My brother cleaned out his basement. I love free stuff!

My brother and his wife renovated their house (I should show you the before/after pictures!) when they bought it (filled with junk…lots of work but what a dream!).  Most old furniture got moved to his basement and it’s my lucky day – he wanted it gone!  I gladly offered up “storage” in our barn. Old free furniture = some creative projects coming up!
Dad helped and a couple of truckloads later…
2 chairs, mustard colored cabinet, desk
dresser (don’t you love that old floor cloth in the barn?)
 bookcase with casters
 another cabinet
 vanity mirror (2 actually!)
 love the hardware on this 2nd desk
 magazine rack
 white wicker chair (as well as a brown wicker rocker)
 this cute little girl needs cleaned up but she’ll be a great spot for guests’ luggage
wine press and bee boxes (what will I do with those?! )
Not shown:  1954 dictionary, blue to green depression glass candy dish, box of knick knacks that I haven’t sorted through yet, 2 ornate corner wall shelves and a single card catalog box. 
I‘m going to need to get busy scrubbing and grab some paint!  🙂
I can’t wait to get started!
Thanks, Christopher!

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