And then there was light!

Jennifer from World of Dennifer has done it again. She’s given a capiz light fixture some extra glamor. Here is her blog post:

Finished Semi-DIY DR Hanging Pendant

I finally finished my DIY project I wrote about in this post (also includes instructions on how to re-create this project). I am so happy with how it turned out! I think it is a huge improvement over the previous lighting…what do you think? *Before*
(Replaced the lighting in the top left of the photo – still deciding on what to do with the other 2)
Up-close shot of the crystal beading detail: One showing the pendant over our DR table:
(PS – due to the placement of that fixture it doesn’t fall directly over the DR table)

Jennifer – the detail is beautiful! Thanks for showing it off! :)


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One Project Closer

Thanks to Fiklechik and This Young House for introducing me to “One Project Closer“! It’s just my kind of site – and if you’re a fan of The DIY Show Off, I have a feeling that you’ll love the site too!

Giveaways, tips, advice, reviews, blogs, before and after photos.

Before and After 2009 Supporting Habitat (With Prizes!)

Check out the details here:
You know how much I love to “share” so I submitted one of my projects. I love that my project could potentially support Habitat for Humanity. I hope they feature it. 😉 Let me know if you participate too – I’ll keep my eyes open. :)


Easy As ABC!

RWhen I saw a cute chair in a Better Homes & Gardens magazine (100 Decorating Ideas under $100, Spring 2009), I couldn’t resist making my own little whimsical chair for the mudroom using this chair:

Old wooden chair (sanded)
Canvas alphabet stickers (& may need some adhesive spray glue) or the article mentioned using chipboard letters (flowers would be cute for a little girl!)
Spray paint
Throw pillow/coordinating ribbon (optional)

I removed the seat and sanded the chair (okay, so I had Russ sand the chair – even better!). I then attached the stickers. I had to use a spray adhesive on the back of some of them to get them to really stick. I attribute this to the chair not being fully sanded.

The I used primer over the entire chair and stickers using a brush but using a spray primer would have worked quicker.

After that dried, I used this great spray paint for the final coat. I love this spray paint with a trigger (Home Depot)!

After paint dries, reattach the seat and add a cute throw pillow (yes…it’s a “baby” pillow but so what? I sewed ribbon to the corners so it would stay put) and all done!

Isn’t it cute? Probably very appropriate for a baby boy’s room but since we don’t have one of those…it’s a perfect addition to our mudroom, a spot to sit and put on your shoes or a time out chair for the grown baby boy that I married! lol


Lord of the (key) Rings

Ever here the saying “you’d forget your head if it wasn’t attached?” That is my dear, darling husband. He forgets where he puts things. He loses tools, kitchen utensils, books, his cell phone, his super hero ring and his keys. (See HERE and HERE.) So with the mudroom being completed, I wanted a place specifically designated for his keys when he walks in the door.

I found this cute snack tray at World Market and decided to give it a new impressive job title…Sargent Key Keeper.
Update – It seems World Market has sold out of the snack trays. I did see something similar at TJMaxx. I also found these similar ones:

  • This one at Target is square and has 4 dishes (His/Hers/Yours and the training M&Ms!)
  • This one at Target comes with two 3-serving trays (one for you, one for a gift)
  • Here’s one with an iron stand
  • Another option
  • Try googling 3-way divided snack tray, try adding “white” or “ceramic”

I think it’s very happy, preventing rushing-out-the-door meltdowns by guarding the keys and of course I couldn’t help labeling each “dish” because it would be pretty rude of me if guests were to arrive and see what they might consider is an empty snack tray. How heartbreaking. Now…even guests have a special designated spot for their very own keys.
Stickers (not the paper-thin cheap ones, try something a little sturdier/vinyl)
Mod Podge
Spray lacquer

  1. Apply stickers.
  2. Apply Mod Podge with a brush. I did a swirling motion since the brush marks were visible. Let dry. If you finish with this step – do not get the dishes wet, wipe with a dry cloth or you’ll moisten and peel the Mod Podge.
  3. (Optional) Spray with a matte laquer for better protection against getting wet.


Now to train Mr. Forgetful to remember to use it…

Let's go on an adventure!

I wanted to share with you a place where I spend a lot of my spare time.

There is so much inspiration and DIY projects at this site:

Create an account and save photos to your personal idea book there. It’s a great resource for gorgeous inspiration.

Here are few of my favorites from my idea book:

All photos courtesy of

It also shows that my style is tradition and eclectic. What’s yours?

Got Glidden? Now you do!

Perusing through my daily reads yesterday…Hirondelle Rustique (pop over and say “hi”!) tipped us off that Glidden is giving away one FREE quart of paint per household! How awesome! So…get signed up – there are so many pretty colors to choose from! Offer is good until July 2 or while supplies last.

It’s motivation to get started on a free/low cost DIY project to “show off”! :)

I have a lot of projects pending so it’s a great help to me! What will you do with it?

Bench Test = A+

Isn’t a project that costs $0 awesome? It is for
So Not Martha from Working Woman’s Guide to Success – her vision, creativity and $0 project is worthy of five stars. Here is her beautiful transformation and DIY instructions:

When we moved into our house over a year ago, the previous owners left a bunch of old junk behind in the shed.When I found this bench that had been cobbled together from old scraps of wood in among the junk, I didn’t even give it a second glance; we just tossed our tires, wheelbarrow, and shovels into the shed and closed the door. Then for some reason last week I remembered it. I went out and found it, and the wheels started turning in my head. When the Mister saw me dragging it into the house, he just laughed. I had no idea where I was going to put it, or what I would use it for but I knew I wanted to do something fun with it! So the Mister sanded it down for me on the back porch… And I gave it two coats of creamy white paint (Cloud White by Benjamin Moore). After it dried, I took some brown paint (I had a quart of brown paint I had purchased as a sample when deciding on our living room paint color and never used it) and thinned it with water. Then I brushed it onto the bench in small sections, making swirling motions to really get the paint into the cracks and dents. As soon as I covered a small section of the bench, I used a damp rag to wipe the paint back off. This left some brown paint in the grooves and cuts of the bench, as well as toning down the white a little.

For areas I wanted to really “Age,” I went over them a second time.

Applying the watered-down paint, making sure to really work it into the cracks….

And then wiping it with the damp rag.

Once I liked how the bench looked, I let it dry again and then flipped it on it’s side.

I found some bird clip art I liked, printed it off the computer and cut it out. Using the clip art as a stencil, I outlined it with a fine tip marker onto the apron of the bench.

Then I took some more of the brown paint ( not thinned out this time) and added some Cloud White paint to it until I liked the color.

I used a tiny artist’s brush to fill in my stencil, being careful to cover up my marker lines.

And when it was done, I was thrilled!!!

And guess what?

It looks perfect at the foot of our bed!

(ignore the wrinkled bedding…it’s the one thing I hate to iron)

Total cost for this project….


Thank you so much for showing it off – I can’t wait to give your paint treatment i
nstructions a shot with some projects of my own. Thank you! Your bench is adorable!


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10) Domestic Princess

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The 2nd winner is…

Tricia @ The Boutelle Family Zoo

Angie and Tricia – head over to Vinyl Vineyard, choose the color you’d like and then email me your 1) Color preference, 2) House #’s, 3) Full name and mailing address (to [email protected]). Congratulations!

If you didn’t win – keep in touch! There is another chance to win a fabulous prize coming up!

Bathroom Blah to Beauty!

Angie from Damask is Divine is showing off her bathroom makeover today and it’s my favorite kind. The type where you have to double check the before photos because you can’t believe it’s the same room. Here is her blog post:

I’ll try to condense this as much as I can. Basically in 2006 my mother passed away and I inherited the house I grew up in. This bathroom was mostly original and disgusting. The only upgrade they made to it was a new vanity, wallpaper, and carpet in the 1970’s. Yes we had carpet in our bathroom. Yuck! It had the old black and white floor and wall tiles.

You can see the lovely caulk lines that have decades of nastiness on them.

This is the awesome vanity that was too big for the space. I don’t think you can see the lovely calcium and/or lime deposits built up on the faucet. We also had that old time soap tray and tooth brush holder built into the wall.


I hate gold and brass fixtures- I prefer brushed nickel. These lights were a pain in the ass too, because they didn’t put out hardly any light. It was hard to do your makeup in there without looking like a drag queen when you were done.


I hated this bathroom but did not intend to completely gut it right away. As a new home owner I thought my first order of business should be to get the house inspected, so that I knew the condition of everything. I was informed that the sewer stack was cracked and ready to blow at any time. Not a pretty picture! I got some bids and everyone told me if I hated the bathroom the ideal time to redo it was while they were replacing the sewer stack. It worked out perfectly, the plumbers replaced my sewer stack with a nice new PVC one that won’t leak, and I got all new plumbing and a whole new bathroom to boot!


The old tub that had nasty grout lines, scum that wouldn’t come off, and no water pressure. Water used to get behind the wall and drip downstairs. Awesome!


Instead of tile I went with sheets of cultured marble so that I wouldn’t have to worry about grout lines. It’s so much easier to keep clean.


I also went with a Jacuzzi jetted tub. I LOVE soaking in there and relaxing on the weekends. And the water pressure is so much better too. All the fixtures are brushed nickel and clean and shiny!


I picked a Kohler pedestal sink and terlet from the Memoirs collection. I love how the sink and terlet look like they have crown molding on them, and the sink makes the bathroom feel larger cause it’s so much smaller than the old vanity. Even though it’s smaller it still has room on it to sit things like my straightener and tooth paste, etc.

Photobucket I collect Eiffel Towers so I got these cute ET shower rings.


I love the new lights, they really put out a ton of light. Also I had a ceiling fan/light combo added, which the old bathroom never had.


I picked 16 x 16 floor tiles as opposed to the 12 x 12 because they make the room feel bigger. I also set them on a angle which I really like. I have to have a cup of water sitting out for Daisy in case she gets thirsty!


I incorporated these little 1 x 1 slate tiles in the floor that are around the border at the top of the wall. I love slate!

I think you can see why I included pictures of the old bathroom- because to really appreciate the new bathroom you have to see the nastiness that I lived with my entire life! Even though it was a lot of money to redo this room, I have very much enjoyed having this new bathroom the last 3 years. I could have skimped on some of the fixtures to save money but I went for quality and I am glad I did.

Angie – it’s a magical transformation! I love it and it looks like it was worth every penny! Great job!



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Cute Kid's Kitchens

Submitted by: Jane, Out of the Crayon Box

Yesterday I shared Jane’s cool refrigerator makeover. Today, I’m showing off her AMAZING kid’s kitchens:

“I think it is really important for kids to play house. Kitchen center was always a favorite when I taught kindergarten. That is why I am so excited to present this play kitchen to my friend’s daughter for her second birthday tomorrow. I know she will get many years of play out of it. I used a lot of recycled materials and recycling is important these days too!”

Jane – your vision for turning old furniture into something gorgeous is awesome! Both of these kitchens are adorable! I’m ready to turn back time and play! Thank you so much for “showing off”!

"Cool" Refrigerator Makoever

Jane from Out Of the Crayon Box is showing off her awesome refrigerator makeover. I love chalkboard paint! Here is her blog post:

Refrigerator Makeover

This is a time line of my fridge. For such a piece of junk it sure has had an interesting life. My vertical file cabinetWallpapered FridgePrimer on fridgePrimer & Chalkboard paintFinished Fridge MakeoverClose up First I took it from early 80’s mismatch (cleverly disguised as a file cabinet) to colorful wallpapered conversation piece. The best thing I did was remove that ugly handle. While it was an improvement, no handle took it’s toll on the wallpaper. I was never in love with the wallpaper anyway. So with company coming this summer I decided to change it up. Now it sports two coats of low VOC primer, three coats of chalkboard paint, and chalk!

Thanks for sharing, Jane – it’s awesome! We use a dry erase board with a magnet on ours as a message center but I love your clutter-free solution! Great job!


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The Prize: House Numbers from Vinyl Vineyard!

How to Enter: Link The DIY Show Off giveaway button in a post on your blog and become a follower (if you aren’t already). Comment on this post that you’ve done so.

You can gain extra entries for each new follower who comments saying that ‘your blog’ referred them

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House Number Flower Pots

Our home sits back from the road and with two driveway entrances, I wanted to make it easier for first time guests to find us.

I don’t have a before picture, but I purchased terracotta posts from WalMart.

I used my favorite trigger spray paint, Universal Hammered Metal in Hammer Brown that I used on our herb garden urn.

(Sneak peak of flower/window box project too!)

I then ordered vinyl house number from etsy seller, VinylVineyard and applied 1 to each pot. After that I added a coat of satin finish lacquer.

And here is my completed project. Our house sits back from the road and is surrounded by bushes with the house numbers only displayed on the mailbox. So, this is our way of helping first time visitors find our home!

Updated 2013:

house number flower pots
*Another sneak peek at the window boxes. Installation pending concrete patio.

Update: The concrete bench along with the concrete urns and a cast iron birdbath were treasures (hidden in overgrowth that we couldn’t even see until we cleared it out) came with our home.I was clapping and shouting “Hercules! Hercules! Hercules!” when Russ was moving it. Thankfully it’s 3 pieces but,

Lesson for the day: When husband is lifting a very heavy and awkward stone bench, do NOT make him laugh unless he is wearing steel-toe boots.

How to Paint a Door to Boost Your Curb Appeal AND a giveaway!

When one door opens, you meet a friend! I met Katie when placing an order for vinyl house numbers. I originally wanted them for my door but it didn’t work out (my doors have windows and it just wasn’t going to look right) but I had to use my cute numbers somewhere!
So I used them on my flower pots and get so many kind comments. :)

She has the cutest etsy shop, Vinyl Vineyard.

Then I discovered her Vinyl Vineyard blog and came across her beautiful door! She has agreed to “show off”!

Here is her blog post:

How to Paint Your Front Door

In our subdivision, lots of houses round here look pretty similar.

So, Memorial Day I treated myself to a pretty curb appeal project by painting my front door. I’ll tell you right now, I’m not a professional, but I got the job done. And I think it looks lots better than the original.
If you want to do the same, here’s what I did:

Start with an ordinary boring door that looks like everyone else’s. Check.

Clean said door thoroughly with soapy water. Take an exacto blade and clean any bug guts, mud, or any other gross stuff off. If you’ve put any vinyl on your door previously, use your blade to remove it, and get some goo gone to clean any left over residue.

Once that’s done, let it dry and start taping off everything you don’t want painted. I taped my door handle (brass, blah. I do want to paint it but that’s a project for another day), the peep hole (for lack of the real name??), and the tiny runner that is actually supposed to be hidden by a kick plate.

Lots of people would prime the door next, but not me. Primer, (as far as I’ve seen and especially spray primer) is just flat paint. So, I saved me some money by buying the $.97 can of flat black and sprayed away. I didn’t want to get the spray paint on the door jam or my walls, so I shoved an old sheet in the cracks before I did it.

Spray the whole thing, make sure you get everywhere pretty even. It doesn’t have to be complete, though, since this is just to make sure that my paint will stick to it.

And then, I got carried away painting that I didn’t take any pictures of me actually painting, so use your imagination and picture the following:

Me, sweating profusely in the Arizona heat, and a front door thirsty for plain old black outdoor paint (that happened to be on clearance).

I used a roller, large and small, to apply the paint. The job took like, a total of 30 minutes. It was so easy, really. So easy in fact, I painted my pantry door too. I’ll show you sometime.

Then, for added interest, if you want, you can add your address in vinyl lettering.

You can purchase your own address decal here.

With paint, rollers, and painters tape, the project cost be under $20 bucks. I love it and can’t wait to paint the other side of this door barn red to match my entertainment center.

So what do you think?

Stop by Katie’s shop and check out all of her gorgeous vi
nyl art items!

Thanks for sharing, Katie – before was pretty but a little plain, but you’ve transformed it into a beautiful entryway into your home!


And now…the giveaway!
The Prize: House Numbers from Vinyl Vineyard!

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You can gain extra entries for each new follower who comments saying that ‘your blog’ referred them

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Staying Organized – a DIY Mailbox

Right inside my front door is an area piled high with mail. Not very attractive and definitely not organized! Here is an easy and inexpensive DIY solution from Courtney at Project Pretty:

If you’re anything like Z and I, you have a problem with too many papers, envelopes, receipts, magazines, etc. piling up near your entry or where ever you set all your stuff down after walking in the door. I got fed up with this problem Friday on my day off, and came up with this solution:

A DIY “Mailbox”.

Step One:
Get yourself an old used USPS flat rate mailing box, or something of similar size. Mark lines where you want to cut.
Step Two:
Use an Exacto knife or similar tool to cut your lines. Precision and straight lines are key.
Step Three:
Lay the cut out box on fabric of your choice and measure how much you’ll need to cover the inside and outside. It’s just like wrapping a present!

Step Four:
Cut the fabric at the corners and fold into the box. Secure with a spray adhesive or good old no-wrinkle Elmer’s. Continue folding and gluing as if wrapping a present.Step Five:
Once all your flaps are glued down, stick some of that clutter in there, and get it off your kitchen table/entry console/whatever you use.

I definitely want to try this… I have an addiction to cute paper and this is a great project for it! Finally, my magazine collection can look pretty! Thanks Courtney!

*I’ll be working on an A
WESOME giveaway this weekend. Make sure you check back!

**Do you have any great DIY projects to share? Just email your blog post or pics&info to [email protected] and we’ll BRAG about your creativity and inspiration! :)

***TGIF! Enjoy the weekend!