Foyer Transformation

The transformation you’re about to see is a beautiful! transformation right before your eyes! Pretty but outdated wallpaper to light beautiful simplicity.  That’s the results of the hard working team at With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart.  
Here it is before:
Lucky L – the wallpaper came off in less than 2 hours for her!
Wallpaper – gone!

After stripping the wallpaper and scrubbing the walls, she have spackled and primed the walls, painted the walls and gave all of the trim two fresh coats of paint. I love the new color and fresh white trim!

These once carpet covered stairs got a new look!  Don’t you love the detail?  So unique and pretty!

But L cracks me up!  The design reminds her of a peering man with a mustache after staring at the design so often while applying it.  Things like that happen to me too! She couldn’t live with twelve angry men looking at her each time she went up the steps, so she covered it all up with primer and paint, re-measured the center and stamped them with this pretty fleur de lis.

Some more DIY skills, creative thinking and  finishing touches (see her original post here)…

Looks like a photo straight out of House Beautiful to me.  Don’t you love the fresh new updated look? I love her decorating and accents. Walking in the front door every day must put a smile on her face.  🙂

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