Captivating Living Room from Casa Petrie

This gorgeous living room transformation was submitted by Carisa from Casa Petrie. An amazing job at warming up her living room and I love the accented photo wall and the large window – beautiful!

When we moved into Casa Petrie 3 1/2 years ago, the living room had a very outdated fan, tanish-olive colored walls, and beige carpet.



We’ve since painted the walls in chocolate and latte, installed wood flooring, changed the fan for a more contemporary one, and switched out the blinds for a roman shade and panels. We also put up meaningful art, installed bookshelves, and organized. Check out this post to learn more about the bookshelves and this post to learn more about the credenza.

We have used a chocolate, latte, and light blue throughout the house to give our cozy home cohesiveness. The entire house also has the same wood flooring. I think it really does help give the house better flow.





Charming DIY Home Accents

Jessica from Living Better Together had a productive weekend – full of cute DIY make over projects!

Over the weekend, a few things in the house got a makeover. With just one small can of white paint, lots of great things happened!

I bought this wooden caddy at Marshalls a few months ago and it has been sitting in my closet ever since. I didn’t know what I was going to use it for, but I loved the shape and old barn board texture.

With one coat of white paint… it was transformed into this beauty! It’s now on top of the fridge holding my vintage glass bottles.
While in Iowa last weekend, I had a girls shopping day with the hubby’s family. I picked up this old tin mirror & a crown wall hook. Both were less than $10! I loved both of them but wasn’t crazy about the colors. Now, they are perfect!!

And last, but certainly not least, a little makeover for my dining room chairs! The table & chairs that we have were left here by the previous tenants. They weren’t my first choice, but I’ve grown to really love them! Especially now…

First, I sanded off some of the black paint to let a little of the wood show through for a more distressed look. Then, I printed numbers on 8×11 sheets of paper & cut them out of the center. After placing them in the center of the chairs, I painted a quick coat of white paint over top.

They give the chairs so much character!

It has been a very productive weekend!

Jessica! Great job on all of your projects! Look at those whimsical chairs! I love them!

Thanks for sharing!

Blank Slate to Beautiful…

Nestie, Sissekat’s living room was a blank slate with beautiful features. Isn’t that fireplace gorgeous? Here is her transformation:

I love the dark hardwood floors!

Her living room space had a lot of potential to begin with and she did a beautiful job decorating and making a beautiful and inviting room. Great job Sissekat – I love the neutral color scheme. You’ve created a lovely space for relaxation and entertaining guests!

*Update: Curtains! Just when you think a beautiful space can’t possibly get any better…you’re proven wrong. I love the window treatments! Amazing job finishing off the room!

Align Center

Paint Color: Wheat Straw by Porter Paints

Stop to "Stair"…

Melanie from The Old White Cottage just transformed her stairs. Here’s her blog post:

Well, I painted the risers on my stairs and I love how its turning out.

I’m not done because its hard to see but there are about a million nail holes I need to fill that weren’t so visible with the stained finish. I will have to fill them with putty. Also, the paint I’m using (which shall remain nameless) is a brand I’ve always used but I’ve been having coverage problems with lately. I think I’m going to have to buy a different brand because after primer and 3 coats of paint, I’m still not getting great coverage. I only wish I had wooden spindles so that I could paint those too! I’m also eyeing the rail to paint, but I will resist temptation and leave it stained.

Melanie – what a huge improvement! Your stairs look fresh and pretty! Great job!

Let’s take a walk up my stairs beforehand. When we bought the house, it was covered in nasty dirty carpet. Mr. Handy ripped it all out.
Here is the picture of the stairs when we bought the house:

After the carpet was torn out, here we go up the gouged staircase…

And after turning the corner and a few more stairs. Here is what it looked like before. Not so lovely, huh?


Also in this project is this little storage cube (before):

Not very appealing, is it?
Now, let’s take that same path today:

And this is the new landing. A little paint (Ralph Lauren mahogany) and new knobs give the dresser a cleaner and more modern look. I think it’s over 40 years old and needed a face lift.

Notice the storage cube – I sewed a cover and cushion. All covered and pretty.

I also sewed a table runner to help protect the top (Mr. Handy likes to toss a drill or other tools here.)

All of the doors here have glass knobs. I love them. I wish we had the old skeleton keys. The dresser also has locks on each drawer, but…again, no keys.

Thanks for looking! On to the next project! :)

Myst33's Library Loft

This is one of my most favorite rooms in the entire world. I want a loft in my home. It’s cozy library atmosphere is where I’d spend all of my time reading. Isn’t she amazing? I love her style.

Loft: The first two pictures are “befores”. Our loft was featured as an “inspiration room” on HGTV’S Rate My Space.

Loft Paint: Valspar Au Lait Ole
Bookcases: Billy bookcases from Ikea: It’s 4 full width bookcases, 1 half width bookcase, 5 height extensions, a pair of glass doors, and 3 bookcase lights
Recliner and ottoman: Poang from Ikea
Canvas and pair of prints: diy
Tripod floor lamp: Walmart
Side table: Vintage table + diy

And my very favorite piece in the room? The DIY “Word” Canvas! She even provides instructions:

Canvas (24″x30″)
Black acrylic craft paint (Plaid Brand)
Transfer Paper (Saral Brand)
Sharpie Pen
Assortment of brushes
Access to computer software for text layout (Illustrator, Photoshop, Word, etc)
Access to an oversized printer (Kinkos has them)
USB flash drive or cd with your text layout on it.

1.Find or make up a quote for your space. I used a quote by children’s author, Arnold Lobel.
2. Use a word processing program such as Word or even Photoshop or Illustrator to lay out the text. I used Photoshop and the font “Courier New” and spaced everything out so the right and left margins were justified. Use black text on a white background.
3. Once you are satisfied with the layout, save your document to a flash drive or cd.
4. Visit your local Kinkos or any copy shop that has an oversized black & white printer. These are the printers that are usually used for architectural plans. Have them enlarge your document to the size of your canvas. In my case, it was 24″ x 36″. The cost to print a copy of that size was only $3.75.
5. Use transfer paper to cover the entire canvas. You may have to use a few pieces. Be sure the “transfer side” is face down on the canvas. Tape in place.
6. Lay your oversized copy on top of the transfer paper and canvas (words facing up). Be sure it’s aligned with the canvas and not crooked. Tape in place.
7. Use a ball point pen and carefully trace over the words. I used a blue pen so I could clearly see what areas I had gone over. Use enough pressure so the words will be transferred to the canvas. After a while, your hand may hurt so take a break!
8. When you have finished tracing over all of the words, remove the enlarged copy and transfer paper.
9. The letters should now be visible on the canvas.
10. Use a fine tip permanent marker (Sharpie) and carefully trace around all of the letters. I did this so I wouldn’t have to paint along the edges of the letters. I used a black sharpie because I was painting a black background. Match your background color to your sharpie (or other fine-tip permanent marker)
11. After you have traced around the letters, paint in the negative space between the letters (background).

Thanks for sharing Myst33! Your entire home is an inspiration! I can’t wait to feature more of your design and DIY projects!