A'door'able Hanger

Katie at Bella Creative made this pretty decorative hanger from an old cabinet door.  Here is her tutorial:

A few weeks ago, while perusing my local Habitat ReStore, I came across TONS of old cabinet doors. And they were all soo aged and beautiful! I’m sure the volunteer working the place thought I was crazy as I stood there forever trying to figure out what I could do with them. And then it hit me — decorative hooks! I bought several since I wasn’t sure what size I wanted and, at only $5 a piece, I was giddy.

I then went to Hobby Lobby and found several door knobs, all 1/2 half — which made them less than $2 a piece! I just bought an assortment that I thought might work for some place in our house. When I got home, I decided I wanted to first make one for my closet to fix my mess of purses. So, I decided on the smaller white cabinet door, and started laying out the knobs.

Once I had them slightly arranged, I marked a dot with a pen {you might want to measure — it was late and I was just excited to get it done}. I then ventured into Man’s Land {beating on chest} to do the messy stuff.

I’m guessing J thinks that workbench is organized? Anyway, I carefully cleared a spot, found some sand paper, and thought I would rough up the edges a bit. And then the smart bug hit me — there’s no telling how old some of the doors are {lead paint, anyone?}, so I put on a mask. Not that it mattered — that paint was on soo freakin’ thick, not even said paper could touch it. So I cheated.

I went around all the edges with dark brown Chalk Ink and smudged it in. Same affect, a little less work :).

I then drilled my holes…

At least they look halfway aligned…

I was trying to think of how I would actually hang the thing, and decided I want to use the original hinges. Only I couldn’t get that darn top screw out to save my life. So, I’ll have to get J to help me — I’m thinking it’ll have to be cut off?

I then brought it back inside and simply screwed in the knobs. I ended up switching the “K” knob out for the white rose. What do you think??

I just LOVE all of the knobs — they’re each soo beautiful … and such a steal!

You are so creative Katie!  I love it!  Thank you so much for sharing!

Katie has some more DIY projects posted at her blog. Great knobs! 🙂 Check out Bella Creative for more ideas!

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