12 Days of Christmas Essential Oil Infused Bath Soak Ornament Gifts

Every time of the year is a good time to share essential oils and Christmas is the perfect time to whip up your own DIY homemade gifts. 

12 Days of Christmas

essential oil infused bath soak ornament gifts

DIY essential oil infused bath soak Christmas ornament gift tutorial @diyshowoff

Supplies: (some affiliate links included)

  • epsom salt
  • your choice of essential oils (I only recommend Young Living brand)
  • 12 mini fillable glass ornaments (only use glass ornaments when using citrus essential oils)
  • small decorative Christmas tree
  • battery operated lights
  • ribbon and twine
  • Sharpie
  • mason jar
  • funnel (paper cones work well because you can snip the point to fit into the small ornament opening)


DIY essential oil infused bath soak Christmas ornament gift tutorial @diyshowoff

1. Add 2 level (or just under level) tablespoons of epsom salt to a mason jar.

2. Add 1-3 drops of essential oil. 

3. Screw on lid and shake, shake, shake it up!

4. Remove top from glass ornament. Using the funnel, transfer contents of mason jar to glass ornament. You’ll have to tap. I recommend holding the ornament/funnel over the mason jar. 

5. Attach ornament lid and embellish with ribbon.

6. Label ornaments using a Sharpie.

7. Tie ornament onto tree with a piece of twine.

*Repeat steps 1-6 for each essential oil. You may want to wash/rinse/dry mason jar between each use when creating a different batch. 

DIY essential oil infused bath soak Christmas ornament gift tutorial @diyshowoff

Gift giving ideas:

1 – Give the entire 12 days of essential oil infused Christmas tree to a busy friend who could use some quiet ‘me’ time. Yes…it’s perfectly acceptable to keep it for yourself! Display the tree on the bathroom counter! The battery operated lights provide just the perfect glow for a relaxing bath soak. Set the mood with soothing holiday music. 

2 – Or display the tree at your next holiday essential oil 101 class or holiday party. Bam! Instant guest favors, gifts or prizes.

DIY essential oil infused bath soak Christmas ornament gift tutorial @diyshowoff DIY essential oil infused bath soak Christmas ornament gift tutorial @diyshowoff DIY essential oil infused bath soak Christmas ornament gift tutorial @diyshowoff

3 – They make cute gift-toppers/accessories too!

Creative Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas by 10 bloggers @diyshowoff

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See more fun holiday essential oil gift ideas from these sweet blog friends: 

DIY essential oil Gift ideas @diyshowoff

Check out these other great DIY gift ideas using essential oils!

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Young Living at diyshowoff.com

Halloween (essential oils) Make & Take Ideas and Graphics

Hosting a fun Halloween themed make & take essential oils class? Me too! I’ve whipped up a few graphics/printables for the occasion. You’re welcome to use them for your event too!

Facebook event cover photo:

Halloween essential oils Make & Take ideas, graphics and printables @diyshowoff

Monster Repellent Printable Recipe Cards – Right click and save to computer, upload into word document, resize to fit 2, 3 or 4 to a page, print on white card stock and distribute to guests with supplies. 

Halloween essential oils Make & Take ideas, graphics and printables @diyshowoff

Monster Repellent Labels – Right click and save to computer, upload and resize to fit mailing labels or the appropriate size for your spray bottle (I use these 2 oz. glass spray bottles) on regular paper in a word document, print, cut out and attach to spray bottles. Protect labels with packing tape. 

Halloween essential oils Make & Take ideas, graphics and printables @diyshowoff

monster repellent printable labels

You’ll have to research the recipe for this next one on your own, but here’s a graphic if it’s something you want to make for your own personal use. Right click, save to computer, upload into a word document to resize for printing. Cut out, secure to spray bottle with packaging tape. 

Halloween essential oils Make & Take ideas, graphics and printables @diyshowoff


Halloween essential oils

Diffuse: Light the Fire essential oil

Refreshments: Add essential oils and products labeled for dietary use to your Halloween recipes, apple cider, witch’s brew, etc. 

apple cider witch's brew with essential oils

fall recipes - essential oil infused make & take class ideas Part 2 @diyshowoff

What I love about Young Living: The thing about buying cheap essential oils is 1. They’re usually labeled “fragrance grade only” and 2. You don’t have the support team to help educate and empower you to take charge of your own wellness. 3. There’s no reward system. 4. There’s no opportunity to build a business. Did I ever seek out to ‘sell’ essential oils? NO WAY! But once I learned more, once I experienced the benefits…I can’t help but not share. 

Learn more about Young Living essential oils, my story and join me in creating a healthy chemical free home HERE. AND! Get the DIYShowOff welcome bundle for free from me personally! Extra gifts, loads of support. If there is one thing I regret, it’s waiting as long as I did to jump on board. It’s worth the investment as it’s motivated us to truly make healthier choices, sparking a new healthy lifestyle. What are you waiting for? 

diyshowoff young living essential oils member#1836762

Snack Time Table Runner

Serving up snacks for guests? Dress up the ‘buffet’ with a cute table runner. 

snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff

Materials I used: 

What I did: 

Wash, dry, iron and hem edges of toweling fabric to create a runner. I accidentally deleted the photos from this step…but the toweling only needs hems on the short sides. 

Create text using Silhouette Studio Designer software. 

snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff

Important: flip/mirror text (right click and “flip horizontally”). 

snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff

Adjust Silhouette blade settings for heat transfer in the “cut” screen.

Load iron on vinyl into machine shiny/pattered/glittered side down and click “cut”.

snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff

When complete, remove vinyl from machine and weed away excess iron on vinyl. Design/text will show backwards on the tacky side of a transparency. 

snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff

Place iron on decal with transparency onto fabric. Cover with scrap fabric and apply heat with iron on high setting for 20-30 seconds.  snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff


snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff

Pull away transparency. (If iron-on pulls up, replace transparency and repeat applying heat.)

snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff

After iron on decals are all placed, iron entire runner on the back side.

Perfect for adding a special touch to snacks for a small gathering. 

snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff

Cute display for appetizers, desserts and beverages displayed on our kitchen island.   snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff


snack time table runner tutorial @diyshowoff

*This post is sponsored by Happy Crafters and my last one. What a fun partnership – I’m in love with the products and they’re affordable too! Tutorial, experience and opinion are my own. Check out all the supplies at Happy Crafters for great prices, products and inspiration for your next project. 


Tie Dye Party Fun

Celebrate the start of summer with snacks, sweets and some tie dye fun! 

Tie Dye Party invitation #tiedyeyoursummer @michaelsstores @diyshowoff

I had the opportunity to participate in trying out the Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Party kit and cute FREE exclusive tie dye printables from Lillian Hope Designs. It’s summer time! I’m always up for hosting a fun themed event. Toss in tie dye, kids, a pretty day at the park and who can resist? To be perfectly honest, I’ve actually never tie dyed anything so I almost felt like one of the kids! 

I partnered with Dana from Parties & Playdates to get a few kids together to kick off celebrating summer. With everything in the kit and free printables, it was easy to throw together a party. Everything needed to tie dye comes in the kit including 18 bottles of dye, 6 gloves, 6 t-shirts (kids large), plastic table cloth, 90 rubber bands and instructions for creating cool designs. And there a TON of cute tie dye themed party printables at TieDyeYourSummer.com. Here are just a few that we utilized: 

Invitations: personalize to “get this party started”!

Tie Dye Party invitation #tiedyeyoursummer @michaelsstores @diyshowoff

Cupcake wrappers and mini tie dyed-shirt cutouts: I served gluten free fun-fetti cupcakes with lemon buttercream frosting. We had organic veggies, dip and chips too. 

Tie Dye Party invitation #tiedyeyoursummer @michaelsstores @diyshowoff

Rectangle flags and sandwich/snack bag toppers: to coordinate bubble sticks and punch balloons favors. 

Tie Dye Party invitation #tiedyeyoursummer @michaelsstores @diyshowoff

Party Banner and tent cards: print and assemble the cute banner, add some tulle to create a pretty backdrop. 

Tie Dye Party invitation #tiedyeyoursummer @michaelsstores @diyshowoff

Water bottle labels: 

Tie Dye Party invitation #tiedyeyoursummer @michaelsstores @diyshowoff

{free tie dye party printables available at TieDyeYourSummer.com}

Tie Dye Party invitation #tiedyeyoursummer @michaelsstores @diyshowoff

We gave guests the option of bringing their own dye-able item and kept the extra t-shirts from the kit on hand too. 45 minutes before the party began, I simply added water to the powdered dye in the bottles provided and shook them to mix. Instant tie dye party!

Tie Dye Party invitation #tiedyeyoursummer @michaelsstores @diyshowoff

Tie dye can be accomplished with damp or dry shirts. Our guests started with dampening their shirts at the water fountain. 

Tie Dye Party invitation #tiedyeyoursummer @michaelsstores @diyshowoff

The kit includes instructions for creating spirals, sunbursts, stripes, ombre, crumple, bullseye, heart and more using the rubber bands included in the kit. 

Tie Dye Party invitation #tiedyeyoursummer @michaelsstores @diyshowoff

Wearing plastic gloves, everyone got creative with tie dying their shirts by applying different colors of dye to the fabric after rubber bands were placed.

Tie Dye Party invitation #tiedyeyoursummer @michaelsstores @diyshowoff Tie Dye Party invitation #tiedyeyoursummer @michaelsstores @diyshowoff Tie Dye Party invitation #tiedyeyoursummer @michaelsstores @diyshowoff Tie Dye Party invitation #tiedyeyoursummer @michaelsstores @diyshowoff Tie Dye Party invitation #tiedyeyoursummer @michaelsstores @diyshowoff Tie Dye Party invitation #tiedyeyoursummer @michaelsstores @diyshowoff

I loved watching the interaction, the intensity, the creativity. 

Tie Dye Party invitation #tiedyeyoursummer @michaelsstores @diyshowoff Tie Dye Party invitation #tiedyeyoursummer @michaelsstores @diyshowoff Tie Dye Party invitation #tiedyeyoursummer @michaelsstores @diyshowoff Tie Dye Party invitation #tiedyeyoursummer @michaelsstores @diyshowoff Tie Dye Party invitation #tiedyeyoursummer @michaelsstores @diyshowoff Tie Dye Party invitation #tiedyeyoursummer @michaelsstores @diyshowoff Tie Dye Party invitation #tiedyeyoursummer @michaelsstores @diyshowoff

18 vibrant colors.

Tie Dye Party #tiedyeyoursummer @michaelsstores @diyshowoff

So much fun! 

Then we wrapped the creations in plastic wrap and tossed them in a ziplock bag and attached a ‘wash and care’ printable: Let sit 6-8 hours or overnight for more vibrant colors. Rinse until excess dye is removed. Remove rubber bands. Wash and dry as instructed. 

Tie Dye Party #tiedyeyoursummer @michaelsstores @diyshowoff

I was surprised with how easy it was to pull together a party with the Tulip One-Step Kit and free printables. Set up and clean up were simple. With the exception of a few drips of red on the pavilion concrete (which faded fairly quickly), dye was contained to the plastic tablecloth, rolled up and easily discarded. Quick clean up! The kids? Not too bad. Be sure to instruct parents to dress children in old play clothes just in case. You remember: kool aid mustaches, bandaid stickies, half worn temporary tattoos, popcicle drips, dirty bare feet, grass stains and a bit of tie dye = summer time and being a kid! 

The results: 

lots of cute colorful tie dyed shirts…

Tie Dye Party #tiedyeyoursummer @michaelsstores @diyshowoff

cool tie dyed onesies…

Tie Dye Party #tiedyeyoursummer @michaelsstores @diyshowoff Tie Dye Party #tiedyeyoursummer @michaelsstores @diyshowoff  

Samantha’s awesome galaxy tie dyed crib sheet…

Tie Dye Party #tiedyeyoursummer @michaelsstores @diyshowoff

Host a tie dye party and share your creations using #tiedyeyoursummer @michaelsstores @diyshowoff. Have fun!

Tie Dye Party invitation #tiedyeyoursummer @michaelsstores @diyshowoff

Those extra t-shirts? I’ll be making a few of these upcycled t-shirt reusable market bags in tie dye colors as gifts! Because co-hosting and manning the camera means I still haven’t ever tie dyed something myself. lol Next time for sure! 

easy DIY tshirt tote bag tutorial at diyshowoff.com

The tie dye kit is available at Michaels and several additional dye products are available on Michaels.com.  

CLICK.BUY. CREATE. Shop Michaels.com today!

Disclaimer: I received a free Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye kit in exchange for a review. All words and opinions are my own. No arm twisting required. 😉 

Round of applause and thank you for my co-host Dana from Parties & Playdates, my assistant, Evangeline from The Lunar Fae who taught the heart technique, Steve, Suzie and mom for their help and to all of my cute tie dye tutorial models!

Awesome Dill Dip Recipe

This past week, I made up this quick organic dill dip for a cookout/party we attended, a Young Living essential oils 101 class that I hosted and a kids’ party at the park. Easy, healthy and perfect for summer gatherings.

diyshowoff quick organic dill essential oil dip recipe


  • one 16 oz. container of sour cream
  • optional but super tasty: one cup of organic mayonnaise
  • chopped fresh organic dill
  • chopped organic chives
  • 10 drops of Young Living Dill Essential Oil (or more/less depending on your tastes)
  • pinch of sea salt

Directions: Mix and serve with fresh organic vegetables. Keep refrigerated. 

*Dill essential oil has a spicy, fresh scent that is stimulating, revitalizing, and balancing.

More info on Young Living essential oils, the seed to seal guarantee, wellness and an awesome deal HERE. Let’s talk! Enjoy!

Celebrate America Partyscape

  Celebrations Challenge #MichaelsMakers

It’s not often I’m way ahead of the game but when I am, it’s by more than three months. haha! As a part of the Michael’s Makers team, my final assignment came with a “Celebrate America” theme from the Celebrations campaign. Due in April. Yes, quite a bit early and especially since photos were actually due in March while there was still snow on the patio but it wouldn’t be a “challenge” otherwise, right? I had a blast decorating our dresser turned kitchen island in red, white & blue for a festive party. And hey, I’m happy to celebrate America any time of the year.  

red white and blue decorative accents @diyshowoff @michaelsmakers

Decoupaged USA letters

Supplies: Shop Home Decor and Floral at Michaels

  • wooden letters U, S, A
  • decoupage
  • red, white, blue designed scrapbook paper

red white and blue decorative accents @diyshowoff Celebrations Challenge #MichaelsMakers

What I did: Trace letters onto scrap book paper. Cut out scrap book paper shapes. Apply decoupage to wooden letter (works like a glue). Carefully line up scrapbook paper. Apply another layer of decoupage over top of the scrapbook paper to seal. Let dry and display. 

red white and blue decorative accents @diyshowoff @michaelsmakers

Add a few red, white and blue doilies to a burlap table runner for an inspired ‘firework’s look.

red white and blue decorative accents @diyshowoff @michaelsmakers

Red, white and blue straws and red and white polka dot cupcake liners add to the patriotic color theme. There are little American flags near the cash register. Add a red/blue topper to the cupcakes (I found red and blue keys). 

red white and blue decorative accents @diyshowoff @michaelsmakers

Red, white and blue star & mesh banner


  • red, burlap, blue wide mesh ribbon
  • star wire garland
  • twine or yarn

red white and blue decorative accents @diyshowoff @michaelsmakers


  1. Cut a piece of twine the length you’d like your banner to be. Tie loops on the ends for hanging.
  2. Cut pieces of mesh to tie onto the twine. 
  3. Secure mesh with snips of star wire garland.
  4. Thread onto twine. 
  5. Repeat until your banner is full. Fluff and display.

red white and blue decorative accents @diyshowoff @michaelsmakers

Time to Celebrate! 

red white and blue decorative accents @diyshowoff @michaelsmakers

See more Celebrations posts from these Michaels Maker’s friends starting today at 11 a.m. EST:

Celebrations Challenge #MichaelsMakers

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Michaels is celebrating every occasion this summer with gifts for Moms, Dads and teachers, and parties to celebrate birthdays, graduation, and the 4th of July!

·         As a toast to the last Michaels Makers post of the season, we created gifts, baked treats and threw parties for each of the six holidays this summer.

·         It’s never too early to get started on your next party or celebration – Michaels.com has more project ideas and instructions for you and your kids to make this year – check out projects for Mother’s Day Father’s Daygraduationbirthday and even summer. Let’s celebrate!   

red white and blue decorative accents @diyshowoff Celebrations Challenge #MichaelsMakers

Disclaimer: As a member of the Michael’s Makers blog team, I received a Michael’s gift card to complete this craft challenge. 

DIY Halloween Witch Hat Candy Dish Decor

This easy DIY Halloween project for the Lowe’s Creative Ideas October challenge has a few uses so I wasn’t sure what to call it. It’s … versatile. 

Witch Hat Halloween Candy Dish

DIY Witch Hat candy dish/serving tray tutorial @diyshwoff

or add chips/pretzels to use as a Halloween serving tray.

or add festive cupcakes for Halloween party display.

or add succulents, small fall flowers/plants to create a Halloween planter.

or a floral arrangement (just pop on a fall wreath) for Halloween decor.

DIY witch hat Halloween centerpiece tutorial

or simply flip the bottom to use as a Halloween Centerpiece

DIY Witch Hat Halloween decor tutorial @diyshwoff


DIY Witch Hat candy dish/serving tray tutorial @diyshwoff

EASY tutorial:

1. Using a kitchen knife, we cut out a hole using the inner circle shown on the bottom of the large plastic plant saucer as guide.

DIY Witch Hat candy dish/serving tray tutorial @diyshwoff

2. Spray paint cone and saucer black. I did two coats on the cone, one coat on the already black plant saucer. Let dry.

DIY Witch Hat candy dish/serving tray tutorial @diyshwoff

That’s it! 

Carefully slide onto the cone. Right side up creates a ‘dish’. 

DIY Witch Hat candy dish/serving tray tutorial @diyshwoff DIY Witch Hat candy dish/serving tray tutorial @diyshwoff

Upside down creates a ‘ledge’. Add an old belt for a decorative touch.

DIY Witch Hat Halloween decor tutorial @diyshwoff


More ideas: attach faux fall flowers, leaves, spiders, etc. to create a Halloween centerpiece. Hide a vase filled with water under the cone and fill with tall flowers. Add succulents and display outside. Get creative!

DIY witch hat Halloween centerpiece tutorial

Fall LCI

I received a Lowe’s gift card to put towards this challenge. Opinion and above idea is 100% my own. More DIY ideas at Lowe’s Creative Ideas or follow Lowe’s on InstagramPinterest and sign up for the Creative Ideas magazine and app.

Halloween DIY @diyshowoff #lowescreator

Homemade Lemonade with Essential Oil

refreshing lemonade using Young Living lemon essential oil at diyshowoff.com

There are several essential oil lemonade recipes but after some trial and error, this one is my favorite. I made it for a recent Young Living Essential Oils class and since a few have asked for it, here it is!

Young Living Essential Oils at diyshowoff.com

{blueberry lemon muffins with lemon cream cheese frosting recipe}

And the entire thing disappeared! Refreshing, fresh squeezed without the fake mix taste. Color is darker due to the blue agave.

Young Living essential oil lemonade recipe at diyshowoff.com

Young Living Lemon Essential Oil Lemonade Recipe

  • 1 gal. of filtered water
  • juice of two organic lemons
  • juice of one organic lime
  • about 15 oz. of organic blue agave (test as you go to adjust the sweetness to your liking)
  • 10-12 drops of Young Living lemon essential oil
  • lemon and lime slices for garnish

Serve in glass with ice. Rather than add ice directly to the lemonade which waters it down, I serve ice in a separate container.

DIY beverage container vinyl label at diyshowoff.com  

{lemonade vinyl decal tutorial}

Optional: I also served it up with lime garnish for glasses (rub lime around glass rim and dip in colored sugar). Offer a small bit of blueberry juice or raspberry liquor for guests to create their own summer cooler.

What the heck is lemon essential oil? Just one of the amazing oils from Young Living essential oils! I am bursting with excitement over how these are changing our life…all it takes is trying one of the oils, seeing amazing results and you’ll be hooked. Get more info, get the link to get started HERE

young living essential oils @diyshowoff


DIY Birdie Garland and Fun in the Sun Blog Hop

It’s here! Summer! Perhaps not officially just yet but these warm months and longer days cheer my soul. I love summer! Let’s celebrate with a summer blog hop! Visiting from the beautiful summer bedroom at Town and Country Living? Welcome, friends! I’m so happy your here!

I’m participating with an easy summer DIY:  badminton birdie garland. 

DIYShowOff birdie garland tutorial


  • ribbon
  • plastic badminton birdies (check the dollar store!)

DIY birdie garland tutorial at diyshowoff.com


1. While length of ribbon is still attached to spool, create a loop (for hanging) and knot.  DIY birdie garland tutorial at diyshowoff.com

2. Remove caps off of all birdies (mine simply popped off).

3. Using the package (or ruler) determine distance between each birdie (starting from the knotted loop).

DIY birdie garland tutorial at diyshowoff.com

4. Fold ribbon and ‘snip’ with scissors your measured mark. Just a small snip will do.

DIY birdie garland tutorial at diyshowoff.com DIY birdie garland tutorial at diyshowoff.com

5. Place snipped area of ribbon over ‘peg’ on birdie top. 

DIY birdie garland tutorial at diyshowoff.com

6. Replace birdie cap. 

DIY birdie garland tutorial at diyshowoff.com

7. Repeat steps 3-6 using all of your birdies. 

8. Then simply measure same short ribbon distance one last time, add a few more inches. Cut ribbon, create a loop and knot for the end. 

DIY birdie garland tutorial at diyshowoff.com

Hang! Summer outdoor family game themed. Super cute (easy and cheap too)! 

DIY birdie garland tutorial at diyshowoff.com DIY Birdie Garland / Summer Blog Hop DIY birdie garland tutorial at diyshowoff How to make a birdie garland at diyshowoff.com

Follow along the entire Fun in the Sun series by heading over to At the Picket Fence for some outdoor inspiration and by visiting the links below for summer recipes, crafts, projects, decor and more!

Fun in the Sun Blog Hop

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Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for a link up party and awesome cash giveaway! 

Fun in the Sun graphic

Party Favor Jewelry Dish

Looking for an easy DIY party favor idea? These melamine appetizer plates with vinyl decals make a cute little gift!

jewelry junk tray tutorial @diyshowoff.com

What I used:

What I did:

Measure flat center area of plates. Mine allowed for a 3.5 inch square design. Open the Silhouette Studio Design software and create words using font/text in a size that fits. I created six different designs.

vinyl decal tutorial for plates @diyshowoff.com

Load adhesive vinyl into the vinyl cutter color side (vinyl side) up. 

vinyl decal tutorial for plates @diyshowoff.com


Adjust blade setting for vinyl. 

vinyl decal tutorial for plates @diyshowoff.com Send to cut and unload vinyl.

vinyl decal tutorial for plates @diyshowoff.com

Weed away excess vinyl from the design. 

vinyl decal tutorial for plates @diyshowoff.com

Apply transfer paper over the vinyl lettering. 

vinyl decal tutorial for plates @diyshowoff.com

Cut into individual designs. 

Rub the transfer paper over each piece. I just grabbed a hard plastic name tag with a straight edge. You could also use a credit or gift card. 

vinyl decal tutorial for plates @diyshowoff.com

Peel away wax paper backing, transferring vinyl to the transfer paper. 

vinyl decal tutorial for plates @diyshowoff.com

Place onto plate. 

vinyl decal tutorial for plates @diyshowoff.com

Rub with plastic card and remove transfer paper. 

vinyl decal tutorial for plates @diyshowoff.com

Simple but so many options. Try different colors, different fonts, personalize with quotes, monograms, shapes or words. 

Cute inexpensive gift to include with a card or gift basket or to use as party favors. 

Perfect for keeping tabs on jewelry, paperclips on a desk, keys in an entryway, spare change in the laundry room, Q-tips in the bathroom, etc. 

sparkle vinyl decal plate tutorial at diyshowoff.com hello vinyl plate decal tutorial at diyshowoff.com shine vinyl plate decal tutorial at diyshowoff.com hustle vinyl decal plate tutorial at diyshowoff.com kate spade inspired plate tutorial at diyshowoff.com wander vinyl decal plate tutorial at diyshowoff.com

*This post is sponsored by Happy Crafters. Tutorial, experience and opinion is my own.  Check out all the supplies at Happy Crafters for inspiration for your next project. 


DIY Chalkboard Party Favors

DIY Chalkboard Party Favors:

DIY chalkboard party favor clips


  • small flat wooden pieces 
  • chalkboard paint
  • clothes pins 
  • hot glue 
  • decorative tape or ribbon
  • chalk
  • optional: add a magnet to the back of the clothespin


1. I gave one side of my mini-chalkboards two coats of chalkboard spray paint and let dry.

mini chalkboard tutorial

2. I decorated my clothespins with decorative tape or ribbon. I recommend attaching/securing decorative tape or ribbon with glue (not just the sticky decorative tape) or spray paint clothespins.

decorative clothespins

3. Season chalkboards by rubbing chalk on the surface and erasing.

how to make mini chalkboard party favors

4. Hot glue clothespin to the back of the mini chalkboards.

chalkboard favors

5. And wrapped pieces of chalk with decorative tape too. 

decorative chalk

6. I also added some decorative tape to the back of my mini chalkboards. The clothespin holds the chalk.

DIY mini chalkboard tutorial

Since I made these for a group of 30 blog friends, I tied on my business card…cute!

DIY chalkboard promotional gifts

Great for a smaller sized get-together and I have a few left to attach some magnets to for the fridge. :) 

DIY chalkboard party favor clips

Summer Pinterest Challenge and DIY Grad Party Highlights

With the graduation party this past weekend, I couldn’t help but get excited to participate with Lana, Sherry, Katie and Emily and all of the creative bloggers linking up in the

Want to see what our project was?  Read on.

First, a few grad party sneak peeks:

(nephew and daughter)
We had yummy picnic dishes – hot & cold (including Mr. DIY’s brisket and ribs) and lots of guest-shared side dishes, ice cold drinks chilling in a baby pool.  The guest list was rather large with two guests of honor so a little help with affordable picnic-style food (chicken from Walmart) was necessary.
We used recycled tissue paper poofs from the baby shower:

And made some pretty scrapbook paper banners:

I forgot to snap a picture, but using mini-clothes pins, we hung pictures of the grads throughout their 18-yrs of life on a string of twine hung banner style.  Setting up = forgetfulness in the taking pictures for sharing with blog friends.  It was super cute!
Activities included volley ball, badminton, bean bag toss, a bon fire at dusk and a photo backdrop area with fun photo props (mustaches and silly glasses were a huge hit!).

 (string up a clothes line between two trees, backdrop is a table cloth)
We did use disposable cameras in this area (terrible pictures/expensive) so if you have the time or can assign a person to sit with your decent camera, it’d be more affordable with better pictures as a result. 

As for our Pinterest inspiration for summer outdoor fun:

Pinterest Inspiration = lawn Twister
(the original link appears to be broken/has disappeared, but we did up our own tutorial)
Our take on lawn Twister:
(Notice our color pattern/design is a little different than the Pinterest inspiration but it worked out perfectly!)

Spray painting the grass (it grows out) using a cardboard circle stencil (the center circle cutout was used for the spinner). We used Krylon in red, yellow, blue and green.

We made the spinner from things we had on hand:  card board, an upholstery tack and a little Gorilla Tape on the back (to prevent pinprick). Recycling cardboard and using markers gave it a fun vintage toy vibe.

The party was a success! Guests had a blast!  Each graduate even gave a small speech thanking guests for coming (all 110!!!), introduced themselves and described their future plans. Applause!  So proud!
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Tennis Party Favor

t’s pretty hard to find favors for tennis so I made some using leftover Moo Mini Cards that I received to make my mosaic stool. for a tennis themed party.  It’s a tennis ball filled with candy.  Easy.  Cheap. Perfect.

I made these cute tennis party favors for the end-of-season tennis banquet for my daughter’s tennis team and finished them off with left over Moo Mini Cards. Here’s how I did it:

Materials: Tennis balls, candy, cardboard paper towel tube, favor bags, ribbon and Moo Mini Cards.

Tools: A circle to trace (a shot glass is a good size), pen, utility knife, scissors

1.  Trace a circle onto the surface of the tennis ball. I used a shot glass.

2.  Using an utility knife, cut out the circle traced. 

Did you ever wonder what the inside looked like?  It’s black rubber and a little dirty.  Wipe out the inside.

3.  Fill tennis ball with candy.

4.  Cut a ring off the end of a cardboard paper towel tube to use to keep the ball standing up.

5.  Finishing touches:  Place the stand and ball filled with candy inside of a cellophane favor bag, tie with a ribbon and add a Moo Mini Card tag…

These were a big hit with the girls’ tennis team!

DIY Little Mermaid Party

You’re going to love this and want to plan the next little girl’s party or take some great ideas for your own party planning.  This is such a cute party idea.  So many DIY details!
Stephanie from Executive Creations blog was very creative and thrifty in planning her daughter’s 4th birthday party.  Visit her blog for source details and to see more creative ideas!
Fishing nets, balloons and paper fish is an inexpensive and easy (and awesome!) decorating idea…
A sandcastle birthday cake doubles as decor. The cake was coated in graham crackers and sugar to create the sand effect for her sand castle.

Starfish/seashells and fishing nets are a great alternative to the licensed decor and much prettier. 

The kids went on a treasure hunt to find their treasure chests filled with chocolate coins, jewels and sea creatures.  Clues were hidden all over the house.

 How cute are these fish?  They were a birthday present to her daughter.

Stephanie used pages from an old Little Mermaid book to make the favor tags and aqua netting bags.

Gatorade with labels made from old Little Mermaid book. 

So many cute ideas.  Love the pixie sticks and star wands in mini-donuts.

Cupcake toppers were made from the same book. 

And a pretty birthday banner.

 What a pretty party!  I think I’ll volunteer to plan my niece’s next birthday.  I’m so inspired by the cute details and great ideas.  Thanks for sharing your creativity, Stephanie!

  • This post is dated Saturday but posted today!  How does that happen?!  The DIY Fall Festival is also going on.  Click here to check out the links & to join the party.  :)