At Home Alterations – Small update = Big impact

Making a big difference in a room with a small budget is possible especially when there’s an entire house full of project to take into consideration.  That’s one little thing that I love about Mike and Katrina from At Home Alterations. They’ve taken 2 bathrooms and given them minor tweaks but the results are beautiful. 
This is their master bathroom now…

This was the home’s original office master bathroom…

The small amount of DIY and the right accessories made the master bathroom feel bigger and spa-like.  I love it.  See what they did, how they did it and what they spent at their original post:  Master Bathroom Reveal

And this is the main bathroom that Mike and Katrina lovingly refer to as the Easter bunny bathroom with it’s pink tile and yellow walls.  

For the time being, the pink tiles stay and working with that, they toned it down by painting and adding some coordinating accessories including a pretty toile shower curtain…

More pictures, details and cost breakdown of their little bit of work and big transformation at Easter Bunny Bathroom Updates.  

Great job, you two!  Both bathrooms are so much more comfortable, beautiful and pretty amazing makeovers considering the budget and amount of work to make them reflect the style of your home!


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