Guest Blogger – Ashli from Maillardville Manor (Kitchen Organization)

Thank you so much to Roeshel for allowing me to guest blog here at the DIY showoff. I have never guest blogged before but jumped at the chance when Roeshel put the call out. Hopefully Niski gets better really soon, I am amazed at Roeshel’s ingenuity, the little Show Off undies and grocery cart, talk about making the best of a bad situation.
For anyone wondering who the heck I am. I’m the author of Maillardville Manor, you may have seen my computer/craft room submission here at the DIY Showoff a couple of weeks ago. I live in British Columbia Canada with my husband (who does all the heavy lifting here at the Manor and painting for that matter), and our dog Max (a 4 1/2 pound yorkshire terrier with an attitude). Maillardville Manor is about decorating, budgeting, pets, and eco friendly living, with a strong undertone of organization, and no where in our house needed more organizing then our small kitchen.
We have a good amount of cupboard space for a small kitchen, but we also cook a lot and those cupboards filled up fast.
We received a beautiful set of pots and pans as a wedding gift and we wanted to make sure they stayed beautiful. We didn’t want them clanging around in a drawer or cupboard getting scratched and dented along the way. Our little kitchen had no room for a traditional pot rack so we improvised using an Ikea hat rack and some S hooks. The result was a very functional statement in our kitchen.
The next item on our to tackle list was our pantry or lack there of one. We bought a plain jane cabinet from Ikea and purchased two Akuram glass paneled doors, voila we had a pantry. We lined each shelf with pretty green shelf liner and then neatly stacked our food inside (I say neatly because with glass front doors I’ve pretty much dug my own grave).
With our leftover shelf liner I thought it wise to line under the sink, we keep our garbage under our sink and enough said. Our garbage cans are from Ikea’s Rationell Series, as is the pullout shelf. We keep all of our cleaning products on that little pull out shelf (a.k.a. the best $20 I ever spent). The garbage and recycling bins fit nicely and leave just enough room for a few bottles of dishwasher liquid.
Our dining room barely fits a table and 4 chairs so the idea of a sideboard or hutch is a pipe dream to us. So we pared down and organized the rest, determined to make all of our dinnerware fit into one cabinet. We invested in like items, meaning all of our dinner plates are the same, so they would stack together neatly. Likewise for our side plates, and drinking cups, they all fit perfectly aligned, side by side. We consigned all of our mismatched wine glasses and invested in a set of crystal goblets and flutes. We chose white ceramic for everything because then matching wouldn’t be an issue, we could buy the pieces that fit our cupboard and not be stuck with a set containing matching platters or bowls that don’t fit anywhere.
To round out the kitchen I have two favorite products I love to use and display. The first is a drop in dish rack. We hand wash our knives and larger items and having the dishes drip dry into the sink and not on the counter was a $2.48 luxury I wasn’t going to pass up.
And second would be my two ceramic bowls with little ceramic lids, perfect for serving and storing. Both were from Target recently, however both were on clearance so I have no idea what their availability is like.
There’s our kitchen, what’s the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” well in our case a little organization keeps the metal health professional away. Anything to make the morning run smoother is worth my time and energy.
Thanks again Roeshel for having me here on the DIY Sho
woff, I hope you’ll come visit me over at The Manor and  as always well keep Niski in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.
Isn’t that refreshing?
Have you stopped by to see Ashli’s Home Tour?
Get inspired!
Thanks Ashli, for sharing your beautiful kitchen and organization tips with us!
I was inspired the minute I read it.  Mr. DIY was so thrilled (he does the cooking) because I went straight to the pantry and re-organized it all.  Once we get busy with the kitchen remodel, I’ll be using your post as reference!  :)  Thanks for the motivation!
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DIY Project Parade

Happy 4th of July!!!  I hope you had a wonderful long holiday weekend!
I LOVE fireworks!

I managed to DIY a little this week!  My daughter decided the night before she left for Germany that a passport/carrier would be handy since she was to keep it on her person all of the time.  I kept fearing that she’d lose her purse (she did lose her cell phone but luckily, found it) or that it’d be stolen.  So, we came up with…a place to carry her passport/money under her clothing.  I had everything I needed at home!  I love when that happens!  
  • Scrap fabric
  • Ribbon
  • Iron-on velcro

Here is my tutorial in pictures.  I‘ll come back and edit/add the instructions since I’m short on time right now. 

Very handy!  She wears it under her shirt but for picture purposes…well, you know.  Now, passport and money are safe.  :)  The ribbon has a velcro closure so it’s adjustable.  Not bad for free and about an hour of work before she left the next day. 

*For those of you asking…here’s Niski, making the best of bed rest.  :)  Thanks for your prayers!  Still being optimistic!

So...that’s what I’ve been up to.  What about you?  Feel free to link up!

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Master Bedroom Before and After

Amanda from Casa Brasi has done it again!  She recently made over her master bedroom and the result is stunning!

Here is her before:

Here it is now:

Visit Casa Brasi for the details!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful bedroom makeover, Amanda.  What a gorgeous place to fall asleep every night.  I’d never want to leave!  It’s very classic – I love it!  Magazine worthy and inspired by my favorite RH style. 

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For those of you asking about Niski, thank you for your thoughts and prayers!  She is hanging in there.  No change as of yet but we’re at least adjusting to the new routines.  She is adjusting well.  I am taking a bit longer to get accustomed to caring for a special needs dog but so far, so good!
Every time I read a thoughtful comment or get an caring note from you, I feel like I’ve been hugged and believe me when I say – I needed it.  Timing is always perfect.  Thank you!
Have a Happy 4th of July! 

Wall art or gift idea…

Kasaundra from Fishin’ with the Trouts created a beautiful easy DIY gift.  Here is her post:

I found a website that lets you design your own word clouds! You simply input the words you want to incorporate and input them as many times as you’d like that particular word large.  The downside is the site doesn’t have a way to save your art, but with a little help from the wonderful Brandon and Anna, I was able to have it printed up at Staples! The frame was one I already had on hand making the grand total of this baby shower gift $1.05!  I think it came out wonderful don’t you?!  If you’d like to try it go here.

Isn’t it awesome? Great personalized art and gift idea!  I actually have used wordle before and made t-shirts and stickers for my daughter’s band.  Lots of possibilities!  Thanks for sharing your creativity Kasaundra!
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