Kacey's LivingRoom and DiningRoom Makeover

Thanks to Kacey, I have another living room/dining room makeover to share with you.  It’s another beautiful transformation!  Here is her letter:
The Dining Room:

We just moved into an older home.  All the walls were WHITE!  So, we had a blank canvas to work with.  We started in the Dining Room.

 Then, we painted red and added wainscotting to the wall.  Budget tip: we used old bed slats for the vertical wood on the wall.  
Then we added crown moulding and a chandelier.  The table is a bit oversized, but we got it for $100 from a woman designs wall art.  It was her table for her Vegas showroom.  What a deal!  The tryptich wall art is also her design. Curtains… We’re still working on those.  All in all, this project was SUPER fun.

Also a blank canvas.

Here is the living room after the Tiffany’s inspired paint choice 🙂

I am a musician… If you can’t tell.

Wall with the Fireplace.

Living Room and Dining Room Shot.

No furniture in the Living room, yet.  But, hopefully soon.

Amazing, right?  The dining room – love the wainscoting (a dream of mine!) and how about those beautiful black and white accents with the red?  So pretty!  The living room?  LOVE the new colors and her wall art.  Kacey – thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous home!  Great job!

Personal updates:  I have to share with you! I have a new niece!  Addelyn Grace was born yesterday!  I LOVE baby girls.  She is so precious.  All 9 lbs. 1 oz. of her!  AND on another happy note, I will be driving to the airport tonight to pick up my daughter.  She had the best experience and so much fun in Germany with the foreign exchange program the past three weeks but I’ve missed her so much!  And finally, Niski is showing a LITTLE improvement.  I spied a little movement in her back legs.  Not much and not walking or 100% yet and still a few more weeks of crate rest but it’s so reassuring to see her lifting her back end the teeniest bit!  

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