DIY at The Woodgrain Cottage

Hello DIY Show Off readers!

I’m Shayna from The Wood Grain Cottage and I’m beyond excited (and really honored) to be here for the day. While Roeshel is soaking up some sun and relaxing on the beach (sigh), I thought we should have a little fun too!


But before I show you my project, let me take a quick second to tell you a little bit about myself.

Shayna | The Wood Grain Cottage

My husband and I just built our brand new home and I’m on a mission to create custom touches in every room. I love everything to do with design, decorating and DIY and I’m passionate about creating a home that my husband and I can call our own! I try to get the perfect mix of both our styles so that we always feel happy at home. Along the way, I share DIY and craft projects as well as my adventures in making this house our home! I hope you’ll join me!

Alrighty- with that said, let get to DIY’ing!

I’ve had a big crush on homemade signs for forever! I love that they are completely customizable. So after spending countless hours (seriously, a sheet of paper and a pencil were my BFF’s for a week), I was able to write down several different ideas on what I wanted our sign to say and look like.

I ended up choosing “There’s No Place Like Home” for the saying, and I’m so glad that I waited and kicked around different wording ideas before I made a quick decision.

DIY Sign | The Wood Grain Cottage

After I measured the area where I wanted it to hang, I wrote down the dimensions and grabbed my hubby for a little DIY date. Those are my favorite.


First, we headed to Home Depot to get our lumber and frame supplies. For the sign, we bought cedar tongue and groove planks that slid together and cedar 1″ x 2″ boards for the frame.

$24.00, and 2 milkshakes, later we were on our way home!

We started building the frame out of our 1″ x 2″‘s and made the finished measurements 32″ wide x 42″ tall.

We nailed the frame together and then slid the planks together using their tongue and groove.

DIY Sign | The Wood Grain Cottage

DIY Sign| The Wood Grain Cottage

DIY Sign | The Wood Grain Cottage

Once it was nailed together, we started the staining process.

DIY Sign | The Wood Grain Cottage

It was a two person job, so while Anthony wiped on the stain (Minwax- Early American), I waited a minute and started wiping it off.

DIY Sign | The Wood Grain Cottage

One heavy coat later, we had exactly what I wanted. We let the stain dry over night and I started picking out a font. I ended up downloading a new font called Aubrey.

I typed my saying in a word document and adjusted the size of the letters to fit on the board. After several attempts, the letter size ended up being 500.

I printed the letters on thick card stock and them cut them out. Once they were cut, I started arranging the words on my sign.

DIY Sign | The Wood Grain Cottage

I decided to align them on the right side and used a yard stick to make sure everything was evenly spaced.

DIY Sign | The Wood Grain Cottage With the letters in their place, I used several small pieces of two sided scrapbook tape to hold them down. After that, I took a pencil and traced around them.

DIY Sign | The Wood Grain Cottage

I grabbed some leftover white paint from our entry stripes, and got busy!

DIY Sign | The Wood Grain Cottage

I ended up painting the entire thing by hand. Originally, I thought that I might be able to use painters tape, but it didn’t work. I tested a small area and when I went to remove the tape, it pulled off some of the stain. There was no way I was going to risk using it.

DIY Sign | The Wood Grain Cottage

For totally free handing it, I am really happy with the way that it turned out.

DIY Sign | The Wood Grain Cottage

DIY Sign | The Wood Grain Cottage

Once it was dry, I couldn’t wait to hang it up. Because we had used the 1″ x 2″ boards for the frame, we had a nice lip that would easily hang from a couple of nails.

I love the rustic vibe of the sign! The stained wood letters almost send me over the edge. Every time I look at it, my heart goes pitter. patter.

DIY Sign | The Wood Grain Cottage

DIY Sign | The Wood Grain Cottage

DIY Sign | The Wood Grain Cottage

DIY Sign | The Wood Grain Cottage

This has easily become one of my favorite projects to date- and one that still leaves me smiling from ear to ear.

And speaking of my favorite projects, here are a few more that have helped make our home feel a little bit more special!

Our DIY Stackable Fruit Crates cost less than $30 and pack a ton of storage!

DIY Stackable Fruit Crates I The Wood Grain Cottage

We just finished installing a DIY Planked Wall & DIY Bench in our breakfast nook.

Plank Wall I The Wood Grain Cottage

And now I’m a busy bee adding the final touches to the space. I recently shared my Easy Two- Sided Pillow & Tutorial.

Two Sided Pillow Tutorial I The Wood Grain Cottage

I love to refinish furniture, and this Secretary has a big makeover story.

Refinished Secretary | The Wood Grain Cottage

To see more of my projects, be sure to stop by and visit– I’d love to have you!

I hope you enjoyed my DIY sign and a BIG THANKS to Roeshel for having me! 🙂

Shayna | The Wood Grain Cottage

Thank YOU, Shayna for sharing your awesome DIY, beautiful home and for filling in  today! 🙂

Boy’s Bedroom Makeover by Nellie Bellie

Hello DIY Showoff readers!! It’s so great to be hear on Roeshel’s blog. That girl is the real deal; she makes my heart happy!! So, it’s a thrill to be able to hang out with her!

My name is Janel…


I blog at NellieBellie…


I am hear today to brag a bit. They say you shouldn’t brag. But, sometimes…you have to!! Otherwise you might just burst!! Although I am bragging, I also do so in the hopes that you get a bit of encouragement on your ability to create something awesome from next to nothing. I see a budget as a challenge, not a hindrance. It’s a chance to add creative and personal touches to a space.

So, what am I bragging about today? What was my “challenge”?

My 10 year old son’s room.

He had been wanting his room to “grow up” for several years. The “baby” room was embarrassing him and he desperately wanted me to fix it. I procrastinated and procrastinated. For a few reasons…

1. A giant bunkbed. It was one of those bunk beds with the full size on the bottom and the twin size on top. I am the oldest of 10; our home is often full of overnight guests. His bed was handy for putting an extra person in. But, it was liking have an Airbus in a porta-potty. It just took up too much space. Who wants to help mom take apart a giant bunkbed?? I looked around and there are no takers. Yep, procrastination. Finally, he talked his dad into helping him and I knew it was time to start.
2. A $120 dollar budget. $120 doesn’t go very far. At all. But, that’s all I had in my budget. And, I couldn’t figure out how to get him a bed and ALSO get the needed paint and supplies for the change.
3. Style compromising. He was fairly specific in what he wanted and didn’t want. But, I wasn’t keen on Characters or Neon colors. I wanted it to grow with him and not require repainting and new bedding very soon. I needed to figure out a compromise to make us both happy.

Both he and I are so pleased with how we conquered these “problems”. They weren’t really problems, more like challenges. They made my brain work harder. A hard working brain is always a good thing, isn’t it?

levis bedroom 13

There it is, his new bedroom. Can you see the ways I saved money and got creative?

1. The bed. He wanted a pallet bed. As in, he really wanted it! Well, okay? That costs me all of $8.00. Problem solved!
2. The wood slats on the wall are from the old bunk bed. Doesn’t that make the best focal wall??
3. The main cost of the budget was the paint. Although I paid big bucks for good paint, I only had to do 2 coats. Saves time and gallons of paint! The stencil paint was oops paint. Budget saver!
4. The curtains are “custom-made” fabric. I gave my son a cloth dropcloth and some Sharpies and asked him to doodle. That dropcloth was cut in half and hung on a rod. The coolest curtains!!
5. Lighting was made from shop lights and antique spools.

levis bedroom8

6. I salvaged everything I could from his room and “remade” it to be fresh and new. The bunk bed ladder was painted and put on the wall for shelving. Even his dresser has a new paint job.

levi's room 9

His favorite part of the whole room??

Levi's bedroom 11

His new reading nook.

I took a little closet and turned it into a great place for a little boy to chill. Budget savers were the duct tape paint stripes, diy funnel light, and dog bed instead of a cushion (seriously…so much cheaper!).

This room redo came in under budget and way past expectations!! Stop by and see the before, as well as more details from this room; including the how-to’s on those “custom” curtains, DIY lighting, and more!

You can follow me on Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Instagram…you know, if you like friends and all. I know I surely do!

DIY Spring by Real Southern Living

Hello, DIY friends! As I embark on traveling VERY far south today, I’m excited to introduce you to Stacey from Real Southern Living.

real southern living blog

Today Stacey is sharing her previous spring DIY to spread a little spring fever your way:

Spring Bunting Flags – No Sew

Spring DIY Decor

Moss Topiaries

Spring Decor

Hydrangea Hanging Bucket

Hydreangea Bucket

Fabric Scrap Garland

Spring Fabric Scrap Garland

Easter Egg Wreath

Easter Egg Wreath

So many pretty ideas and Spring things! You can find more from Stacey at Real Southern Living, her online home. Thanks for sharing your creativity, beautiful DIY and lovely home with us, Stacey!

Speaking of spring

countdown to spring

Kim at Sand & Sisal is kicking off the next week in the Countdown to Spring series with her DIY {20 minutes or less} Spring Wreath.

Sand and Sisal Spring Wreath

Halloween Crafts from Lilacs & Longhorns

Hi everyone, my name is Julie and I write a little ol’ blog called, ”

I am so excited to be guest posting here for Roeshel at the DIY Showoff!

Thanks to my kiddos, I’ve got Halloween on the brain, so today I’m going to show you how to decorate for Halloween the DIY and thrifty way.

Here are my super simple projects:

Quick Craft #1 – Spooky Skulls

We love crafting at our house so I like to get my kids involved whenever I can.  We made the cute little paper mache skulls you see on the cake plate above.  They were so easy and inexpensive!

I bought little brown paper mache skulls from Michaels for about 99 cents each.

Then we used white, grey and black craft paint here and there all over the skull — we painted rather sloppily to create an old and aged look.  I don’t have pictures of the actual technique, but trust me, there isn’t much of one — my kids did this!!
If we were to do it over again I would probably add a little brown or yellow to make it look even more aged and not so white, but they still look good, I think.
When we were done, they looked like this.  This only took us less than 20 minutes and it was easy and fun for my kids.

When they dried, I put them on this glass cake stand surrounded by spooky rats, crows, plastic spiders and spider webs all purchased at the Dollar Tree.

My kids love it!

Quick Craft #2 – Poison Bottle

This craft is even easier and it only takes a few minutes.

I found this cute little  for free (I am in love with free printables!)

I feel almost silly telling you how to do this it’s so easy!  I printed the label from The Graphics Fairy, cut it out and used Mod Podge to glue it to an old wine bottle I saved.  The end.

I think it looks so great and fun!

Quick Craft #3:

Finally, my other easy peasy project is another printable.  If you’ve been browsing blogs for awhile, you’ll know there are a lot of great freebies out there.  I found this one last year at The Diary of Dave’s Wife.

I printed the sign out in high resolution and then put it into a frame I already had. Easy and free!

(Probably can’t call this last one a “craft”…”project” maybe?!)

By the way, she’s got another cute printable available this year…isn’t it fun?!


Really, there are so many great resources on the web that you can find just about anything that suits
your tastes.  I personally love free printables and am currently compiling a big list of them to be
posted on my blog soon.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my quick and fun little Halloween projects today.  It’s been fun being a guest DIY Show Off and I’m grateful you’ve taken the time to read my post!

Please stop by and see me sometime at Lilacs
and Longhorns
— I love new visitors!

Thanks so much to Julie for sharing her fun Halloween DIY! Super cute! Head over to Lilacs & Longhorns to see more awesome projects from Julie and check out her Fall Favorites Friday feature (so inspiring!). 

DIY from The Space Between

I’d like to introduce you to Karah from

the space between

today. Karah lives in a dream location and invites us each into her home. Well, via her blog. Not literally. Because if it was a literal invite, we’d all be on the next plane and I don’t think she has room for everyone. Darn! 😉 Her blog posts make me smile and her creativity is an inspiration. Meet Karah:

Hello, hello DIY Showoff readers! I am really, totally kind of pinching myself right now.

OK, to let you know how much of a dork I am, I just typed ‘pinning’ instead of ‘pinching’. You know when you finally get the chance to meet someone you’ve been stalking admiring for a long time and you say “it’s nice to meet me” instead ”it’s nice to meet you”? Yeah, I just did that, in the privacy of my own home, but just can’t seem to keep it to myself. I’m a bit of an over-sharing, too honest for my own good, trip over my own words ALL THE TIME type o’ gal.

My name is Karah and I blog over at the space between. You know the space, that one between where you’ve been and where you’re going. It’s nice to meet me, er …. you. 😉

After being a homeowner and avid DIYer in the US for many years I found myself transplanted to a Caribbean island over 2 years ago. I know, I know … try not to hate pity me.

We absolutely LOVE it here. My biggest personal challenge was definitely shifting from homeowner back to renter. It took me a few years to find my DIY, home improvement groove in a home that is not my own.

But I turned my habit of collecting random beachness into a habit of decorating with said random beachness. Like these two extra large pieces of driftwood I hung in my kitchen and now call open shelving. It sounds very trendy really, open shelving does.

My little blog actually started with a post about a driftwood Christmas tree. I am quite infatuated with the stuff.

And, on this little island, there tends to be a constant supply of homes in some state of construction, providing an endless supply of pallets. I first made the pallet word art hung in the kitchen (seen in the picture above) and my new favorite project, the free, little storage crate I just made to house our canned goods.
I even stenciled the word CURACAO on the front. It’s kind of like a crate of goods headed to our island.

You might be thinking, ‘seriously, all of your canned goods fit in there?’. Yep, they do. I affectionately refer to our rental as a breadbox, and as that nickname insinuates, it’s itty bitty and I need to be pretty creative with storage ideas.

And … in addition to the endless pallet supply, I elicit many a strange look as I peruse through their roadside dumpsters. Not too long ago I came home with this guy.
And turned her into a handy message board to support my listing habit. You can read about all of the lists I’m dreaming of writing on my cork/chalk/dry erase/pin board here.

I even managed to make my own chalkboard paint because I knew I didn’t want it to be black. So many fun options now that I know I can make chalkboards in any color. Check out the how-tos here!

It has been so fun to have the opportunity to share just a few of my favorite projects using quirky things to try to make a home out of our breadbox of a house with you. A HUGE Thank You! to Roeshel for giving me the opportunity. And, an equally HUGE Thank you! to you, the readers, who have lasted to the end. 🙂

I appreciate you taking the time to learn a little bit about the small space I keep in the world wide web. You will also find homemade canvas silhouettes, number art and easy decor ideas if you have an opportunity to come by the space between. I hope to see you there soon.!


Involving Color

I’ve “known” Jena from Involving Color for quite awhile and I not only love her creativity and beautiful home, I love her site.  She has some new features and really helpful tools so I asked her to share a little about it today. It’s a site you’re going to want to pin or bookmark for when you’re trying to choose a paint color. See paint colors in “real” rooms. Here’s Jena:

Hi, I’m Jena from Involving Color, and I’m so excited to be guest posting here on The DIY Show Off! I’ve been a long time reader of Roeshel’s blog, so when she asked me to come share a little about my site with you guys, I was beyond excited.

Involving Color is a blog all about paint color. I have hundreds (and growing!) reader submitted rooms organized in galleries by paint color and room type. I even have a section just for painted furniture. I recently added a lot of functionality with an improved search and image tags, which I’ll talk about below.

How to Reupholster Dining Room Chairs

I had the pleasure of meeting Ethan from One Project Closer in real life last summer at the Shaw/HGTV Home Design Challenge. Ethan was a partner in the winning team. The team at One Project Closer shares crafts and DIY tutorials and reviews. Today he’s here to introduce you to One Project Closer with an easy way to update chairs.

This is a guest post by Ethan from One Project Closer.

Reupholstering chairs and cushions may sound like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With a few tools and some DIY spirit, you can give old seat cushions new life. My wife and her mother recovered six dining room chairs, and I was able to take pictures of the whole process. Read on to learn how you can conceal ugly stains and worn fabric on your own chairs.

Reupholstering Chairs

Reupholstering six chairs only took a few hours and it wasn’t very expensive at all. The cost is almost entirely the upholstery fabric so just wait until Joanne’s has a sale or you find a coupon. Here are the necessary tools and materials you’ll need before starting.

  • Heavy-duty stapler
  • 1/2″ staples
  • Screwdriver
  • Scissors
  • Upholstery fabric

Most seat cushions are held in place with a few (usually hidden) screws. Flip your chair upside-down and remove the screws. We found one in each corner.

We didn’t bother to remove the existing fabric because there’s really no need. You can just cover right over it.

My wife bought a fun zebra print upholstery fabric to give our dining room a fresh, new look. No matter what pattern you chose, just make sure it’s upholstery fabric because it’s more durable. Otherwise, your new seats won’t last very long.

Place the seat cushion upside-down on the upholstery fabric, and measure out the necessary dimensions. Add about three inches to each side so that the fabric will be long enough to wrap underneath the cushion. Remember, it’s better to have too much than too little. You can always cut any excess later. We oriented the zebra strips across the seat cushion. If your fabric has a pattern, make sure you keep it consistent with the other cushions.

We used a heavy-duty staple to staple the fabric to the bottom of the cushion. Starting on the front side, put staples every couple of inches. Then, on the opposite site (the back) pull the fabric tight (but not too tight) and staple that side. Repeat these steps with the other two sides, and leave the corners open for now.

As you’re stapling, the goal is to smooth away wrinkles, and the corners are the most difficult. To make the turn, we used overlapping pleats. Start on one side, make a small pleat and then continue in a likewise fashion through the entire corner. Staple the heck out of the corners!

After everything is stapled and you’re happy with how the cushion looks, trim away any excess fabric.

Once we had completed all six cushions, we sprayed ’em with ScotchGuard to better prevent any future stains. This was an important step because we have two young girls ages 1 and 3, and they always seem to spill or drop food. As you’re screwing the cushions back on, don’t over-tighten the screws or the wood may strip.

Now it’s time to enjoy the “new” chairs!

One Project Closer is a website where Fred, Kim, Jocie, and I share how-to projects, tool reviews, coupons for home improvement centers, and crafty projects. We hope you’ll stop by OPC for great resources like building a shed or making merlot cupcakes. We also provide the most up-to-date list of coupons for home improvement stores like this Lowe’s coupon page. Stop by and say hello! Join the DIY party.

Distressed Vintage-Looking Alphabet Blocks by ThistleWood Farms

I am so excited to have Karianne from 

visiting today. You may know her recently as one of the hostesses from the fun “Imagine the Possibilities 2012 Challenge” and her beautiful cottage bathroom makeover {it’s Pinterest Popular recently!}, a finalist in the WhisperWood Cottage First Project of 2012 Contest and a beautiful inspiration (see the bathroom reveal here). I love her style and she’s very sweet too…so if you’re not friends, hop over and introduce yourself.

Today, Kari is sharing a super cute tutorial for Distressed Vintage-Looking Alphabet Blocks. I love these. Here she is:

Project Details:

  • Scraps of left over wood free
  • Sample paint left over from projects free
  • Hot glue gun free
  • Scrabble tiles $1.00 at yard sale
  • Chip board letters from Hobby Lobby $1.99
  • Little bits of worn chippy typography for the hallway priceless

Step 1: Go to your workroom/garage/craft room and find the wood left over from projects. I used pieces of molding from other projects and scraps of wood that were just piled in the workshop.

Step 2: Cut wood into squares or rectangles or perhaps an octagon or two if you are feeling especially adventurous.

These blocks are 2″x 2″ and 3″x 5″ and 3 1/4″x 2 1/4″ and 5 1/4″ x 4 1/4.”

Step 3: Paint the leftover wood.

Leftover paint is the best. I used SW 7045 Intellectual Grey, SW 7015 Repose Grey and SW 7046 Anonymous. These were the sample cans I used to test out colors in my dining room. Yep. Leftover wall paint at its finest.

Step 4: Distress. Distress as much or as little as you like. You can see….I like a lot. I was going for the “wood left out over winter in the rain look.”

Step 5: Paint your alphabet.

I bought these chip board letters at Hobby Lobby (for 50% off in the scrapbooking section) in a variety of sizes and fonts.

And I painted them using the same leftover paint.

On my dining room table.

On what used to be my dining room curtains…..

…but that’s a post for another day.

Step 6: Hot glue your letters to your painted and distressed wood.

Or you can hot glue them to your really, really painted and distressed wood.

You can also glue scrabble tiles to the wood to mix it up a little.

That’s it.

Here are the letters in my PB knock-off/used to be an advent calendar/typography holder.

I love this project.

It met my requirements.

Easy. Check.

Cheap. Check.

Good use of my dining room curtains. Check. 🙂

Thanks for joining me on my journey through the alphabet. If you want to hear a funny story about this project, stop by my blog….thistlewood farm.

And lastly, a big shout out to Roeshel for letting me post about my little bits of chippy, painted typography.

She is a true rockstar and diy diva.

Kitchen Makeover Part 2 by Christy at 11 Magnolia Lane

Hi there, everyone–it’s Christy from 11 Magnolia Lane (again!). I’m laughing as I write this, because I know that if you’ve seen part 1 of my kitchen reveal here on the DIY Showoff or on 11 Magnolia Lane, then probably not more than a few days or weeks have passed–and now I’m changing it again! I let Roeshel know that it was a work in progress, and she graciously invited me to show the updates I’ve made (thanks, Roeshel!).I know I’m not the only one constantly tweaking and updating things in my decor, and although I was thrilled with how my kitchen cabinets turned out, I didn’t like the paint color I put on the walls. I also wanted to tear down my tile backsplash and update my range hood. I lived with it for about three months, but Thanksgiving was drawing nearer, and I was hosting the holiday this year, so I had motivation to proceed quickly.
Here’s what I started out with when we bought the house in June (it’s more of a “during” than a “before” but you get the idea!):
Here’s my first reveal, in August:
  Now, here’s reveal number two, after painting the walls, painting the tile backsplash, spray painting the exhaust hood with stainless steel paint, and adding window treatments (made with canvas drop cloths):
I normally choose lighter paint colors, but the Old Prairie by Benjamin Moore that I used first had some green undertones that just didn’t work with my White Dove cabinets. After trying three different paint samples on the wall for a few days (BM’s Camouflage, BM’s London Fog, and BM’s Waynesboro Taupe), Waynesboro Taupe–the darkest of the three colors–won.
After I painted the walls, I turned to the backsplash. I read up on painting tile, and decided that I really had nothing to lose, because I was already planning on taking the backsplash down. Why not try to paint it first and see if I could save time and money? The brown of the tile really clashed with my countertops–they have some brown in them but they’re really more gray. The warm and the cool tones right next to each other really bothered me (my husband thought I was nuts about that, although he admits that he likes the result).First, I scrubbed the tiles really well. TSP works great, and I also used rubbing alcohol to degrease the tiles. Next, I had to wait a day or two before priming to let the grout dry (I HATE to wait to start a project!). I tried to sand the tiles but they were too hard to really get roughed up by the sandpaper, so I was sure to use a primer for glossy surfaces that specifically mentioned ceramic tile (Zinsser Bulls-Eye 123; although sometimes I use their oil based primer in the gold can, too). I primed with one coat, and then applied two coats of oil-based paint. I bought a quart of Behr from Home Depot, tinted to match White Dove at half strength. I used a brush to prime and paint–you really have to work a bit to get the paint into the grout and a roller just wasn’t cutting it. Plus, I have some decorative tiles that needed extra attention. While I think I should add a clear coat at some point, I’m really happy with how it’s turned out, and I’ve been able to wipe splatters off without removing any paint.Here are a few before and after shots of the backsplash. Note the frozen pizza and the Sonic milkshake in the first shot. These are essentials for effectively tackling home improvement jobs!


The exhaust hood and fan were black, and while I’m dying to pull the old one out and do a nice, custom-built one, I decided that a $5 can of Epoxy appliance spray paint would be a worthwhile investment for a quick fix in the meantime. I did take the hood down to spray it, but that’s because I’m pretty comfortable working with electricity and didn’t mind rewiring it when I hung it back up. I think you could probably use tape and plastic to protect the cabinets enough to spray it in place, if you needed to. Love the appliance spray paint!

My last update was to add the window treatments around the sliding glass door, and this really made a huge difference in the room. I used canvas painter’s dropcloths from Home Depot (6′ x 9′ and $11 each!) and sewed them to the right length. Mine are tied with jute twine and swagged, but if I let them hang they would puddle on the floor (which was intentional). The balloon valance over the sink is completely no-sew. I just draped the dropcloth (another 6 ‘ x 9’) and tied three pieces of twine around it and adjusted it. Since we’re a military family and move frequently, I need as many no-sew options as possible, just to keep things versatile for the next house.

I think I might be done with the kitchen, at least for awhile, but I’ll be sure to let you know if I make any more changes. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a few more pictures. Thanks for stopping by!

Numbered Drop Cloth Napkins by It All Started with Paint

I’m excited — and honored — to bring this post to you from The DIY Showoff.  Roeshel has so generously opened up her blog to guest posts – and has even given me two opportunities to feature my projects.  Thank you so much Roeshel!Now on to the post …You may or may not know that I’m obsessed with numbers.  If not, here’s a quick refresher of numbered things in- and out- side of our home … 

 Numbered Steps.Porch.closeup (2) (600x450)Porch Pillows Indoors (600x450) (2)Numbers Powder Room (600x450)Numbers Back Porch (600x450) 
When I landed on an image a few months ago showing off a table setting with numbered napkins, I knew I needed to make these for our home.  And then make some more to sell on my ‘in-the-works’ etsy shop …

No. Napkins Final Close Up (550x413) (2)

… and a plan took shape in the form of iron-on transfer numbered napkins made from drop cloth fabric … Painter’s drop cloth as fabric is my newest obsession.  It’s cheap. It’s washable. It’s easy to tear into perfectly straight lines.  I like the natural color, but it can be bleached lighter or even dyed — like I did for my fall wreath.Here’s what I did …1. Machine wash and dry drop cloth.  I purchased mine from Menards.  It cost just under $15.00 for a 4’ x 15’ drop cloth.2. Create mirror image numbers and print on transfer paper (I have an ink jet printer but mistakenly used paper made for a laser printer.  It was a mistake that worked in my favor because the images transfer to the fabric without that annoying film border.  It comes out a bit grainy and aged – but honestly, I like that look …)

DSCN3417 (550x413)3. I cut the drop cloth fabric into 22” x 22” squares, allowing for a 1” seam allowance around the border …No. Napkins Measured (550x413) (2)Here’s a tip that guarantees a straight line:  cut a small slit in the drop cloth and then tear …No. Napkins 2 (550x413) (2)No. Napkins Rip (550x413) (2)
 4. Double fold over a 1/2” inch and pin.  The drop cloth frays easily so the double fold will make it much more durable for frequently washed fabric napkins.
  No. Napkins Pinned (550x413) (2)No. Napkins Pinned All (550x413) (2)
 Here’s a quick ‘pic-tutorial’ on how I pinned the corners …No. Napkins Corner 1 (550x413) (2)No. Napkin Corner 2 (550x413) (2)No. Napkin Corner 3 (550x413) (2)No. Napkin Corner 4 (550x413) (2)
 5.  Sew … and since I’m a glutton for punishment, I sewed a double seam to ensure greater durability …No. Napkins Sewing (550x413) (2)No. Napkins Sewing 2 (550x413) (2)
 6.  Now it’s time to transfer the mirror-image numbers … (check back soon for my ‘screen cap’ tutorial on how to make mirror image text and numbers in a Microsoft Word document).No. Napkins Transfer (550x413) (2)No. Napkins Transfer 3 (550x413) (2)
 … the transfer paper I used comes out a bit grainy, but I really like that aged look on the drop cloth canvas …No. Napkins Iron (550x413) (2)No. Napkins Iron Transfer (550x413) (2)… and the finished product …
 No. Napkins 12 (550x413) (2)No. Napkins 6 (550x413) (2)No. Napkins 1 5 9 again (550x413) (2)No. Napkins 1 5 9 (550x413) (2)No. Napkins 1 5 9 more too (550x413) (2)No. Napkins 1 5 9 too (550x413) (2)… is ready for dinner …image

Thanks so much for sharing your creativity, Linda. You and your projects are amazing! I want these so I either see a project in my future…unless you get that in the works etsy shop up and running!  Can’t wait!

I‘m hanging out here today with Lisa…
Crafty Christmas
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Guest Blogger Thank You and Recap

Good morning DIY friends!  We’re back to home sweet home after soaking up some sun and relaxation.  We had a lovely, peaceful and fun time here…
Tensing Pen, Negril Cliffs, Jamaica
but in the meantime – I’ve missed you all!  Seriously…blog withdrawal! I can’t wait to catch up!
While we were away with limited internet access, there were some issues with email subscriptions. As in “none” for about a week.  Thankfully my genius technically savvy webmaster, Stacy from She Knows Design, was able to save the day and get things back on track.  Then we noticed that only a teaser was being emailed.  I’m hoping that today – you’re getting the full posts again if you subscribe via email. 
In the meantime, I fear you may have missed a few amazing ladies and their DIY guest posts.  So, please join me as I give a HUGE THANK YOU to these talented and creative DIY bloggers who took the time to share some awesome projects and in case you missed them (frustrating feedburner and bad timing!), I know they’d love LOVE LOVE to hear your comments or for you to click their blog button for a quick visit and a “hi”! 
1. DIY at StarDust Decor & Style. Olga shares her beautiful bedroom transformation. From boring before to romantic after… 
and a ho-hum hallway goes horizontal happy… 
Olga, you’ve done an amazing job on a great budget. I love the changes!
2. Christy is just one of the creative DIY girls at 11 Magnolia Lane and it was such an honor to have her share her gorgeous kitchen reveal… 
and fun laundry room makeover…Christy – you’re a DIY diva! WOW! 
simple, no sew and great handmade gift ideas!  Thanks so much for sharing your creativity, Randee! 
Randee's Organized Chaos
4. Aren’t these DIY present pillows from Linda at It All Started with Paint adorable?! I’m so happy she shared her awesome tutorial – definitely a must do project! Thanks, Linda!
Present Pillows Twine on porch (550x413) (2)
it all started with paint
5. I love the tradition of handmade ornaments every year, don’t you? It’s a great gift idea too and Tammy from Type A has a great recipe for DIY clay ornaments
Thanks for sharing your tutorial for these pretty clay ornaments, Tammy! I love these for dressing up packages too!
Type A
and what a statement! Huge fun difference! I love the transition of blues. Gorgeous!
Unskinny Boppy
7. Sweet Lee (and Poppy) from Lee Caroline Art has a dreamy, peaceful French Cottage bedroom makeover worthy of ‘pinning’ for inspiration…I’d want to lounge in bed all day long!
 Beautiful job, Lee!
Lee Caroline Art
8. DIY raggy fabric vines are a beautiful garland option and Lesli from My Old Country House shares her easy tutorial…
How fun and so charming! Easy. Choose fabric to match your decor. Love!
9. Nothing more satisfying than a DIY knock off for prettier, creative and budget friendly decor.  That’s what Chris from Attempting Aloha shares with her Ballard Inspired Christmas Trees….
Attempting Aloha
10. It’s the perfect time of year for sounds that remind you Christmas is here and jingle bells on doors make me smile.  Handmade by Hilani shares her cute jingle bell door accent tutorial
 . So sweet!  Thanks for sharing, Hilani! 
Handmade by Hilani
11.  And last but not least, Amy from The Salvage Collection shares her thoughts on the creative process in a fun way – hilariously helpful! Amy ~ you crack me up! Thank you so much for bringing a big smile to our DIY craziness!
The Salvage Collection

BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE for these amazing ladies and their creativity and for sharing their thoughts and awesome DIY projects! As you know, I cherish my blog buddies and I’m so grateful for their DIY ingenuity and guest appearance the past two weeks. 
Thank you!

And I’ll be back later today with the DIY Project Parade – because before we left, while most normal people would be packing and getting ready for the holidays since vacation took up 10 days of precious holiday prep, decorating and shopping time, this DIY crazy girl was painting and doing projects up until the evening before we left. If you’re a DIY Show Off follower, you might understand my addiction. 😉   
The DIY Show Off
See you in a couple of hours – just need to snap some ‘after’ pictures.

As the Jamaicans say… “RESPECT”

Keeping my fingers crossed that the subscription emails are back to normal now.  Thank you for your patience! EDIT:  Does anyone know how to fix a feed? When I check “full post” to show, it does not show at all. When I check “short”, it does show just a teaser but I’d prefer the entire post to show. My pictures are resized so I know my posts are within the size limit.  I’m at a complete loss on how to fix the issue. I can’t seem to locate an answer via google.  Any help or advice is appreciated!

ryanac32 said… 38
my next painting project is the kitchen

The Creative Process by Amy from The Salvage Collection

Meet:  Amy from 
The Salvage Collection
greetings, DIY showoff readers!  i’m so excited to be here since i’ve been an oogler of roeshel’s blog for quite a while now.  i love the way, along with her own DIY journey, she promotes so many creative bloggers through her hugely popular site.
anywhoopla, i’m here today to toss out some ideas about the creative process.  you know, the thingy you do in your head between having an idea and finishing a project.
oh, you don’t think you follow a process?  hmmm.  let’s talk about that a bit.
i have an interior design degree and, though i loved my major, i never was exposed to the creative process as i know it today.  perhaps it was because i did not attend a “design school” and my major was housed with the other “girly” majors (i can say this b/c i’ve held two of those girly professions so zip it.).  regardless, i recall being assigned a project and…uh…going to quarter beers on thursday night, watching jack and jennifer get back together on “days of our lives” and then pulling an all-nighter hanging in the studio with my design buddies, working to meet the deadline.  i went straight at it with nary a crumpled paper on the floor to prove my planning.  and, yes, i graduated.
in fact, i’m not sure i ever heard the word “brainstorm” until i returned to graduate school–after a few “eh” years in corporate interior design–to become a teacher .  

in recent years, much of my training and research about teaching was based on processes to help each student tap into her creative side when approaching an assignment.
“just toss out a bunch of ideas even if they’re crazy or strange or silly or ridiculous.  there is no such thing as a bad idea.”
“close your journal and walk away from the first draft.  put some space and time between you and the words, then go back and reread it when you are fresh.”  

“you can and should always edit, always make changes because nothing is perfect the first time.”
that’s a bit of what i’d say to my sixth grade students as i walked them through the writing process, hoping they’d understand that it’s messy yet malleable, flexible yet under their control.
sounding familiar to you?  uh-huh.  i sniff me a diy-er who dippin’ some toes in the creative process river.
am i wrong or is this process—the process of creating—not overtly exposed in this blogiverse of  delectable “before and after” shots?  of course, we love to hear the origin of the idea but, dude….really?  c’mon.  how’d miss diy design diva get there with THAT from waaaay the $#@! over there?  …and why won’t she toss me a rope so i can climb to the creative summit on which she rests and hang with the cool diy cats?
oh?  wait a sec, she’s going to share it?  alrighty, then.  get to it.  i’m all ears.
(but is it a cat or a dog… or something else?)
miss diy design diva:
“well, let me see if i remember this correctly.  i believe i was sitting in my eclectic vintage ’60’s kitchen on my original eames chair–found on a brooklyn curb–eating my organic avocado/free-range turkey sandwich on gluten-free low-carb fat free bread with my husband, the head designer–and self-taught professional photographer–at schnockeral and sven.  our cats, ernie and bert, were playfully tossing around one of the 128 catnip-stuffed felt mouse toys that i had crafted earlier that morning.  suddenly, our yellow lab, scout, darted into the room and clamped down on bert’s neck like a shark scoring the leg of a surfer.  ernie went limp, bert sprouted wings, flying to safety atop the fridge and i…. i…. i saw scout’s soft yellow fur gently intermingled with ernie’s calico patches… BAM!

yes.  oh, yes.  that’s when my new 12 pattern hand-printed silk-screened 100% organic cotton fabric line flashed before my very eyes.”

(i made that up.  really, i swear. i’m weird creative that way. nooooo, it’s not from my interview with a famed diy blog queen.)
moving on.
does a design plan usually come to one in a “flash”of genius like the diva’s or is it more of a gathering little twigs in an effort to build a fire of an idea?  it could be a bit of both but the consensus of the people who study this stuff agree that it’s more like the fire analogy.  “they” have organized the creative process into the following steps:
simply stated, it’s not much different than the process i taught to 6th graders in expanding their writing. now that i’m painting furniture full-time, i also realized that i’m NOT using this process fully when i dive into each piece as is evident in my recent flubs.  let’s face it, when juggling 4+ projects that need to be squeezed into an hour here and twenty minutes there, the “process” can become lost in the… uh… process.
my recent process-less process….
STEP 1 “preparation”:  choose a project and start the basic repairs to prep for the finish while you explore the details of the piece.
for me, STEP 1 was selecting and repairing this formerly-caned shelving train-wreck-of-a-piece to tackle:
scary, right?
STEP 2 “incubation”:  this is where we are supposed to be open-minded, explore the crazy ideas (hello, donna at funky junk), ask the opinions of others, visualize the end result, ponder, poke, prod, peek around (hello, pinterest!), pour over colors….and document all of it so we see the ideas, make connections and don’t forget any of it along the way.
STEP 2 for me with the scary shelves was…. a whole lotta phooey.  yep, this is where i swerved to the left in the process due to my lack of patience.  i was like violet, the greedy blueberry girl in willy wonka’s chocolate factory…
“DADDY! i want to use my new annie sloan chalk paint in provence and old white.  I WANT TO USE MY NEW PAINT!”  
i barely tasted the chocolate bar of “step 2: incubation” as i shoved it down my throat and popped open the paint cans.  i didn’t explore and i didn’t document; i just raced to the finish with my golden ticket… paint cans and turned into a plump blueberry along the way.
so, here is the result of speeding through the design process…
yes, it’s nice but… just eh.  whatev.  after 263 hours, it’s not the “wow” that i wanted it to be because i went all “violet” and didn’t pause to explore ideas.  currently,  i’m using it as a punishing daily reminder of PATIENCE and PROCESS.
and what will i do in the future?  in typical teacher fashion, i’ll be using one of my black and white composition books to write and sketch my ideas for each of the 4+ painting projects i am currently steering…
starting with two traditional school chairs that i plucked up for $10 each.  yippeedoo!
care to join me as i document my way through the rest of the creative process to wow up these drib-drab chairs?  i promise it won’t be boring…and the posts won’t be this long, either.  hopefully…for your sake.
in the meantime, if you want to see more about the way successful people work together in the creative process, then check out this 2+ minute video of creative wizards at anthropologie staging window displays for earth day.  note the sketchbook, peeps–part of THE PROCESS!
thanks, roeshel!  hope i haven’t sent too many of your readers running for the hills….

Jingle Bell Door Accent ~ Tutorial by Hilani

Handmade by Hilani

DIY…I mean, it doesn’t get any better then starting a “Do-It-Yourself” project and feeling accomplished when you’ve completed the task, no matter how long it took.  

When I stumbled upon theDIYshowoff blog I can estimation over an hour was spent browsing and admiring all of Roeshel’s and her husband’s work, plus those of her fellow DIY lovers.  Having almost a year under my belt with a website, 18+ months on Facebook , I’m kind of new to the world of blogging.  But I’ll tell you, this Mom of two boys, and an owner of a Small Business is having so much fun meeting new people, and being inspired.

I’m honored to be here, and share with the theDIYshowoff lovers a tutorial I created for {Jingle Bell} Door Accent.

It’s an under $5.00 craft:
I just love the sound of Bells during Christmas.  I have them on frequently used doors throughout our home.  

I’ve been holding onto a great find from the $1 ribbon bin at Michael’s, until I have just the right project for it.  This “Merry Christmas” ribbon, which was right up my alley due to it’s price and vintage appearance was a great find.  

I was browsing the isles, at our local Hobby Lobby, when an idea called out at me.  A canister of vintage/rustic bells called my name from a 50% off shelf.    I decided, that moment, I was going to create a Door Bell accent with them and the ribbon.  I excitedly dropped them into my cart, and while hearing their distinct Christmas jingle, my creative wheels started spinning…”What exactly should this craft look like when I’m done?”

I remembered, while driving home, that a week prior I threw in my cart a bag of wooden Stars from the clearance section at Michael’s.  That too was a great find because the set of 4 stars were only $0.47.  Below is a tutorial on making this Jingle Bell Door Accent.  
Project Time:45 minutes – 1 hour (Ideal for naptime)

Supplies Needed
Purchased Items:
Ribbon $1.00
Bells $4.99 (mine were 50% off)
Wooden Star ($0.47 clearance)
Scrap Fabric – Two contrasting colors or One (FREE)

On Hand Supplies:
Craft Glue
Close Pin
Rag (for sticky fingers)
Damp Paper towel

Step 1:
Trace on wrong side of fabric for Front fabric choice, if using two different prints.
Step 2:
Free Hand an additional trace line about 1/2 an inch larger, for cutting, around the actual star size.
Step 3:
If using a second fabric, trace on right side of fabric the star. Otherwise, trace a second star on your first fabric making two star cut-outs. One larger and one exact.
Step 4:
Get Glue and Star ready for gluing. Place wooden star on wrong side of Fabric and cut slits into into corners of fabric for easy folding over.

Step 5:
Apply Glue to wood and begin folding over fabric.
Step 6:
When corners fold over, cut off excess fabric.  To adhere the corners from lifting, smooth over extra glue with  your finger.
Step 7:
When finished this is how the right side should look.  Turn over with wooden Star exposed upwards, and apply your second fabric star on top.
Step 8:
Grab your bells and ribbon. Cut Ribbon 30″ long, or more, you can always shorten your tails. Be safe, cut longer. :0)
Step 9:
Find the middle point of your ribbon. Apply glue to the center of the star on the fabric. Wrap your ribbon around the star. Place glue at the top of the star, between the two ribbons, to merry them.  Hold them together with a cloths pin. 
Step 10:
Count out 11 – 12 bells and begin to thread them on the ribbon. Thread 1 bell on each strand and the third bell onto both strands.  Continue to thread until you’ve used all bells.
Step 11:
Find a door to hang them from for ultimate drying of glue (while cloths pin still attached).

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it inspires you to make one to fill your home with sounds of Christmas!

If this inspired you, I’d love to know. Be sure to visit me at my Blog and join in on my many creative outbursts!

DIY Holiday Highlights and Ballard Knock Off Christmas Trees by Attempting Aloha

Aloha DIY Showoff readers!
I‘m Charlie (pink, not blue), and I blog over at Attempting Aloha. :)Today’s going to be an easy tutorial on how to gussy up your plain-Jane small Christmas trees. And it may involve kitty litter…
Like most crafters with a love of home decor, I’m a faithful subscriber to Ballard Designs. And I LOVE their Christmas stuff. Their prices make me roll my eyes, though.Exhibit A:
Ballard Designs
Cute little 3′ tree in a nursery sack with some twinkle lights. I’m thinking, “It’s Ballard, so this is probably like $45.”  WRONG. Try more like $99. Seriously?  Who buys this stuff???!!!  And will they adopt me?? Just kidding.Kind of.Someone who actually purchases from Ballard would probably scoff at all my attempts to knock them off. lolBut it’s not going to stop me from trying!  So here’s what I came up with.First, I found this awesome store here called Christmas Tree Shops. When I first saw it in July, I thought, “Strange that people would buy Christmas trees in July and even stranger that that store is ginormous.”  But then I got one of their mailers, and their store has EVERYTHING. It’s like a Dollar Tree but with more home decor and only slightly more expensive. It’s awesome!Anyway, when November rolled around, their mailers included…wait for it… CHRISTMAS TREES! Go figure, right?They had a 20% off entire purchase coupon, and these 4′ flocked trees were marked $10 each. I snagged the last two (on November 2) and brought them home (along with my pre-lit 6.5′ tree for $39). Total cost for two small trees and the pre-lit tree = $48. Awesome!I originally intended for these little guys to go on my front porch and was going to just leave them as is (cuz sometimes I get the lazy bug). But when I put the poor things out there, they toppled right over with the tiniest of breezes. Lame.WARNING:  I craft at night while my three kids are sleeping. Most of my “how to” pics are dark and may or may not have been taken with my iPhone… 😉
So I knew I needed to beef up their bases, and I knew the Ballard way had to be hacked.I had some burlap that I had purchased from Hobby Lobby. I believe it was $4.99/yard. Someone correct me if I’m wrong. And don’t forget to print your 40% off coupon. You can always find them on their website. 🙂 I knew I needed something heavy in mine to weight it down. We have some rocks in the yard, but it was cold, and I wasn’t in the mood to play scavenger hunt. So I searched our garage. WOW!  There’s a whole stash of failed bunny supplies in here!! Sweet! We have a rabbit, and our girls want to keep his cage in their bedroom, but he really stinks. So my husband keeps purchasing all this stuff to try to see if it will help the cage smell better. None has yet satisfied him. So I was VERY happy to find some scented kitty litter AND a ginormous bag of cedar chips. Awe. Some. The cedar chips alone would work if you’re not trying to weight down your trees (ie, if you’re keeping them indoors), and that HUGE bag cost $7 at Walmart in the pet section.
If you cross your eyes at this pic, it looks less blurry. ((cough cough))
I knew the kitty litter would go right through the burlap holes, so I first took two plastic grocery bags and layered one inside the other and then place the tree stand inside the two like this:
STEP 2:  Pour in some kitty litter (or whatever other thing you’ve chosen to weight down your tree if you’re using them outdoors). You can skip this step if you’re keeping them indoors.
STEP 3:  Add cedar chips to bulk it up sufficiently.
STEP 4: Take the two sides of the bag handles, and tie them in a knot as tight around the base as you can.
STEP 5:  Pick up the tree (holding on to the bag also, so the tree doesn’t come out of its stand) and place it in the middle of a piece of burlap. I didn’t cut my piece until after I had it wrapped up, so I don’t know how large they were, but I would guess 1/2 yard to 3/4 yard. It will depend on how bulky you make your base and how much excess you want sticking out around the top.STEP 6: Take a piece of jute and wrap it around a bunch of times (real tight). Be sure to keep your first end a little longer, so when you’re done wrapping, you have something to tie the two sides together with. I left mine in a simple bow. You could, of course, embellish with a flower or something.STEP 7: Cut the excess burlap down until it looks even and just how you want it. 🙂
I liked their twinkle lights, but I decided to keep them off and added these pinecones that I scored for $1 also at Christmas Tree Shops.
I simply hot glued them on. All 85 of those bad boys.
Once I had mine indoors, I decided I really liked them by the fireplace, so they’re staying there this year!
Who knew kitty litter would come in so handy in home decor, right?Ballard definitely has one on me as far as staging and photography goes, but at a savings of $170+ ($85 PER TREE)?? I’m pretty proud of mine. 
Feel free to stop by and visit anytime. We love tourists!! 
Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka,Charlie 
Attempting Aloha
Let’s see what you’ve been up to! Or browse the links below to visit some amazing blog friends and their DIY holiday projects!
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DIY Raggy Fabric Vines by Lesli ~ My Old Country House

Guest Blog Post –
Lesli from My Old Country House 
– My Raggy Fabric Vines!
HI, this is Lesli DeVito, from
 and I am thrilled to be a Guest Blogger for
on the DIY SHOWOFF. 
I have loved getting to know Roeshel
and she is one of those amazingly generous
Blogger Sisters
who has helped me share my little fledgling blog 
with everyone!
When Roeshel asked me if I had any Holiday DIY ideas to share
I knew immediately what I would show you.
…but first, true confessions.
I confess…I have a
relationship with Holiday decorating.
There, I said it.
With three kids, who are getting bigger every day…
decorating for the holidays means
More work…
MORE stuff, MORE clutter, 
MORE clean up.
But more than anything, I think the reason why I get a bit 
apprehensive is that every year…when Dec 1 rolls around,
and  I pull those boxes out
I have to take a deep breath and sigh 
as I realize how FAST the years are going.
Too fast. Just too fast.
It, for me is bittersweet.
There you have it.
…and yet…when my home is all done. 
…all decorated, and the tree is up.
I wake up every morning before the kids get up, make my coffee
and sit and just stare at the tree.
 It is almost
like a meditation.
to listen to my Christmas music…
the kids beg me to stop.
Last year, in the interest of saving a few pennies
on Holiday decorating,
I started making these Raggy Fabric Vines 
and this year I am selling them at
my friend Jill’s annual Holiday craft show! 
They are super dooper easy, and fun to make.
so here is your tutorial!
Time to make – 30 minutes to 1 hr/each.
supplies needed:
1. scissors
2. fabric scraps or yardage (approx 1/2 to 2/3 yrd per vine)
3. rope- I use twisted sisal rope that I got at Lowes, about $6.50 for a 100ft roll.
4. cutting board or surface to work on.
(warning- this is a very “thready” craft, you will want to do a vacuuming afterward…but it is all worth it!)
gather your supplies…
…score your fabric on the sides and then tear into long strips. The width is up to you. I usually do about 1.5 inches
stack your strips
…and then cut them into the length you want. For smaller vines, 6″ will do, forlonger, fatter, raggier vines, 12″- 15″ strips is good.
…tie off the end of your rope pieces. I cut mine pieces about 70″ each and then tie off about 1 foot on either end.I used white duct tape to secure the ends.
…lay your fabric piece under the rope
tie it on…
…and so on and so on…until you reach the other end! You can design a patternor do it all the same…have fun with it!
I love Greenery.
The look of it…the smell of it. I LOVE IT!
 I usually put it everywhere, on the mantles, on the porch and
stair railings…over the windows. 
But as much as I love it….it can get expensive.
What I LOVE about these Shabby RAGGY fabric vines is that
we can use them over and over again, every year.
They have become part of our Holiday decorations.
Part of our tradition.
…on the stair railing…
…along the mantle…
…over the windows. I have even done these in pastels and have used them to decorate kids rooms…the possibilities are endless!
So go grab yourself some rope and some fabric and your other supplies and have fun! 
It is a great craft to do with the kids of all ages! 
They can put them in their bedrooms or give them to the teacher for a gift!
My 2 year old niece even helped me stack the fabric this past weekend!

Thank you Roeshel for inviting me to be a Guest Host 
on the DIY Showoff
I have loved sharing this easy and thrifty 
Holiday craft with you
and your wonderful followers.. 
HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone!!!
I invite you to stop by
so we can share my ART and more decorating ideas!

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Pretty Painted Stairs by Beth ~ Unskinny Boppy

Hi everyone! I’m Beth from Unskinny Boppy. First I’d like to say a big “Thank You!” to Roeshel for allowing me to have the honor of guest posting here on her inspirational blog. I appreciate the opportunity to share my project with you guys. Today I’m finally ready to reveal my painted basement staircase (and the new board and batten!)Six months ago my basement staircase resembled something from a maximum security prison. 
 unfinished basement steps 
Dark, dank and sort of scary with unfinished concrete block walls and cheap grey indoor/outdoor carpeting. It was not exactly a warm and welcoming place to be. Today it’s been transformed with a little bit of paint, putty and some 1x4s! Check it out:
 Board and Batten on staircase 
 Months ago I had pinned a photo of Jonathan Adler’s painted beach house stairs , and I knew that was the look I wanted to try to replicate. I do believe I got very close to my inspiration project.Here is Jonathan’s design: 
And here is mine: 
how to paint wooden steps 
Let me back up just a minute here and say that I have a bit of a paint sample addiction. Whenever it is time to choose paint colors for a room I agonize over the paint fans for hours, then we make a run down to the local Sherwin Williams and buy their $5 quarts of sample paint. I firmly believe the best way to tell if you really like a paint color is to get as much of it on the actual wall as possible. After living in this house for 18 months and painting almost every room in it (and some rooms twice!), I’ve acquired quite a collection of paint samples. It might even be a borderline hoarderish tendency since I refuse to throw any of them away. They sit on a bookcase in my basement just in case I find a piece of furniture (or stairwell) that needs a coat of paint on it. Here are all the samples I used for this project. Yeah… 
Since this staircase is basically the first thing my husband sees every day when he arrives home from work, we wanted it to be a brighter and more cheerful space. Plus, the basement is in the process of being remodeled so it was hard to imagine leaving that ugly carpeting on the staircase with all new paint, sheetrock, and trim throughout the rest of the space. So one day my husband ripped all the carpet up with his bare hands. Of course I have no photos of this event since he simply came upstairs and announced “Carpet’s up!” And I was all, “WHATthewhat?!?” Well, allrighty then. This is what they looked like for a few months during the construction process. Sexy, huh? Not at all creepy.
So, what do you do when you have a set of bare wooden steps that have been toe’ up from the flo’ up and fifty quarts of Sherwin Williams paint samples in various shades of blues and greens and greiges? You paint a blue/green/greige rainbow, of course! And that’s just what I did. Every stair riser got a different paint color. I’m kind of ashamed to admit I could have painted about three more sets of stairs and not used the same sample twice.
 white and blue basement stairs 
Before painting I had to pull out all the staples left behind from the cheap carpet. A pair of pliers made short work of that job. Then I went behind with a tube of spackle and filled in the holes and crevices in the wood. You can tell from my photos that I wasn’t exactly a perfectionist about the putty job. I missed some spots and I really need to touch up the paint again, but I’m ok with them just the way they are. They have more character this way. At least that’s what I tell myself. In reality I’m just too lazy to go back and finish the job.  
For extra gripping power on the stair treads, I recommend using Sharkgrip Slip Resistant additive to your paint. You simply mix this stuff into your paint and shake it up, and when it dries it makes the floor super-skid resistant. Nothing slippery about these painted floors.
 Here is the view from the top:board and batten walls 
I’m considering getting a runner to give the treads a little bit of color. For now, I’m still lazy good with the white. I also adore the board and batten finish on the staircase. That part of the project was done by my painters while they were finishing the other trim in the basement. I cannot claim the B&B as my own DIY project, but the stair paint is 100% me! And my knees were happy to get this project completed. Since no DIY project is complete without a good Before and After photo, here is mine:
 stair painting Before and after photo 
I hope you guys enjoyed my new basement staircase reveal. I’m crossing my fingers and toes that I will be able to have a FULL basement remodel reveal on my blog within the next few weeks. I’d love for you to visit my blog and see it when it’s done! 
Unskinny Boppy
12 Bloggers, 12 Colors, 12 Days
of Holiday DIY

Dec. 1st ~ GREEN ~ The Design Confidential

Dec. 2nd ~ WHITE ~ Domestically Speaking

Dec. 3rd ~ BLUE/PURPLE ~ Fireflies & JellyBeans

Dec. 4th ~ SILVER ~ Freckled Laundry

Dec. 5th ~ GRAY ~ Primitive & Proper

Dec. 6th ~ SPARKLE/GLITTER ~ A Girl and a Glue Gun

Dec. 7th ~ MIRROR/CLEAR ~ The DIY Show Off

Dec. 8th ~ EARTH TONES ~ Making the World Cuter

Dec. 9th ~ RED ~ It’s So Very Cheri

Dec. 10th ~ GOLD ~ 504 Main

Dec. 11th ~ CHALKBOARD ~ WhisperWood Cottage

Dec. 12th ~ MULTI-COLOR ~ The DIY Club

DIY Clay Ornament Tutorial by Tammy from Type A

Happy Holidays to all of you at The DIY Show Off and thanks Roeshel for inviting me to be a guest!  When Roeshel asks you to be a guest, it’s one of the biggest compliments a blogger can receive, I love her and her blog!  Thanks for the invite!
Type A
I’m Tammy from Type A, your basic wife, mother, crafter, painter and blogger.  I love blogging and all the new folks I have met it’s been a fabulous creative outlet for me.  I have two amazing children and one adorable puppy.  My hubby works in Afghanistan as a contractor so I wear all the hats, even the unflattering ones!
I hope you enjoy my ornament tutorial.

All of the tools can be bought at your local craft store.  I bought some of mine online, because I was too lazy to drive to Joanns, but in my defense it’s pretty far away and it saved me in gas.
So here I have my cookie cutters, clay, clay rolling pin, embossers and awl.  The only other things you need are a pan to cook the clay on and some twine to make a hanger for the ornament.
I used gold polymer clay, the kind you bake, not the air dry variety.  The reason for this is simple, the baked kind comes in many more colors, and I wanted gold.  You can use any color you like.
Cookie cutters are the perfect tool for working with clay and come in a variety of sizes.  I wanted doves so I bought a 1.75 in and 3.5 in cookie cutter.  I have a smaller tree so the 1.75 in ornaments are perfect for me and don’t require as much clay to make them.  Two packs of clay made 12 ornaments, where1 pack of clay made 3 of the larger ornaments.  Which were a gift to my sons second grade teacher.
First you roll out your clay till it’s about 1/4 of an inch thick, then you can emboss it with any design you like.  Then I take a cookie cutter and cut the shape out, I use my awl to make the whole for the twine.
Bake for 30 minutes at 230 degrees.  Let them cool and then you can run string through them.  Pretty easy really,  however the clay isn’t all that soft so your hands and triceps with get a workout rolling it out!
Ta Da, the finished oranment!  I love these, my son helped me make them and they are inexpenssive, not to shabby to look at either!
Here are a few pics of my Chirstmas Decor all done up!
Happy Holidays!!!!

Thanks again Roeshel for letting me a guest!


12 Bloggers, 12 Colors, 12 Days
of Holiday DIY

Dec. 1st ~ GREEN ~ The Design Confidential

Dec. 2nd ~ WHITE ~ Domestically Speaking

Dec. 3rd ~ BLUE/PURPLE ~ Fireflies & JellyBeans

Dec. 4th ~ SILVER ~ Freckled Laundry

Dec. 5th ~ GRAY ~ Primitive & Proper

Dec. 6th ~ SPARKLE/GLITTER ~ A Girl and a Glue Gun

Dec. 7th ~ MIRROR/CLEAR ~ The DIY Show Off

Dec. 8th ~ EARTH TONES ~ Making the World Cuter

Dec. 9th ~ RED ~ It’s So Very Cheri

Dec. 10th ~ GOLD ~ 504 Main

Dec. 11th ~ CHALKBOARD ~ WhisperWood Cottage

Dec. 12th ~ MULTI-COLOR ~ The DIY Club

Christmas DIY by Randee's Organized Chaos

Hi!!!  I am Randee from 
Randee's Organized Chaos
I am SUPER DUPER excited that Roeshel allowed me to be a guest! My life is in constant CHAOS but I would not have it any other way! I am married to a wonderful man and I have two AWESOME children!  I constantly CrEaTe my own CHAOS and I always think “what have I done?” but it always works itself out and turns out to be TOO STINKING CUTE!!!

I am featuring a few of my favorite projects and recipes. I hope that you will stop by and add a little CHAOS to your life! I like to talk about my family that is the CENTER of the chaos and all of my favorite projects that I am knee deep in!! You might learn a few tricks from MY CHAOS! 
(The complete tutorials can be seen by clicking the links below.)

My first project is my NO SEW RUFFLED TREE SKIRT… 
Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL???
I have a small “OBSESSION” with burlap!

Another one of my NO SEW projects:  
Last but NOT LEAST…..

These are without a doubt AWESOME!  I think EVERY SINGLE person on my list this year will be getting some of these.  They will make GREAT teacher gifts! 😉

THANKS again for having me! I hope that following along with my CHAOS makes you realize that EVERY family has a little bit of “CRAZY” which makes us all NORMAL!!!  😉
12 Bloggers,
12 Colors, 12 Days
of Holiday DIY

Dec. 1st ~ GREEN ~ The Design Confidential

Dec. 2nd ~ WHITE ~ Domestically Speaking

Dec. 3rd ~ BLUE/PURPLE ~ Fireflies & JellyBeans

Dec. 4th ~ SILVER ~ Freckled Laundry

Dec. 5th ~ GRAY ~ Primitive & Proper

A Girl and a Glue Gun

Dec. 7th ~ MIRROR/CLEAR ~ The DIY Show Off

Dec. 8th ~ EARTH TONES ~ Making the World Cuter

Dec. 9th ~ RED ~ It’s So Very Cheri

Dec. 10th ~ GOLD ~ 504 Main

Dec. 11th ~ CHALKBOARD ~ WhisperWood Cottage

Dec. 12th ~ MULTI-COLOR ~ The DIY Club

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DIY at Stardust – Decor & Style

Hello “The DIY ShowOff” readers!My name is Olga from Stardust – Decor & Style and I am just one of you… a fanatic reader and follower!
I’m a new blogger and I blog about DIY, decoration, makeovers and transformations, house tours and whatever beautiful catches my eye.
S t a r d u s t   -  Decor & Style
I can’t describe how honored I am to be here today and share some of my recent projects with you!So grab a cup of coffee, make yourself comfortable and here we go…This was my master bedroom a little after we had moved in. At first it was OK, but then I wasn’t satisfied with the colour and even more I hated this awkward wall behind the bed. I was trying to figure out a way on how to cover it and make the room feel more dramatic. The first makeover that I attempted didn’t turn out as I expected.  It kept me thinking. And then it struck me… curtains + paint + a few new accessories… I had it all in my mind. Well check this out for yourselves:

What a transformation, right? It seems like a completely different room! And it cost me less than $100.00 (except for the light fixture which was somewhat expensive… but couldn’t resist it…you feel me right?)!For more pictures and details please go here
And then we have the hallway. It was a plain, common, and boring hallway. I’d tried to spice it up with some wallpaper and a mirror from IKEA. Had it like that for about two years. And then one day I decided to do something about it. I ripped off the wallpaper – not an easy job – and painted big horizontal stripes which I lurve! 
Let’s take a look of the Before and After pics:                                                                            


Well what do you think? And this project didn’t cost anything at all. The paint was leftovers from previous paint jobs which i mixed all together. And there you have it! I loooooove horizontal stripes!  For the full tutorial please go here.That’s all folks for today! If you want some more you’re most welcome to come and visit Stardust – Decor & Style, where you can also see my balcony update. It would mean the world to me to see you over at my place! 
 Hope you all enjoyed the post.A big Thank You to Roeshel for having me here today! Roeshel you are such a sweetie!Merry Christmas everyone!!!                 

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12 Bloggers, 12 Colors, 12 Days
of Holiday DIY

Dec. 1st ~ GREEN ~ The Design Confidential

Dec. 2nd ~ WHITE ~ Domestically Speaking

Dec. 3rd ~ BLUE/PURPLE ~ 
Fireflies & JellyBeans

Dec. 4th ~ SILVER ~ Freckled Laundry

Dec. 5th ~ GRAY ~ Primitive & Proper

Dec. 6th ~ SPARKLE/GLITTER ~ A Girl and a Glue Gun

Dec. 7th ~ MIRROR/CLEAR ~ The DIY Show Off

Dec. 8th ~ EARTH TONES ~ Making the World Cuter

Dec. 9th ~ RED ~ It’s So Very Cheri

Dec. 10th ~ GOLD ~ 504 Main

Dec. 11th ~ CHALKBOARD ~ WhisperWood Cottage

Dec. 12th ~ MULTI-COLOR ~ The DIY Club

Blogging for Dollars at Homemaker On a Dime

I just wanted to share that my super talented friend, SJ at

is sharing a series called Blogging for Dollars. I’ve really enjoyed reading how the bloggers she’s selected have been sharing their experiences.  If you’ll remember, SJ was a part of the Roomspiration party, sharing her beautiful master bedroom reveal.  I love her beautiful projects and pretty style.
When SJ asked me to participate in Blogging for Dollars, I was a bit nervous (and didn’t realize I should have included some pictures like the other features or my blog button/etc…oops. Interviews make me a nervous wreck!) – I don’t feel qualified to be giving advice (I’m just a regular blogger) but I do share my thoughts. That’s more interesting than pictures anyway, right?  Thanks, SJ! Please read my Blogging for Dollars Q&A and tell SJ “hi” Homemaker on a Dime and leave a comment. It’s really a great series and so helpful.  {Thanks, SJ!}
And just in case I lost you…here’s a picture for today’s post, on how I sum up blogging:
Blogging for money is definitely a sweet bonus but don’t ever forget…
Pinned Image
Bloggers:  Friends helping Friends.
Enjoy the day!

DIY at Josie Jones

Hello DIY Show Off readers!!  We are so thrilled to be doing our 1st ever guest post here!  We are quite new to the blogging world as we just launched our blog, JosieJones & Company, May 2011.  Here’s a little bit about us.  We are moms, wives, business owners, Christians, lovers of all things old/shabby/vintage, and passionate about simple design.  This is just what our blog is all about- simple design that anyone can achieve.  We love to feature room redo’s that didn’t cost much money, but required a little thought and patience to find the right solutions.  At JosieJones & Company, you will also find fun and unique DIY projects that anyone can tackle.  We lead busy lives and know it can be overwhelming to have a mind full of projects we’d like to try, but so little time.  Here are a few examples of the simple projects you will find at
We also love to feature simple recipes we find!!  Here is a great homemade lemon body scrub.
All of our featured recipes include a downloadable recipe card for you to print.
Another idea we love to show our readers is how to repurpose treasures for all sorts of uses.  Check out this fun toolbox repurposed 4 different ways.
Now if you’re like us and love a good “Before and After” project, we’ve got those as well!!
You may also enjoy this bathroom remodel where we took an old outdated room and transformed it into a country chic oasis!
Each month we will post several DIY projects, recipes, and fabulous finds that we hope will inspire you in some way.  We will also feature an amazing Giveaway each month full of fun and unique treasures.  We are bursting at the seams with ideas and projects that we can’t wait to bring to you!
We thank Roeshel for giving us this opportunity to share our new blog, Josie Jones & Company with you and we hope you’ll find some time to stop by and give it a visit.  We would love to hear from you!!!
Natalie and Kim
Thanks so much to the talented and creative Natalie & Kim for sharing so much DIY inspiration and goodies!  Please visit to check out their beautiful site, say hello and get some great DIY tips and ideas.

And a very special request…please
visit my friend Nan at

Your comment counts as a $1 donation from Design Gives Back & GuidePost to Friends of Kids with Cancer & the Miracle Makeover program.  Click HERE to read about last year’s recipient: Charlie, a sweet kids with a big heart and brain tumors and his makeover experience.  Seeing his smile and story is so heart warming. You comments will mean so much!

DIY with Blue Velvet Chair

I’m a big fan of Roeshel and her work over here at The DIY Showoff – and I regularly crash her link parties – so I’m thrilled to be visiting as a guest blogger today and showcasing my latest before/after DIY project. My name is Mike, short for Michael, and I love to recycle, repurpose, and relove.

A few weeks ago I posted a Sneak Peek of several junk pieces treasures that I had picked up over the weekend – with plans swirling around in my head. I’ve since used the hubcaps to start my outside Happy Hubcap Wall Garden, the old planks of wood are waiting patiently to see what new life I have in store for them, and I finally finished a DIY refurbish for the funky little chandelier of my dreams.

We moved into our “1970s and I need a total renovation to bring me into this century” house nearly 3 years ago – and our first attempt at a dining room light was simply to use the small pink glass chandelier that came with the house. It just didn’t fit the space, so that little cutie was moved to my daughter’s room and you’ll get peek at that in a future showoff of her redesigned little space. Then, I picked up a “I need a lot of work” 12-armed brass lamp fixture with “great potential” at the thrift store…which then hung in our dining room for the past 2 years…untouched and without lamp shades. When my hubby started to express his concern that our 12-armed lamp was not environmentally friendly (bless the Swedes for their green living), I officially started the hunt for the ideal lamp to hang over our family meals and fill the central hub of our home with light. That’s when I stumbled across my funky little glass bauble diva online and was hoping-hoping-hoping that it hadn’t been sold yet. Thank you Lady Luck!

So, here she is in all her before and after glory.  I call her Lulu (and I hope that I’m not the only one that names my projects).

Look at how a little paint and TLC helps her shine!

If you would like to see the full deconstruct-reconstruct for Lulu, hop on over to my place at Blue Velvet Chair for more images that document a new life for this little diva.

Hope to see you soon!
Blue Velvet Chair

SPA TREATMENT & Sweet Spring Giveaway

I am Cheri from Its So Very Cheri.
It is a pleasure to be here.
Thank you so much for having me.
I adore Roeshel–her style and grace are a special treat.
I am blessed to call her a friend.
Thanks for having me Roeshel!
I will tell you a little about me-In case you have never been to my site:
I am married and have 4 great kiddos.
I home school as well.
We currently live in SW Florida but we are from the Midwest and consider it home.
I have a fun party that starts each Sunday – it is open all week long.
its so very cheri


(I am one of the gals on the DIY Club too.)

Today I am going to show you a project I worked on for a bathroom theme that I came up with.
{The bathroom is not completed yet-it’s a work in progress.}
My husband is in school to become a nurse anesthesis and I thought a Vintage Apothecary Spa theme would be fun and relaxing. So where to begin–that was the question of the day.

PROJECT NUMBER 1–I decided that we needed a SPA SIGN.

It needed big bold lettering.

It needed cool hooks to hang a SPA BAG.
Every SPA sign needs a SPA BAG right?

It needed to look vintage, shabby and chic.

I love how it turned out. Head on over to The DIY Club for the full tutorial on how to make this cool signage.

We also have a coupon code (on the side bar) for 40% off custom lettering at Say It On The Wall over at the DIY Club.
To recreate this project you will need:
DecoArt Raw Umber and White Paint
I ordered my hooks from Rockler
They have amazing products. These hooks were only $6.29 each.
I ordered my SPA vinyl from Say It On The Wall
It is a SPECIAL ORDER head over to for a special deal on this vinyl
(Look for the SPA Button on the side bar)

a paint brush
A sanding bug or some sand paper
a little spakling
a recepticle for your paint–an old bowl will do
2 x 4
1 x 4
wood trim

I also made a SPA bag for our essential spa items. I will be posting that at Its So Very Cheri on Wednesday.

I am working on more projects for the bathroom so stay tuned.
I am also working on the kitchen and living room makeover too-just call me crazy.

I hope you will come on over and check out Its So Very Cheri.

Be sure to check out my TAPE Party!
It starts March 13-31.

Thanks so much for having me today. I hope you love the SPA Sign.

It is always fun checking out what is going on here at the DIY SHOWOFF so it is an extra special treat to be a guest.

Special Giveaway from It’s So Very Cheri!
This cute little faux zinc vintage bird is perfect for updating your spring vignette! 

How to win?
1 entry = Comment below your plans for your first DIY project this spring?  Getting outdoors to spray paint or tend to flowers?  Decorate for Easter and spring? Spring cleaning?  Excited for the long days and warmer temps?
1 entry = Visit It’s So Very Cheri and become a follower.  Come back and comment that you are!
Giveaway starts today 3/8 and ends Friday 3/11 at midnight EST. 
Winner will be chosen using and announced shortly after.
Please include your email address if you can’t be reached via link to your blog.

Good luck!

Guest Post…Custom Crock & DIY Project Parade

I‘m so honored to have Holly from 504 Main guest blogging today.  She is awesome! If you’re not a follower at 504 Main, please stop over and say hi!   Here she is…

Hey there!

I am so very tickled to be here at The DIY Show Off. Can I have a little “I’m in awe” moment, please…when I began blogging a year ago, Roeshel’s blog was one of the first DIY blogs I followed and linked up to for her Fall Festival {I was scared}, and she was do darn nice. So maybe my hubby has to blame Roeshel for my DIY craziness! Anyway, while Roeshel is off Country Living it up, I am here to blog it up!

Now, on with the show…I am Holly, and 504 Main is my place where I entertain, cook, create. I have a vintagey, beat up, discarded, slightly French, yet totally American aesthetic {confused? Me too sometimes!}. I like what I like! I LOVE repurposed crafting, creating and DIYing. I prefer to use unusual materials to create beautiful projects, like my screen wreath or my biscuit table.

Today, I am going to share a tutorial I did over at my place awhile back for The DIY Club. I am always looking for fun, new DIY projects. I have tackled my kitchen recently {that was part DIY and part hire someone to DIY}, and am working hard to accessorize it like it deserves…like I deserve..I have waited a long time!

My “old” kitchen had a not-so-cheap-stainless steel utensil holder that turned out to be a dud – too small and it cracked – perhaps it was not really stainless steel! I was on the hunt for a nice big crock to put those utensils in, but couldn’t find one that was not $50.00 or with some design on it that did not suit me…then it hit me…duh! Make my own!…Or at least buy a plain one and make it better!

Seriously, it seems like a lot of steps, but don’t let it scare you…it is not that bad! After you do it once, you’ll see and be hooked on this process like I am! You get a professional looking finish – it is awesome!
Bon Appetit Crock
Click HERE for printable pdf crock tutorial


-Image {from Olive Rue}
-Waterslide decal paper {available online or in some art stores…email me for info} – there are a few brands. I am trying out a new one soon.
-Crock, white {purchased at a kitchen store}
-Bowl with lukewarm water
-Decal squeegee and/or paper towel
DIY It! Bon Appetit Crock
1 – Print image onto waterslide decal paper – if your image has words, you will want to print a mirror image of the design.
NOTE: For the process and paper I used, the background turns a vintagey tea stained color in the curing/baking process, so I added an oval border {super simple to do in almost any program}. There is another method to using waterslide decals to avoid this, but I like this look. Again, I just purchased a new brand of paper and will report back!
2 – Let image dry for at least 15 minutes {this drying time varies based on the paper and method used, consult paper directions}, so that the ink does not run. I let mine dry for a few hours.

3 – Cut image out – either closely around border or closely around the image itself. 

4 – Determine placement or image and prepare crock {or whatever you are transferring the image to}.
5 – Add lukewarm water to a bowl, large enough for the cut image to be submerged.

 6 – Place image in water for approximately 1 minute. The image will immediately curl…gently uncurl.

7 – After removing paper, position the decal in the correct place on the crock {with the words reading correctly}.
8 – Blot the image with a soft towel and smooth out {or if you have the proper squeegee, use that} to
remove air bubbles {This step is important…my first go around I thought I had it and…nope – lots of air bubbles!}
9 – You may want to use a hair dryer to assist in adhering the decal to the piece and removing those remaining air bubbles too.
10 – Let piece air dry for 1 hour*
11 – Set oven to 200 F and bake piece for 1 hour.
12 – Set oven to 300 F and bake piece for 1 more hour.
13 – Set oven to 350 F and bake piece for 1 more hour.
14 – Set oven to 400 F and bake piece for 15 minutes.
15 – Remove from oven and let cool  – the image will be shiny and the background will have the light patina coloration.
16 – wipe piece {being careful of the image} with a damp sponge to remove excessive adhesive {it is brown – you will see it.}

*The new paper I have purchased, it supposed to be clear and does not require baking process. YOU MUST READ ALL DIRECTIONS FOR THE BRAND OF WATERSLIDE DECALS YOU PURCHASE.

If you start playing with waterslide decals, you will be hooked. I recently added one to an old window and, man oh man do I have a list of projects for this craft!

Thanks for listening! I for one, cannot wait to hear about Roeshel’s adventures!
Come on by and say “Hi” at 504 Main.


SHOW IT OFF!  What did you DIY lately?
The DIY Show Off

If you’d like to link YOUR DIY project post to The DIY Show Off Project Parade:
  1. You must use the button above and link to this post to share the linky love.
  2. Include your name or blog name and project title. Add your permalink (not your blog url, but your DIY project post url). Feel free to link a Past Post, just invite your readers in a current post with a quick note.
  3. Or email your link to and I will add it for you.
  4. If you notice your link has disappeared please add the link back to The DIY Show Off to your post today with a quick note to your readers about the party and try again! I love when everyone participates and readers check out everyone’s links, but I think the return favor of linking back is the nice thing to do so everyone plays fair and enjoys all of the projects and links. Also – this blog party is for DIY projects only. Links not related to DIY will be deleted.

*A special thanks to Holly at 504 Main and Jennifer at tatertots & jello for their help this weekend.  I’m back from the Country Living Fair. What a fun time – loved meeting some blog friends, seeing so much creativity , making new friends and can’t wait to tell you all about it.  
Now I’ve received heart breaking news about my dad.  Please keep my dad and family in your thoughts and prayers and thank you to the girls at the DIY Club from the bottom of my heart for being so patient and understanding and helpful during this time.  ~Roeshel