Before and After Hall Closet Desk

Isn’t this a creative solution from Karli at The World Spins Madly On for organizing projects? It’s a mini office.  In a closet!  Brilliant!  Here is her post:

Before and After Hall Closet/Desk

Here’s another little before and after.
Ever since the mudroom has been finished we no longer need the small closet in the hall for storing jackets and other mudroom type paraphanelia.
Well I couldn’t very well let a perfectly good space go to waste so I repurposed the space into a…….

Mini Office!

What do you think?

I’m using it to store tubs with each of the boys’ names on them. These are holding all those little projects they bring home from church, pre-school, and first grade. They’ve all just been stacking up in random places all around the house and it was time for some organizing.

It’ll be a great little spot for wrapping last minute gifts or writing thank-you cards or storing checks for last minute pizza delivery dinners (ok so, I live in BFE and pizza’s joints don’t deliver herem but still!) I could go on.


It’s a great place to re-charge my computer when I’m not dragging it around the house working on editing photos or writing new blog posts.

Eventually the bead board will be painted a creamy white and the walls will be a beautiful sage green.

Isn’t it a great little space. I’m in love.

And a little before and after side-by-side…

I love that she created a little secret room by fitting a desk and shelves in there.  Creative!  Thanks for sharing Karli!

Office Makeover – Decorating Obsessed

Ashley from


submitted her office before and after and it’s beautiful. You all know I’m a fan of striped walls and I love her red/black and coffee and cocoa color scheme. Here is her post:

My office is done!

I spent more than I wanted to ($226.92 instead of $150), but when I set my stingy budget, buying a new chair wasn’t on my radar. So with that in mind, I actually think I rocked my budget. Please note: The $250 I spent was for the office update, and not the total price of the office. If you want to factor in every piece of furniture, the cost of the office would be about $1,000.

And, moving on to the good stuff – the photos. :)

Because of the room switcheroo, I have 2 before photos.

Here is the room the office got moved too:

Here was what the original office looked like:
AfterGreat job Ashley! What a gorgeous place to work or relax! Love it!

For more details on her office makeover:

Here is the post about adding stripes:

Here’s the before and after of the art above the desk:

Here’s the office closet before and after:

Click her button above to see more of her beautiful home.

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