26 Lana from
4/2 Linky Recap and Favorites


Tax refund? Silhouette America is running a crazy spring special you won’t want to miss! Just use the code “SHOWOFF” at checkout {affiliate link} now through March 10th to take advantage of the discount prices.


Winner Announcement:

A group of blog friends gathered together to host a fun Pot of Gold giveaway. Thank you to everyone who entered!

Karen Chaplin is the lucky winner!

Pot of gold ahead sign

Congratulations,Karen Chaplin! $600 for shopping! Or paying bills! Or DIY!

You can still check us all out on Instagram to get sneak peeks of upcoming blog posts and get to know us a little more personally. I’ll follow you back too!

Here were are on Pinterest:


What’s Cooking With Ruthie

4 Men 1 Lady

Decor Chick

Home Stories A to Z

DIY Showoff

Queen B and Me

My Blessed Life

Positively Splendid

The Idea Room

The Inspired Room

Just A Girl

What are you up to today? DIY? Working? Half way through the week! Crafting? Cleaning? Braving a winter storm (hibernating like me)?

That DIY Party and DIY Highlights

It’s time for That DIY Party and some DIY highlights! First, a re-cap from last week at DIY Show Off!

That DIY Party

“Owl you need is love and chocolate” Valentine mantel


Amanda from Mommy is Coocoo’s before and after bathroom makeover

Mommy is Coocoo - bathroom reveal

A reminder each day…”Today will be the best day ever!” DIY sign.


a fun time at a blogger event learning about some cool new Rust-Oleum products


and announcing the start of the Countdown to Spring linky party series with some spring mantel inspiration

spring mantel

Ready for some awesome DIY features? As always, I’ve had so much fun and gathered so much inspiration from YOUR linked up projects!

DIY Party Highlights

There were seriously SO many super sweet Valentine’s day DIYs linked up. You really might want to check out last week’s party to pin a few inspiring ideas for next year. Love.Love.Love.

I love this idea from Zorrie at Sugar & Chic…these adorable DIY animal placecards make me want to plan a dinner party for no special reason.

Sugar & Chic - diy-animal-placecards

Kim at Reposhture shares how new lighting, crown moulding and paint give her living room a beautiful new look…

Reposhture living room makeover

Look for cute wall art for your craft space? I’m loving these paint-dipped scissors on display over at Fynes Designs.


During next week’s party, I will be writing from somewhere warm and sunny! I think there might even be time to create one of these for the trip: a DIY travel neck pillow from Bacon Flavored Jam.

travel-neck-pillow Bacon Flavored Jam

Lindsey always amazes me with her DIY craftiness. I’m loving her acorn rosette wreath. I love her creative design with the acorns, don’t you? Love it for spring!

acorn wreath Todd & Lindsey

Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to see what leftover paints you have on hand? It is! Check out Carrie’s idea for organizing paint at Saving 4 Six.

The gorgeous DIY upholstered headboard at Made for a King seriously has me ready to list my sleigh bed. So beautiful!

upholstered-headboard - at Made for a King

Did you see Janel’s fun vintage Alice in Wonderland themed tea party for her daughter’s 15th birthday? Good times, great ideas, sweet memories, special day = happy girl. I loved every detail.

Alice-in-Wonderland-tea-party - Nellie Bellie

WoW! Did you see the awesome mason jar chandelier at Marty’s Musings? You’ll want the details on how she transformed her old one. I love mason jars as ‘globes’.


Did you have a chance to see the AWESOME dodecahedron (that’s quite the mouthful) DIY light fixture at View Along the Way? Stunning! It’s the perfect accent in her newly remodeled laundry room.


Over at Kammy’s Korner, there’s a whole lot of DIY going on in a sweet little girl’s bedroom makeover including a DIY barn wood headboard and painted/stenciled floor and the full shabby chic bedroom reveal.


At Birds and Soap, Jenny’s beautiful DIY diamond tufted dining bench is truly an inspiration. She shares a great tutorial and helpful tips so you can build one too! Check out those pretty buttons!


Now let’s see YOUR DIY! Time to “show off”…

DIY Show Off
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1. Please use the button above or text and link to this post to share the linky love. Here is the link: I’m not one to double check and will feature your DIY project if I love it whether you linked back or not. However, I’d love for you to share a link, share on FB or by tweet or pin too! Invite your friends!

2. This blog linky party is for DIY projects only. Links not related to DIY will be deleted. Please share your link one week only.  Please do not link recipes, giveaways, linky parties, promotions or a collection of inspiration that isn’t your own DIY project. 

3. By joining the party, you give permission for your project to be featured and ‘shown off’ via blog highlight, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, G+, etc.



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Sponsor Thank You and Winners

In order to pull off THREE giveaways of this magnitude {I mean almost $15,000 of prizes doesn’t happen every day, right!?!?}, we teamed up with 16 amazing bloggers to knock your socks off and pull together the biggest giveaway in DIY blogger history. It was a lot of fun! 
Without further adieu, do you want to see the WINNERS!?!?

If you are a winner, you should have received an e-mail from
If you are a winner, you should have received an e-mail from
If you are a winner, you should have received an e-mail from

We each contacted our favorite companies and are so grateful to those that participated. Let’s show them just how amazing they are for sponsoring these events! Please visit their websites to show them our appreciation! 
 Thank you Silhouette for sponsoring our DIY giveaway and generously including two Silhouette CAMEOS in our prizes. If you don’t have a Silhouette craft cutting tool, it should definitely be on your list for Christmas. It is amazing!
 Big thanks to LoveFeast Table for supporting the blogging community by providing such an awesome prize for this epic giveaway! We adore you and your shop and want to send lots of love right back to you!

 A huge thank you to IKEA for sponsoring this amazing giveaway! Who doesn’t dream of winning a $500 gift card to IKEA {The Life Improvement Store}? Congrats to Mike. Have fun on your shopping spree 🙂

 A big, huge thank you to AZ Faux Beams for a generous gift of $1,000 worth of Old Timber or Sand Blasted beams!  AZ Faux Beams is a leading provider of decorative polyurethane architectural products.  Their beams are virtually maintenance free, have deep, crisp detail and add market value to any home.  They are easy to install and provide dependable solutions to architects, builders and homeowners. 
 As the #1 faucet brand in North America, Moen offers a diverse selection of thoughtfully designed kitchen and bath faucets, showerheads, accessories, bath safety products and kitchen sinks for residential and commercial applications each delivering the best possible combination of meaningful innovation, useful features, and lasting value.
 Thank you to Payless Decor for their generous donation of a $500 credit to their site.  Payless Decor is the internet’s premiere source for window blinds and rugs.  They are committed to provide you with the highest quality home decor products at an affordable price through dynamic customer service, knowledgeable staff and exceptional value.  With their free samples and free shipping, affordable window coverings will always be in style.

 A big thank you to Flow Wall Systems, the leading seller of flexible home storage systems. Get your home and life organized with a FREE Flow Wall plan. They are on a quest to organize the world one room at a time! For both RST and Flow Wall the coupon code is: GIVETHANKS

Good for 15% off the entire order through October 31.
 And RST Outdoor, your source for quality and attractive outdoor furniture at affordable prices. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Add onto your home by making over an outdoor space with quality outdoor luxury. 
 Finally, thank you to Royal Design Studio, the premier source for home decor stencils. Why wallpaper when you can avoid the glue and mess with beautiful Royal Design Studio stencils at a fraction of the cost. They carry a wide variety of high quality stencils and are sure to have a design that meets your style. 
 Dremel has been a name I have known since childhood, and in my own family we’ve had a Dremel rotary tool in our DIY arsenal for 10 years now! It is great for various projects around the house. Now that the rotary tool is cordless the ease of using it has simply skyrocketed! Currently the tool that I am coveting in their Sawmax, compact and easy to use for cutting virtually any material! I am putting that on my list of awesome products to buy! Thanks Dremel for providing the great rotary tools for this giveaway!
-Cassity of Remodelaholic
 Thanks for the $500 donation for lovely home decor products from Kirkland’s! They have even been more generous to offer an exclusive blogger discount just four our readers! Use code BLOGGER at checkout for:
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Online coupon is not valid in stores.  Qualifying purchase must be $149.99 or greater before shipping and taxes.  One coupon per customer.  Not valid on previous purchases.  May not be combined with an employee discount, designer advantage discount, any other coupon or applied to the purchase of gift cards.  No cash value.  Checkout code BLOGGER is valid on only.  Offer valid Wednesday, 10/24/2012 through Sunday, 10/28/12 at 11:59pmCST.
 Thank you to Leen the Graphics Queen for giving away  a $200 gift certificate to her online store.  Leen the Graphics is the place to find hundreds of designs, from fun children’s decals to elegant, meaningful wall sayings, from decals to help with home organization, to beautiful monogram and name decals.  They also now offer wrapped canvas wall art and Fabric Wall Decals! 
 Thank you to PSA Essentials for giving $250 in stamps and accessories! inspires you to dream big. Through every phase of the home-buying process, from buying your first home to upgrades,DIY projects and more, is thrilled to help you pick the perfect home and create the perfect living space for you and your family. Browse their idea gallery for inspiration tips on home decorentertaining, improving your home’s value and more!
 Thank you to Shaw Floors for generously giving away an HGTV area rug! 
 Utah Truffles are the BEST chocolates I have ever, EVER had in my life. You will get addicted I promise. I want to thank them for sponsoring this giveaway. Winning $100 worth of chocolate would make anyone’s day 🙂
A big thank you to Worth Home Products for a $500 credit towards any of their products which include a wide array of stylish pendants, drum shades and chandeliers that you can install anywhere you currently have a recessed light.  Simply screw it in and slide up the decorative canopy to hide the recessed light.  It’s as easy as changing a light bulb.
  Karran Sinks was the first to introduce a complete line of acrylic sinks that could be undermounted to laminate. They are the first, and only, company to develop a line of stainless steel sinks that could be seamlessly undermounted to laminate and solid surface.

 Black and Decker is one of my favorite companies, I am so glad they helped sponsor this giveaway. Not only are the employees kind and fun to hang out with, but there products are fabulous and their prices are so friendly! The very first tool purchase for our first home was a Black and Decker skill saw… and the first time I used it, was to begin the remodel of our first kitchen… ah those were the good days! Now, few years later, ahem, I have tried several of their tools and one of my favorites their gas free mowers. Be sure to check out their great selection of tools!
-Cassity of Remodelaholic
 Thanks so much to D. Lawless Hardware for supplying such great gift certificates. D Lawless is a great source for affordable hardware, from a cut glass drawer knobs to drawer slides for your homemade furniture. I found them almost 2 years ago when working on our built-in storage project and because of their great prices we were able to get both the hinges and the pulls that I wanted for a steal of a deal. The product that I am dying to buy is their Kitchen Aid lift kit…. great price and SO cool!
-Cassity of Remodelaholic
 Many thanks to Glidden for participating in this epic giveaway! We appreciate their generous support and presence in the blogging community and encourage all of our readers to check out Glidden’s great line of paint when you start your next project! Also be sure to check out the My Colortopia site for helpful painting tips and ideas from the My Colortopia bloggers!
 BIG thanks to FrogTape for the generous basket of FrogTape products and a $500 Visa gift card to one lucky winner who has the opportunity to create an awesome DIY paint project! FrogTape is the only painter’s tape treated with PaintBlock Technology. A DIY must to have for keeping paint lines sharp and inspiring creativity in DIY painting. Need some FrogTape project inspiration? The FrogTape blog squad shares DIY ideas, “like” FrogTape on Facebook or follow FrogTape on Twitter. ~Roeshel

 Huge thank you to HomeGoods for their $500 giftcard.  We are constantly inspired when we walk into their space.  Make sure you check out their incredible pin boards for things to inspire and excite you when you are inside your own space
 Thank you to Rustoleum for giving away a countertop transformation kit! 
 Thank you to Dee from Red Letter Words for giving away $350 worth of product (excluding custom orders) to her beautiful online store. Dee’s hope is that her faith inspired art connects people to the unchanging truth of God’s word and reminds them just how much God loves them. Red Letter Words takes its name from the words spoken by Jesus in the New Testament, which appear printed in red in some editions.

 Thank you to Mirror-Mate for participating in this giveaway by providing 3 frames. Mirror Mate allows you to Transform your bathroom mirror in minutes with a custom fit frame frame. They custom cut the frame and send you a complete kit. It’s easy! It’s the 20 Minute Mirror Makeover™ that gives your whole bath decorator style.

The PINacle of DIY Goodness Giveaway

Hi friends! Did you have fun with yesterday’s Everything and the Kitchen Sink GiveawayWe sure did! In fact, we had so much fun that we decided that we just couldn’t stop there.

So today, this group of 16 DIY and home decor bloggers are back with a second amazing giveaway. This time, you’ll have a chance to win some jaw dropping DIY prize packages. You know you are just itching to get started on some new projects or {ahem} actually finish the ones that are already in progress. Are we right?

DIY giveaway

You already know the group of gals that are bringing you the chance to win the DIY goodies. But just in case you need a reminder, here they are:

Brooke from All Things Thrifty, Traci from Beneath my Heart, Emily from Decor Chick, Roeshel from DIY Show Off, Beth from Home Stories A to Z, Beckie from Infarrantly Creative, Melissa from The Inspired Room, Lindsay from Makely, Stacy from Not Just a Housewife, Brittany from Pretty Handy Girl, Cassity from Remodelaholic, Sandra from Sawdust and Paper Scraps, Rhoda from Southern Hospitality, Gina from Shabby Creek Cottage, Jen from Tatertots and Jello, and Mandi from Vintage Revivals.

 Ready to see the prize packages? Let’s get started!

Grand Prize A:
  • $500 gift card to national off-price Home Fashions retailer HomeGoods! Click here to find your inspiration! MSRP: $500.00
  • Two Black and Decker Platinum 20V Max* Lithium Ion Flex Vacuums {one for you and one for a friend}. MSRP: $149.99 each
  • Mirror Mate kit MSRP: $250.00A $500 Visa Gift Card
  • Frog Tape Gift Basket filled with FrogTape goodies for your next DIY project from FrogTape. MSRP $550.00
Grand Prize B:
  • One 8×10 HGTV HOME Flooring by Shaw area rug, Grandeur collection (this includes: Exotic Journey, Luna de Luna, Nirvana, Nomadic Elegance, Good Karma, A Stitch in Time and Zybra). MSRP: $1299.00
  • A $150 gift card to D.Lawless Hardware for kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls. MSRP: $150.00
  • One Cordless Dremel tool from Dremel. MSRP: $139.99
  • A $100.00 gift card to Utah Truffles. MSRP: $100.00
Grand Prize C:
  • 1 custom stamp, 3 Peel & Stick packs, 2-color ink, 1 color ink and 3 boxes of note cards from PSA Essentials.  MSRP is $250.00
  • $1000.00 gift certificate to AZ Faux Beams. Good toward Old Timber or Sandblasted beams (can include shipping).
  • A $100 shopping spree to Royal Design Studio for stencils and supplies. MSRP: $100.00
  • One Silhouette CAMEO™ electronic cutting tool. MSRP: $269.99
How to enter, you ask? 
Mandatory entry: Follow all 16 bloggers on Pinterest…{Yes, this means clicking over to Pinterest 16 times, after all the prizes are worth it!!}

Follow All Things Thrifty on PinterestFollow All Things Thrifty on Pinterest

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…and then validate your entry by answering the question below {click “do it”}. In order to see the question, you need to click “do it.”. I’ve had a few readers also say that you need to also click “log in to Facebook.” 

PLUS you can get two optional entries by completing the two other tasks. Don’t forget to validate your entry in the Rafflecopter Widget.

Also, Rafflecopter has had a few issues keeping up with the high demand of this giveaway  So, if you don’t see the widget below, come back later. Thank you for being patient! {Not a Pinterest User? Alternate entry available by sending your entry e-mail to}

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*This giveaway is in no way affiliated, administered or endorsed by Facebook or Pinterest. Winner will be notified by email on 10/23/12 and will need to respond within 48 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen. Winner must be 18 years of age or older and a US citizen in order to win. Winners are responsible for paying any necessary taxes on winnings. Alternate entry email: with entry information. All prizes will be mailed by the sponsor and all participating blog owners are not held responsible if the prize is not fulfilled. A list of winners may be requested after the giveaway has ended. Questions and additional information can be requested by emailing:
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DIY Project Parade – Show Off Your DIY Projects

I  hope you’re having an awesome Labor Day weekend. Are you resting and enjoying 3 days of fun or are you taking advantage of a long weekend to get some things done?

Here is what I shared this past week if you missed it:

This kitchen is looking so much better, brighter and cleaner. See the apartment kitchen makeover sneak peek.

apartment kitchen before

How to make a distress chevron plank sign:

how to make a chevron sign

Make sure to stop back for highlights!  Show us your latest DIY: 

DIY Show Off

<div align="center"><a href="" title="DIY Show Off"><img src="" alt="DIY Show Off" style="border:none;" /></a></div>
1. Please use the button above or text and link to this post to share the linky love. Here is the link: I’d love for you to share a link on your FB or by tweeting too if you have the time. :) Thanks!
2. Your post must be recent, shared at one DIY Project Parade only (not continuously) and be DIY related.
3. Include your name or blog name and project title. Add your permalink (not your blog url, but your DIY project post url).
4. Or email your link to and I will add it for you.
5. This blog linky party is for DIY projects only. Links not related to DIY will be deleted. Please share your link one week only.  Please do not link recipes, giveaways, linky parties, promotions or a collection of inspiration. 
6.  NOW you can “like” the links!  Awesome projects with great pictures may be included in a post of DIY Project Parade highlights later in the week, featured on DIY Show Off, Facebook,Twitter, G+ or Pinterest.
7.  Please be sure to visit a few other links to make some friends (maybe the one before you) and to collect some creative inspiration!

Are you following along? DIY Show Off - FacebookDIY Show Off - TwitterDIY Show Off - PinterestDIY Show Off - Feed Did you know if you subscribe by email that you can get the email without a truncated feed? Follow me on Hometalk too! (See left side bar for info.) Can you believe summer is coming to an end? Getting ready for fall? Look what’s coming up starting this week (Wed. but going up Tues. night!). Get ready! DIY Fall Decorating, Recipes and Crafts More to come this week:

  • DIY Fall Festival
  • Countdown to Fall
  • DIY Project Parade highlights

(Apartment progress!)

  • Rustoleum Countertop Transformations review
  • Tiling a bathroom floor

DIY Project Parade Highlights – Room Reveal Round UP

One of my favorite type of links in the DIY Project Parade is when someone shares a room reveal I might have otherwise missed. Here are some awesome room makeovers definitely worth a look:

Jessie at Imperfectly Polished shared her master bathroom before and a look at the gorgeous reveal.

master bathroom makeover

I am loving the patio made from old doors at Shabby Love! She took an inspiration picture and created a beautiful version for herself. I believe this counts as a room reveal. Wow!

old doors turned patio

Did you see the beautiful porch ceiling at Not Just a Housewife? Stacy shows us how to create/paint a harlequin patterned ceiling with a great tutorial.

how to paint a harlequin porch ceiling

Brooke from Design Stash shared her pretty cottage living room makeover. I love her attention to detail and the transformation from before to after is a breath of fresh air. Beautiful job!

living room makeover

No budget for a new backsplash? Miranda from Pressing On shares my love of stencils {the impact adding design can make} – and created an awesome stenciled chevron backsplash. How beautiful is this?…

chevron stenciled backsplash

Cassie at Primitive and Proper shares her gorgeous master bedroom makeover. I love her comfortable style, mixing vintage and antique with beautiful navy and gold colors. Eclectic elegance…

master bedroom makeover

I think these master bedroom makeovers are so inspiring. (It’s on our list of things to do!) and the colors, texture, pattern and accents that Lisa from Diary of a {Wannabe} Domestic Diva are so soothing and pretty!

master bedroom makeover

I love a good before and after and the family room makeover at Totally Lauren Amber is just that – boring before with a beautiful transformation with so many details and so much to see! Gorgeous!

family room makeover

A big round of applause and praise for these girls and their amazing DIY talent. WOW!

Thanks so much for coming over to link up and join the party! We’d love to see your latest DIY project!

DIY Show Off

Tips for tiling a floor from the Home Depot Tile Specialist

Remember when I shared we shopped for tile for the rental bathroom makeover at looking at the Daltile Atmospheres Collection at the Home Depot?

Daltile Atmospheres Collection

The Atmospheres tile collection by Daltile offers a variety of style, colors and size options to create your own unique designs with tile. So many possibilities! {shopping for tile}

We finally chose a tile, placed and order online and it was delivered to my door. Hurray! But wait…I learned something that changed our order.

Uh oh! {read on}

After receiving samples of the Daltile Cararra 12x12s {I loved the pattern, flow, marble look and finish!}, we ordered Daltile Cararra in the 10×14 size for our bathroom floor. Beautiful tile.

 Daltile Designer White

What I learned from the Home Depot tile specialist…

With tiling experts at every store, the Home Depot is empowering customers to take on both large and small scale tiling projects. Even when you think you might know everything, it’s a good idea to sketch out a plan so I met with Mike, the tile specialist at the Home Depot. Mike is a tiling expert and was super friendly and well, an expert at tiling. He answered my questions patiently and had so much information. We’ve tiled before but I did learn a some helpful tips. Everyone say “hi Mike!”

the home depot tile specialist

{Mike, the Home Depot tile specialist with me}

Mike went through each step in the tiling process and shared some super helpful tiling tips:

  1. Demo of existing floor (for us it’s tongue and groove engineered planks). Our subfloor is solid and level so we’re good to go. If this isn’t the case, that would need to be addressed. bathroom makeover before
  2. Installing cement board or hardi-backer. Either choice works. We’re choosing hardi-backer because cutting causes less dust and Mr. DIY prefers to work with hardi-backer. This gets screwed down over top of subfloors. Sized (depths) vary and depend on meeting up with the adjoining floor outside of the bathroom (so no one’s stubbing toes). We’re going with 1/4 inch.  Roeshel from DIY Show Off with Mike, the Home Depot tile specialist
  3. Tile cutting and layout. Mike suggested working from the center of the floor in front of the doorway and working the pattern out towards the border of the room. That’s the area that will be seen most often. In our case, as you can see, a vanity partially blocks the door.      So we’re going to work from the center of the “open” floor space or start in front of the tub and work our way back to where the new vanity and toilet will be replaced since that tile will not be seen. We do have a wet saw, which is the tool needed for cutting tile. And the glazed porcelain tiles we chose won’t be an issue with cutting (as the marble backsplash tiles were – see our tip on cutting/installing marble subway backsplash tile). It’s helpful to mark the back of tiles or stack them back up in order of layout so that you can work quickly with setting them in place permanently. We will cut, layout and space the entire space before moving onto the next step.  roeshel and mike
  4. Types of mortar. Learning something new everyday! Mortar comes in light and dark colors. Mike recommends Versabond for our project. Mortar can be absorbed into natural stone tile and grout. We are using a glazed porcelain so there isn’t an issue with absorption, however will will be using a lighter grout and will go with the lighter mortar as well. Mortar gets spread using a notched trowel. Mortar must not dry before setting tiles in place.  mortar
  5. Tile placement and spacing. Spread the mortar in sections, working as you go (not working yourself into a corner, but work starting from the further part from your exit – you’ll want to end at the door so that you can leave). Allow to dry 24 hours. We’ll be using the 3/16 spacers since we like a thin grout joint (place and remove as we continue working).  3/16 tile spacers
  6. Grouting. Mike suggests using a sanded grout on floors for wear and tear. Materials needed: grout (mix if not using a pre-mixed), bucket of water, float and sponge.  types of grout
  7. Sealing. Natural stone needs to be sealed as well as grout. However, since we’re going with glazed porcelain, our tile doesn’t need to be sealed. Mike pointed out that ‘Grout Shield’ can be mixed with grout to eliminate an extra step of sealing.
Another very important thing that I learned from Mike, the Home Depot tile specialist? Floor tiles and wall tiles are different. Wall tiles are not recommended for floors (it’s okay the other way around – you can use floor tiles on a wall).
Tip: Look at the back of the tile!
Light backside = wall tile
Darker backside = floor tile
Floor tiles have been fired longer and are stronger for floors. Using a wall tile on a floor can mean cracking or breaking since it’s not as strong. And know what? Those 10×14 Daltile Cararra tiles we ordered were light on the back, meaning they were wall tiles. Not going to work for our floor. {exception: accent tiles can be used on a floor}
I’m so thankful that I met with Mike {thank you, Mike!}. He saved us some potential headaches down the road. So even when you’ve tiled before and are pretty sure you know what you’re doing, it’s always good to review the plan with an expert!  I returned my wall tiles and chose Daltile Cararra 12x12s and our tutorial, befores and afters are coming soon!
The Home Depot is the one stop shop for all tiling needs, whether you are an experienced DIYer or first time tiler. See the entire Daltile Atmospheres Collection at the Home Depot.
The Home Depot partnered with bloggers (like me!) to participate in its Daltile program. As a part of the program, I received compensation in the form of a Home Depot gift card to participate in promoting the new Atmospheres Tile Collection by Daltile. Opinion and experiences are my own words. The Home Depot’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social medial engagement recommendations. I am a DIY blogger and I approved this message. 🙂 
Thanks to Bri for tagging along and taking the photos.

Cue the confetti and balloons! DIY news and a giveaway!-

Do you remember me telling you guys that I won the Purdy grand prize at the Haven Conference earlier this summer? Well, my prize arrived! Inside the box was this..


$1000 worth of Purdy products!

OH MY GOODNESS! I’m the luckiest DIY girl in the world today. I won’t have to buy paint supplies for quite awhile. Awesome!

Want to see what $1000 worth of Purdy looks like?

Purdy paint products

It looks Purdy awesome. Imagine the projects I can complete with this stash of goodies!


And if that wasn’t exciting enough? I have more fun news. Some of you have noticed and have sent me tweets, FB notes and comments. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Seriously…I’m on cloud 9! And your thoughtfulness has made me feel so special the last couple of days. Thanks for noticing, thanks for taking the time to tell me you’ve seen it!

It’s no secret that I use FrogTape a lot. A LOT a lot. (with the apartment renovation: almost every day!) Well, I recently had a dream come true opportunity to promote FrogTape, a product I do believe in and use in real life – in an advertisement! Woo hoo! You can see an ad in…

Country Living, September 2012

DIY Show Off  FrogTape ad

House Beautiful, September 2012

DIY Show Off FrogTape ad


Thanks so much to FrogTape and Purdy for making my DIY and painting projects so much easier. Amen, right?


DIY SHOW OFF favorite product giveaway…

Prize: So, what’s the giveaway? NOT $1000 worth of Purdy but, well, two of my most favorite DIY tools in the whole wide world, of course. I’ll share a bit of my duplicate Purdy products and stash of FrogTape with one DIY Show Off friend. It’ll be just like it’s your birthday too! 

How to win? Winner is open to US residents only. Giveaway runs today through midnight EST Sunday, August 12th, 2012. Good luck! Simply leave a comment for each of the following:

  • Just leave me a note in the comments below. Maybe about when/how we met or what your working on or what DIY has inspired you lately or what makes you happiest or just “hi”. 😛
  • Share this news/giveaway link on Facebook.
  • Share this link to this post on G+.
  • Share this link on Twitter.
  • Pin this post.
  • “Like” Purdy on Facebook.
  • “Like” FrogTape on Facebook.

Thanks for sharing my excitement, thanks for letting me share my excitement! Thanks for tolerating me while I ‘show off’ on my online journal. 🙂 

Disclosure: I did not get paid to write this post. I’m sharing two products that I truly do love and personally use. 

Supporting Habitat for Humanity {summer contest} – One Project Closer’s The Better Half

Supporting Habitat for Humanity

I apologize! I’ve been so busy with working on the demo in the dirty dinky apartment that I’m a little behind in sharing updates on the Before and After Series – Habitat for Humanity going on at One Project Closer’s The Better Half. Forgive me? Awe, c’mon – I’m covered in grime here and so sore! So here are some updates:

If you haven’t already, you’ll want to check out the winner chosen by Traci from Beneath My Heart:

Bathroom Transformation by Tenth Avenue South

bathroom makeover

The winner chosen by Michelle at Ten June Blog:

Rustic Country Kitchen Makeover from Buckets of Burlap

farmhouse kitchen

and finally, be on the look out! This week’s winner will be chosen by Rhoda at Southern Hospitality.

southern hospitality

There’s still time! I’ll be judging the week of August 19th and I want to see your before and after projects there!

How can YOU help and win? Submit your pictures and a before/after story from a home improvement project you worked (no contracted jobs) sometime in the past year. Every week of the summer until September 21, a winner is selected and their story is published online. Each winner gets a $50 gift card to either Lowes, Home Depot, or Amazon, and a donation of $100 to Habitat for Humanity in the winner’s honor! There’s more! At the end of the Summer, the best submission, as voted on by readers, wins a bonus $150 gift card to one of the three stores above. You can enter your home improvement project and see who’s hosting each week HERE.
DIY Show Off - FacebookDIY Show Off - TwitterDIY Show Off - PinterestDIY Show Off - Feed

DIY Project Parade & DIY Highlights

The DIY Project Parade is a linky party for bloggers to show off their hard work and DIY and a place to share do-it-yourself creativity and inspiration.

Here are some favorites from last week. You ladies are amazing!

WOW! ::whistle:: The kitchen before and after makeover at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia is a beautiful site to see!

kitchen before and after

The front door and entry makeover at First Home Love Life is unbelievable with a clever DIY you’ll want to read about…

front entry makeover

Everything Kelly from Eclectically Vintage does is inspiring and her foyer before/after is no exception. Loving every detail…

foyer reveal

Have an old framed print (rescue one from thrift stores or yard sales) and give it a new look {DIY eye chart tutorial} like Design: Dining + Diapers…

DIY eye chart art

This creative Harry Potter script wall at Concrete Cottage was well worth the effort. So creative!

harry potter script wall

The tween girl room reveal at A Sunday Afternoon has so many fun and colorful DIY projects…

tween girl room makeover

One lucky little guy has a fun new room with a transportation theme. See the boy bedroom reveal at The Consigner Designer.

boys room makeover

Loving the color scheme and DIY accents in the big boy room reveal at Adventures in Creating

big boy room reveal

There’s a cute little boy and his room makeover filled with DIY accents at ReMade Simple Blog…

vintage eclectic boys room makeover

Let’s see what you’ve been up to!

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Who could use some color and cottage inspiration? Enter to win Better Homes and Gardens decorating books!

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BHG Color and New Cottage Style Book Review, Inspiration and Giveaway

I’ve recently announced that we’ll be renovating our small apartment. One thing with owning a rental is making the basics appeal to everyone’s style and that means walls in a fresh clean neutral color palette and bringing in color with decorative accents, fabrics and furniture. Not only will we be renovating on a very small, very tight budget, we’ll need to be creative with thrifty decorating since this will be the home of our college bound baby girl.

When I was asked to review Better Homes and Gardens COLOR…the complete guide for your home and New Cottage Style, they were the perfect source of inspiration for plans for our small space.

BHG Color…the complete guide for your home:  I needed to read the color theory discussions with detailed information on color schemes filled with inspiring photos of a variety of successful color palettes and ways to master adding color to decorating. Some of the topics discussed:

  • Color inspiration (getting started, making it personal)
  • Color mood and meaning (turquoise = cool gemstone color creating calming spaces and helps room occupants focus their thoughts…I need a turquoise room!)
  • How to use color in rooms (examples and photos!)
  • Adding color in stages (accessorizing, the power of paint, fun fabrics, etc.)
  • Color through the house (cohesive composition)

For the past couple of years, I’ve been trying to keep things neutral after a DIY red living room fail. Our bathroom makeover shows my love of neutrals but I could pretty much add any color to this space and despite the lack of color, the patterns and texture keep it interesting…

We had the same neutral plans for our family room makeover in progress, but you can see that reading BHG’s Color guide has had a little influence in shoving those fears away…{color palette for family room}

colorful DIY candlesticks

With decorating the apartment coming up, we’ve been collecting some estate sale finds and I’ve been embracing color. Normally, I’d want to reupholster chairs with the colors green, purple, fuchsia and orange but these awesome $6 chairs (woo hoo!) are going to be perfect for adding color to an apartment with a neutral background…(that’s if I can part with them. I’m really loving having them ‘hang out’ in the sitting room right now)

thrift store chairs

BHG New Cottage Style:

Cottage style is a popular timeless trend and I’m definitely in love with all things cottage. Our love of charm and character in “vintage and rustic” fits perfectly into the cottage category.  I love the flexibility to adapt cottage to fit our farmhouse style and how my love of thrift store finds mix so well with creating our own take on the cottage feeling in our home. I feel our cottage style half bathroom is a beautiful update but that the little cottage influence reflects our home’s history…

powder room before and after

BHG New Cottage Style covers home tours, everyday living, classic looks, welcoming retreats and special spaces (with beautiful inspiring images). So much character and comfortable cottage eye candy.

Enter to win your own copies of BHG Color & New Cottage Style!

  • Leave a comment about how these two books will be of help with decorating decisions in your home.
  • Leave a comment for each way you help spread the word about the giveaway (i.e. Twitter, G+, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.). Thanks so much!


Giveaway is for one set of these two books to one DIY Show Off reader. Giveaway starts 7/7/12 and ends 7/14/2012 at midnight EST. Giveaway is open to US residents only. Please include an email address if you can’t be reached via your profile.

*Disclaimer: I received BHG Color guide and BHG New Cottage Style {2 paperback books} in exchange for a review. Opinion and review are my own words and my own experience. I accepted the book offer because these books were on my wish list. Review and giveaway are sponsored by

Wiley Craft Blog

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DIY Show Off News/Updates

I’m excited to be hosting the North Pittsburgh “I Love Thrifting Day” again this year! I love thrifting day is one day out of the year when thrifters all over the world celebrate the art of thrifting. It is a time to meet new friends, connect with old ones and share the love a a good find.

You can find more information and details coming soon at Mr. GoodWill Hunting.

We have a super fun busy day planned. Here is Pittsburgh North “I LOVE THRIFTING day” tentative schedule for Sat. July 7th:

  • 9 a.m. North Hills GoodWill
  • 10:30 Wexford GoodWill
  • 11:30 Cranberry Twp. GoodWill
  • 12:30 Lunch at Primanti’s
  • 2:00 Gibsonia GoodWill
  • 3:30 p.m. Share and pictures (location to be announced)

Join in for the entire day or somewhere along the way! Plans, locations and time are subject to change. Local to Pittsburgh? Join us! I can’t wait to meet you! We’re going to enjoy a day of thrifty treasure hunting! Bri and I had a blast last year and hope to have a bigger crowd this year.

If you’d like to get your t-shirt ordered, do it by Friday, June 15:

The GoodWill stores on the N. Pittsburgh I LOVE THRIFTING day schedule are giving a 10% discount to shoppers wearing the t-shirt {our group}! How exciting!


Are you attending the Haven Conference? I am! It’s another fun opportunity to meet my amazing DIY blog friends! I have to admit I’m a little, maybe even a lot nervous! I haven’t made arrangements to meet up or sit with my e-friends/soon-to-be real life friends and fear I’ll be sitting by myself. Seriously…the words to just speak up don’t come to me until after the opportunity has passed. Why is that? Why wasn’t I born more outgoing and brave?! So, if you see me – please introduce yourself! Bri was going to accompany me, but something came up and now I’m on my own. Counting down the days!

Hands=On at Haven Conference 2012

And if you have a DIY project you’d like to share or a guest post for the couple of days I’ll be out of town, now’s the time to show off! 🙂


Don’t forget to enter to win:

Bed Bath & Beyond gift card granite gold products


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Granite Gold Giveaway & Review

Mr. DIY is the cook in our family. He finds cooking relaxing and therapeutic after a long day at work. He enjoys it. {Who am I to argue?}

We were super excited when we swapped out blue laminate countertops for granite last year. On a photo shoot day, it looks like this:

marble subway tile backsplash

When Mr. DIY has finished creating a delicious meal, it looks like this on a good day:

dirty granite counter

And usually when I clean up, it’s streaky-looking in certain lighting. I was more than happy to try Granite Gold‘s products for a little help with cleaning that mess on a regular basis, to have an easy solution to my almost daily chore.The food is always amazing but the kitchen usually winds up looking like the Muppets Swedish Chef stopped by for a visit…

 {courtesy of rubysuncle}

After clearing all of the clutter and crumbs, I used the Granite Gold cleaner to get through spills, water marks and grease…

granite gold cleaner

I love the citrus scent and streak-free formula {not the result I was getting with brand name cleaning wipes}.

Our granite has a honed finish, but the Granite Gold polish brings out the granite’s natural beauty and when used weekly, provides ongoing protection against water marks.

  granite gold polish

Gorgeous shine! Great for cleaning our Virginia Mist granite and marble subway tile backsplash too!

granite marble kitchen

One lucky DIY Show Off winner will receive:

granite gold products

The Granite Gold cleaning kit includes 5 must-have products:

  • Daily Cleaner: Our #1 best seller is a streak-free formula that safely deep-cleans natural stone surfaces, leaving a fresh citrus scent
  • Polish: Quickly add shine and luster to granite and other natural stone surfaces.
  • Shower Cleaner: Instead of using other household cleaners which can damage natural stone, our shower cleaner is the safe alternative to prevent mold, mildew, soap scum and hard water deposits
  • Outdoor Stone Cleaner: Easily attachable to your garden hose, it is safe to use on patios, decks and driveways because the biodegradable, ph-balanced formula won’t harm plants, animals, siding or plastics
  • Sealer: To provide long-lasting resistance to staining and soil build-up you only need to use our natural stone sealer once a year! So add it to your spring-cleaning to-do’s.

Specially formulated to clean and maintain all-natural surfaces, Granite Gold’s complete stone care line gives consumers the tools to keep their natural stone protected and looking first-class. The non-toxic and non-abrasive formula won’t scratch surfaces, is environmentally friendly and safe to use on any food-preparation surfaces.

+ a $50 Bed, Bath and Beyond gift card!

Bed Bath & Beyond gift card


  1. Sign up to receive the latest stone care advice from the experts at Granite Gold.
  2. Visit Granite Gold on Facebook for latest stone care advice, helpful hints and updates. Leave a comment that you “like” Granite Gold.
  3. Follow Granite Gold’s on Twitter for the answers to your stone care questions and leave a comment about it.
  4. Comment on how you’ve helped spread the word about the Granite Gold giveaway (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, G+, blogging). {THANK YOU for your help!}
  5. Leave a comment telling Granite Gold which natural stone in your home could use a little special TLC.

Giveaway starts today and ends June 30th, 2012 at midnight EST. One winner will be chosen randomly and announced shortly after.Open to US residents 18+ only. Good luck!

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DIY Show Off received compensation and product for this honest review based on personal experience and giveaway was donated by Granite Gold.