DIY Chalkboard Party Favors

DIY Chalkboard Party Favors:

DIY chalkboard party favor clips


  • small flat wooden pieces 
  • chalkboard paint
  • clothes pins 
  • hot glue 
  • decorative tape or ribbon
  • chalk
  • optional: add a magnet to the back of the clothespin


1. I gave one side of my mini-chalkboards two coats of chalkboard spray paint and let dry.

mini chalkboard tutorial

2. I decorated my clothespins with decorative tape or ribbon. I recommend attaching/securing decorative tape or ribbon with glue (not just the sticky decorative tape) or spray paint clothespins.

decorative clothespins

3. Season chalkboards by rubbing chalk on the surface and erasing.

how to make mini chalkboard party favors

4. Hot glue clothespin to the back of the mini chalkboards.

chalkboard favors

5. And wrapped pieces of chalk with decorative tape too. 

decorative chalk

6. I also added some decorative tape to the back of my mini chalkboards. The clothespin holds the chalk.

DIY mini chalkboard tutorial

Since I made these for a group of 30 blog friends, I tied on my business card…cute!

DIY chalkboard promotional gifts

Great for a smaller sized get-together and I have a few left to attach some magnets to for the fridge. :) 

DIY chalkboard party favor clips

Summer Pinterest Challenge and DIY Grad Party Highlights

With the graduation party this past weekend, I couldn’t help but get excited to participate with Lana, Sherry, Katie and Emily and all of the creative bloggers linking up in the

Want to see what our project was?  Read on.

First, a few grad party sneak peeks:

(nephew and daughter)
We had yummy picnic dishes – hot & cold (including Mr. DIY’s brisket and ribs) and lots of guest-shared side dishes, ice cold drinks chilling in a baby pool.  The guest list was rather large with two guests of honor so a little help with affordable picnic-style food (chicken from Walmart) was necessary.
We used recycled tissue paper poofs from the baby shower:

And made some pretty scrapbook paper banners:

I forgot to snap a picture, but using mini-clothes pins, we hung pictures of the grads throughout their 18-yrs of life on a string of twine hung banner style.  Setting up = forgetfulness in the taking pictures for sharing with blog friends.  It was super cute!
Activities included volley ball, badminton, bean bag toss, a bon fire at dusk and a photo backdrop area with fun photo props (mustaches and silly glasses were a huge hit!).

 (string up a clothes line between two trees, backdrop is a table cloth)
We did use disposable cameras in this area (terrible pictures/expensive) so if you have the time or can assign a person to sit with your decent camera, it’d be more affordable with better pictures as a result. 

As for our Pinterest inspiration for summer outdoor fun:

Pinterest Inspiration = lawn Twister
(the original link appears to be broken/has disappeared, but we did up our own tutorial)
Our take on lawn Twister:
(Notice our color pattern/design is a little different than the Pinterest inspiration but it worked out perfectly!)

Spray painting the grass (it grows out) using a cardboard circle stencil (the center circle cutout was used for the spinner). We used Krylon in red, yellow, blue and green.

We made the spinner from things we had on hand:  card board, an upholstery tack and a little Gorilla Tape on the back (to prevent pinprick). Recycling cardboard and using markers gave it a fun vintage toy vibe.

The party was a success! Guests had a blast!  Each graduate even gave a small speech thanking guests for coming (all 110!!!), introduced themselves and described their future plans. Applause!  So proud!
Want to join in the fun of the Pinterest Challenge – Summer Edition?  Here’s how: Select a project on Pinterest that has inspired you.  Post about it and link up at Making a House a Home, Young House Love, Bower Power and Emily Henderson. Fun!
and link up your DIY to the Monthly DIY Project Contest for a chance to win some pretty cool prizes!

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Tennis Party Favor

t’s pretty hard to find favors for tennis so I made some using leftover Moo Mini Cards that I received to make my mosaic stool. for a tennis themed party.  It’s a tennis ball filled with candy.  Easy.  Cheap. Perfect.

I made these cute tennis party favors for the end-of-season tennis banquet for my daughter’s tennis team and finished them off with left over Moo Mini Cards. Here’s how I did it:

Materials: Tennis balls, candy, cardboard paper towel tube, favor bags, ribbon and Moo Mini Cards.

Tools: A circle to trace (a shot glass is a good size), pen, utility knife, scissors

1.  Trace a circle onto the surface of the tennis ball. I used a shot glass.

2.  Using an utility knife, cut out the circle traced. 

Did you ever wonder what the inside looked like?  It’s black rubber and a little dirty.  Wipe out the inside.

3.  Fill tennis ball with candy.

4.  Cut a ring off the end of a cardboard paper towel tube to use to keep the ball standing up.

5.  Finishing touches:  Place the stand and ball filled with candy inside of a cellophane favor bag, tie with a ribbon and add a Moo Mini Card tag…

These were a big hit with the girls’ tennis team!

DIY Little Mermaid Party

You’re going to love this and want to plan the next little girl’s party or take some great ideas for your own party planning.  This is such a cute party idea.  So many DIY details!
Stephanie from Executive Creations blog was very creative and thrifty in planning her daughter’s 4th birthday party.  Visit her blog for source details and to see more creative ideas!
Fishing nets, balloons and paper fish is an inexpensive and easy (and awesome!) decorating idea…
A sandcastle birthday cake doubles as decor. The cake was coated in graham crackers and sugar to create the sand effect for her sand castle.

Starfish/seashells and fishing nets are a great alternative to the licensed decor and much prettier. 

The kids went on a treasure hunt to find their treasure chests filled with chocolate coins, jewels and sea creatures.  Clues were hidden all over the house.

 How cute are these fish?  They were a birthday present to her daughter.

Stephanie used pages from an old Little Mermaid book to make the favor tags and aqua netting bags.

Gatorade with labels made from old Little Mermaid book. 

e="clear: both; color: #0b5394; text-align: center;">

So many cute ideas.  Love the pixie sticks and star wands in mini-donuts.

Cupcake toppers were made from the same book. 

And a pretty birthday banner.

 What a pretty party!  I think I’ll volunteer to plan my niece’s next birthday.  I’m so inspired by the cute details and great ideas.  Thanks for sharing your creativity, Stephanie!

  • This post is dated Saturday but posted today!  How does that happen?!  The DIY Fall Festival is also going on.  Click here to check out the links & to join the party.  :)