A cute little DIY Show Off & You're Invited to a Party!

What: It’s a party of DIY project that cost you under $15.

Little stuff or huge stuff.

When: Wed., August 26th
Hosted by: Maman Tattoo.

She also submitted a sweet little project. It’s adorable, so is her precious little model.

This is the before

And several coats of light yellow krylon fushion spray paint, a tad bit of applegreen mixed with tomato green americana acrylic paint, and lots of love, it gave this:

And this:

This project isn’t huge… But it is a part of a bigger project, where LOTS of light yellow spray paint was involved.

We are moving next week, and it’s the perfect timing to set up her big girl room. With LOTS of repurposed or arranged furniture.

Isn’t that the sweetest little play furniture?
Spray paint works wonders – it’s adorable
Great job Andréann! Thanks for sharing!
Reminder: Giveaway at Evangeline’s Vine.

And check the post from yesterday below – some DIY Show Off reader Show & Tell pictures of photo walls and MORE inspiration pictures were added throughout the day!

AND WOW! Check this out. I love cottage-style.

Beautiful & Unbelievable Before & After Reveal
The Old Painted Cottage

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