Why Young Living?

Natural Living Journal – First Month

About one month ago I signed up as a wholesale distributor with Young Living in an effort to kick start a plan for healthier living. Initially a skeptic, I was prompted to find out more after a successful test with Di-Gize (a Young Living essential oil blend) for an upset stomach. I then purchased the Premium Starter Kit which contains 11 therapeutic grade essential oils, a handful of samples and a diffuser…a great value for introducing essential oils into our home.

Young Living Premium Starter Kit

If you enjoy reading a wide variety of blogs, you may be familiar with hearing about Young Living. What’s all the buzz about? It’s personal for everyone. If you’re a long time DIYShowOff reader, you’re aware of the recent epidemic of breast cancer in my close family (one family member every spring for the past three years without a previous family history). I’ve felt helpless. I sometimes feel like a ticking time bomb, waiting for my turn. It’s evident that what we’re consuming and the environment are contributing factors. If there’s something I can do to help those I love as well as potentially reduce my risk, count me in.

Roeshel and Bobbi

Me with my sister, my best friend, Bobbi.

I’m still learning but the essential oils have sparked a passion for living a healthier lifestyle and while it’s not happening overnight, it’s happening. Baby steps. And not only in relation to essential oils, but in regards to introducing exercise, non-GMO and organic foods into our diets as well. 

Why Young Living?

recipe for blueberry muffins with lemon frosting at Creative Kristi

Anyway, the results thus far have been amazing. Seriously. Promising. And no one is more pleased or more surprised than me. I’ve gone from rolling my eyes to believing.

From the products in the Premium Starter Kit: I’ve been able to replace ibuprofen with peppermint for headaches. I was able to create a bug spray using distilled water, peppermint, Purification and epsom salts for my mosquito-magnet husband that’s also safe for the dog. Peace and Calming has helped calm my anxiety. Frankincense has helped heal a cold blister. Pan Away has eased muscle and joint aches. My home smells amazing while we reap the benefits of breathing in immune system and mood boosting essential oils. Joy essential oil works as an all-natural deodorant! I’m cleaning my home without hazardous chemicals, utilizing Thieves. Valor rubbed on feet has halted snoring. Lavender has aided in healing a minor burn. I now drink more water with lemon oil to add flavor in addition to the health benefits. I feel better. I feel healthier. And I’m inspired to make changes with other unhealthy decisions and habits. 

Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit

Enroller/Sponsor #1836762

And even though I’m frustrated with pharmaceutical companies and the FDA for placing their priority with politics and money before what’s in my (and my family’s) best interest, I’m not saying that there is no place for traditional modern medicine. I’m jumping in with an open mind to make room for both options in our lives, one that includes natural alternatives too. 

Because it’s made such a big difference in the way we live and continues to motivate more positive changes for a healthier lifestyle, I can’t keep this to myself! You may start seeing a post interspersed with DIY here and there, related to updating my natural living journal or sharing a recipe and if you’re ever interested in hearing more, want to chat, have questions, want to find out how to get them for yourself or are curious about the potential business opportunity – I’m your girl! I’m so excited to be a part of a movement for raising awareness for a healthier lifestyle. Let’s connect! 

Check out how you can join me in taking the first steps to creating a healthier lifestyle with Young Living Essential Oils at diyshowoff.com

  • I invite you to visit my Young Living page for more info on signing up. Ps. I’m giving away a free Essential Oils guide with every Premium Starter Kit sign up while supplies last and look forward to embarking on an ‘oily life’ together!
  • Or email me at roeshel@gmail.com to get more details on getting started.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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