LaLa Land ~ Dining Room Before and After

Meet:  Sarah from 
LA LA land
Today she’s sharing her dining room makeover
Lots of pretty DIY details…
Love the chevron curtains, color scheme and beautiful wainscoting!
Here are a few before and after pics of the dining room….

Gorgeous new look! Get the details at:

Don’t forget to take the LaLa Land House Tour. Here’s a sneak peek:
and I love these cork ideas here
What are you waiting for? Go say ‘hi’ and see more great ideas at LaLa Land!

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DIY Fall Festival

The DIY Show Off
There’s freezing rain coming down here and like I mentioned yesterday, I’ve moved on to Christmas (we’re not hosting Thanksgiving dinner). I still consider November up until Thanksgiving Fall so let’s take a look at some awesome Autumn related posts perfect for Thanksgiving  inspiration from previous DIY Show Off Fall Festival parties. Then link up your Fall posts if you’re still enjoying leaves and Fall colors, pumpkins and harvest time! I still need some Thanksgiving inspiration as a guest at my family’s traditional get together! Click the links to visit the original source.  
I love the vintage feel, the frame within a frame and the message…
photo (3)

A quick easy swap in a frame and you’re all set! Love it!
I love the handmade Scrabble tiles and sweater pumpkins! 
Dreamy fall mantel ~ love every pretty little treasure.
Natural elements and textures are my favorite. So pretty!
No exception this year!
Isn’t this so pretty? 
Happy Veteran’s Day!
“Freedom is never free.” -Author Unknown
Let’s see your Fall related DIY! 

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DIY Fall Festival ends the Friday after Thanksgiving. 

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DIY Show Off Holiday Highlights Linky Party

There’s snow in the weather forecast and I can’t hold off any longer. Time to crank the Christmas carols and get into the Christmas spirit! I’ve heard about some other blog linky holiday parties coming up! If you have one coming up, please send me the info! I’d love to share them during my holiday feature so spread the holiday cheer!  
Who’s thinking about the holidays?  There are 44 days until Christmas. We have a vacation coming up before that, so my plan is to have my decorating done in November. I know I’ve seen a few holiday related posts out there and it’s rubbing off.  I’m ready for Christmas music, twinkly lights and holiday decorating. I recently decorated my dining room for Emily Henderson’s Holiday Guide. Then took it down and decorated for Fall and I’m ready to take that down and start all over again.  Crazy, isn’t it? Here are some of my pictures from the feature:
Natural elements, fresh pine and candles.
Centerpiece is made up of paper mache reindeer on a bed of pine, 
some brown glass bottles hold candles, 
some serve as bud vases for fresh white roses.
Monogrammed placecards:  Stamped book page square, pine sprig tied with ribbon…
Simple but festive…
Even the light fixture looks festive! 
Holiday themed vinyl cutouts on white plates can be changed to reflect any season.

What do you think?
Next week, I’ll share a few tutorials of some DIY decorating projects in our dining room.
See ALL of the DIY Holiday Highlights party links including previous years for TONS of Christmas and holiday inspired decorating and DIY projects!

Please share your holiday posts below!

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DIY at Our Old Country House

Meet:  Lesli from My Old Country House.  Lesli is an artist and does beautiful custom portraits (I love the pets and animals! Awe!). She’s also an actress, nurse, mom, CITY and COUNTRY girl and DIY’er. I love her blog…where she “finds extraordinary beauty in the most unlikely places, all under one leaky tin roof”. A 130 year old farmhouse = lots of DIY! I love her modern country style. 

Check this out:

“When we first moved into Our Old Country House, the sweet lady across the street had a bedroom set on her front lawn with a “for sale” sign. I asked her how much and when she found out it was for us, “the new neighbors with all cute the little kids”, she said“Oh, for you, Just $40”.
So we got a headboard, a bed side table and a dresser. DEAL!

Presently the bedside table still lives in my daughters room…

The headboard, has been upholstered by me and is in my Sons room

.…and the dresser has been sitting in the hall since Phoebe’s room make over, in May.
Lost and with No Where to go. Phoebe’s clothing just did not fit the drawers anymore.
It would be a perfect Nursery dresser. I debated Craig’s list. 

Then, I saw this inspiration dresser for a mere $13,000!!! Are people just crazy?
But then I kept looking at the lines and thinking “I really can make this work”
 and so last week…I did it.
Makeover Time!

Beautiful After:

WOW! Isnt’ that gorgeous? I love the new look – gray and cream and so pretty!
Want to see more from Lesli?  Visit My Old Country Home.  Here’s a few of my favorites that you’ll want to check out:
I LOVE her modern country style and home filled with character.
I seriously need a cow painting – can you tell they’re my favorite?
Read through to see an awesome kitchen update too!

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November Pinterest PinFest

It’s that time of the month! No – not THAT time of the month. It’s the 2nd Tuesday and time for the Pinterest PinFest.always remember to be extra thankful but November makes us thank God and count our blessings more than usual.  Here’s what I currently find thankful related and Pinteresting {all images found via pinterest. please click the picture redirection to the original source}.  I’m thankful for (and a few details about me):

I’m so thankful that God is good and loves me.  This verse makes me feel so good:
I’m so grateful that I’m married to my loving, supportive and funny husband and that he loves me back just as much. I waited a long time for him and we’ve been married a little over 6 years.
Print mounted on Tin "Home is wherever I am with you"
I believe this…
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
I’m thankful that my family is close, that we get together often. 
My sister and my daughters are my best girlfriends. 
Pinned Image
I’m so thankful God chose the best parents for me. I wish I knew more about my family tree.
Pinned Image
I’m so thankful and blessed with good health, although I should take better care of myself. 
Adding that to my Sally List.
Pinned Image
{unknown original source/image via pinterest}
~*~MY HOME~*~ and those who serve to protect it.
I’m thankful I was born in and live in the USA {Mr. DIY is a former Marine}.
Pinned Image
I’m blessed to have a roof over my head: my life-sized doll house.
Pinned Image
I’m thankful I have a job (medical administrative assistant) 
but I consider this blog to be my current full time fun job {a goal} and I love it. 
Pinned Image
& YOU!!!
I value my friendships whether we’ve met face-to-face or not.
Pinned Image
I love supportive blog buddies and every comment. When I’m not busy, sometimes I watch for comments.
Pinned Image
I’m so glad you’re here. 
Pinned Image
{original source unknown}
What about you, anything Pinteresting to share?

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Oh and if you’re a Pinterest fan (and I know you are, who isn’t?), you might want to take the Pinterest Challenge with Katie, Sherry, Ana and Erin. I plan on joining in!!! I love a great reason to DIY (did you know that’s a verb?) something I’ve seen. This party is motivation to not just pin and “forget about it” (I just watched Donnie Brasco and can’t help saying that with a NY accent…I think it was quoted 700 x in that movie, wasn’t it?) – but to be proactive about what we pin.  Anyway, head over and link up to the  

Here’s another great party for pinterest lovers:

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Wagner Power Painter Max Winners!

I recently shared my review of the Wagner Power Painter Max (thumbs up here!) and they’re generously giving away TWO at the DIY Show Off.  Entries were submitted last week. 
And the winners are: chose comment #164…

Lindsey @ Better After said… 164

facebooked it too! (Hey, how’d you get all your blog posts to show up on your facebook page? That’s neat!)

Hurray for Lindsey! I’m sure you know her from her fabulously funny and the amazing before/after features at

There were 8 entries on Facebook and the winner is…

Here is a picture of some of the projects to be completed. 
They would be done so much better with the Wagner Power Painter Max.
Woo Hoo to Kim from 
Today Is My Someday 
I can’t wait to see what she chooses to makeover first! Look at the treasures in that pile!

CONGRATULATIONS, LADIES! I’m so excited for you!  Please email me at to claim your prize!

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If you saw my tongue twisting post title before I changed it…I’m sorry!  No excuse except that it’s Monday. I knew I was twisting it around and even proof read the post repeatedly (forgot the title, I guess). I apologize, Jaime! Now –>Meet: Jaime from 
Crafty, Scrappy, Happy
I love her blog – so many beautiful transformations, DIY and repurposing projects to see!  Today, she shares her beautiful bedroom makeover. I love that it’s so personal to her and her style, with pieces that have special meaning.  We have a master bedroom to makeover and I love Jaime’s ideas. 
“I am so excited to show you guys my Bedroom Makeover, it has been something I have been wanting and thinking and putting off doing for a LONG time now…. I just kept pretending that I didn’t mind the look of my room…. Butttt I was finally inspired to make the room HOME—and I am SUPER excited!!”
She refinished all four of the above pieces!
Bed frame:
Old bench/coffee table – upcycled with a new home:
Not a fan of the curved top.  What’s a DIY girl to do?  Make a new one!
MUCH better, right?!
Night stand:
Sweet and simple, light and airy.
Total cost for furniture makeovers:  $6!
 August 1st has special meaning. 
Beautiful and relaxing…
She’d love to know what you think! Know what I think? I want my room to look this way! Seriously, she’s crafty/DIY ambitious and so successful – she’s even participating in two craft competitions and hosts an awesome linky party. She’s crafty Scrappy Happy – Superwoman!   See more amazing DIY at 
Crafty, Scrappy, Happy

DIY Cat Window Perch and DIY Project Parade

Looks like a great day to sit near a window and enjoy the warmth of the sun on your face. 
Meet Lalka:  Enjoying her new window seat with a view of the barn and her new catnip stuffed dangly toys…
A quick trip to the hardware store for brackets and screws and we were able to get started. Lots to choose from. We chose the shortest gray ones for this project. Bri made a window seat too. Hers is from scratch, mine uses an old breakfast tray. Tutorials for both are shown below.
Old Tray
Shelf Brackets
Optional:  Line tray with scrapbook paper and secure with Decoupage. I used vintage wall paper.  New pillow cover. I used an old pillow and leftover fabric scrap. I also used scrap fabric, stuffing, ribbon and cat nip to make some toys attached with an eye screw.
Here’s what I did (using the optional steps mentioned above):
1.  I sanded and scuffed up an old tray.  I cut wallpaper to fit inside and secured to the bottom using Decoupage.  Let dry.

2. Using left over fabric, I sewed an envelope pillow cover for an old pillow to use as a cushion.

Cut fabric. Allow an extra 1/2 inch on the top and bottom. Triple the side of the width of the pillow.
You’ll have a large rectangle.  My pillow is approx. 12 x 18 inches. My fabric was cut to an approx. 13 x 54 inches.
 The short sides of the fabric: One edge of my fabric is the selvage end. I sewed a hem on the other end.
 One end is hemmed. One end is the selvage (or hem both ends if no selvage).
 Hem side:
 Fold fabric. Edges should be on top (back side up/out) and be near the middle. Anywhere in the middle works. 
 I want my selvage end to be inside, the hemmed side out. Make sure selvage is the top folded piece.
 Pin and sew both long edges. Reinforce over hem/selvage part of seams.
 Flip right side out and insert pillow.
3.  I drilled a hole and used an eye screw for attaching catnip stuffed toys on ribbon (see toys below).

4.  Measure and mark where the brackets will go. Pre-drill holes.

Our windows are not framed in this room and the tray is a perfect fit underneath the sash.
5.  Attach bottom screws of shelf brackets.
6.  Hold tray in place (my tray fit perfectly under the window) and mark where holes for short screws need to be inserted into the tray. Pre-drill holes.

7.  Attach tray to shelf bracket with short screws.

8.  Loop ribbon toys through eye screw.

 9. Add pillow!

How it looks from underneath…

Lalka loves her new space…

She’s a big girl for 1 year old. Perfect for watching for birds and squirrels or snuggle in a ball in the sun.

Catnip Stuffed Toys
Here’s what we did:
1.  Make toy patterns and trace onto scrap fabric. I made a fish, bird and mouse.

2.  Double fabric with right sides together and cut out shapes.

3.  Cut a piece of ribbon.  Mine are between 2-3 ft. Grab ends to find center.  Hold center and start rolling ribbon.
4.  Pin ribbon roll between two sides (right sides facing each other) of fabric. Ends should be sticking out past fabric.

5.  Sew around shape, leave an opening for stuffing.  I reinforced (back and forth) over the ribbon to make it more durable for pulling/playing. Sew close to the edge but be sure to grab both pieces of fabric. Snip curves.


6.  Turn right side out.  Alternate stuffing and catnip

7.  Hold open edge together, making sure edges are tucked in. Sew closed and continue sewing a border around the entire shape.

8.  All done.  I fed the top of the ribbon loop through the eye screw and secured animals to hang from cat tray/window seat.


Bri made one for her cats too, we actually cut a board to fit the window sill…

Layout batting and fabric under board and cut to size, allowing fabric and batting to wrap on under side.


Wrap in batting, starting with stapling in the center of each side and working way to corners.

Cut away excess.


Repeat to cover in fabric.

 Bri covered a piece of cardboard with wrapping paper and stapled it to cover raw edges.

Follow steps 3-8 above under TRAY to CAT WINDOW PERCH.

Bri’s cats love it!

Let’s see what you’ve been up to this past week!
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5.  If reading this in an email, pop over to to see the inspiring DIY projects linked up!

6.  NOW you can “like” the links!  What a fun idea!  Most liked links may be included in a post of DIY Project Parade highlights later in the week



Sunburst Mirror Tutorial ~ Catie's Corner

Meet:  Catie, a wife and mom and DIY girl who blogs about her DIY, cooking, decorating and whatever else she feels like talking about. My favorite type of blog! Variety!
Catie's Corner
Even with our farmhouse style, a fun DIY sunburst mirror makes me smile. Besides, our home is a design mutt…we just do what we love and I’d love to make one for our home. Anyway, here’s Catie…

Ok, so I did it. After months of drooling over other’s DIY sunburst mirrors I finally decided to make one myself. Fortunately for me I had the perfect little round mirror to start with. I’ve seen other blogs where they used a mirror and embroidery hoop as the “base” of the project, but I didn’t have to worry about that. My mirror was gold to begin with and the back is just like a frame, it comes off and the mirror comes right out. (I was too anxious to get started and didn’t even think to take before pictures. heehee)

I started with a package of 100 kabob skewers and a hot glue gun. First I glued on the N, S, E, W sticks and then I went from there. With a pink marker I’d mark the length on a bunch of sticks to make sure they were going on at the same length. After a while I found I was repositioning them and it didn’t really matter if they were marked or not, but it did help at the beginning, so I would recommend doing it. For the shorter sticks, I had to break a couple inches or more off so they weren’t overlapping. I was amazed how the sticks kept adding up and adding up. After using the entire package I had to dip into an already opened one I had already. There are over 100 hundred skewers on there!! To hang it I doubled up a piece of wire and glued it on the back. Lastly I spray painted it with Krylon’s silver.

She ain’t pretty from the back!!
See the pink marks?

And the big revel. Drum roll please…..

Isn’t she gorgeous??? I’m in love, for real. Is it wrong to love a mirror? In this case, I think no. I can’t believe how well it turned out. Our bedroom is slowly coming together and this baby just made the biggest impact on the overall look. I thought I’d add, this mirror only cost me $6 to make. That’s right! I had the mirror, so that cost nada. The sticks were a buck and $5 for the spray paint. Now that’s what I c
all DIY on the cheap. 
The side tables in this room have been changed. If you’d like a peek at the new cuties click here and here

Beautiful job, Catie and your bedroom is looking so pretty!

Visit Catie at Catie’s Corner.

One of my favorite features is her new:

It’s where I love getting wardrobe ideas like this one…you can see me in this, right? Keeping warm and stylish!
Now excuse me while I head over to visit her. She has a fabulous giveaway going on and I want to enter!
Celebrate all weekend long!  Eat lots of cake!

Plate Wall Tutorial

I shared this over at the DIY Club but wanted to have it here in the archives too. I love using plates as wall art but I don’t like the hanger showing. It’s usually brassy. Just not my style, ya know? When I first discovered Dischangers, I knew I’d finally have my wall of plates. They’re affordable, super easy to use, strong and invisible! 

I am collecting plates in white and my decorating ADD has me rethinking I need some with color. Especially after Bri decided she wanted a plate wall in her dining area too and collected patterns and colors that work for her.
How to Hang Plates

1.  Choose appropriate size Dischanger for plate.

2.  Wet finger and rub the back side of the Dischanger to activate glue. Wait a few minutes.

3.  Press down on back side of plate (check to make sure design on front and Dischanger on back line up if plate has a design – so it’s not upside down or sideways).

4.  Let dry 24 hours. Ready to hang!

5.  Using the back of a large piece of wrapping paper cut to the size of the wall space. This makes planning and execution so easy with beautiful results (exactly as planned).

6.  Lay out plates in a pattern.

7.  Once plates are arranged, trace plates on the wrapping paper. Mark where the nail will need to go. (You may also want to number the plate on the back and match it with the traced circle on the paper so there’s no confusion on placement.)

8.  Tape paper onto the wall.  Add nails where indicated.

9. Take down paper and hang plates.

What do you think? Do you have a plate wall?  Include a link in the comments. Let’s see it!

Here’s another look at mine:
all white…

with blue…

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DIY Fall Festival

The DIY Show Off

I love seeing what you’re up to and your Autumn DIY is amazing! I personally don’t have anything fall related to share this week with some other projects going on, so let’s take a look at some gorgeous fall wreaths from the past Fall Festivals from some very talented ladies. Click the blog link for more details about these beauties.

We don’t have a front entrance and I’m so envious of these warm and welcoming front entry ways but wreaths are not just for front doors!  Back doors, interior doors, mirrors, windows, walls, on tabletops…wreaths are pretty everywhere! 
White Pumpkin Wreath 
Wheat Wreath
ReFresh Restyle (again but for a friend!)
Not a wreath, but a warm welcoming fall basket!
Fall Burlap Wreath
Clever and Cute Pumpkin Wreath
Fall Leaves Sunburst Wreath
Glittered Paper Wreath
Mossy Fall Wreath

Simple and elegant grapevine wreath
Fall Felt Wreath
  (So cool – Steeler’s colors too!) I’m not really a football fan, but that’s our local team…so I go with it. Impossible not to around here.
Gorgeous Welcome Wreath
Colorful Felt Wreath
Fun Fall Wreath
Burlap and Cotton Sack Wreath
Another Burlap Beauty
Corn Husk Wreath
Acorn Wreath
Rosette Wreath 
Welcome Fall Wreath
Leaf Wreath
Beautiful Blue
Let’s see your FALL DIY!
The DIY Show Off

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•Create a blog post about an Autumn/Fall project that YOU HAVE CREATED. Feel free to include a past link, however please make a note on a recent post about the DIY Fall Festival to invite everyone over to join in or to search the collection of fall inspired ideas.

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• By adding your link, you give the DIY Show Off permission to highlight your project in a future post. Enjoy and be inspired!

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Mox and Fodder – DIY Vintage Suitcase Pet Bed Tutorial

Meet:  Kathryn from Mox and Fodder – fostering individual creativity in their readers and connecting them to a treasure trove of inspiration from the graphic design, style and DIY communities. Here’s their super cute and easy DIY fun pet bed idea:
What, you ask, are vintage suitcase dog beds? Well these adorable pet beds are basically just upcycled old suitcases. You know, the kind you find at a thrift store that have no wheels, so are clearly not practical for extreme traveling. I have a love for old suitcases, as you can probably tell from one of my previous posts, “Retro Suitcases: Packed Full of Style,” so I was considering purchasing a little bed on Etsy for Zuzu the poodle; however, once I noticed the hefty price tag (over $50 for most of the listings) I decided it was time for some diy magic. I made my own version for under $10.Materials:
  • Vintage Suitcase (hard shell)
  • Tools (hammer, screwdriver, extreme muscle strength)
  • Pillow
  • Pillow Sham


  1. Open the suitcase and examine how it is hinged together.
  2. If it is screwed together, then you just need to unscrew the top half of the suitcase from the bottom half. If it is attached by some other means, then you will have to break out the hammer. Joey and I purchased the strongest suitcase known to mankind. It was machined together to sustain extreme wear, so disassembling the top from the bottom of the suitcase was quite a feat. Luckily, Joey provided the “extreme muscle strength” from the materials list. He used the hammer and his brawn to break the top from the bottom.
  3. Discard the top half of the suitcase.
  4. Cover a pillow with the sham of your choice. I used a sham from our old ikea duvet cover.
  5. Place the pillow in the suitcase and tuck the corners in. We lucked out because our suitcase was the perfect size for the pillow we used. If this is not the case, you can make your own custom pillow.

Zuzu loves her new bed! She still tries to sleep in our bed at night, but during the day, I catch her lounging in her vintage suitcase palace.

I think this would work for a cat bed too, right?  Zuzu seems to love it and I’m pretty sure it’d look adorable in my office/craft area where Lalka snoozes under the craft table. What do you think?
See more creativity and DIY at

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The Holiday Guide by Emily Henderson

The guide of all holiday guides has been released! 238 pages of gift giving ideas, entertainment tips, downloadables, giveaways, and behind the scenes look at HGTV Design Star Winner and Host of Secrets from a Stylist, Emily Henderson and some of your favorite bloggers. (If reading this in your email…I think you’ll have to click over to my blog to view the embedded holiday guide.) 
I was decorating for Christmas back in August and some of the pictures of our dining room have been included. (I have since taken Christmas down in order to decorate for fall and welcome guests and I can’t believe it’s time to put it all back up again…maybe something a little different this time!) The Holiday Guide is packed full of so many great ideas. I especially love Emily’s behind the scenes holiday decorating and the helpful gift guides!
There are a bunch of hidden giveaways in the holiday guide – anywhere you see an owl icon, click on it and you get the chance to win it.  
I‘ll share more of my pictures and DIY with you when the…
begins November 25th – I’m looking forward to seeing your holiday related posts! Here’s a little of my dining room to get you started…
Thank you so much to Emily and everyone for all of the hard work that went into putting together 
an amazing free Holiday Guide 
and for the shout out at Style by Emily Henderson – sweet!

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DIY at The Painted Hive

Plastic lace and a brake fluid drum. Now what do those unrelated things have to do with one another? Sounds pretty random, doesn’t it?  Maybe not to a DIY girl!  Meet:  Kristine from 

Kristine recently visited her parents and spied this…

…beside their garage.

Hmmm, a cruddy old brake fluid drum, how fascinating, right? Well, yes, I mean, it is cruddy and old. She had probably looked at it a hundred times before but for some reason, that day – she really saw it for the first time.  
A DIY light bulb went off. 
The lamp in her nursery currently sits on wicker baskets.

It’s too tall for a regular side table but too short to stand on the floor. She took some quick measurements and sure enough, the proportions were perfect.  Appearance wasn’t pretty. 

Kristine took inspiration from the drum and decided on a pressed tin look. Here is what she did:

One meter of plastic table runner lace.

A can of gloss enamel spraypaint. She chose ivory for a creamy vintage look.

Strong craft glue.

Something to use as feet (Kristine chose vintage casters).

Make sure the drum is empty and give it a thorough all-over clean. Next, turn it upside down so the bottom becomes the top and play around with the positioning of the plastic lace. Because the lace in its original form and too wide for the drum, create a new decorative edge by trimming around the pattern in the existing design with scissors.

Next, wrap it around the drum to work out where it will meet and trim it so it neatly overlaps just a little. To adhere it to the drum, use a generous amount of glue all over the drum’s sides (using a paint brush) then roll lace into position. Applyd some additional glue to the ends to ensure it is well bonded to the drum.

Add lace to the top of the drum to hide stamping or imperfections. 

Once the glue is thoroughly dry, give the entire drum three coats of gloss enamel spray paint.

Once the paint dried she flipped it over and simply liquid-nailed on the castor wheels.

This project was purely experimental but it’s gorgeous, isn’t it?  LOVE IT!

Thank you so much for sharing your tutorial, Kristine!  I think it’s adorable and so pretty! Great job!

See more at

Her creativity and DIY and design skills do not end there.  I love Kristine’s simple, beautiful, vintage style. Here are a few of my faves from her beautiful home (what an inspiration!):
And amazing furniture makeovers…
Check it out!
The Painted Hive

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